What To Do With Your Old Computers and Helping People With Disabilities

We learned about two very cool things Thursday night.

Yes, yes, ha ha, we learned I can take a slap like nobody’s business…but seriously, we had two pretty cool endeavors show up on our radar as a result of people stopping by Thursday night, and so we thought we’d share.

One gives you a very slick option for dealing with your old computers and technology, and the other helps people with disabilities find jobs in Information Technology.

Read on for more details…

Motor City Free Geek has this to say about themselves: We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the repair and distribution of computers, responsible recycling of electronic waste, and teaching of open source software.

Having had a conversation with Ken on Thursday night, I have to say…I’m pretty intrigued by this.  Taking old systems, reburning them with open source builds and software, and then getting them into the hands of people that actually need them…that’s very solid.  Not only helping to spread the word and usage of open source software, but also finally answering the question “What do I do with my old computer now that I have this shiny new one” that seems to come in our group at least once or twice a month.

So, go check them out over at http://www.motorcityfreegeek.net/ and see what you can do to help out.

Next, we had Adam from Big Tent Jobs that showed up.  We’ve always said that we’re something of a niche group in that we’re dedicated to the Information Technology industry…well, Adam is a niche within a niche – he deals specifically with people who have disabilities, and helps them get/find jobs in the Information Technology industry.  Adam’s candidates have in-demand skills in Information Technology, Engineering, Accounting & Finance and in other professional fields.  His clients include companies in the Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing and Accounting & Consulting industries.

Seems like a pretty worthwhile endeavor to us.  So, hop on over to http://bigtentjobs.com/ to check out Adam and his company.