Episode 358, talking about security and the usual fun and excitement with Patrick Garrity

What is up? Thank you for hanging out with us. Once again. It’s money night. It is time for the it in the D show. This is episode three 58 broadcasting live from our quarantine homes. This is Bob, the sales guy that is Dave. The geek Randy. I do the Twitters is doing the Twitter, his finest online it in the D dot comma. Do us a favor. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine. Podcasts are sold. Yeah. So, Hey everybody, I’m again, this is usually where we talk about our events and we’re still not having any, so moving right along Chicka boom, Chicka, boom. He’s a looking, I do not anticipate in August of any, even if it is outdoors.



Yeah. It’s yeah. I mean, looking at everything going on. I mean, I’m keeping an honestly, I’m keeping a closer eye on what’s going on, what door what’s going to go on with schools right now, more than anything else. Um, but it’s uh, yeah, I I’m, let’s just say, yeah, it’s not looking good. No, but the show must go on. And now we are joining where luckily joined. We were, we had him scheduled out right. When the suitors were still open. We had to come. I think this was back in March or April. Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Yeah. And he’s shot me a note and said, Hey, I still want me on. I said, yeah, it’s not a bad time. So, uh, we’re joined by the, uh, the illustrious one. Mr. Pat Garrity. How you doing, sir?

Great. Thanks for having me on the show today. Yeah.

Thanks for joining us. Appreciate it now. Um, before we get into it, now, you’re the VP of engineering at blue Mira operations, operations.

I oversee product marketing sales. Got it. I mean, do everything, whatever needs to get them

Every, uh, every once in a while we run into, I run into someone at an event. They basically takes over my LinkedIn feed and I like to congratulate you on my LinkedIn feed. That’s great to hear.

Hey, it’s not, you can attribute that. Not to me too, is a amazing, she does content marketing for, for a, I almost said duo, but blue Mira. Um, and, uh, yeah, it’s been amazing. The work that she does and also like our security team is creating a ton of the content as well, and trying to make useful stuff for people, uh, in the security industry.

So, so you’re just putting it all out there, trying to look important and smart is what you’re saying. You’re not actually creating any of it. You’re just,

Yeah, I can’t, you know, some bit idea wise, um, pointing people in the right direction, but yeah, the team, the team is truly the ones working on that and publishing some cool stuff and some free tools and whatnot.

That’s awesome. So one of the reasons I was intrigued about having you on the show is a, that I think blue mirror is doing some very cool stuff. And B you kind of have a long history with, uh, you know, with duo, which is kind of a, one of the big, big wind stories. And, you know, and see, I want to talk about what everyone is. Is there a shift in security focus with, with everybody working from home now and, you know, you can kind of reassess your place in the world. So I guess let’s start there if your, your, your company X, and you’ve got half your company or all your company working from home, and you can kind of sit back and look at your, I guess, security strategy. Are you changing right now? Or are you simplifying, are you getting more complex? What what’s on everybody’s mind right now?

Yes, sir. Certainly simplifying, um, is one of the big themes. I think everyone had these ideas of three to five year cloud migrations, um, moving from on premise to cloud. We see that everywhere. Uh, it’s essentially accelerated adoption of all of that. And the reality is, is, Oh man, we didn’t have security controls in place. And any on any of those things, we weren’t set up for remote work. And now all of a sudden our VPN, you know, has a thousand people on it concurrently smoke. Yeah. Yeah. So, so even, you know, I look at it, it’s like even a lot of people still don’t have two factor authentication deployed. I mean, as simple as that, uh, very effective control, right? So it’s accelerated a ton of the security market. That’s set up to address a lot of those needs.

What’s the, uh, just real quick, like to IFA, whatever, if somebody wants to jump in and you know, what are you gonna look at? You’re gonna look at Microsoft. You don’t look at duo. What’s a, I mean, that’s kind of, what’s on my top of mind. What’s on yours.

Yeah. So, so being former duo, um, I could say that, that I might be a little bit biased, but I can tell you, yeah, I can tell you as well, now that I left you, I’m using a lot of other products. Um, and what I can tell you is they work effective, but they’re not as reliable or user friendly. And so I, you know, there’s some products, I’m not gonna name names that like they’re inconsistent and popping your log in up. You get frustrated as a user. Um, and so I can, I can with confidence, say like duo by far has user experience down on the MFA side. The other thing I’d say from an access security side is they have some really strong controls around access control, as it relates to corporate owned devices and BYOB devices, where now they have an agent that can be installed to posture that device.

That’s a really important thing to make sure things are up to date encrypted. And that there’s a screen lock, especially when we’re talking about someone using their home computer and making sure it’s not windows XP. Cause the reality is there’s still a lot of people running windows XP. Um, so yeah, those are the things I think of from an access security perspective. And then what’s interesting is I spent most of my time on the two FAA side and, and protection, right? Preventative security measures. The other side is, well, how do we detect someone at bypasses? Those which happens everywhere. Um, in, in, you know, the detection response market is one, if you look at SIM, for example, it’s complicated, it’s difficult to deploy. And to be honest, most organizations don’t have a good working detection response capability. So, uh, yeah, for me, I just saw the opportunity to actually extend some of the, you know, philosophy of what I learned and did at duo with Doug and Jonno and others and apply it to a different part of the market that really hasn’t solved. Um, what I consider to be democratizing security or bringing it to be accessible to organizations of any size. Right.

Yeah. I was just gonna say, I mean, you know, and I know Bob touched on this a little bit, but I think that’s probably the biggest, I would think the biggest concern that people have right now, at least from a corporate security perspective is okay. We, we have completely stood everything on its ear and now you’ve got, you know, more and more of the workforce working at home. How, how do you, you know, make that shift? I mean, I know there are a lot of companies that, you know, we’re kind of banging their hands and chews on the table saying, you know, we’re, everybody’s coming back to the office and now they’re kind of leaning, you know, they’re kind of laxing off on that a little bit. Um, you know, you’re seeing, you know, the, just the ripple effect of, you know, Hey, the, the court, the, uh, excuse me, the, um, commercial real estate market is already starting to feel it a little bit as businesses are giving up their office space and looking to sell buildings cause they don’t want them or need them anymore. Uh, so I mean, what are, I guess, you know, what are the quick hits from a, from a corporate security standpoint, as you know, they get pushed into that scramble.

Yeah. So first off, I would say from a shift in market perspective, one thing to consider is people’s preferences now that they’ve worked from home is to work from home. So work from home is not, is not going away. I’m not going into a office, whether there’s covert or not, I’ll tell you, you know, maybe I might consider every once every other week or a few times a week, but yeah, we proven that out. And another thing is, as people realize they’re more productive working from home and corporations realize that as well for good or bad. Right. Um, uh, and so yeah, there is the aspect of making sure that your people have enough time to take care of themselves. They get offline, all those sorts of things. Um, but yeah, really from a security perspective, it’s making sure that they have a secure connection in a secure device. Our number one, um, you know, so I, when I look at that, it’s, it’s, Hey, let’s make sure we have certificates in place. We have encryption in place from a connectivity perspective. Like you shouldn’t be already peeing into, uh, your company’s, um, windows servers directly, but you know, how many people,

But a lot of people are. Yup.

Yeah. If you have already, you know, windows already, peer SMB enable, then it’s accessible publicly. Like that’s a bad, no, no, that’s the number one way ransomware is deployed. Um, and so yeah, just getting the fundamentals of like making sure that you have secure access, whether it’s to a, uh, or whether it’s to a cloud application and then layering on number one, uh, user controls and then device controls to make sure you have that. So, uh, two factor authentication, absolutely key, no questions asked, um, pro preferably you use a hardened credentials. So something like YouTube, Fido, web authen push based authentication.

Let me, let me take a step back just for, you know, cause we do, we do get our demographic. Isn’t always as techie as we think it is. Um, so, so for those of you who are watching, listening, whatever, and aren’t familiar with two factor authentication, so that’s, you know, it can be as simple as, Hey, I’m logging into my Facebook account and Facebook shoots me a text message that I then have to, you know, with a code that I then have to enter, you know, this is okay. Yeah. This is me. Um, there are other apps, you know, like the ones that duo hat or that a lot of other places have where, you know, you try to, you know, log into your Gmail account and an app pops up on your phone and says, Hey, is this you, you know, you’ve already verified that this device is yours. The phone that you’re on, you know, is this you attempting this login on this other device? Yes or no. And you can block it that way. So that’s that two factor authentic. That’s, that’s, what’s meant by two FAA or two factor authentication. Sorry.

Yeah. Hey, thanks for telling me, you know, sometimes I overlook, uh, uh, you know, I’ve been in this industry a long time.

Oh dude, we all, we, all, all of us turned into Charlie Brown’s teacher at one time. We were all want, want, want, want, want, want, we all do it. Yeah.

And then when you have like engineering or product teams, right. That’s where I’d say Harding credential, which is still doing two factor, but using something like a physical hardware key that you take into your laptop, um, that, that, you know, really can’t get stolen. And isn’t fishable is, is a key thing.

And those RSA keys, I miss those, those, Oh God, the rolling, the rolling six or what was it? An eight to eight or nine digit. Yeah.

I, our RSA is why I went to duo. I had to deploy it for customers and it was so difficult. And when Doug, I met him at a meet up one day and he shows me this push based authentication, then I go home and I’m an account executive at that time. And I installed it on my windows, computer, and it’s done. And

So Pat, Pat, let me ask you a question. This has been driving me nuts. Dave, you can attest to this for probably, probably as long as you’ve known me for as long as MFA has come out. Okay. This is gonna be the, uh, the, the debit card conversation. Yes. Hasn’t visa and MasterCard enabled MFA because how many purchases you make a day, maybe four or five. Right. And if I’m at the gas station, I’m buying $55. Why can’t I get a push note to my phone saying, is this you, or do you authorize this and say, yes. And then you just eliminated the entire credit card stealing industry overnight.

Like why? Yeah.

I, I assume there’s somebody smart in those companies that have, that are looking at this shit, but I can’t imagine why they’re not doing well. And like you said, we’ve about this on the show before,

You know, what do you do if you’re in a place where, you know, you have no connectivity or, you know, the cell connection’s bad. And so you can’t get that pop up when you’re trying to make the purchase at the grocery store, by the hunting cabin up North that, you know, has one cell tower, every a hundred miles. You know what I mean? It’s there’s, there are practical that you bring cat. Oh, but they don’t want you to have cash anymore. Ooh. You see where I’m going with this? Okay.

Yeah. And I have a lot of experience in the space, so I moved to Europe for a year. Right. And that’s what they do is chip and pin for everything. It’s more about government regulation than anything. Number one, the government mandates in Europe because they know that that eliminates fraud. Um, the, the tough thing in the U S right, is like, well, now I got to switch out all my point of sales systems. I gotta switch out credit card processing. So naturally the, you know, the, the companies push back on it. But I think what we saw with home Depot and their breach and target, that was really the start of the shift where it was like, Oh wow. This stuff just makes sense. Right. Like,

And at least one of those, I think at least the target one didn’t they come through the point of sale system. Yeah. They ended up fault. It was default passwords. There was one of two default passwords. Yeah, yeah,

Yeah. A combination of a POS. And then I think they originally got in through the OT system, like the HVAC system into the environment. Right.

Which is so crazy. I mean, that’s stuff that nobody even thinks about. Like, Hey yeah, my nest cam is on my wireless network and it might be vulnerable who knew.

Yep. And that was, you know, in 2012 I joined duo that was in 2013 and the CEO got fired. And literally if you go into target state and you buy a target and you get a target credit card chip and pin, every single one of them. Right. Like

Interesting. Someone in Wyoming right now is looking, is watching you right now through your nest cam, just so you know. Uh, no, no, they’re not, well, actually they’re well through my Logitech cam. Yes. But not through my nest cam. Those are the studios, those almost always watching you and that well, and that’s, and that’s the funny thing, you know, and you know, I, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t want to get into a huge political thing about it, but like, everybody’s all, you know, conspiracy theory about, you know, there’s going to be a chip in the vaccine that comes out and all that stuff. And it’s, you know, dude, what, like, what do you think, what privacy do you think you still have as you’re posting your rage on your cell phone, that tracks you everywhere. You go to Facebook, which track not only tracks, but sells all the data they have about you everywhere you go. It really, what, what, what would that even matter? Like what I like the meme, it is, I hope the chip has a Doritos. Cause I like exactly. I’m pulling for Doritos. If everybody has to get a chip, I want it. And not even cool ranch. I want fiery nacho that’s that’s what I want.

So I guess talk to me why the move to blue Mira, I guess duo obviously duo got bought by Cisco,

Uh, to, to either fanfare or to booze. Um, you don’t have to say which side you were on. That’s I understand.

Oh, no, I’ll talk about it openly. Um, no, I didn’t, you know, Cisco is a great company. Um, what I think is really cool is that acquisition at duo, um, was a great thing for, I’d say all of the employees, um, it opened up a ton of opportunity for everyone, uh, even myself. Right. Um, I got to go lead Cisco’s zero trust, got to go get a us landed, uh, top rate in the quadrant for that. Um, at Forrester, you know, they’re, they’re wave stuff

Quick. Do you hear the, you hear that? That’s the phone ringing, that’s your Cisco rep calling? Cause it’s the end of July. I need their quarter last weekend. That’s why my buddy’s on vacation. All right. I was wondering maybe I, maybe I said that and no.

Um, but yeah, they’re, they’re an incredible company, right? And you, you know, they typically grow by acquisition is the reality, right? Um, in duo was a great fit. They’ve made a ton of great acquisitions in the cloud space. Not only insecurity, but umbrella, you know, starting with Sourcefire then umbrella, uh, then duo those are going to be the bigger note, more notable ones, but they also acquired companies like Meraki a WebEx, um, like it or not. That’s always a joke.

Um, uh,

Yeah, it works. It’s a very usable tool is the reality. And it provides a service that, that, um, that people love. And so, you know, you look at Cisco and what they’ve done to transform from this like networking switch company. Right. Um, and I, and I went through CCNA Academy in high school. I sold Cisco when I was a sales rep back in the day,

Hubs and routers and blinking lights, man. That’s that’s, that’s what they were the one thing that gets me about Cisco though, to this day, that route and switches 50% of their, their sales and an 80% margin. And they like don’t want to acknowledge it anymore. Cause they want to call themselves a software and a security company. It’s like, I can see you won’t, you know, I work for Cisco too. So it’s like, you know, that was half of our life was routing switch, but like no one wanted to call us around switch company by mine.

Well, I think they’re, you know, they’re optimizing for future where that’s not the case. Right. Uh, and it’s still gonna make up a large portion of their revenue is the reality. But the other, yeah, the other side, I would say with Cisco is genuinely there’s, there’s a lot of great people, a great leadership. You’ve seen a leadership turnover and it’s a completely new leadership team. That’s from SAS companies. And I see that with my friends at duo, they’ve all kind of moved in and slotted into other positions and helping Cisco transform. And so you look at people like Pete Baker, head of creative at duo now taking on brand for Cisco security and simplifying it down so people can understand, uh, and buy and consume more easily and effectively. And that, you know, when, when you look at Cisco and see them number of line, they have, it’s really hard to navigate. That’s why you need a full time se that just builds bonds, bills of materials, right.

Duo praying that Cisco treats them like Dell treated VMware kind of like let them do their thing.

Yeah. They, they they’ve let both led duo do their thing as well as has embraced. Like you guys have a great culture, let’s insert you in even at a much higher level. Um, and so yeah, that’s, you know, really, really exciting to see. And everyone I know there, you know, everyone that I know there is really happy with the opportunities that they’ve been able to get from that acquisition. So it’s good. So

Talk to me about blue marrow, where did, uh, where did you guys all come from?

Yeah, so, um, the original founders, um, Matt and Steve, um, they spun out a networks group, a small, um, boutique security provider out of Ann Arbor and essentially like what they were, what they realized after doing red team testing and blue team and all this fun stuff, which I’m not, you know, that’s not my background, but red team is basically penetration testing. Trying to break in blue team is essentially trying to detect what’d I say, Oh, sorry. Oh man. Um, so much, so many jokes in security. Um, but yeah, the, the, you know, so they, they were like, well, every, every pen test is pretty much red in the major area was detection. People don’t have detection capabilities. So they started by creating, um, a platform to do effective detection of basic attacks. Right. And then started building on that. And what ended up happening is their focus was detection and response, but in reality, it ended up also being assumed.

Um, and so it wasn’t, it wasn’t like let’s go build a SIM. It was, let’s go build effective detection response. That’s really easy and effective to use that scales. And then it also ended up collecting logs, uh, and, and, uh, being the centralization SIM function as well. And so by nature, the way that, that evolved ended up into this really easy to use and deploy product that did actually the function that it was supposed to do. And then as a result and ended up meeting this requirement of log aggregation and sin, um, in, in reporting and all that fun stuff that you get into when you get into compliance. And so, yeah, at first I was looking at, from an investment perspective, I’m like a managed service provider, reseller into building a SAS product is a really tough pivot. Most people don’t do that well or effectively.

Uh, and so I spent time about a year with Steve and I’ve known Steve for 10 years just getting to know the company from an investment perspective, advising them for no cost, no investment. And that’s normally how my relationships developed with companies, uh, whether I’m investing or considering making, uh, making a move. Um, and yeah, I saw this opportunity where I was like, Oh, wow, well, your is you guys have a great engineering team and great product. And you have customers that love you, but nobody, absolutely nobody knows who you are. Uh, and so that’s, that’s kind of the function I came on and go to market is how do we tailor the product, the message, um, and the go to market. So people first off know who the company is and what they do. Um, and that that’s, you know, for me, it was an opportunity to go build again, which I love doing.

Um, uh, that’s really where my passion is in there, that I saw that opportunity there and, uh, to kind of bring a lot of what I learned from duo. Um, and then I get emotional. Um, but then yeah, be able to, to make the impact and build this into something that essentially democratize a security and another area of the security in it space is, you know, is just where my passion is. So, uh, yeah, it’s, it’s been amazing and fun. I mean, COVID certainly throws a rent, you know, threw a wrench for a little while. Uh, I joined in January. And so when you build all your pipeline, for instance, in sales, higher education, or I’m sorry, healthcare higher education and, um, government in Michigan, like in Michigan, uh, that was, that was like the first to get hardest impact, right. Pivot. But that allowed us to spend the time. We literally just stopped focusing on sales at that point and just honed in on let’s get our marketing right. And our go to market. And that’s why you see us on your LinkedIn feed every, every two minutes,

Two and a half minutes. Yeah. So the, I mean the SIM space is to say it’s convoluted. It’s kind of an understatement. You’ll have you have, you know, bear log vendors, like alien vault that get bought by 18 T you have the [inaudible] vendors that think that their shit don’t stink because they do machine learning. And then you have the Splunks that charge throw 14 kazillion dollars just for a POC. I mean, where, where did you guys see that you fit into this whole mess of a, of a vendor space?

Well, yeah, first off I’m no different than when I went to duo. Everyone was like, why wouldn’t you go to a two factor authentication company and security, nobody cares about security. That’s this was 2012. Right. Uh, wow. That changed. Um, but two factor authentication. You had RSA Vasco, Jamal. I mean, I could name 50 vendors at the time. Why would you go into the payer space that saturated? Well, the reality is, is like, yeah, nobody uses it because it’s a barrier and it’s hard to use and it’s difficult.

Yeah. Cause if nobody’s doing it right, why not try to make it right? Yeah.

Yeah. And so, so what I saw with Doug was a minimum viable product with customers. Right. Uh, and, and I can’t attribute to what Doug and John own built, um, from a foundational perspective. Right. A big part in helping them scale. Uh, but, uh, yeah, it was a shift in market and everyone told me, don’t go to this company. You’re like, you’re, you’re stupid. I mean, CEOs, advisors, friends, I, I don’t know a single person that said do this. Um, I think, um, similarly with Lumira everyone’s like, why would you get in the SIM space? Like everyone hates him. There’s a hundred different vendors out there. Nobody does it really, that well, or effectively requires tons of tons of expertise and tons of it and the security resources to deploy it effectively. Yeah. And it’s expensive. And so, um, I’m not going to say that some of these products don’t work really well, but they only work really well.

If you have the team resources and expertise to actually get them deployed. And in what I saw in blue mirror is, Oh, wow. An it guy that was here for a year, um, maybe has two to three years of experience just deployed in about four hours, uh, without any support or help, like that’s democratizing security. Oh. And we can deliver it at a cost point. That’s reasonable. I’m not going to say we’re cheaper necessarily. Most, some products, you know, it is commoditized. But so it was two factor when I joined duo. Um, and so that’s, that’s really the, the play here in joining blue Mira in our go to market. And what we’re doing is really helping organizations of any size. And typically our customers, you know, end up in the range of between 520 500 employees. We have some that are more than that. And we have some that are less than that, but yeah, to be able to, in a couple hours have full detection and response capabilities, um, without having to go to training or hire someone who has expertise, like that’s just not something in the market today.

And I, you know, that kind of dovetails in with, you know, the, the conversation we were getting into a little bit where it’s good, that you don’t need to try to find somebody with a lot of skills and expertise available because well, there are none in the market right now. They’re, they’re all booked.

Yes. And the other thing with that is the reality that yeah, most of the people in these roles now are coming in junior. They have some it skills and no security experience. And so even, even from a product perspective, we provide the detection alert, right. So, Hey, this is the problem. And then we provide a playbook on what to do. Here’s the PowerShell script to go run on this host, here’s the information you need to do. Here’s how to do the blockbuster automatically do it. So that’s the thing is actually servicing of what to do, helps those people actually learn a new skill as well. Uh, which is pretty unique if you think about it, cause you’re actually training your people through product, um, which is pretty, pretty impactful and useful to most organizations.

Yeah. I mean, and you’ve seen, you’ve seen that model come up a lot lately where, you know, whether it’s, uh, you know, our buddies over at Detroit labs that couldn’t find app developers the way they wanted to. And so they started, you know, their apprentice program, uh, you know, to basically grow their own talent, uh, you know, CBI, uh, and a couple other

Security companies started doing the exact same thing because of this shortage of talent. All right. Let’s just go ahead and start bringing in people that might be green and don’t have the skill set, but then we can build them and mold them exactly how we want them to be.

Yup. And that’s I, and that’s a great approach because then you can’t, you also can make them into what you need. Right. And you have to reward them over time. Right. But, um, it’s, it’s great. I think also from a people perspective, I’m a, I’m a big fan of bringing people in with lower skill sets and, and upleveling them essentially, and molding them in, into what you need from an organizational perspective.

It’s kind of supposed to be your job as an organizational leader. That’s, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

But most, most, most organizations, that’s just not right. So quiet.

This is outside of my wheelhouse for sure. It is too. I am more, uh, I’m a BI my day job is a e-learning developer.

Okay. So you’re a coder.

Uh, yeah. And I would say more client and customer support and documentation and heartsy technical writer, Randy. That’s not a bad thing. Yeah. But when I say technical writer, people think I write like RFPs or spectrum, things like that. And I write customer documentation. So yeah.

Documentation is valuable. The other thing I say,

No, those developers aren’t going to write it.

Yeah. Yeah. The most important thing about that. So I can really appreciate what you do. Like number one, I got to the company and all their documentation was behind Zendesk and I’m like, you’re immediately creating a barrier to entry. Right? Let’s get all this on the website and publicly accessible. Number one, it makes it easier for customers to access number two, all the benefits of SEO from all your documentation. So when someone Google searches for something like Apollo Alto SIM, even though one doesn’t exist, guess who they find, it’s not rocket science. Right. So things, things like that from, um, a tweak, you know, perspective technical writing is, uh, is highly underrated. Um, uh, you know, from my perspective.

So how soon before a, so everybody realized cloud the word cloud was, was marketing bullshit about just someone else’s someone else’s computer. Yeah. Zero trust gonna take that same, uh, get kicked to the curb because if you look at it, what zero trust is, it’s, you know, identity access with two factor authentication. It’s, it’s really this isn’t rocket science. Right. Well, did we, you know, we talked about that, you know, Oh, it’s, it’s the cloud. So it’s shared web hosting from the early nineties. Right. And going in and going back even further. It’s, it’s, it’s getting time booked on the that’s that’s all

I kind of laugh because, you know, zero trust, depending on who you asked means a hundred different things. And my, when I was building the go to market, but joke was like, we might as well just insert the word security. Right. Uh, that’s really what zero trust is, is it’s a modern security model. Um, and so it’s applying controls, like access control with two factor authentication. Um, depending on how deep you get into it, though, some of the things get really complicated. Like micro-segmentation, um, it’s not, and there’s products that are starting to even make that a little bit easier, but like, yeah, most organizations I interact with on a daily basis still aren’t segmenting their network, let alone doing micro-segmentation at an application level. Right, right. I see that face. It’s like, what’s, what’s micro-segmentation um, and that’s kind of, the point is zero. Trust has all these principles that are pretty complicated in, in difficult to comprehend or understand what I’m supposed to do. Um, and so it’s all about making those things simpler and easy to understand.

Well, cause when we got introduced to it from the guy that invented F five or that founded a fi, and then we started seeing, so he built a called tempered networks. He started built, he built the zero trust product. And then we started seeing, like, Cisco says, we’ve got zero trust in. Then they say, we’ve got zero trust. And all of a sudden it’s like, everyone is kind of glommed onto that, that phrase. And it’s like, and everyone was doing it different. And then finally it was like, all right, put up all the breaks through that. What the hell is it now? It’s all about the enterprise paradigm spot. That’s that’s that’s, that’s what it’s all about. And synergies don’t forget synergies. They pivot, they pivoted you have to pivot. You have to pivot the synergies to, to change the enterprise paradigms. Yeah.

That’s why it’s like insert the word secure zero trust is at its core. There’s two things. There is real zero trust. And then there’s the marketing term, zero trust. And essentially the whole market. If you went to RSA conference or black hat, every single booth said the word zero trust on top of it.

Yeah. Look, we’re differentiating ourselves. Just like everyone else. Yeah. Great. That’s why I used to wear Hawaiian shirts to the punk bar. All you guys were in black, your conformance, I’m the one that’s.

And fundamentally like there are some things you can look up. John kinder VOC originally was, is known as like the founder or, you know, I don’t know what you call them with zero trust. Um, Wendy neither, uh, is, is a great promoter of zero trust and talks about it in simple terms. Um, uh, chase Cunningham at Forester and Forester has a framework for zero trust, which is pretty pragmatic. Um, uh, they do a pretty good job and the Gardner has zero trust for networks, which is a component. Um, cause zero trust came out of Forester. So there’s a little bit of a budding heads in regards to analyst as well. Um, but yeah, those are some different resources like to learn more about zero trust in general, that is pragmatic. And under more understandable, I’d say

I’m just happy. A fog computing never took off. I heard it. I cringed and I cringe all the way through until it’s. I think it’s inevitable death. Um, if you, you never heard it I’d take it. No. Is it on the blockchain? No. Some engineer at Cisco was like doing a tweener product. That was, it was, it’s not quite, it’s not quite on ground or on prem. It’s not quite in the cloud. So it’s the fog. No, I think it was just hybrid it like, you know, it was a mixture of, I think that’s what it was. I’ll have to Google it afterwards. It’s like completely lost frame of, but thank God. It never took off. Like they were trying to push it for like a quarter and then it died because everybody like said, I need a couple people mentioned it on sales calls and they got the middle finger. So I’m like, all right, yup. Not doing that. That’s talking about that. Yeah.

The number, you know, the number one thing that people in product marketing, marketing and building companies do is they don’t talk to the customer. And so they end up building things that don’t make sense to them. They end up building technology that doesn’t work within their environment. It’s not rocket science,

I’ll talk to sales. They don’t talk to the sales guys either. They just look at sales data. Okay. This shit sold. We must’ve worked.

Yeah. And that is, that’s one of the keys and why duo was so successful and similar a blue Mira is like all our engineers and our product teams and our leadership team and sales. Like we’re all working together, interacting with customers on calls. And when you get that, when you get that synergy going, is that one of your words? It really changes that dynamic because like the engineering team’s like, Oh wow, sales actually is valuable to us. You know? And then the other thing I’d say is the power of saying no. Um, you know, I’m, I’m acting as se right now for our sales team and in a ton of different roles. Right. Um, but we’re okay with saying, Hey, we don’t have integration for you right now. We’re going to do that down the road. We’ll come back to you. But focus on the customers, you know, you can drive and be helped be successful in that’s another, you know, another thing that more product companies need to do is focus more on what’s aligned with what they have today versus just selling stuff. That’s not on the truck.

Yeah. And that was always, everybody got excited about, you know, Ooh, this is a, you know, all of the problem was too, you would talk to customers and they want to know your roadmap. Right. So as soon as they see something, 2024, and they’re like, I want that. And you’re like, well, shit, that’s not on the truck, you know, but then that’s what they want. And God knows it would never get delivered until you can have it then maybe right

Guy now, and then you can refresh then. Right.

So that’s, that’s the first thing I do in any conversation about futures. Hey, here’s when we plan to deliver, but I can’t promise that, uh, and I, at duo, we, there was only one contract we ever signed in lifetime of the company that was pending on doing a feature and it was strategic to our business. Right. It ended up being our Epic integration and that’s it, nothing else. Um, and so the, you know, being able to stand by that and live by that is, um, uh, you know, pretty important principle to build a good product. Sure.

So what have you been watching? Uh, during the, during the quarantine?

Uh, my wife liked to watch like tra trashy reality TV. Uh, sometimes it’s good to, you know, watch other people. Um, yeah, I’m trying to think anything else. That’s

Things are weird, but at least I’m not them. Supermarkets. Sweet kind of changed my life. I am not Joe exotic. I am not anybody affiliated with him. My life as weird as my life gets I’m I’m doing all right. I’m good. Yeah. My, my hair doesn’t look like that. Marcy Darcy chick from a supermarket sweep, right. I’m not fighting international customs over my 90 day. Fiance.

What I find about the security industry though, is like companies have tried to like get those commercials almost of those people. And I think that’s sometimes funny. It’s like, what does Joe exotic have to do with like endpoint detection? Right. Um, it’s kind of crazy.

I can relate to it and go, I know that guy, that must be a good, that guy uses a Cisco router.

I hope that’s not how people are making product decisions.

Holy, how that’s almost, almost exclusively how that’s going. I’m quite sure. Michael Jordan eats McDonald’s so that must be a good dude. I can’t dude. I used to subscribe to, I used to keep a subscription to CIO magazine just because I knew my CIO subscribed to it. And so I wanted to be ready for whatever dumb ass article he’d read that month. That was going to be the flavor of the week that I was going to have to be prepared to shoot down, you know, in the next meeting that we were going into.

Yeah. It is some, a lot of it is pay to play. Right. Um, a lot of those publications, it’s like, that’s essentially what you’re doing for viewers. Yeah.

Hey, you buy a big enough ad you. Yeah. We’ll do a seven page spread on how phenomenal your product is. Sure. What did I have? The one thing that blew our mind, Dana and I got, it was like a top 10, whatever. And you got to go to Vegas and go on the stage. You get your award, but it was like 2,500 bucks a head or something. It was like five grand. And it’s like, wait a minute. So all these hassles that put this little trophy on their website, they just paid for it. Like,

And it’s like Silicon Valley review. Like these are like, did you, uh, did you, did you just get the one on via LinkedIn the other day? That’s I wanted to, I wondered if you got that too. And it was bringing yeah. Yeah. It was like,

I like the email I got today from the sales guy at one of the magazines. He’s like, Hey, we’re going to do an article on blue Mira. We really like what you’re doing. Uh, Oh. And by the way, we have this offer where if you want to pay you, can, you have rights to publicize that you were in the article. Right. And I was like, Hey, that’s great. We’ll be in the article. But like, I don’t have the budget and I’m not going to pay for this. Right. And immediately he’s like, Oh, sorry, have a great day. He responded back. I’m like,

You have to pay to publicize that you were in this article. How does, how does that work? Like, wait, what do you, how many people read? So I give you the content. And then I have to pay you to tell people that I gave you the kid. They did. JTFO if you realize that how many publications in town are by full page ad three months later. Oh, Hey, no rhymes with train. So, I mean, I was going to make a joke about that earlier, Patrick. I’m like, you know how soon before you guys cut the $300,000 check the gardener to get in their quadrant.

Oh. So at duo, we never did the quadrants. And the reality is, is you don’t really feel like there is a newer space. I think with one of them, like XDR, which has extended detection and response. That’s, that’s probably more the area we’re in. So you don’t fit in like as an, as a company, that’s doing something different. You don’t fit in quadrant, old technology fits in quadrant. Right. So, uh, the desire to be in quadrant necessarily in a lot of cases, isn’t that high at this stage, because you’re just saying I copied everyone else and I’m not as good as them. Um, it is essentially, and I’m not really innovating. So like, yeah. I think there’s a balance, right? Like yes. In my, do I have conversations at times? Yes. Uh, actively. Yeah. Um, we’re not in the pay to play game. Um, uh, right now at a later stage, you get into that, uh, when you, you know, when you go raise a hundred million dollars,

I think people are wise to it though. I think people are wise to it. Um, I worked for a SAS vendor that was in the [inaudible] space and, uh, they were, they were the farthest rights, but they weren’t top. Right. So like all their marketing was, you know, and how much did you pay for that? You know what I mean? And, uh, and everybody would, that’s the first thing they say, like, I’m farthest, right? They’re like, yeah. So what everybody pays, you know, it held no credence at the customer site. You had to prove out your POC and have a decent price. And then they, you know,

What I, what I can tell you is like, uh, chase Cunningham, run on the Forester, zero wave. He runs a legit program, like, uh, the best I’ve seen from an analyst perspective, um, uh, where he’s really getting hands on and diving in pretty deep. And most analysts really reality is, is they never get hands on product, never touch anything. And they have, you know, they have some expertise, but like not, not necessarily deep hands on. And so they’re not necessarily the best to say what product actually is the most effective either. Um, uh, from my experience as well. That’s not reflective of all analysts, but I think a significant part of them. Right.

Yeah. Yeah. So I guess let’s paint a picture who your perfect customer, obviously you gave us the, the seat size, right. 500 seats to 2,500 could be a little bigger. It could be a little smaller. Um, do they have SOC analysts on site? Are they hiring a third party to monitor the log files? I guess paint me a picture of, uh, you know, are they, are they fed up and overpaying on, on vendor X or are they new to this game? Like what’s the, is there a perfect, is there a perfect vendor?

Perfect. Yeah. That’s yeah. That’s a great question. Um, typically, you know, it’s going to be an organization that might have anywhere between one and 20 people in it. And believe me, I, you know, I was, there’s a company that has 150 locations and has two people on it. That’s, that’s crazy. Uh, I don’t know. I don’t know how they do it. Right. Um, they have it titles, right. And then we have customers that might have anywhere from zero to five people in it, security, um, uh, are security focused. Right. Um, and so, you know, that’s really the demographic of where we’re playing most. What I see is we’re starting to go up market now into these larger customers because the tools are too complicated. They’re overwhelming. It’s not giving the analysts what they need, and they’re spending tons of time tuning and tweaking the existing products.

And essentially like, you know, some of my friends have teams of people that have literally are sitting there three or four people responding to false positives all day long. Um, and so that, that’s a real reality. So by nature, what’s nice. And it’s organic for us is we’re getting pulled into larger size companies that do have SOC, uh, that have a more established or sophisticated SOC because those people go and leave because they can make a ton more money somewhere else. Cause that’s the security industry, um, likely a bigger company or a tech company or something of that nature. And now I don’t have anybody to do the work they did before. And the existing tool set doesn’t work for the team that they brought on. Um, and so, yeah, that, that’s one interesting thing. And it happened at duo duo. His target market was zero to 500 when I started. And then we got pulled up to the point where we had 50% of the hospital systems in the U S using the product and every higher, higher education across the U S um, so yeah, that, you know, that’s, you know, where we, where we fit in right now and where we’re best is that, you know, 500 to 5,000, in some cases to even a hundred, a hundred a user organizations. Um, and then in some cases into the five to 15,000 companies, depending on the environment need

Cool. Anything else you got for us? We’ll uh, if not, we’ll, we’ll cut you loose, but yeah, this has been a, there’s been a great convo. We’ve been, uh, we’ve been typically just talking about COVID for like the last three months. So it’s, it’s nice to talk about geek stuff again.

Well, I was laughing because I think earlier you were talking about like, uh, the school aspect. Um, and I don’t know if you know this, my dad’s a teacher, uh, while you wouldn’t know that, but I think that unions are actually gonna force the issue and shut down the schools, regardless of what they want to do. Uh, teachers don’t want to be a sitting duck and put their lives Sarah’s um,

Well, not only that, but just liability.

Sure. Yeah. Um, and so I think the reality is, is like most kids are not going to go back to school. So, um, you know, enjoy the time with them. I’m trying to plan ahead for winter right now, because all this stuff you’re going to want when it gets called, it’s going to be sold out. Uh, so you probably should start thinking about that now

Paper by all the toilet paper.

Well, I’m insulating my garage putting a heater in, but that’s not like heaters are probably going to be out of stock. Went through. It would be my guess. Yeah,

Well, no. I mean, that’s, that’s, I mean, that’s, that’s a huge thing. I mean, like, you know, my niece is a teacher and I’ve got a bunch of buddies and friends that are teachers and, you know, as confused and worried and, you know, freaked out and feeling uninformed as parents are, don’t have any illusions that they are not in the exact same boat, if not worse than you are, because you’re worried about your kid or kids. And going back to school, they’re worried about how am I going to handle a classroom full of kids? You know? I mean, it’s, yeah. It’s imagine the first week of parent drop off and then times that by about 35 million and that’s what it’s going to be like, I’ve always said, hell is an elementary school parking lot. So yeah, there’s no always, always Patrick Oracle, where can we find you online? Obviously Patrick Garrity at LinkedIn. And unless you want your, uh, hit the unfollow button, unless you want your feed filled with all your

Oh no, I connect to almost everyone that seems reasonable. Uh, Patrick M Garrity on LinkedIn, you can connect to me, uh, blue mirror.com. Uh, yeah.

PLU and my RA.

Yes. Blu M I R a.

You guys ready to start? Blu E M E R a

Oh, Oh. There’s like a hundred different spellings. And this is one of the things when I was looking at coming to the company, I was like, Hey, what are you guys willing to change the name of the company? Um, and the founders were, um, however reality is, is like, Hey, the name works, uh, it’s combination of blue team and Mira, which is, um, vision and stance. Um, and so the idea is right, uh, you know, vision into real, real threats within your environment. So, uh, we decided to roll with it. Uh, I’m embracing it. And it’s a, it’s a lot of fun, but yeah, you, haven’t got to, I think a lot of the domains already registered, um, from what I’ve seen, but there’s about a hundred different variations.

Oh, for sure. You gotta have the.co you gotta have the.com.

It’s where it’s at

Or the.io these days. Anyway, Patrick has been a great convo. We’d definitely love to have you back in the, in the future, but we definitely appreciate shedding some light on the, uh, security industry and about a blue mirror. So, yeah. Thanks for, uh, appreciate hanging out with us if you want. We usually hit, uh, topics of the week. If you want to hang out, you’re more than welcome to chime in. Uh, we usually all our pop culture, crap and all our stories we read. So you’re more than welcome to hang out or, or you can drop off and we’ll, uh, we’ll see, on the other side,

Yeah. I’ll stick around for a little bit.

Awesome. So, um, the bomb got dropped Dave, and that you can mock me till the year to the C I like admitting things when I’m wrong. And this was, I couldn’t have been more wrong. My whole life is flipped upside down. And see, I thought, I thought you were trying to claim that you were having a Mandela effect a moment with this one. So I sat and watched, um, Randy, I sat and watched Saturday night, Rocky, one 76, Rocky. And if you ever sit and watched it today, it’s kind of a trash film and throw it absolutely is it’s garbage polys. It makes no sense. It’s kind of weird with poly going you ball and my sister, which the weird movie, take it to the zoo. Yeah. I thought Rocky one at the end, and then he didn’t win. And I was like, what kind of bullshit is this? Like my whole, like, literally for my adult life, I thought Rocky one at the end. Cause, cause if he had one, there wouldn’t, there would be no need for Rocky to rematch.

But like, literally I’m watching this and I’m like, you just yelled at Adrian and I’m like, wait a minute, lady. Literally, I was like, and I couldn’t go to bed for like another hour after that until like three in the morning, because I was freaking dumbfounded about that stupid movie. Now I’m going to get mocked for the rest of my life about that one godfather. I mean, that, that, that was a damn shame that you made it as old as you did and had never seen the godfather. I mean, that’s, I still don’t understand how you made that work. Uh, if it wasn’t for what’s going on. I think in Portland and Seattle and Chicago and Baltimore, we would, the whole news would be freaking out about UFOs. Um, it’s, it’s it, if you’re looking for it, it’s UFO galore. Like they have the, the one is the GI Joe cube that keeps going in and out of the sun. So yeah, the Borg, uh, that, that are apparently coming at us out there, we’re coming at ya and I’m still, I’m still half convinced. That’s like a burnt out pixel in one of the telescopes that’s pointed out it. But, but I mean, it’s, it’s a better story if it’s the Borg coming to get us. Cause you know what, at point in 2020, why

The hell? Not because, I mean, if you look at the photos and the way they look, I mean, it does, it looks like the Borg cube coming out of the sun and they said it’s what 350 something times bigger than the earth. Uh,

I lose my geek red. What is the word? I didn’t Google the Borg D start trying to watch star Trek the next generation. No, thank God I did. All right. I’m I’m glad I asked that question. No. Okay. So yeah. Corner of your gift card. That’s fine,

Dude. I’m not even a star Trek fan and I know who the Beauregard like, but

With me it was the GI Joe energy cubes or, or

Transformers, the energy on cubes. Yeah. Same thing. Yeah. But yeah, so there’s that, I mean, you know, the Pentagon says they’re declassifying stuff and throwing it out there. And all I know is what a great time for Hulu to have just added all the seasons and the movies of the X files. Cause you know, now who needed sleep, why not?

Do you watch the Fourcade videos from Mars? Yes. For the 4k pictures. And one of the ones I watched, it was interesting because they’re like, well, you know, a lot of people ask us why not videos? Why send pictures? It was like for one, cause we can only transmit in 32 K and we can only transmit to two megabit per second. Um, like for two hours a day or something when it lines up properly. Um, and for one the other one is they don’t change the pictures. Don’t change, nothing changes. So like what video wouldn’t matter. Cause the picture is the same.

Right? Well, so, and it’s funny cause now I’m envisioning a whole bunch of nerds at like mission control and NASA kind of like us on like a 1989 dial up waiting for like Pamela Anderson’s boob to load like that’s, that’s kinda cool.

The one, the funny thing was, is they showed the two dead rovers. One of them fell into like a sand trap and got stuck in died. And then the other one got hit with like a sand storm and literally froze to death. And so like there’s showing like the carcass of these rovers and like taking pictures of it. Um,

It’s a thing, but I dude, I’m, I’m here for it. You know? I’ve I’ve I, I hope that the, you know, maybe somebody, they finally come out, just go, yeah, they’ve been here the whole time. They we’ve known the whole time. That’s how it’s going to be. Cool.

I’ve watched each and ancient aliens enough to know that they’re here. They’ve been here forever.

I’ve I’ve always said, if you, you know, you just, just do the math. It is an extremely egotistical point of view to think that with all the stars and all the planets and all the, everything across the entire universe, that we’re the only ones that, that showed up that had a brain. I can do it. And like I said, people it’s just been, it’s been an avoidance thing. Like we, I truly believe like we are the Jehovah’s witnesses of the universe because we keep like knocking on people’s doors going, Hey, are you home? Hey, do you have a minute to talk? Hey, we’re here. We just like to have a word with you and say, I would avoid us too. Did, um,

Did you see, uh, the meme of the week, by the way?

Uh, that, uh, the next Halloween movie is, is going? Yeah.

So the next Halloween movie is going to be about Michael Myers being confused that no one’s on the streets to kill and then meeting some angry black lady yelling at him for wearing a mask. Yeah. I think that’d be a, if you’d call that Halloween 20, 20 Kenny powers, if you’re listening, you wrote the last one that was kind of a trash.

That should be a South park. That should, that should be the episode. South park comes back with

Dude. And I don’t want to talk about masks anymore. Cause I’m so tired of it, but what the hell is wrong with people? But like if it gotta be, where do you want me to start? Some guys stabbed somebody because they told him he wasn’t like, is this how far we got like people, people don’t understand that private businesses have private.

I have rights. Yeah, no, absolutely.

This is they think, they think Menards is a public park.

Yeah. Yeah, no, you, you, you do not have a right to go into a store. You don’t, that’s not how that works.

Get me is even the employees don’t understand it because like, if you’re filming me and I work at dairy queen and like I have every, you can’t, I can’t ever right to film you and the employees don’t even understand it. Or like actually no, you don’t. This is private business. Yeah. Okay.

Well, and one of the points, like one party recording is only permissible. If you believe that there is the commission of a crime happening.

Yeah. And that’s only in like half the States, like most States are

Michigan. Michigan is like that. Yeah.

There’s a lady that was wearing a mask at a dog park. There was a couple having lunch without masks. So we’re eating and she walks over and maces them in the face and then walks away. And like people think that this is,

Well, then people wanted to yell at Rick flair because he wasn’t wearing a mask while he was driving, driving. Like I thought you’re not supposed to, you don’t need to like, I don’t, I don’t get it. Like I, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna, I look cyanide at people that are wearing masks while they’re driving by themselves, in their car with a mask on I’m like, are, are you that worried about making yourself sick? Like what, what what’s going on?

We saw a guy today with one driving and I was like, come on, man. Like,

I guess good on you. But I mean, I get it. And maybe, maybe, I mean, if that’s your way of never forgetting to put it on, is that you just don’t take it off. Good for you. You know, me personally, I, you know, do they’re not, especially what like hot, humid days like today. Um, no, they’re not comfortable to be wearing, so yeah. As soon as I get in the car that effort’s coming off, um, you know, and I’m breathing in as much nice cold freezing areas. Again,

I did buy one, by the way, I found it on Etsy. Um, somebody’s making crown Royal bags and putting a filter in them and making BA masks.

Oh dude, that started the bartending memes page. Somebody was selling those like the second week of March.

Oh, crown.

Cause it was like, Oh my God. Yeah. I finally found a use for all these damn crown Royal bags that I’ve got laying around.

Speaking of buying stupid shit on the internet. Um, for some reason, you know, how my feed comes across and like, I need to have that shirt. So I go and buy that shirt and it was like an eight, $9 tee shirt. And I was like $4, $3 shipping. Right. And my wife goes, you got something from Poland today. And I go, what? And it’s an envelope and it’s all in Polish, every everything that’s written and transcribed on the, on the envelope. And I open it up and it’s my guy named t-shirt from Facebook. And I go to like, maybe

Dude, a lot of them, a lot of them are coming from overseas printing companies. Like, and, and that’s sort of like, that’s one of the things to keep in mind because I’ve clicked through a few of those t-shirt ads and be careful and make sure you’re reading the ad or the pages that you land on after you click the ad. Because a lot of them are saying basically, Hey, this is the equivalent of a Kickstarter. And if we get enough orders, we’re going to print these. Not that, you know, we actually have them in, they’re in stock and they’re ready to ship. And our estimated ship date currently is like two months from now.

If, if I had to do a Kickstarter for a super friends, t-shirt, I’m going to send them a better my shit. I swear to God. Um, by the way, um, I’m so mad at trader Joe’s right now. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Like, is it not, is it funny or is it not funny? So like, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, trader Joe’s has like some, some, uh, some Mexican food, frozen food,

You know, they have like, you know, Asian food and it’s, you know, their brand, their in house brand is trader Ming’s. Uh, their, their, their Mexican food is trader Jose. Uh, and then what’s the other one, uh, trader Giotto, uh, for the Italian, for the Italian section. Um, and, and, and they’re changing them all or just eliminating them,

But who looked at those and got angry to everyone, like, Oh, they thought it was either cute or they didn’t care. Like as chef Boyer, deacon

The chef with the Mo like, is it like, is that going to have to go away now? Cause, cause it’s spelled not right, because it’s a stereotypical Italian guide, whatever I

Cracker jacks named after a person though, it doesn’t matter. So as aunt Jemima was named after her person.

Oh, and you know what, we did not shoot this did not make the list. Cause I forgot to email it to you, but I totally want to talk about this whole thing at Blake’s. Um, so Blake’s, uh, the, the place up in, I think it’s our made up, um, got all lit up. Oh yeah, I do. They’re phenomenal. Um, you know, and you know, you go Apple picking. I mean, it’s like a fall, you know, cider and donuts. I mean, like that’s a tradition around here got all lit up, uh, because they canceled, uh, an or requested somebody cancel an event on them. Um, social media then blew up, um, all over them, uh, because they were like, Oh, well you just hate Trump and she’s a Trump and that’s why you canceled the event. And I’m never shopping there again and rubber era without reading, of course, without reading anything.

Uh, yeah. And so, you know, one of the, one of the family members actually put out a video, uh, that described the situation. So basically this lady wanted to hold. She told them she wanted to hold like a private, uh, event, like a private little fundraiser thing and everything was going to, you know, it was going to be small, tight, whatever, and then started posting on Facebook. Uh, she creates the event, you know, basically makes it look like Blake’s as a sponsor of the event. Um, and announces that it’s going to be a public rally with speakers and it’s going to be this, that, and the other thing. And so, no, Blake’s, didn’t cancel the event because it was a, a Republican holding the event. Blake’s canceled the event because you told them you were having a small event and then announced that you were having a huge event. And that is not something Blake’s is comfortable supporting or hosting at this time.

I honestly hope people read and, and realize that that was the story because obviously, you know, I’m going to point in my life now where I’m, I’m looking at eight different sources of five before I even make an emotional judgment. It’s take, you know, the analogy that I gave somebody I’m like, look, dude, like, you know,

Know, cause we do, you know, we’ve got a couple of the studios open now. Um, and I said, you know, I said, if I tell somebody and they agree that, Hey, there’s the capacity in the studios right now is for period. End of story. Anything above that, you’re bringing people in via zoom. Um, and it is what it is. And then I start seeing posts on Facebook from them about how they’re bringing groupies and they’re going to fill the studio and it’s going to, yeah. Guess who’s not going to have a place to record. I mean, that’s

Guys, I brought the drums in that one time.

Well, yeah. So, well, no, I’m just talking about in the car.


Yeah. We’re anti music, man. Um, but no, I mean, so I mean, I honestly, you know, with, with the situation, the way it is, you know, I can’t blame Blake’s in the least for, you know, not wanting a large gathering of people, you know, at their facility with all this stuff going on right now. Hell no,

No. I hope honestly, they’re they’re good business. They make good product. I hope that they, uh, people read the standard. What the truth was. Um, Dave, did you, I heard you went on a road trip to Houston last week to Houston. Yeah. For the, uh, the drive through strip clubs.

I was trying to remember which story that was a dude. I loved the photos.

No, the photo is the worst. So I going to paint this picture. So it’s not even like a drive through like when you go to the alley, outside the strip club. Yeah. It’s it’s so imagine, so picture this, you have pipe and drape. I don’t even know that it’s pipe and drape or if it’s just like vinyl that they wrap and then you have bike fence, which is like the barricade and the bike racks parade. Um, and then you have like, this girl is like leaning over the bike rack, like, like it’s sexy and you have cards.

It was just a dude sitting there in his car, like eating a thing of nachos watching. I just, I, this is where we’ve got like, I’m sorry. Like, are you not aware of the internet? Like, do you not know? Have you never heard of camming? Like did you not? I, yeah, I’m, I’m floored that that was actually going on.

It’s so stupid. I mean, honestly look at it and this might seem like a gimmick, but it’s a serious business.

I more power to you and I’m sorry. That is not dude. My favorite story of the week. And I will absolutely. This is, this is the moron. Um, a lady goes to rent a hitman.com because she’s angry with her ex husband, uh, and fills out the little contact form. That’s a real site with a real forum. Oh yeah, no, yeah, no, this is, this is no joke. Uh, and so close to rent, a hit man.com fills out the form, uh, that you’d like some help solving the problem, uh, that she has with her ex husband. Uh, so the person running the website basically just takes the form and gives it to the Michigan state police

Five grand. She that’s all she offered.

Well, no, but wait, there’s more. So the contact form gets routed to the Michigan state police, Michigan state police set up an undercover staying, um, have somebody meet her pretending to be a Hitman. Uh, she offers five grand Rex husband killed. And of course he immediately gets taken into custody. People do not know, like I can’t even fathom the logic that went through somebody’s head that thinks that rent a hit man.com was an actual thing to hire somebody, to kill people,

Rent a Hitman. The fact that that like, what’s next, like, you know, like, bye.

Oh yeah, wait, that’s already Wayfair. I was gonna say, buy a kid. Nice. No, that’s like, I’m like, that’s like, I’m like, that’s, I’m, I’m almost, I’m almost mad at the police departments for not setting having set that up. The site that’s set that site up directly. Although I guess that might be entrapment if they do it. Um, but like, it’s almost like the security, the security equivalent of a honeypot, like just like leaving, like leaving a system out there that you know, that somebody is going to be able to get into just so you can catch them intent, do whatever you want with them.

That was to catch a predator. Like, you know, I’m 13 that’s okay. Come on over. Okay. Why don’t you have a seat?

I, um, uh, during early COVID-19 I was thinking of April fools. Right. And the joke I came up with is everyone wanted to switch, including I really want to switch and I couldn’t get one, unless I paid like $700. Right. And so I’m like, I’m going to create a website called [inaudible] dot com. Hillary created the site. Right. And then like once you click a button to go to shop, we base in added to the cart. It’s basically like April fools. I only used my social channels and I was like, Hey, I just got to switch here, everybody, check it out, send it out on Twitter, Amazon or Facebook. And then

How about how many people wanted to kill you?

Four, four, 400 people,

Uh, opened it up, uh, and of that I think 225 added to cart.

That’s hilarious.

Yeah. I think the, I think the reality is, is like when I was about to launch, I was like, Oh shoot. I just realized I’m running a big phishing campaign.

Yeah, basically. Yeah. That’s all I really want out of those two, 20, 47 of them went to rent a hitman.com. I guess this website has apparently stopped something like 130 plus murders because people are using it to try and get a hit. People are stupid. Then you find out that, Hey, there’s still people that I think COVID a serial. So sorry. Did you see the, uh, the guy from, that went to the Detroit casino and he did like the, uh, Johnny Knoxville, old man costume with the mood. I love this. That was amazing. He, uh, basically he looks like more like spike Jones than, than Johnny Knoxville. Have you ever seen bad grandpa or any of the jackass movies? Um, what the hell was he doing? He was basically targeting people, enrolled in the VIP program and stealing their credentials and getting in. And because he was wearing a mask, he just, nobody cause nobody questions.

The old guy, you know, sitting there, you know, sort of like the story we talked about last week with all the kids that are, you know, spray, painting their hair, gray or putting on grandma or grandpa masks and walking in, you know, putting a mask on and walking in by and booze. Cause who’s going to check ID on somebody that later looks like they’re 65, 70 years old. See if I want to do that, my ass is driving straight home visit Dupa goes to Pegasus to Tavern and changes it in the bathroom. And it comes out with a huge ass duffel bag. Yeah. Not, not the smartest individual on the planet. Not, not going to lie with all these shit in it. And like 30 grand in cash. It’s like, dude, at that point, drive the F home. Yeah. Just get in the car in full costume and just leave, just be gone.

Right? Change the eight on your license plate to a be like, Oh, there was a guy that came to my house. Once we, we needed a locksmith and cause my, I had all this junk in my key, in my lock, his license plate was like eight, eight, eight BB eight, eight. I’m like, Oh you steal some shit. Don’t for real. I looked at him like, do I want this guy with like key Kim Prince to my house? I’m like, I’m amazed that they let him do that. Oh, you want to feel old by the way? Um, no Caddyshack turned 40. So did back in black, black. I heard, I heard that on a, they were actually talking about that on first wave. They were like, Hey, we know it’s not a first wave band, but you know, everybody had this album back in black turns, 40 years old on Saturday. And I was like, Oh,

Get out.

I don’t like, I know it’s my bedtime. I should go. You know, speaking of a favorite story, did you see about the Clippers? Uh, Lou Williams,

Uh, which would know, Oh yeah. I shot that link across and now he has to, he has to quarantine miss two games if it’s $150,000 in salary because he decided to go pick up food at a strip club.

No, no, it was his grandpa’s funeral. That’s how he got out of the bubble.

Yeah. But then he went and picked up food at a strip club and, and took pictures with people.

If you listened to Mike Valenti today on 97 one, it was his sterically. Like they’re basically like going, is there anything like that, your favorite food on the planet he kept because he tweeted himself at the strip club then tried to say,

And then deleted them both. Yeah.

Yeah. But then it was like, Oh man, the wings are so good. He tried to use that as his alibi. Just how good, the way

Really are they $150,000. Good. Right.

So then they went on Yelp and apparently like that’s people go to the strip club just for the wigs. Are that good? But they’re like, is there any food?

Yeah. And everybody went to Hooters for the chicken sandwiches. Yeah. That’s, that’s totally what I is.

I like, am I the only one that likes their wings? Like I swear to God. Um, but he’s not, he’s only gonna, he’s gonna forfeit 150 grand and like they got a shot at the title this year, like in the shortened season. So like fricking Duplo.

Well what was it? Yeah. Well, what is it like? I think it’s a 14 people in the Marlins organization, including players and front office staff have now all popped positive. Um, and I guess the, I think it’s the Philadelphia Phillies that played them yesterday, uh, that now had to cancel their home opener. Uh, because now they have, now they have to quarantine.

Okay. Just enough. Get on, get gunk, please get just the end of this year does end it now and make it 2021. I told you the longest year ever serious. I swear to God. Um, so is there a true, I don’t know if there’s truth to this room or not, but like, I guess the next trilogy is going to be 2023, 25 and 27. Right?

Um, well, and it’s weird because it’s coming at a time when you know, this story is coming at a time where you’re seeing a lot of rumblings and rumors about unrest within Disney and Lucasfilm about star Wars. Uh, you know, there’s a lot of rumors that are like, you know, the, you know, Kathy Kennedy might be on her way out. Um, she already got out well and you know, let’s be honest. I mean, at this point I think fat row and, you know, Filoni, you have kind of have earned the right to hold those keys. And you know, I think they’ve proven themselves with Mandalorian that, you know, and, and will God, and God knows Fabro did it with Marvel. Uh, you know, he, you know, he’s proved, he’s proven that he knows how to oversee an arc of a series and, and make it work.

Um, you know, so I honestly hope if it’s another trilogy, I hope they go way back. Like I hope it’s old Republic stuff. I hope it’s, you know, maybe gets into the, you know, the Darth plague is, you know, and, and, and the rise of the Sith and all that stuff. Cause I mean, that’s, you almost, if it, if it’s truly going to be a trilogy then, okay, we’re going to have a whole new set of characters. Cause they’ve said a million times, the whole Skywalker saga done, gone over with. Um, so I don’t see it being a continuation following, you know, Ray or anybody else, you know, and you’ve got the news that hit last week that, uh, they’re bringing a Glover back, uh, to do a, uh, a Han solo series on Disney plus. Um, or is that no, they’re doing a Han solo series.

I’m going to, excuse me, excuse me. A Lando series. Sorry, forgive me, Lando. Um, and so, you know, so, you know, so don’t, don’t keep going in that space, that beyond go back and get creative with some of the history and do you know, do some of this stuff. So I mean, I, who knows, I mean, they, they may just pick it up where it left off and do whatever the hell they want to do. That’s what they tend to do because we’re all going to be their asses in seats for the very first showing and drooling all over ourselves. We have,

And then, uh, Jamie’s going to bitch about it and we’re going to tell him to, to shut up. Yeah, exactly. Um, what else is going on? I’m looking at

So well, and so one of the, you know, you were just talking about mass and I will say this. So, you know, like, uh, you know, I mentioned, you know, we’ve got the, we know the old nineties cartoon. Uh, no, so we’ve got, uh, you know, our studio in the Detroit shipping company and over in Northville, uh, are open. And so, you know, I spent a lot of time at DSC this weekend. We had shows recording Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Uh, and it was really good to see. I mean, it was good to see how busy it was down there. Um, you know, I mean, Cass corridor has been, you know, I think, I, I think I shot you a note at one point a couple of weeks back when I went down there to put the TV in and I was like, dude, Cass corridor.

It looks like we remember it, you know, from the late nineties, early two thousands, there’s nobody anywhere. And it’s just dead. Uh, you know, there were, you know, pedal pubs galore, uh, pulling up to, you know, DSE all four nights. Um, you know, and, but the cool thing was, is even as, as busy as they got, I will say 98% of the people were very, very cool, um, about wearing their masks and, you know, making sure that they were wearing that I was sitting at the table not wearing a mask, but then getting up and popping it on and, you know, going to one of the places to grab food or, you know, whatever, walking outside for a smoke. Um, you know, there were a couple of people, uh, that, you know, I saw throw a little bit of a hissy fit cause they do, they have signs on the doors, uh, Hey, no mask, no entry period. End of story. Um, and a couple of people wanted to push the issue and got bounced. Um, you know, and, you know, or, you know, they’ve got

Be a story on Instagram yep. Underneath that. Yeah.

And I mean, that’s, that’s reality. I mean, it’s, you know, and, but they’re doing a really good job with it and it’s good to see, you know, those, you know, those restaurants getting traffic and getting businesses and getting customers again, I’m not going to lie. It was phenomenal. I did, I, it was the best of times and the worst of times, you know, being back in the studio, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s a great feeling to be sitting behind a mic in the studio again, but then there’s also these super high levels of anxiety of being around strangers again. Um, you know, and just in how that’s going. So, I mean, it’s, you know, so far so good. Uh, and, and we’ll see how that goes, but it’s at least the, uh, you know, from what I’ve seen, quote unquote out in the wild, uh, you know, I stopped by whiskey one of the nights, uh, you know, after, after doing a couple of recordings, you know, doing a couple shows, um, everybody there, you know, you can’t sit inside.

So everybody’s out, back on the patio. Um, every single person has a mask in their pocket. Uh, and as soon as, you know, they, they stand up to go walk in and place an order. Everybody’s popping it on a, you know, you can’t play the jukebox, uh, from the jukebox. You have to have the touch tunes out. Um, you know, there’s a little mat, there’s a little, uh, it’s great. In fact, it’s a John piping Brock that programmed at four for them, there’s a little, as soon as you load touch tunes and pick the pick whiskey in the jar, little popup comes up and says, Hey, welcome back. Happy to see, you know, go wash your damn hands

General in that place.

Yeah. So, I mean, it’s, it is. I mean, it’s, it’s good to see. It’s good to see people doing the right thing because I mean, I think we do a, we, we see too many stories on social media of the idiots that are yelling at the clerks or yelling at the greeters or, you know, just being jerks about it in general. So, I mean, I’m, I’m happy when, when you know what I’m, I’m, I’m happy. I’m happy to see people not throwing a hissy fit

The 0.001% are buttholes. And that’s the only thing that makes the media, cause that gets the clicks, right. Nobody wants to see like Johnny did what he’s supposed to do. Right. Nobody gives a shit about that. They want to see Chad and Karen yelling at, by the way, did you see the most amazing, uh, this is the best title of art news article in 2020 hands down. I think this one wins, um, man steals massive dildo from sex shop and he’s still at large dude. They had to say

It’s, I think it’s phenomenal. So it was a shop in Vegas if I recall correctly, right? Yup. He’s a man. He’s a mask and it’s proper and he’s wearing his mask. It is three feet tall. It is 40 pounds. Like that’s, that’s a rather large object.

I want to know. When do they get to the point where they’re like, no bigger, no bigger. And then, okay. Stop. Okay.

That’s that’s that’s as big as it can possibly be. Um, no. And it’s like, Oh yeah. Which is phenomenal. Cause he does, he literally just walks in the store, picks it up and walks out of the store with it. Um, yeah, like it, like is this like, remember when like the, it was all the rage to try to steal one of the big boys statues or, you know, stealing road signs and that kind of like, is this just something that, you know, I have to know, like, was the guy drunk? Was he on something? Was this a dare?

It’s so casual dude.

Yeah. He just, yeah. It’s not like he’s not furtive about it at all. Like he’s not like, you know, looking around late, do just like strolls in throws this giant Wang over his shoulder and strolls right back out.

No, it was, it reminds me of when we were in our early twenties and magic Mike, we were at old chalet and it’s two in the morning and we’d go back to our car and he goes, shit, how’s this going to fit? We looked back and he eats one of the chairs. He took it off, like one of the lower chairs. He just like on his way out, just grabbed it and walked out with it. But like, apparently this is a, this thing retails for 1,250 bucks at this shop.

So I believe that that makes this a felony theft because it’s over a thousand dollars in value. So he’s

Of course the last line is if the cook gets caught, he’ll surely be subject to the penal code.

Thank you. That will be here all week. Um, so I guess just, we don’t normally talk a whole lot of sports, but so let me get this straight. Uh, Dan Snyder, uh, and, and his board, his board of directors and all the people, uh, for the Washington Redskins have been holding very, very, very high level in depth, like real like around the clock meetings. Uh, because they finally acknowledged that the red, the name Redskins is offensive and they should change the team name. So they had like 10 days worth of meetings. And at the end of that 10 days, the best they could come up with is, you know what guys we’re, uh, we’re going to call ourselves the Washington football team this year. That’s, that’s what we’re going to do.

You know, like the cartoon monkey with the sideways eyes or it’s the one that goes, it’s like, wow, what a lazy group of people. It’s a stupid name, what a stupid logo. And then Cleveland Browns be like Washington football team. I go, was that a joke? I go, I thought, I thought it was like a Barstool sports joke.

No, no, it’s real. And, and I mean, but here’s the thing like, so how much, and again, like there’s the, there’s the, the con like the cynical conspiracy theorist in me, that’s like, okay, how much of this is just to sell a shit ton of merchandise for a single year? Uh, the DC hogs the next year. Right. You know, cause it’s, you know, that, you know, there’ll be collector’s items, you know, that was the, you know, the year the team was forced to change and you know, it’s going to be this, that, and the other thing

Know, did they try to go the soccer tip, like Detroit city football club? Like, did they try to think that that was being like inventive?

I do it. I don’t know. Like, I mean, the dude New York has always, you know, it’s the New York football giants. It’s, it’s not the New York giants. It’s the berm and that’s not, no, that’s, that’s always been there announcers. I’ve always done that too. Yeah. Um, so I mean, who knows, I’ve been by the way, outside of a giant stadium for months now, I heard, Oh, I’m sorry. I said little people that’d be really tall people that were, that were protesting against the giants. Cause it’s, uh, well, and then I guess, uh, I did, I, I, I do love what a couple of stadiums have done and, and again, got you got to love the, you know, the necessity is, you know, breeds invention and all that kind of stuff. Some of the stadiums have come out with, Hey, um, for, you know, 20 bucks, 40 bucks, whatever, uh, put a picture of your, like, we’ll basically do a cardboard cutout of your grandpa or, you know, whoever, or, you know, and, and put them in the stance, uh, while the games are going on a manager’s stadium. And that’s been, I think that was really, really cool. And, you know, I thought 40 of them tested positive already.

Yeah. I saw the one that had a Miguel Cabrera was one of them. That was a, that was sitting in the front row. Uh, but no, I think that’s really cool.

Hate more than anything. I hate it more than anything. Soccer is doing it too. Cause I’m watching MLS now finally feeling like a normal human being, watching all this baseball, I’m watching whoever or whatever. I get my hands on. I’m watching it, the fricking zoom pictures of like me and they put it on the scoreboard and it’s me going? Yay. I think I bitched about it last week. About it again, I don’t care. It needs to stop, knock it off. I mean,

Well, I just want to know what that process is like, are they hooking into like the, like a zoom call that the team organizes and then they’re picking people at random and throwing it out,

Started with the NFL draft and I hated it then. And I hate it now, even though it’s not, it doesn’t make it any better. Like, cause like who did, who asked me to do my wife asked me, she goes, are you going to download the app to like Boone’s year? And I go,

Wait, what, wait, wait, what? There’s an app you can download. And there’s a guy inside this arena who will monitor the app reactions and trigger the appropriate sound effects. Like he’ll push the chair button if enough people in the app cheer or he’ll push the blue button. If enough people

That needs to be, we need to make that a thing we have like what we have like 200,000 listeners to the show and I have like 9,000 people on LinkedIn. We need to make it. We’re just constant. BU it just,

Just take it over just, just to be jerks will take it over and run with it.

I’m sure someone you could, you could write stupid code for that crap.

Yeah. Once again. You’re welcome. Chris Osgood. Um, the, uh, what was it? I didn’t see any games like this. I heard that Fox was going to be throwing digital fans, uh, like CGI in the stands. I did not.

I just, I thought in the outset, when I was watching the one game on Fox sports, Detroit, the outfield looked like it had it. Wasn’t all one color seats. So like, I don’t know if that was digital fan, like, cause it was supposed to be off the MLB game from EA sports. Um, I didn’t, you know, it didn’t, I don’t know. It wasn’t that bad. Like, you know, like right now I’m watching the tiger game. It’s just blank seats. There’s and there’s um, I could barely hear like a crowd murmur cause they’re like the games from Cincinnati, like the crowd murmur was loud. The worst thing though, like I, I got to throw this out there. The worst thing about, and I’m a, I’m a baseball, not, I love the game is typically when there’s a home run, hit, the crowd knows before the announcers. Right. So, you know, guy Jackson and the crowd starts going nuts. Don’t isolate that by the way. I’m sorry.

Let’s see. That’ll be the, uh, did you one 23 Mark.

So, so the guy, you know, hit some it’s it’s a bomb. And like the announcer is like, it’s like this time to lay, like he’s already rounding third base and like, Hey, it’s a home run. Right. Cause they, you know, they haven’t, you know, otherwise it’d be like, it just kinda like the goals in soccer too are just as bad shoots a goal. And then the guy pushes the button in the, in the PA booth and like a minute later there’s cheering. Right.

Well, and I, you know, and I guess, you know, the other story that I, that I thought was, I mean, it’s dude, it’s, it’s depressing to shit. If you think about it. Um, you know, especially, you know, we touched on schools, you know, and is there going to be another, you know, overall shutdown and that kind of stuff? Um, I guess there was a survey that came out that basically said 60% of restaurants that have closed, uh, over the last four months due to COVID are permanent. Like those, those restaurants are never coming back. Um, and uh, you know, if, if we do go through another shutdown, that number is going to climb a lot higher.

Yeah. How can people come back? Something like 800 in the Metro Detroit area permanently shut down, how’s it going to come back? Like if they shut, we shut down again. Like the one thing that was enlightening is when I was talking to most of the people that we either work or, you know, I’m sure you’ve talked to them too, but they were like, yeah, we’re at about 70%. And I’m like, that’s a lot better than I thought it was ever going to be like, give me like restaurants and bars in general. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty much everyone. I talked to you, but like, it’s really pissing me off. Cause like my daughter just got a job at Kirby’s down the block and I thought she’d make mad bank and she’s working like five, six hour shifts coming home with like 22 bucks, like a handful of pennies. We’re like what? Like people are like, they’re not, they’re tipping a dollar and they’re bitching about this.

There’s there’s, there’s a lot of that going on. Um, you know, and it’s, and it’s weird. Like I’ve seen, I was talking to some of the bartenders at DSC, uh, and just, you know, asking them, you know, how things are going and that kind of stuff. And there is, I mean, there’s there’s and I think, you know, people will, especially now people are getting a lot more nervous and tight with things because you know, the, uh, the extended PUA, the unemployment thing, I think that wrapped up Friday if I recall correctly.

Well, like, yeah, but I mean, like I even told her, like we, we sat down at a restaurant for the first time since this whole thing broke, but it was, they had a garage sale. The garage door is open as Miguel kit. Miguel’s canteen on Hill. And it was like a $40 bill and I tipped 20. Yup. Right below it. I’m like, God, I got one dinner. I tip more than you made all day. Today I go, I know you’re just throwing Coneys out. He goes, you wouldn’t even believe he goes, it’s a dollar three for Coney. They’re putting a dollar 10 on the table. Like, I’m like, what? Like, it blows my mind. Like literally I’m like, I don’t get it. And they’re mad at that. Everybody’s yelling about this. You forgot this. You didn’t put this. Yeah. Like I don’t get it. I was just be grateful. You’re not at home making it your damn self for once that that’s how it should be. Yeah. We had a young kid who was a waiter and he kept, he apologized for everything and I’m like, bud, we’re just happy to be out, dude. It’s I get it. It’s not your fault. You’re relaxed, no rush, no rush. But that’s because dude, we get it. And a lot of people like, we’re not the jerks, we’re not Karen’s. And Chad’s and yeah, I,

One, one thing I’d say here is I think to the aspect of like in, sorry if I’m getting too serious, but um, yeah, you do look at it. It’s like, you know, my babysitter, uh, who we use got laid off. She’s not paying, getting paid twice as much by the government. Right. And that’s kind of, that’s getting cut off now, but it’s like, yeah, people are spending not within their means things based on more income coming in. Right. And so we’re probably just going to see it more as, as that, uh, that additional money stops because you know, I think the aspect of people on the, on the lower scale of paid, there’s less access to jobs now as well with these restaurants. Right?

Not that I had a handyman to the house and he’s like, whatever you want, it’s going to cause double. Cause I can’t get guys off their couch while they’re getting paid. I was like, come on,

It’s created this dynamic in the work workforce. That’s really tough. And I think that challenge is that they need to come back to work because this money, the same money is not going to be there. Yeah. Uh, but yeah, it’s, it’s a weird dynamic right now in the workplace

Articles said as of July 10th, it was 26,000 restaurants are closed. Yeah.

Well people, so I still eat out, but I, I get delivery. Right. Uh, and so I, I kind of recommend like you give them a $20 tip. Right.

I don’t understand. There’s like a lot of restaurants when this first happened. They like switched to carry out. But now that they can do dine again, again, they stopped doing their carry out, like keep doing the Curio because not everybody’s going to be get comfortable dining. Yeah.

Margins, margins. It’s all about money.

Putting those boxes together. That was the best thing. People, those places did was like a, like a family of four 40 bucks, you know? Um, yeah. Their own version of blue apron and HelloFresh. Yeah.

Have you, have you heard of the cloud kitchens and what they’re doing there?

Yeah. Yep. We’ve talked about it a few times on the show.

It’s it’s a, it’s pretty cool. I mean, from, I gotta change it completely changes the restaurant.

Yeah. The ghost kitchen is what you usually hear them as. Yeah. Yeah. I got Chili’s wings like three weeks ago. He talked to it cause it’s called it’s wings

And I’m like, then it just ended up coming from Chili’s after I Googled it. And I’m like, God bless it. Well, no, but I mean, I mean, to your point though, Pat, I mean, Patrick, that’s a, that’s a real thing. I mean, you know, as these, you know, as these restaurant closures become permanent, there aren’t those jobs for people to go back to, you know, that are looking to come back off unemployment and that kind of stuff. And it’s, it’s gonna get weird. I mean, it’s, you know, I, you know, you couple that with when, like I said, you know, I, I fully expect the bottom is gonna fall out of the commercial real estate market, you know, within the next six months, as you know, you’re seeing more and more companies that are realizing they don’t need an office building, they don’t need office space. Can you still say hashtag learn to code or is that yeah. Yeah. It depends on who you depends on who you say it to Bob. That’s the, apparently if I recall correctly,

Crazy, crazy moment of the week and you know, it’s getting crazy when you’re on a zoom call with a prospective customer and they pull out an MP five fully loaded, I was like, Whoa. And I’m on a zoom call. Right? Like when did that become acceptable or normal? Uh, yeah. That’s, I mean, that’s a sign of, of, uh, I think people have a little bit too much time in their house.

I had a Glock on my desk for a while, I guess.

Yeah. I’m not judging. I’m just saying like, Oh, he got me. Yeah.

I wasn’t quite expecting that on the call. Thank you. Yeah. There’s a, there’s a guy that were, um, worked with me at the last job or like every time he came back on Monday, he showed videos of whatever he had assassinated over the weekend, the milk jugs and the tool sheds in the whatever arsenal he had. And I’m like, man, when this shit goes down, I’m coming over your house, bro. Like, we’re good. Right. We’re good.

It’s my bedtime. I’m going to go. Hey, it’s been great. Yeah.

Thanks for hanging out, man. Awesome. Thanks Patrick. We appreciate it. We’ll put all your details on the, on the post show and then, uh, thanks for all the insight. We appreciate you anytime take care and have a good rest of the week, man. So Dave, what’s your thoughts on, uh, some States are talking about stopping boost sales at 10 o’clock because you know, 10 o’clock no, COVID 10 Oh one. COVID get it. Well, so I, I understand some of the rationale behind it where it’s kinda like, you know, okay. He had beer COVID beer with side of fries, not COVID, um, you know, people are less likely to be ordering food, you know, after, after 10:00 PM, unless it’s the, you know, one, 2:00 AM Lafayette trip after you’ve already been a King. Um, did you hear like what Como said? He’s like, uh, you know, a six piece wings not going to cut it, like, wait a minute.

Cause you saw what a lot of people like do it. A lot of people started adding, they were literally calling them like Como chips and Coldwell fries and Como this, um, and it was like, it was like, you could buy like two wings for a dollar, um, or, you know, like, you know, like some of like there were like 13 French fries for a dollar just dumb shit. Um, you know, and it’s, it’s about as much sense as everything else. Yeah, exactly. But I mean, it’s, you know, and I do I get it because I mean the whole point, the thing they’re trying to get to and, and, and I’ve seen it, um, you know, dude, you know, like, you know, you get enough drinks in you without food and you know, you get a little less careful, you get a little bit less cautious and suddenly you’re throwing your arms around people and saying, Hey and hugging and all that kind of stuff. Um, and, and that’s where your danger points are. Um, you know,

But showing on Fox sports, they were showing like Nemos and tin roof and all that. And like, you know, basically there were ghost towns

I was going to yeah know whether people actually there,

There was like, Nemos there wasn’t, they didn’t show the patio they showed inside. I think they showed four patrons. There was like two people at the one bar stools and then like six feet and then two people at those barstools and that was it like take rooms, got the whole beer garden thing. So like there was people there, but not a lot, maybe, maybe a dozen.

Well, I mean like, you know, like DSE, I mean, so they’ve been, you know, they’re closed on Mondays, Tuesdays now. Um, and they didn’t even, you know, they did, it’s not like they changed gears and opened up for today. Cause you know, why, why, why bother it? Wouldn’t have been worth it.

Yeah. The stupid texts I get in my life, I swear to God, the Kentucky fried chicken Crocs are coming out on seven to 28. Oh my God. And the July. I remember that conversation. It’s crux that looked like fried chicken. And I’ll be the idiot that has the biome.

That there’s no, no doubt in my mind. Uh,

What do you think about Slack going after Microsoft teams? I think it’s funny. Like what has Slack added since teams came out? Nothing. They changed the layout a little bit. Well, they’re whining, they’re whining about Lego teams is eating our lunch and it’s like, everybody’s moving to teams and teams is adding functionality by the day. Is there they’re listening to their customers. So here’s the, here’s the, here’s the, here’s the, the paradigm that’s going on in the world. If you’re a, if you’re a G suite in a Slack shop, somehow you’re your techie and your cool. And if your team’s in a three 65 shop you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re old and curmudgeon. Um, you know, I don’t really get the whole corporate G suites. Just not there yet. It’s just garbage. Yeah. It’s not even like, you know, when I get like G suite invitations for like meetings and like it’s trash, it does zero.

You think Jesus would be like, okay, cool. We’re going to out, we’re going to do outlook integration better than anyone. Right. And we’re going to make a cleaner interface and it’s not it’s trash and Slack. Hasn’t done shit. Right. You’re right. So like, you know, teams is such a great tool at this point is a little screwed up right now. Like you can’t deploy voice perfectly, but once they, once they nail that odds, it’s going to be, yeah, it’s going to be money and the whole antitrust. And like, I don’t understand it. Cause this functionality already exists in the officer’s 60 environment. They’re just

Consolidating Skype and SharePoint basically into a new app called teams. Yeah. And they’re killing Skype. Yeah.

They’re putting in bringing in the functionality that God, one of the big things that teams couldn’t do was you couldn’t segment and firewall within the app. So like if you had situations like we’re mortgage brokers, can’t talk to underwriters. Right. Cause it’s an ethics codes violations. Um, you couldn’t do that in teams. So that’s why we couldn’t even roll it out once they, once they started that and were like, you know, let’s go. Yeah. But yeah, Slack, you know? Yeah. Slacks that cute tool that like you download on your phone once and then you have a rep calling you for a year

And the yeah. Oh, and that’s exactly what happened. Um, so did you catch the, uh, the Amazon story about the uh, yeah. So Amazon basically put out that, you know, they were going to be, you know, uh, you know, venture capital. They were going to like back a whole lot of startups. Uh, but now there are a whole bunch of lawsuits being filed, uh, because essentially what happened is a lot of these companies came in and did their pitch and Amazon just went ahead and took those ideas and built their own products.

Did they see, here’s what, the first thing I thought is usually you have to sign something. There’s some sort of a waiver, did they? But they, you know, obviously you’re not signing over your intellectual property that they send, like you’re, you’re not protected and you know, and then they changed one, one word or one letter right in the code and they’ll go, no, that’s not yours. We made it. Dun, dun dun dun.

Yeah. Yeah. Technically, no, Mike goes done, done, done, done, done

That. Isn’t that shit. It’s like, you got not saying you got enough money, Amazon, but for love of

You’ve got enough money. Yes. Yeah. Bezos, let, let, let other people have some it’s it’s okay. You don’t need it all.

Make them, give them the money, let them do the work, make them, make them use AWS and then,

And then buy them and, and let it become an Amazon product. Yeah. Yeah. Don’t, don’t be a jerk about it. Uh, alright. I think, uh, I think that pulls us through everything.


The at and T shadiness. Oh yeah. Yeah. So super scummy in the middle of the pandemic at and T sends out an email, telling customers their phones are stopped, gonna stop working and they should buy a new one down. What can we do? The reason their phones are stopped working, isn’t going to happen until 20, 22. They forgot to put the date in the email of of course they did. Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, there’s cell services trash in Michigan. Anyway. It’s only good if you’re in Texas, otherwise don’t even, I don’t know what of people have it up here.

Yeah. Alright. Alright. Well I think that’s about it, but I want to take us out.

Yeah. Yeah. Hey, we’re going to wrap things up with this episode three 58 of the it and the D show would definitely be the thing Pat Garrity from blue Mira for, uh, for, uh, having actually it’s pretty quick. That was a good chat. Yeah, absolutely love to have him back in the future. Um, on behalf of Bob, Dave, and Randy, do us all a favor, drink up your drinks, get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. You just got to get the hell outta here. See you next week. Be safe.

So you guys peace.