Shift_Up, Job and Skills Training, The Past Week’s Chaos, Parler Shutdown and Breach, NFL on Nickelodeon

We’re joined by our friends from Shift_Up to talk about their latest evolution in job and skills training offered, as well as what they’re seeing going on in and around the Detroit area these days.  They can be found at

Then, of course, we dove into the events of the past week… because as much as we try to avoid politics, sometimes it’s just not possible.  From the chaos in Washington DC to the online ripples with Parler getting shutdown and experiencing a major data leak, it’s certainly been an interesting start to 2021 to say the least.

We also chat Transformers: Earthrise, a parallel being drawn between Cobra Kai and the Star Wars films, Quibi’s content moving to Roku, and some great things Nintendo is doing to help kids in hospitals.   All that and more this week… hope you enjoy!

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