Jason Collier, Dogecoin, a 7-11 Overnight Stay, Screech Dies, Barstool Sports and Coney Chaos

Jason Collier is… well, was as of the time of this episode… a police chief and ordained minister in a small town in Texas who not only was married with four kids, but managed to have multiple other women on the side… and it all fell apart when one of them changed her Facebook profile photo to a pic of them as a couple… and one of her friends recognized him and knew his wife.  And it all went downhill from there.  Plus we’re talking about a 7-11 you can nab as an AirBnB, Screech dead at 44, Gamestop’s CEO praying that the fun with their stock never ends, and the fallout from Barstool Sports hitting Detroit’s famous Coney locations.  All that and more…


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