Episode 357 – Furbies, Ghostbusters vs Stranger Things, Treasure Hunting, and of course Masks

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Yeah. And so, uh, I mean, yet again, this is where we usually talk about events and we ain’t doing them right now. Uh, so we are hopeful that we’ll be, uh, doing those again in August. Uh, we’re going to see how all this shakes out, you know what I mean? You guys know as well as we do. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. Um, you know, our, our bars and restaurants going to stay open, our school’s going to open, who knows? We’re going to see what happens.



Is anything going to open? Yeah, no kidding. No, I mean, right now, tentative, I think we’re either going to do Nancy whiskeys on the patio. Um, and I wouldn’t be opposed to DSC and other, they have that back door or the back alley, a beach party thing going on. That wouldn’t be a bad

Either. So yeah. And I mean, it’s, it’s decent. I mean, even the indoor courtyard, um, is, is really wide open. I mean, there’s, you know, I mean, that’s that whole space to, um, I mean, that’s, you know, the issue with, you know, booking something outdoors is your weather dependent, you know, I mean, you know, DSE wound up closing all their restaurants and stuff on Sunday because of all the rain did they really well, it’s a thing. If you have no indoor seating, what are you going to do,

Dave? You know how bored we all are?

How bored are we?

We are so bored that Netflix has put on supermarket sweep from the eighties that I’m watching.

Aye. Okay. It’s it’s bad enough that it’s on. It’s worse that you’re watching. Do you remember? Oh yes, no, I do. Are you, are you about to say, do you remember the time? Nope.

No. So I was going September. Actually. You were going to Michael Jackson, but that’s okay. Here’s how bad this show is. Like the guy that’s really the guy, the host is dead inside. Like you’re watching all, you can tell he’s reading cue cards. And he had such

High hopes of being gene, Rayburn of being, you know, the guy from Joker’s wild of being Pat say Jack, but no, he’s the supermarket sweeps guy. That’s that’s the gig. He landed.

If you can hear it in his inflection, how daddy is.

Oh yeah. Oh, he’s, he’s not, he’s not, well, someone should check on him and see if he’s doing okay.

Who’s dressing these people. These people were wearing different colored sweatshirts, like a purple and a pink and orange. One with white polos underneath with the collar flipped out. Like, I mean, like which of these three items,

Bob? Bob, it was, it was the eighties. People wore that. I didn’t say you did. I didn’t, but people who were that, it was a thing.

No, Mark did the best line. And he goes out and white is all the women on the show look like Marcy Darcy.

Oh, they absolutely do. They. Yeah, no, I’ve, I’ve clicked through a couple episodes. It’s they? They absolutely do

Part of like, you have to load up your shopping cart and get the most expensive crap. So like everyone, all they have is these cards full of hams and diapers.

They run to the meat aisle and load up on all of the, like the roasts and the ribs and the, and the hams and the Turkey. They just it’s. It’s ridiculous. It’s yeah. If you’ve never seen it and you want to see the kind of shit that we were stuck with in the eighties could go check out supermarket sweeps and, and, and then, and then feel bad for us. And they’re getting

I’m like, why don’t they go after the scallops instead of the hams, then they’re in the diaper. I’m like, why don’t they go after the Similac and not the diapers they got in the shopping cart, they got to fail. You know what I mean? Anyway, I can’t believe that that’s on Netflix.

Who knows? I would love to know what they paid for the rights to it. Like, I don’t know what six bucks, six bucks I, who, who even knows, uh, what, uh, God, there was something else that was on here. Oh, I, uh, and speaking of eighties and, and I’m, I’m kinda mad about this, um, uh, Fletch, reboot, dude, uh, Fletch, reboot, starring, starring captain madman. Yeah. John ham. Not, uh, not, not, not, not feeling this, not, not feeling this at all.

Can’t they just make a movie,

John ham. That’s kind of like, but isn’t like a spirit, a reboot.

Here’s the thing. Or if it’s his nephew, like, remember like my Ghostbusters with the women. Yeah. I would have loved it if it would have just been like, Hey,

The kids or the, yeah, yeah.

The nephew did this thing and then we’re going to do it too. Like if it’s just a rip off

With the newest one, which is it’s the grandkid and his friends, I think it’s, Egan’s grandkid. Oh, the ghost busters. Yeah.

After everyone screams at them,

I don’t know why we didn’t do that. We were stupid dirt, Peter.

Yeah. PR was a long time dream of mine to produce this film with John, give me a break. Like honest to God.

It couldn’t have been one. And reading that whole story about how they had a Kevin Smith attached to it. And he really wanted Jason Lee in the role, which honestly I could see like that, that makes more sense. That makes a shit ton more sense to me than John ham. Uh, you know, and then a good old Harvey Weinstein, uh, put the kibosh on that, uh, and demanded that Ben Affleck take the role. Uh, and which again, I, I can’t see Ben Affleck, like I said, you can’t have like a stereotypical, but I mean, Affleck’s always been kind of a pretty boy. You can’t have a pretty boy in that role. That’s not what that is, but yeah. To Chevy chase Chevy chase is not a pretty boy. Ain’t nobody on this planet. Call it Chevy. Chase are pretty. Yeah. Good looking for a dad. Yeah. I mean, yeah.

He’s you need like kind of the dad. Yeah. I just, whatever I was was not a fan. I’m not going to be a fan. I’m not going to go see it. You know, I wish we would take the Chevy chase kind of like roll, cut. Who’s the guy that plays Barry, um, named just farted on me. I can’t think Barry. And what HBO? The show Barry he’s. He was on SNL. He always does bill. Like I always wished he would get more bigger roles cause I always liked him. Um, but do you want to feel, you want to feel really old by the way? No, I really don’t. Can we stop it? Cause I keep like, all these memes are popping up where Oh yeah. The breakfast club was 37 years ago today. Oh this and that was it. It was 40 years ago today.

And to me, mine was 39 years ago today. But go ahead. I know where you’re going and screw you, Jake Ryan, J Ryan, he’s turning 60, not 16, six, zero 60. I feel like they should do one of those. Like, you know, those reunions that are going around, like on all the online reunion and they should do 60 candles and they should, and it should be him and like Molly Ringwald and get them all back together. Uh, you know, Getty, Watson hobby, you know, what’s he doing these days anyway, get him, uh, and, and, and just had to have a little reunion, you know, Anthony might, you know, Anthony Michael Hall will be down to do it. Um, yeah. Yeah. I think 60 candles should happen. And if anybody does that I’m I want it’s mine. I’m just saying that I called it takes her on a date to sign a beef. Carver. They go play bingo. They go to like red naps at three o’clock in the afternoon, or, you know, whatever, like a Denny’s, you know, whatever, you know, he still got the Porsche nine 44, you know, Anthony, Michael Hall walks out with the underwear that are this wide or, you know, or it’s a pair of depends, you know, whatever. I’m just saying, you can do Aliyah. You don’t. Why don’t you write it? You’re bored. I got nothing going on. Yeah, no kidding. You Dawn’s.

Um, so I didn’t realize I downloaded tick tock just because it was a thing and I put it on my phone and I, um, I got rid of it and it’s so addicting. It, I didn’t, I thought it was stupid. Like just like the stupid date. Did you need to do dances? And I’m like, half of them were J-Lo in a rod doing stupid stuff and I was like, whatever I’m done. Um,

But man, this company that, you know, like they’re seriously under huge scrutiny, did we? Uh,

Well, so in the last and I actually had this on there, one of the reasons why I wanted to make sure we through it, we got to this one is because the last week we had said that Amazon banded their employees and forced them to remove it from their phones. Um, they backed up

Yeah. Five hours later. Yeah. Um, well, no, because everyone probably a mute need. Cause here’s the thing. People don’t care. Like they really don’t know. I don’t understand people who use work devices for personal things. I just don’t see why that would ever be.

I don’t even know that it was necessarily on their work devices. I mean, I think they were telling them they had to have it off their own personal devices. And like basically they didn’t want video taking place in their, in their locations, which on some level I can understand. I mean, back in the day the state department had to ban Furbies, you know, because while they hear things and they remember things and they repeat things and you don’t really want things happening at the state department to get repeated, uh, you know, so you’ve got, you know, a corporate espionage standpoint to it. I can kind of understand it, you know? Oh no, I’m not videotaping this. I’m just making a stupid tick-tock

Randy. I own teams for a 6,000 person company be shocked. How many people were like, no, I don’t like my marketing photo. That’s in my active directory. And in my email, I’m going to make it a dog or I’m going to make it my Instagram sexy spec, photo, Olan, mills, looking at me, you know what I mean? And then you tell them, don’t do that and they do it again. Then they, you know, it just, I think it’s just nature. Like you want to make your work PC yours. You know what I mean? Otherwise it’s just kind of like a, you know, but then that’s why you have your own PC, then you don’t need to do all that crap on it. Work on anyway. Exactly.

Honestly, one of the coolest stories that came out, not too long after we did our last episode was there’s a jeweler in Michigan that has decided with the whole COVID thing that he’s not going to reopen his store. He’s not going to go through all this nonsense. And so does he clear all of his crap out all the jewelry and then rare coins and all that stuff out through a wholesale or like lot deal? No, he’s gone out with his wife and buried a million dollars, roughly a worth of basically packages. And this is, you know, the one, the first one that’s coming up as $4,000 in value. Um, so he’s buried all these packages with GPS, locators, um, all around the state of Michigan, you know, Metro Detroit, all the way up to the UPP, all that kind of stuff. Um, and he’s running a contest and it’s, uh, Johnny’s treasure quest.com, uh, and he’s selling tickets. And so like, and it’s, you know, kind of in G like, can you do the math and, and he’s gonna make more money than the million dollars worth of stuff just by selling all the tickets for this thing, more power to them. And it kind of gives people,

Yeah. Dave, I know you’ve never done it. Randy, have you ever geo cashed? I

Feel like I went out a few times with a friend who was into it, but not really my thing.

I was always surprised that it didn’t catch on more, cause it always looked intriguing. Yeah.

It looked interesting, but the payoff wasn’t enough. Like, Oh, I went 10 miles, you know, through thick forest to find a half to GI Joe action figure. And I want to find a us to find a USB drive that I’m never plugging into my computer ever.

You need it. So the tickets are 20 bucks, a piece 40, 40 bucks. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m reading. Um, yeah, the price is $4,000 and then, okay.

Yeah. So mean like just a simple, basic math. I mean, you figure, I mean, even if he stuck with $4,000 prizes out of a million dollars, that’s 250 prizes. He sells, you know, 40 tickets, Pete, you know, 40 bucks a piece. I mean he sells 50 tickets to each one of these things and he’s clearing over one and a quarter million at one and a half million dollars.

Crap is if it doesn’t create exactly,

He, you know, he says right. A pregnant, you know, I’ve got GPS tags and everything. So I know if any of them get moved. Um, you know, so I mean, it’s, I, I think it’s a brilliant way. I mean, it’s unfortunate he’s going out of business cause he’s getting a shit ton of marketing and play out of it. So why not?

If you have Daisy, I mean, here’s the thing he does this, he still goes out of business.

He said they want it. They want it, you know, cause they’re closing the store or they’re getting rid of the space and they want to just basically just go drive around the country.

Yeah. It’s actually not a bad life,

128 prizes for the Oakland County event on, uh, August 15th and that’s already sold out. So he’s got a Mackinac County one now for $65 a ticket. Yeah. So I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s going to be not, it’s good for him. Although I will say this the geniuses of the week and I love, love, love this story because we all did dumb shit when we were kids trying to get our hands on booze. Uh, the kids that are out there that are geniuses taking advantage of the mask regulations, um, and basically throwing a little gray paint in their hair or putting out a full fledged mask, uh, over their faces to make them look older and then slapping a mask over that. Um, and walking into liquor stores and not getting carted. Cause you see a little old grandma walk in who was going to ask her for an ID. Um, yeah. Genius.

Yeah. The problem is 80 year old. Grandma’s not buying hypnotic and vodka. She might be, you don’t know,

You don’t know what Graham is into. Don’t shout it

If it’s cheap whiskey or they’re going to, they’re going to think. So

Seagram seven and a bottle of seven up. Yeah.

So, you know, back in the day you used to, there was just always that one, like McComb meet. So it was always at one place where you can get a 24 pack of bud light and a two liter of sun country for 20 bucks. It was whatever you could get, whatever you could carry out with 20 bucks. I don’t think those places don’t exist anymore. You know? So yeah. Good, good for them for being uh, uh, you know,

Being creative. We’ll give it that. Yes. They’re being creative. My kid ever told me like, yeah, I dressed up like

OMA to go to buy booze. I’d be like, you know what? I’m not even mad about it. Good thing. She’s not home.

I was going to say, yeah, she’s just going to listen to tonight’s episode and figure it out. That’ll be genius. Uh, where do you want to go now?

Uh, anybody interested in a zoom appliance? No,

Especially in that for $600.

Yeah. Uh, zoom has released this $600 device. It’s got a big screen and three cameras and a microphone. And all it does is connect to zoom. If you’re doing a zoom meeting, don’t you already have a computer or a phone to do it from wouldn’t you rather just have like a $250 Chromebook,

You can connect to zoom through and be done with it. Well, and you know, and I feel like, you know, they’re trying to compete with, and, and, and I don’t, I mean, and this really doesn’t, you know, like the, the Facebook appliances or the FaceTime appliances, you know, they’re, I mean, everybody has a little appliance out there, but they’re all like a hundred bucks max that, you know, to help grandma and grandpa stay in touch with the family and that kind of stuff.

Yeah. The Google home I bought for my dad, it was like one night. I mean, I just, I don’t get it. I guess maybe like enterprise, you got a CEO who doesn’t know how to check his email and you just send them a thing to plug in and he’s good to go. You know what I bet at all, you know what I bet it is. It’s refurbished, Cisco DX, eighties that they sent the entire company whenever used alas on it entirely possible. Cisco. Yeah. You know, they re cause those things were like three grand at the time. So they’re probably trying to recoup some costs. Um, speaking to that, by the way, um, it wasn’t a news article, but I found out through, uh, some friends of mine that Cisco who’s what, 60, 70,000 employees worldwide killing their offices. None, zero everyone. Like literally don’t blame them. They’re bringing, they’re putting up like four hubs, like Chicago, New York, um, Silicon Valley and like Dallas or

Atlanta. So then everybody else is just virtual

And that’s it. Well, we all worked from home anyway. Yeah. Um, when we were there and the, the, the office was a ghost town, there was nobody ever in there.

Well, and I mean, and that’s the thing. I mean, I think, you know, realistically, you’re gonna see that more and more if, you know, you’ve, you’ve got all these stories coming out about, you know, people letting their employees continue to work from home and it’s going to be our policy from now that that’s the way it’s going to be at least through the end of the year, probably in the next year. Um, or, you know, we’re just saying now it’s going to be forever. That kind of stuff. I mean, and that’s the thing, you know, you, I think we have give it probably not as soon as three months, but like six months, you’re going to start seeing a huge fallout in the commercial real estate market. Um, because you’re going to have a lot of space open up as, I mean, I know two different people that own coworking spaces that have had to completely shift gears, um, on their businesses because nobody’s coworking, nobody’s looking for office space. Nobody’s looking for that stuff right now. Do what I say

Space today. Dave, I didn’t look at the space at a online 800 square feet in a coworking space or shared kitchen shared conference room shared, you know,

Basically our small studio in Royal Oak. Yeah.

A $3,800 a month.

Good luck with that.

Ooh. You know, you could rent a house for cheaper than that. You can buy half a million dollar house for cheaper than that.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s crazy.

So the one thing that blew my mind last week and I still don’t, I can’t figure it out and someone needs to figure it out. You guys are smarter than me. I’m like, I thought of something and that’s what that smell is. Yeah. I know. And an ad popped on Facebook and I never looked at it before, Googled it or search for it or anything.

That’s just pure coincidence, Bob. That’s good.

I’ve never seen this thing before. So I’m going to, I’m going to tell this story. I met my buddies, his new office, and he’s talking about there being a reception area in the front and I’m like, I didn’t say a word. I didn’t. All I was thinking about was, well, instead of hiring a receptionist, I wonder if someone may has like a, um, like an iPad that you can do a check in and they would ring your phone. Like, you know what I mean? Kind of more intuitive than Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. And then sure as shit, the first ad that pops up on Facebook when I get in the car, it’s the receptionist and it’s a visitor, check-in thinking about a visitor check-in system reorganization.

Well, I mean, so you did have someone in the room that’s that said something about a reception area and a receptionist and that kind of stuff. So, I mean, it’s, it’s not like it was, I mean like that, that context alone would drive that ad.

It’s gone that far where it’s somebody, that’s 20 feet away from me, says the word receptionist and that ad pop

Listening. Oh great. Now I’m going to get good luck with those ads. Yeah. You get preparation age ads for the next 12 years. Um, and

Speaking of who’s not helping. Did you see, did you listen to the burger King ad?

I watched it. You shot at it. I watched it. I, uh, I’m. I’m sure Randy can shoot the link out. It’s basically a, uh, a dude in a cowboy suit. Um, it’s a kid it’s like a nine year old singing a song about cows, farting it’s and, and how burger King is helping by, by trying to reduce those, those emissions it’s. Yeah. Like I, I desperately, I desperately want it. It’s a catchy little song. I’m not gonna lie. Um, but I’m dying to know how much money they paid to make that happen.

The first three words are when cows fart and burp and splat or

Yeah. That’s something that really matters. Yeah. It’s

So now he answered me this, as you’re taking a bite of your beef burger, are you just thinking like, is it really well, are you Ralph wiggling right now? Going, getting rid of

It’s it’s not ever at the, at the top of my mind and, and, and the other people that are not helping our people stop calling the police department about people not wearing masks, just stop.

We’re all HOA presidents. Now.

It’s not your, the cops don’t care if you call. It’s not that kind of situation. If the business calls, because the person refuses to wear a mask and then refuses to leave their building, they care. Um, but yeah, but you random person calling the police department about somebody wearing a mask, all you’re doing is bogging down their phone lines, stop it,

Come on, Dave. I want to be an HOA president for

Well, and then let, and then let’s not forget the, the, the well, and it, and it’s hard to call her the queen of the Karens, cause there’s a new queen, Karen, every freaking week. Um, but the, uh, the lady in San Diego that, uh, took a photo of the barista at Starbucks and said, Oh, you know, this idiot won’t serve me. Cause I’m not wearing my mask and gave the kid a really hard time. And then a GoFund me got set up and the kid wound up getting like a hundred thousand dollars to, you know, donated to him. Uh, yeah. She’s, she’s filing a lawsuit that she wants half of that. Good luck with that.

Karen, your name is have money for me causing

Yeah, I, yeah,

Let me, can you help me out here again? I’m not sure. Smartest guy in the room, you know, that’s obvious. Um, if I see someone that’s not wearing a mask,

Um, my first instinct is just to avoid them, to avoid them.

Yeah. And like, I don’t understand, like I know everyone’s losing their minds and shit right now, but like, again, I think we talked about it last week, like when you’re in the restaurant and you’re like, thankful that someone’s waiting on you like or giving you your anything. I’m so appreciative of any, anyone that’s giving me my anything right now. Like I can’t imagine following them.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but it’s because you’re a decent human being, Bob.

Like our people is our people, this starved for getting clicks. Cause they want, is it become this? Like they see one go viral. So they’re like, I want to get one. I’ve gotten that bad.

I think some of it is that. And I honestly, I just think some of it is the I’m helping mentality. Um, and, and then I would think some of it is, you know, people just wanting to be the white Knight, be the savior that’s, you know, saving the establishment and everyone around them by being the one to speak up.

Well, the problem is you got 16 year old kids. Like my someone came in to where my daughter works, where she’s waitressing and like, didn’t have a mask. And she did, you know,

We went over to the manager and said, Hey, so, you know,

And then the managers you can’t expect, like the problem is I hear a lot of these stories are like, the kids are like,

Yeah, I’m not confronting a 40 year old dude. Who’s not wearing a mask. Like that’s, that’s not in their job description.

Well, people, I mean, like, I’m kind of like, um, literally this, she brings out pancakes was a woman, forget her, forgot her butter. And instead of just going and be like, Oh, that’s okay, sweetie. Like, you know, bring it back. She like calls her retarded and like, like literally like, Oh, she went like until like a third day on the floor. So like she went and told her boss and they’re like banned for life. Like a better lady that comes in here. But I’m like, what would possess you to tell a 16 year old girl that just got her braces removed? I mean, you know what I mean? It’s like, are people losing their mind and she’s waiting on you and least should be thankful you can eat in a restaurant. You know,

Dude, I don’t, I have no clue about understanding people at all right now ever. Yeah,

No, I thought I knew people and then this forget it. Um, by the way, I know we talked about this a long time ago and we talked about it a couple of times, but, um, Apple and no one cares cause your guys you’re still gonna buy your iPhone. Right.

I was like, I’m not

They’re they just they’re finally paying up the $500 million settlement after admitting they throttled there

On batteries, which, uh, let, let, let’s be clear of which you could be eligible for an entire whole $25. Woo.

Um, so basically it’s an iPhone six, six plus

Um, yeah. Within specific dates. Yeah. Yeah. It ran iOS

Ten.two.one. Um, or later before December 20 verse 17. So like who remembers that shit? What phone you had in 17? Yeah.

Yeah. This was from a while ago and you know, they did, it was in the release notes for like the minor point update, but they didn’t really publicize it. And it was designed to keep your phone from crashing because when your batteries diminished, they would rather keep your phone going than draw enough power to, uh, you know, overloaded and cause your phone to crash. So they had a reason to it, but they didn’t really communicate it well to people. And the best part is the URL to submit your claim is smartphone performance, settlement.com. Good luck typing that out with any mistakes. Oh, Hey. Before I forget, I meant to mention this when we were talking about events, um, our buddies, Jamie and Matt that do the man-cave happy hour and our Northville studios and stuff, um, are doing an online event tomorrow, uh, with man-cave happy hour. Uh, they’ve got, uh, like a liquor rep and a few other people in, so you hit the podcast Detroit page. It’s one of the events there. You can check it out, go have fun. Yay. They’re good guys. Exactly.

What did you think about the uh, the Bitcoin hackers in what accounts?

So I honestly, I, so reading the secondary story that Randy shot across, I mean, it, it, it, they weren’t so much hacked as, as they got a Twitter employee basically to do everything for them. Um, and so, you know, kind of like we talked about, you know, the Snapchat Pat, excuse me, the Snapchat hack, the Instagram hack and all that stuff. They’re not really hacks as much as it is an employee with access to insight, you know, inside use only tools that kind of opens things up and, and gives access to P you know, people access to things. They shouldn’t have access

The definition of hacking though, social engineering. I mean, it’s part of,

There’s a difference between social engineering and like paying somebody to do something for you. That’s I mean that that’s not hacking that’s that’s, I mean,

Even more recent now, I believe they had several insight employees instead of,

Yeah. And so, but I mean, like I said, I mean, genius move. I mean, basically what they did is they took over what was it, a couple dozen accounts of like very high profile, like Obama Biden, um, you know, yeah. And a bunch of like really high profile accounts. And all they did was they sent out a tweet that said, Hey, you know, for every 2000, you know, for every thousand dollars donated to this account, um, we’ll go ahead and give away $2,000. And so from what I th they netted $114,000 before this got shut down. So in a process

Only like 130 total accounts are compromised. Not all of them manage to tweet out that stuff, but yeah. Well, compared to all the stupid re posts that we see about bill Gates, we’ll give you 30 bucks. If you’re right. I’m surprised it wasn’t more money. You know what I mean?

Hey, it was a thing.


Oh. So you shot this across. It didn’t really, you didn’t have any more info about it. Um, what is this thing about Panera and a $9 a month coffee service?

Oh yeah. I just, I saw it on a billboard and I’m like, wow, I’m in the middle of making fun of everything. That’s got asked at the end of it as a service everything’s jeans, as a service, whatever butthole as a service

Glitter as a service, we talked about back in the day

I was trying. Yeah. So like on the billboard this morning is coffee. Panera’s introducing coffee as a service. It’s basically it’s nine bucks, eight 99 a month subscription. And it’s unlimited coffee. Okay. Coffee. Sure. I mean, no, I started doing the math. Like if you got to go twice a week and get their shitty coffee, cause their coffee sucks anyway. Um, so if you go twice a week, a cup of coffee is like a buck 10. So if you don’t go twice a week. So I think they’re hoping it’s like a gym membership.

Yeah. Sign up for it. Then never go. Yeah.

We go five days a week. It’s the best deal in town.

Yeah. But then you’re drinking Panera coffee five days a week. So I mean, it’s a thing. And so coffee, it’s not even tea watch out for any meeting invites or things. Hey, let’s meet at Panera now. You know why? Yeah. That’s why they’re trying to get you there. Cause they, they fell for this. Why? Because they’re the people signed up for the $9 a month. Coffee service. They get their coffee free. Yeah.

It’s the old, it’s the old Mark game. It’s the, uh, Hey, I got buy one, get one free coupon. You buy it. I get it free. That’s not how this is supposed to work. Um, I know we talked last week about the whole like swatting might be a thing and I know this isn’t really considered swatting, but like the fake calls have begun and this one, uh, this one, this kid’s going to be in deep shit.

Oh yeah. So, and we did it. We talked about, you know, the, you know, restaurant, it was a couple of weeks ago now I think, you know, restaurants getting phone calls that say, Hey, I was in there. Um, and I’ve popped positive knowing that it’s, you know, they, they essentially have to shut down.

Yeah. So this isn’t Luddington, it’s up North and basically a bus boy just simply wanted a day off. Yep. So

On their second busiest weekend of the year, traditionally. Yeah.

Yeah. A place called timber seafood and steakhouse looks like a nice little place. Um, so basically they shut it down. Do they had a wedding rehearsal? Yeah.

Cancel a wedding dinner. They had to. Yeah.

Yeah. And it’s like, it’s peak time for them. Yeah. Second busiest weekend. Um, then he confess to it. Um, but it’s now a police matter. That was the end of the story. You’re like, yeah, you’re in, you said deep dude.

Yeah. That’s that’s not going to go well for him at all. Um, and, and I mean, for what it’s worth, I mean, I, I mean who’s who is buying a $60 ticket to Orlando at this point, really? Like who,

So I just for shits and giggles, I was like, I wonder what plane tickets are. Right. Cause I was, I just looked at Vegas and Orlando and I’m like, sweet, you know, cause Bo’s got a couple of days off at the end of August or whatever. So we’re like, you know, we haven’t taken the kids anywhere. We probably aren’t going to do some looking at cabins up North or whatever at this point. And I’m like, would you believe how much a round trip flight is? And I’m like, it’s 58 bucks to Orlando. She has so many people traveling right now. I’m like, what are you doing stop that?

Why would you get in a giant metal tube full of recycled air with strangers right now, especially since they’ve all announced, they’re not doing their social distancing thing anymore. And so they’re packing people in as much as they can probably stop the middle seat thing. Yeah. And Oh, and so the other thing is, did you, did you see what people did with the Disney opening video that they’ve now pulled? Um, they pulled, they pulled that welcome back to Disney video. I’ll shoot you the links. Um, someone said it to, uh, the creepy ass music from the shining. Um, and it was amazing. Uh, somebody else said it too. Uh, don’t fear the Reaper. It was even more amazing. And, and Disney has since taken the video.

Am I the only one that’s mad that Rocky Dennis hasn’t made a strong comeback

For mask. Nice. That’s nice. Nice. The nineties cartoon mask eighties. Wasn’t

It was it got a dot horrible theme song. Yeah. Atrocious. Yeah. No. So yeah, so Disney has now pulled their official video, but the, uh, the, the spoofs and addition and the, the people laying music into it is just absolutely amazing. Um, one of the good stories this week is, uh, you know, Google, sometimes they do great things. Sometimes they do bad things, but this is, I consider this a great thing. Um, basically they announced a 100,000 scholarships for online certificates in data analytics, project management and UX. Apparently there’s a, I don’t know why they pick those three, if there’s a big gap in those big, probably a big demand for them, but it’s a, you know, it’s a, it’s created, they’re created and taught by Google employees, uh, that could be completed in three to six months and they’re offered through Coursera. Um, and basically Google says it will consider all of its certificates as equivalent of a four year college degree for related roles at the company.

Like that’s, you know, granted, I went through the whole, uh, trying to get hired at Google. Yeah. The five month process. Yeah, I was three, but yeah, it felt like 30. Um, but you know, to do a hundred, to get a hundred thousand scholarships and just to kind of be in the, in the mix for committing three months, what you gotta do right now, let’s, you know, we were talking about that, like, um, you know, Hey, what the hell are you doing right now? Like what what’d you do during the downtime? Yeah. Took a Coursera course learning data analytics. Yep. Cool. Front of the line. You know what I mean? So the other, uh, the other part of that Disney story, and I thought this was interesting is so they’ve had to basically close a loophole while they’re open. Cause they said, you know, you have to wear a mask unless you’re eating or drinking. So people were buying a pretzel or buying a drink and then just walking around the park without a mascot.

Is there a word for this? What I’m doing right now? That’s why, why are you selling this stuff? If you can’t like, take two steps and that’s bad. Like I like, I like, how did you put a meme up? Like a cup of beer, bad cup of beer was pretzel suicide. Right here. You have beer, you’ll get COVID beer with a side of fries. You’re you’re fine. You’re absolutely safely. Yeah. Good. Take two steps dad. Well, I mean the whole point is, is they don’t want people walking around the park without a mask on. I mean, I get it, you know, but then yeah, the worst, the saddest thing about this is this is the sell the, you know, that one picture in front of wall with this, with the castle in the background with the mascot, there’s nothing like, there’s nothing worse than that.

Like when I go back and look at my family photos in 10 years, like if I ever saw that, I kinda like, why did, why did we go then? Like, what’s wrong with it? Yeah, exactly. What, like seriously it’s like, do you just want to say that you were there? Cause like there’s part of me that’s tempted. Just like just to the selfie. Well, just to go there and go to star Wars for a weekend with nobody there, like part of me is like, Ooh. Yeah. But then I’m like, no, if I ever then I can post about it on Facebook. And that’s the whole point is to say I’m there.

Exactly. Yeah. Cause then you’ll get lit up.

Yeah. And then I’m going to be like a leper is stuck in, no one will come near me for six months. What’s the deal with that couple in Louisville. Did you hear about this?

So they’ve been charged with, uh, basically felony brandishing, uh, as well as another Louis. Oh, I’m sorry.

Well, Moodle that they put, um, ankle, uh, I didn’t send the article out, but they put ankle, um,

The hell, do you call them the tethers? That’s heavy.

Yeah. They put ankle tethers on it because they wouldn’t submit to a quarantine. Cause they were apparently they tested positive and they were supposed to be on house arrest, but they declined to sign the paperwork. So then they,

I did see that story. And, and so, I mean, and dude, that’s, that’s a real thing. I mean, you know, you look at New Jersey, New York, I mean a lot of the new England States have there’s a two week quarantine. Like if you come in, especially if you come in via air, um, like they’re stopping everybody at the airport and having you show your driver’s license where you’re from, what are you coming in for? Um, okay, great. Hope. You’re prepared for court to quarantine for two weeks. Uh, you know, people are doing whatever they can to try to stop the spread of this nonsense and yeah, those two folks like, yeah, they popped positive and just wanted to go about their daily lives. Like nothing was wrong. That’s a problem.

Right. Well, you know, again, you know, that’s why I want Fred on the show every week because I want it like misinformation.

I mean, I can make that happen.

Um, no, but like the thing that came out that said all the tests that were going on in Florida, all of them came back positive from like eight different centers. And it’s like, is that real? Or is that just

Well, so, and that was when it was funny because I got into, I got into a deep dive conversation about that. Cause if you really read through the articles, um, where the confusion came in, as they were saying, Oh, well, all the tests are coming back. Like everything is coming back a hundred percent positive from the certain facilities. Well, some of those facilities only ran one or two tests. And so it is perfectly conceivable that those one or two tests were both positive or were positive. And so therefore it is a 100% test rate, you know, test return, um,

Kind of like what it’s kind of like when they said, okay, we have a vaccine like that article came out, but then when you read it, it’s like they tested 35 people

And you know, and, and like, you know, it’s like I was saying in the, in the email thread, that’s, that’s actually the, that’s the vaccine that, that Fred and I deep dove on a little bit last week, the one coming out of Oxford, um, where, you know, you know, even them, you read it and they, and they say, we’re hopeful. We have a vaccine ready, you know, by Christmas time, you know, the end of the year, 2020, but then you still have that production ramp up time. You have that distribution time, you have the manufacturer time, you have all that other stuff. So, I mean, it’s, you know,

It seems crazy to me that 35 out of 35 showed final row over a four week. Yeah. Let’s go ahead and order 60 million of these things.

Well, and so, and that’s only, well, and that’s also only the first round of testing because, so they know that it produces a response. What they don’t know is if that response is enough to inhibit infection. So, I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s the next thing we have to figure out is okay. So yes, you’re seeing an immuno response properly from the vaccine and that’s great, but is that immuno response enough to actually keep somebody from getting infected, you know, via if they’re actually exposed to it out in the wild.

Right. You know, again, I just want, can we just have the Fred hotline, Hey, Fred, I saw this meme

One 800 call Fred and that’s it. We just, yeah.

You know, because that’s the thing that, like, I got half the people in my feed. They only post the shit that they, they want them to believe in. I got the other people posting the crap that they want to believe in. And here I am in the middle of just going, what is it like? Just some can someone tell me the guy will like what it is like, you know? And I know it changes all the time. That’s, you know, science one Oh one.

Well, so, and that’s, that’s honestly one of the best memes that’s been floating around for the past couple of days where, you know, the sad reality is as you, you can tell how many people have never really had any exposure to science. Um, because yeah, science and I did, I, I can’t how many times, how many times have I said this on the show? Science is fluid. Like, but, but the reality is most people don’t see most science. They only see the end result. They don’t, they don’t see all this stuff playing out in real time. Like it is now where, okay. We think it’s this crap. It’s not that okay. Let’s go now we think it’s this. Okay. Now this is looking good. Okay. Now we got to figure this out. Yeah.

Do you remember in April or March, maybe March or may when the, the, the, the phrase of the two weeks was the science is settled? Um, that drove me absolutely crazy.

If I ever heard that I immediately blocked it out of my mind because there was no way in hell. That was fine,

Dude. I think, I think we had, I don’t know if we argued about it on the show or not, but that was a, I remember that was a, that was a real thing. And that threw me off because I’m like, wait a minute. That’s not science,

That’s conjecture.

And I don’t know who was screaming.

That’s a hypothesis. That’s not saying that that’s one part of science, the hypothesis. It’s not the whole scientific method.

No. And that’s the problem with, you know, me subscribing to everyone is I get 30 different messages and I’m trying to decipher what the hell is real. Um, speaking of which I didn’t, I don’t know as much as going on as you, but this whole first it was a Hitman than it was the attorney. And then it killed. Cause it was aiming at the dead, like

A federal judge, uh, in New Jersey, uh, was somebody showed up at their house, uh, yesterday dressed as a FedEx delivery man, um, rang the doorbell. Um, I believe it was the husband, uh, who answered the door. Husband was shot. Kid came, running kid was shot and killed. Um, the judge was actually down in the basement at the time. Uh, just, you know, it was, it was important. Well, so the immediate conspiracy theories that came out because of course everything has to be a giant conspiracy is the judge just a few days ago was assigned the, um, the case against Deutschebank, uh, for protecting and hiding, uh, the assets of Jeffrey Epstein. And so everybody immediately jumped to, you know, Oh, you know, this is totally tied into the Epstein thing. Oh, you know, the pedophile ring [inaudible] uh, well, as it turns out as the story well, and it didn’t help matters much when the story came out this morning, um, that the dude was dead.

Uh, the gunman was found dead, um, by an, uh, by an apparent suicide, you know, parent suicide. Um, so yeah, so that, so that just fueled the stories even further, but now as the story has evolved, so the gunman was actually a lawyer, uh, out of New York, um, who has a case pending before this judge. Um, and this lawyer is, uh, is a wackadoo. Like, I don’t even know how he was still certified by the bar, um, to be an attorney, like he has like literally dates. They have like 2000 pages printed out of rants about this judge. Um, and he’s a men’s rights kind of guy. Like one of the cases that he was trying was he was trying to prove that, um, ladies nights at bars, uh, were unconstitutional dabs hand to God. That’s one of the cases that he, but that’s, so that’s the thing.

Um, yeah, exactly. And so that’s, you know, so I mean, he’s, this lawyer was a total wackadoo, uh, you know, but again, you know, every nobody’s going to believe that everybody’s going to believe that it has something to do with Epstein. And so that conspiracy theory is going to rage for, you know, weeks now. I’m sure everyone wants it to be because of Epstein. Right. Cause you know, ever since GoLean Maxwell, you know, got, got, you know, taken into custody, that’s all back in the rage. And she is, uh, you know, I do love that meme that had the picture of her and Jeffrey Epstein and said, you know, true love is finishing each other’s sentences. I thought that was really cute.


Um, but yeah, so I mean, we’ll, we’ll see. I mean, like I said, I mean, at least right now, you know, it, it looks like, you know, but then of course you’ll have the people that play the, Oh, well, you know, this guy was programmed to be that guy and he wasn’t activated until, you know, the Deutsche bank case came around and edited it. Uh, you know, dude in the Reddit conspiracy, you know, that exact post is happening right now. And it’s probably, there’s already probably six different variations of it. You know, that

What’s the last one that, that was the thing, the Boston bombers, right? Like that was the, the last one

Or yeah. Or you know, a little town or, you know, I mean, yeah. I mean it’s

Iron oxide, celery root aviation.

No, we’re not, we’re not doing the Manchurian candidate. Yeah. There’s no, there’s no, there’s no mandatory.

Yeah, absolutely. For agents right now that was like the verbal, the verbal password to shut the podcast off

The Klaatu Barada Nixon.

Um, you did bring up, uh, how do you, did you watch old guard yet? I have not. Oh, so good. Yeah. It was, um, it was pretty awesome. I think I did I talk about it last year?

You mentioned. Yeah. You mentioned it last week. That it was good. Um, and then Randy. Yeah, I just, I just haven’t had the time to watch it.

I haven’t watched anything cause I’ve been watching supermarket sweep like mad. Um, I’m amazed at the quality for like a, you think Netflix is like made for TV movie, but this is could of been in a theater for sure.

And I mean, look at that bright movie they did with will Smith. They dropped $80 million on it. Yeah.

Okay. Do you know what movie was completely legit? I’m American assassin. I love that movie. Did you watch it? Yeah. I heard about it. I haven’t watched it. The problem is the kid, the kid looked like he should be on like saved by the bell and not like a nice, he was from MTVs reboot of teen Wolf. And then he was amazed runner. As the story goes, he proposes to his fiance or poses to his girlfriend in a beach in Mexico. And then a terrorist group, um, kills her, like just opened fire it on everybody and she ends up getting killed. So he goes, he spends the next like three years training, like John wick and like trying to get trained to say, I’m going against my country. I want to join your group and like blow up America for, you know, so the FBI is watching him cause he’s kinda doing it sloppily. So he’s like so good. They ended up hiring him or whatever.

Hire a hacker to catch a hacker. Well, I take it back. I did. I watched the first episode of old guard. That’s the one that’s the, uh, movie. Oh then which 1:00 AM I thinking of?

This one has surely stern right guard. Maybe.

No, I don’t know. I’ll have to. Yeah. I don’t know.

Dave was a group of people with any purse issue.

I who knows something with garden. I don’t know. Random synaptic misfire carry on.

So you still want to talk about supermarket sleep now, you know, so

You were here when this was a thing. I was not. I mean, it’s, you can’t scroll Facebook or whatever without seeing stuff about white boy, Rick getting released. Yay. He’s out of jail in Florida now. I guess his girlfriend, wife, whatever, released it back, no back. He’s

Kind of like what I would call like an Andre, the giant person. Like you never really saw them. And the story gets traveled so many through so many circles that like, by the time it comes to you, like we thought he was like this giant King pin, Randy, Troy, like, he’s like, like a Scarface, but then you, then, you know, then you watch the movie and you know, who knows how much truths in the movie, but it’s like, he was an FBI informant to protect his dad and they ended up effing him.

Yeah. So like, I mean basically like the actual news stories that I read. So I guess he was an FBI informant at 14, um, and got popped his father. Cause his dad was in the shit and then got popped at 17, uh, distributing Coke. Right. And got, and apparently got put under the jail,

But he was in prison longer than anyone for like a drug offense, like in history.

Well then he got so, and then correct me. So then he got released here, but then immediately had to go to Florida because of some car theft ring that he was actually running while he was in jail.

Again, telephone game. It’s all here at this point. I mean that’s, I mean, that’s the thing with him is completely,

That’s why he just got released from Florida. Cause when they released him here, they immediately took him into custody and took him down there.

Well, I mean, what are you gonna do for living? You know, what are you gonna do for a living except we’re going to do somebody to listen. Shit like your white boy, Rick, you can run my yeah.

Cause you know, prisons are all about rehabilitation, Bob. They’re all about making sure you come out a better person. They’re not, they’re not sure. They’re really not, not even close.

I’m sure he’s going to be an author. He’s going to, they’re going to redo his movie. He’s going to do a podcast. You know like he’s cool tales, tales from Jackson. I’m sure that already exists anyway. Oh my God. Speaking of which I’m so angry, I texted the whole will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith thing. So like the memes have been hilarious by the way. There’s a song. I think I forget who I sent the song to, but it’s when I had my entanglements with August and I’m like, so I text August and I’m like, how is that? Not the name of your podcast entanglements with August. And he’s like, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I’m like, God, will you please keep up?

I’m sure. He actually knew he was just being a jerk. Yeah.

Cause he doesn’t want to be so entanglements with.

Right. Although, although speaking of which, uh, apparently happy 20th birthday whiskey in the jar, uh, they are they’re 20 years old

Today. Yeah. That was, uh, that was back around when there was a motor was still a thing. When, um, was it lush? Uh, right off Joseph compo. Like that’s what like all the underground technical places that uh, yeah. Cause Polish, Kevin worked the door there for like 10 years. I think it was lush. Um, yeah, I know it’s, it’s his name? Polish. Kevin. And I got to tell you like it’s,

It’s crazy again. Uh, so you know, we’ve got the, the Detroit studios back open, um, and you know, going down there with shows, uh, and like Cass corridor is back kinda like Cass corridor was 10 years ago. Um, like there’s, there’s nobody there, like there, there was like, there’s nobody really walking around. There’s like, it’s, it’s, it’s weird. It’s just like I got used to cause I mean, I, I mean, I used to go down there back in the day too, but I’ve kinda gotten used to it over the past couple of years where, you know, there’s always people out walking around. There’s always, you know, the little electric scooter things flipping around. Um, yeah. It’s it’s I feel for the places that are open. Cause, cause God damn.

Yeah. They just rolling in the burbs. Cause I mean the parks and everything are, I don’t want to say they’re packed with like, you know, and that’s the thing, like we’ve been hanging out in the neighborhood pool cause of the kid and I’m like, it’s got capacity was 82. It got dropped to 41

And no diarrhea. So you can’t go in. So yeah,

I can’t go in and it’s always, everyone want to make a six show, laugh, just say, Andy, you can’t go in the pool. You got diarrhea. Nice. No, but like, you know, 25 people there and it looks packed cause they took out half the chairs. You know what I mean? But like paint Creek trail is packed the Clinton river trail. Like there’s I see people like, you know, I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s just a burbs thing or everybody’s riding a bike instead of going out

Instead of heading, I mean it’s possible. I mean it, you know, I, I was watching, you know, Eric Thomas was, was posting last night and he just said, you know, why is it impossible to find like anything like grub hub door, dash? He’s like nothing in this city delivers after nine o’clock no kidding and well, but it wasn’t like that for a while. Their place I’m surprised. Yeah. So I mean, it’s, you know, no nobody’s open, nobody’s delivering every place is shutting down at nine. I mean, even at DSC when they’re open, you know, when they’re trying to stay open, I think on the weekends, they’re starting to stay up until midnight. The kitten, the kitchen shut down at 10

Dude. You remember when we would go down there for events that wasn’t non baseball game and like shit was closed at 10.

Yeah. We walked, well, God, at the time we walked out of the state for Kevin Smith’s thing and the bar next door was closed. We had to walk three blocks to find an open bar. Oh yeah. And we passed like six closed ones.

That’s that’s the, that’s my adult life in Detroit. If there wasn’t a base,

It was getting better, but it was getting better. I mean, that was a few years ago. Like it had, it had been getting better and I do, I just, I, you know, I, you know, heaven forbid, you know, we wind up taking a step back on the whole opening thing. Um, you know, and, and places get shut down again. Cause I, I don’t think they’re, they’re gonna even the ones that have somehow found a way to make it this far are going to make it.

Dave, I have breaking news while I love, love the fact that MLS is on TV again, you know, like, boom, this league has already done galleon leagues on like soccer’s on right now. And on the big scoreboard, I just happened to glance over. I wasn’t even looking for this on the big scoreboard. There’s eight like zoom shots of fans cheering.

So they’ve like zeroed in the cameras on the eight people in the stands. Yeah.

It’s like our podcast right now on the big screen going like this. Yay.

That’s amazing.

I don’t, yeah. I mean, you know, thankful that they, you know yeah. They’re entertaining us again, but like, you know, that’s the thing, are they, um, I wonder if they’re pumping in CrowdRise, I’m not going to turn it on.

Well, and I do like, and just speak to that. Like I’m still trying to figure out like, cause I, you know, just taking a drive, um, and running errands and stuff, like how in the hell are like high school teams are already out on fields and shit and scrimmage, can they do it? I don’t know. But at Howard, like if the pros can even figure this shit out, you know, how, how, why, why do you have high school kids out there?

Maggie practices every day, but they can’t scrimmage, which is kind of weird, but they’re like, you know how 13 year old girls are, they’re all like hugging, you know what I mean? But like they can’t scrimmage. So like they’re just doing drills. Um, so I don’t know. The funny thing is like two of them, I was talking to Tulio on Saturday. He’s so starved for sports. He was watching Korean baseball. It’s gotten to that point with a lot of sports. Like the, the they’re betting on stupid

Shit. Well, and I actually, well, yeah, I mean, so, but actually speaking of Korea and this ties into the whole school thing, it’s something that just came out kinda late, um, see to part of the whole, like school’s reopening thing everybody’s and we talked about this with Fred, you know, who has been like, Oh, you know, kids don’t get it. And then I’m like, well, you really don’t know that because we locked down. We like the schools down really quick and took all the kids out of it. So you don’t really know that, um, there’s a study coming out of that came out of South Korea, um, where, so yep. They know for sure that at least kids age 10 or older, um, are just as susceptible to catching, passing it along and everything else. Uh, because that’s the age range they’ve allowed to go back so far. Um, and, and, and they have seen a surge in, in that age bracket. So I mean, it’s,

That’s the thing that drives me nuts is they’re like, Oh yeah, kids under five, don’t need to have masks. I’m like

Bullshit C and C. And to me, I think, I think that’s a pro that’s like, that’s a cover your ass thing because you know, there’s no way in hell a five-year-old is going to sit there with a mask. Like you just know that’s not going to be a thing.

It, when she goes into fight like bone or went to five below, um,

Well, okay. But for how long and, and is that, and that’s not sitting still,

She thinks it’s wearing like goggles in her nose, plug the pool, like to her, it’s just like I’m wearing it to go into five below. And then she buys a Barbie with crutches on it and mocks me with it. Like my thing is,

So we’ve got a, we’ve got a comment in the chat. This is no, not only are they scrimmaging, she’s got friends that are packing that are packing their kids up and going to road games. So there are not only scrimmage is going on. There are games going on already

Gross. I think it was people are, people are ignoring the fact that kids aren’t the only people at schools like there’s teachers, staff, everyone that’s a school.

One of the things that Fred was talking about is, you know, your average teacher is 50 plus, you know, so in a higher risk group, um, you know, and you look at, you know, all the stuff that’s coming out, you know, even in our school district, you know, the, there was a meeting going on earlier that I, I couldn’t pay attention to cause I had shows going on. Um, but like they’re, they’re going, um, basically all out hybrid for middle school and up, um, where it’s, you know, mostly virtual, you know, pop in for tests, that kind of stuff. But for elementary school there it’s either you are all in and our classrooms are full, um, or you are out and you are virtual. Um, and you know, it’s not going to be the same teachers. It’s not going to be the same classrooms and they’ve, you know, divided it up into, I think it’s trimesters if I recall correctly.

Uh, and you know, basically said, Oh well, you know, and if things do, and you do have the option to go into the classroom, assuming there’s a spot open for you, but if you want to, like, so like my, you know, our, the kid, the school for my kid is at the end of our street, but if that’s full, he’d wind up having to go, God knows where, you know. And so what’s that gonna do to busing routes? What’s, it’s going to anything else. And like, th like the one thing that I’m surprised nobody has released, tried to push hard now is the concept of year round school. Um, you know, and just doing that four weeks farming anymore. Oh, well, yeah. Well, you know, you’re right there with daylight savings time. See ya. Um, but you know, just the whole concept of that four weeks on two weeks off, which to me makes sense. Cause you know, worst case scenario, if somebody pops somewhere in that four weeks, you’ve got a 14 day quarantine isolation period built in at the end of that to help it go away and die down. Um, and I, yeah, I mean,

I think that industry is going to get legs by the way the, uh, the teacher that quits her profession and then takes on the 10 kids to teach. Uh, yeah.

Oh, I absolutely, I absolutely think it will. I know people that are doing it. Um, you know, especially when you look at, you know, I think the, I think we might’ve talked about this last week. Like the average retirement rate at this time of year is like 1.8, 1.9%. And it is currently nine to 10%

This year or any, uh, is there any regulations they have to abide by? Can they legally do that? If they are ready? No one knows what I’m talking about. It’s um, post date posted something a while ago, like saying, Hey, why doesn’t a teacher just quit take on 10 students, charge them two 50 a week. Um, they’re not going to work. They’re not going to work year round. And so it’ll be like 40 weeks, but it’ll still, it’s still a hundred thousand dollars a year and it’s more than they’re making. Um, you know, and it’s probably a lot less stress on the teacher and it’s a lot less

Well, and I’m sure you well, yeah, I don’t, I don’t believe schools have a noncompete. I don’t know.

Well, I just didn’t know if like, cause I know you could do the there’s curriculum through K-12 I have friends that are homeschooling now. Yep.

Well, and, and so to me that’s like, that’s almost the, it almost seems half-assed to me, like why do, why do you as a school district other than the political and finding no, he was a school district other than the political and financial ramifications where, you know, you want to, you know, you want to inflate your numbers, um, why even try to offer online schooling. Why just so, Hey, look, we’re a school. If you’re not coming to the school, go to K-12 go to where, or if you’re not adopting our virtual model and you want something else, then go someplace else. It just, it’s just, it’s it’s such a weird time for me, you know, for this shit right now. I just

Manipulating monopoly anyway. They don’t want school of choice. Charter schools are the devil. So I mean, you know what I mean? It’s just a weird political, the whole thing, you know what I mean? They, if you live in this area, you have to go to that school like that, you know, what are those days numbered? You know what I mean? Like,

You know, I, I don’t know. And well, and, and God, God knows, I sure as hell, you know, but, and that’s like, to me, like that’s what I’m kind of looking for from them is like, there should be certain things that you as a school district already know, like you’re not, you’re not doing lunches in the cafeteria. You’re not doing, you know, gym class and that kind of stuff. So what are you doing with, you know, the cafeteria and the gym and all that stuff. Like, are you setting up, you know, socially distinct classrooms in there to like try to help things out or you, you know, and, and yeah, I just, I haven’t seen any of that stuff come out and I just, I don’t get it. Right. Yeah.

And you’ll get any of it. How are they going to do anything? Those you ever see a hallway during break, how are they going to do anything?

So, yeah, that’s the thing is well, and so that’s why I think it’s predominantly, that’s why I know for sure, like the middle school, high school thing, where they do a lot of changing classes and that kind of stuff. That’s why they’re going like mostly virtual. Um, but like, like I said, dude elementary, you know? Yeah. Like, especially like, you know, kindergarten, first grade second, you know, they’re, they’re all in the same classroom all day. So that’s not really a big concern, but you know, there’s no talk of downsizing, the classroom sizes. I mean, like, dude, I know like my kids’ school, they’re kindergarten, first grade, second grade classes all had 32, 34 kids in ’em if I recall correctly. Um, and like they, and they don’t do desks. Like they have tables set up and all the kids are sitting around the tables facing each other, you know, in second gonna, you know, in kids cough like this. So it’s not like that’s, you know, I just, I, yeah. Uh, you know, I just, it’s really weird. I think you’ve, I’m sure you’ve seen the meme where it’s the, the, the woman with the same crazy face three times and it’s, you know, look, look, you know, looking at, in school, looking at virtual, looking at homeschooling and all three phases where like,

No, it’s true. Like w what are you gonna do? Like, you know? Yeah. Like, you know, shit in one hand hooping, the other. Yeah.

Yeah. And you do, and, you know, and you worry about, you know, your kids socialization and you worry about, you know, all that other stuff. And you worry about like, you know, my daughter’s really into, you know, band and theater.


You know, for sure, theater’s probably not happening this year

Theater happening. Gretchen already did something this summer.

Oh, okay. Well, yeah. So she’s in middle school still, so

Yeah. Yeah. So high school, you know, and that’s the thing, like, they’re talking, like putting the sports backwards and you can’t, because some of them just don’t line up properly. I don’t follow doing the spring sports in the fall. Um, because they’re like playing football in the, in the spring, bringing,

Trying to like, maybe hoping it’ll just be better by then

Bringing baseball. Yeah. Because the baseball’s not as

More distant. You’re not touching each other all the time. I mean, that would be logical,

But like, it doesn’t, it doesn’t work. I think something, some of the oddball stuff like lacrosse or whatever, it doesn’t, they don’t lie. It doesn’t line up because I don’t like soccer is the same as football season. That’s not a big deal. Um, but yeah. Anyway,

Uh, Nicola, Nicole Johnson Schaeffler just chimed in and she was like, don’t forget about concerts. I mean, if, if I don’t have to go to a concert this year, I’m okay with that. I liked that that’s, those are always crazy, but yeah, packing all of the parents into the auditorium full of, you know, all those kids up on stage. Maybe, maybe we just do like zoom concerts and we get them all together on zoom and let them let them synchronize that way.

I’m surprised more people, more bands. It wasn’t the only band. That was a, um, Oh God. Why can’t I think I do, I, my brain is shot today. I can’t think of the name. It’s the only band that did a live concert or the great white guys. No, not the great white guys. The ones that did the online concert for everybody. Um, Oh, uh, the Dropkick Murphys. Thank you. Yeah, they’ve done a couple of them so far, but I haven’t heard of anyone, you know, they’re all just, uh, they’re all just guest hosting on Jimmy Fallon.

Well, and, and some of them have done, uh, like tears for fears, like re like rerelease some stuff, and they’re all there in their different homes and that kind of thing. Um, so I mean, there’s, there’s been some of that going on. Uh, and that’s kinda cool, but I mean, yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s,

Yeah. Don’t have to change our name, Dewey. Why just checking everyone else has to these days,

You know, I don’t think we’ve offended anybody yet enough to change our, yeah. I mean, we’ve probably offended people, but yeah, no, uh,

Well, because that’s the big talk in sports right now is, you know, what are the, uh, uh, you know, what are the Redskins? I told

Them and I pulled up the post eight years ago. I told them to change their logo to a potato and just shut everybody up. And then you get, and you can still be the Redskins and you see that you’re the pudendal you have the potatoes. And then, and then

Just the professional team, there’s like hundreds and yeah.

All at the college level and the,

That that’s their name. Yeah. I think it didn’t pop hall already change it to the red wolves, which is a horrible beer in the nineties,

By the way. I’ve, uh, I’ve always wanted, uh, Virginia tech to change the name of their team. Ever since I found out that a hokey is a castrated Turkey. Cause I mean like why, why would you, why would you name your team that why

It’s a Wayne state changed from the Tartars? And like you had to actually had to Google with what a tartar was and it was like the guys who made sauce. Yeah, exactly. The Gangas Kahn. Yeah.

Yeah. I was like, yeah, I was gonna say, yeah, that’s ATARs

But like, right. But like the warriors it’s so much better, like that’s my thing with this whole cancel culture is now if you have to Google something to find out if you’re offended or not, like just put it down

Well. And so that was, that was actually one of the stories that we didn’t get to is there was a very, very well written op ed piece about, you know, is cancelled culture impacting free speech. And, and is it, you know, detrimental to free speech and we’ve all seen it, you know, in, in Facebook threads and all that kind of stuff, where like, if you voice an opinion that someone gets offended by you get lit on fire and it’s, you know, and it’s one of those things where like, I don’t like that, that delineation between it’s. Okay. Well, I mean, you getting offended by something and something being capital O offensive are two different things like that. It’s it’s, and we’ve talked about that. Like, we hate using the word safe space, you know, for gigs, when we talk about our events, because that term has kind of been PC to death, um, you know, like,

But there’s a huge difference between like Paula Dean’s butter eating ass saying something 30 years ago versus like what Nick cannon just did. Um, you know what I mean? It’s like, you know, he just said it now, you know what I mean?

Well, and so, and it’s funny because, and actually what he, what he said dovetails into that show that I was telling you about on Hulu hate the neighbor. That was one of those. That was one of the episodes they did was with the black Israelites.

Yeah. Those are, that’s a fun group. We should have, we should have no more.

Oh yeah. Yeah. That’d be, that’d be great.

But like, that’s the thing, like, you know, they’re bringing out all the shit, like Rogan’s got an edited clip, like

From 10 years ago. Yeah.

Listen to Rogan lately. That’s all he talks about is great. They’re going to isolate that clip in some shit YouTube channel. Yup. Um, but like, you know, the Jimmy Fallon thing and the, you know, uh, doing, uh, doing Malone and Jimmy Kimmel or what, I don’t know. I can’t, you know, I can never get those two, right. Like we’ve always pointed out and yet still nobody’s offended by white chicks.

I am.

That’s like my mother’s two favorite movies and we can’t get Cracker barrel to change their name. My mother’s two favorite movies are Jack and Jill, Adam Sandler and white chicks. Like every time we come over, like she, she acts like, I’d never heard of it. She goes, yeah.

Why be ready to come watch combined chicks. It’s very fun.

Nice. 78 year old woman. That’s her favorite movie. Like, I guess, you know, whatever she does, if she doesn’t care, like yeah. That ain’t exactly who yeah. Who’s going to. Um, but now I, you know, again, what, what does it, what, what filtration system do things are going to have to pass through now to be okay? You know what I mean? Yeah. Like, are you ever going to do anything live ever? You know, because you want to record it and then listen to it again, before it goes out and edit it right in front of a panel, it’s going to be like the, like the UN panel of every are you offended? Nah. Okay. You know, maybe people will give everybody a bell and if you hear something offensive ring bell, and then we’ll, we’ll stop it there and dive in. Well, I feel bad, you know, here’s the thing, I feel bad most for comedians because that was supposed to be that’s their stick.

That’s been their stick. Going back to comedy period was it was, the gesture was allowed to offend. That was the only one that was allowed to offend them without getting beheaded, because that was his job. I don’t know if you’d said that before they were, they were, they are supposed to push the envelope and, and it, and there are some jokes that are in bad taste and there are some jokes that make you cringe. Um, but I don’t know if you follow Andrew Schultz. He’s, he’s one of my new favorite comedians, but he’s been doing a lot of just sitting in a studio, making fun of society, just like that stand up. But as you cause he’s alone. Um, but he mean some of his points great. Some of them not so great, but like he’s definitely worth the, were the bottle worth of listen, he’s the, he’s the best at?

He knows like, anyone’s race. Like he’ll pick out, like, if you’re from India, he there’s like, you know, whatever, there’s like six different regions of India without your, from, I’m just making this up because I don’t know, like he’ll know which one you’re from and like have jokes about that region. Like there’s sub regions, you know what I mean? Like he’s, he picks apart every ethnicity. So he’s like scared shitless right now that I can’t do my job, but I’ve never been mean about it. He’s never been like, hurtful about it, whereas jokes, or as Greg just shamed out in the live and said, you know, damn well and good that somebody will, it’ll just, it’ll just be somebody whose goal to get as many bells as possible and release it like that. Yeah. Sorry.

Well, it got them. It can, we talked about it, like how fast did like the aunt Jemima bottles become collectors items? Like how,

How about now though? Does anybody give a shit now?

No, no.

Remember when the antrum everything came out and they were like 50 bucks, you got three days. Yup.

If you can sell them in those three days, God bless you. But yeah, no, but do it. I’ve got an old Redskins Jersey sitting up in my closet. Um, you know, from back in the day, is, is that now a collectors item even more so like, is that, you know, and, and do you have, and, and I guess that’s how, it’s the, how far do you go with it? Like, you know, do you have to go back and change championship records? Do you have to, or is it just, you know, or is it like, you know, that, what was it? The, the Tennessee Oilers became the Titans. Like the, like, I don’t know if anything went on with that or not, but the Washington bullets. Yeah. That became the wizards. Yeah, I, yeah, I remember it. Cause he had bullets were offensive to the, yeah, I remember that, uh, two people that were shooting people apparently, uh, uh, it didn’t portray the right image for the cat nation’s Capitol if they only knew

It’s, um, it’s still one of my favorite memes is the, uh, the grocery store pictured it as crackers, loved cheese. And it’s this blonde white chick, like,

I’m sorry. We prefer Caucasians.

You know what, every time that comes up on my feet, I’m attempted to buy it. I never do the Cleveland Indians shirt and it just says Caucasians for awhile. And I came and I’m like, eh, I don’t want to deal with it. That was like, when I wanted to buy the Michigan Republican shirt, there’s walk around Detroit for a day to see how much I hate. I get skewed, even though I’m not, I just want to see how everyone gets

Just to see how everybody reacts. Of course. And again, like I said, everybody’s just looking for a little conflict right now. Cause they’re boring.

What’s the, it’s the bill birthing. He just wants to wind up the top and then watch people’s heads explode,

Throw the firecracker at the anthill and then just see what happens. Yeah.

It’s been a hobby of mine for years, but you know, what are you going to now? Now I can’t run away. Cause I got these damn crutches, but whatever.

Uh, all right. I think that, uh, that about wraps everything we got.

Yeah. I’m just looking now a stadium attendance plans for football jets and giants. No fans Packers reduced capacity and then 20% capacity at a few other stadiums. So stadiums are coming out with plans. Now

I saw something come across, uh, from U of M they’re talking, the big house will be at most 50% capacity dude.

50% capacity is not even comfortable there as the worst place to watch a football.

Yeah, no. Well, and, and how sad is it that yeah, now is probably the worst time of the entire free world to go, Hey, I got a Skybox or, Hey, I’ve got a suite I want to around people.

Well, that’s a U of M’s game. It’s like, how would you like a man’s knees around your Roger Head while you have another man’s head in between your crop, right? No, don’t answer that, Randy.


Well, you know, it’s the worst case, the worst experience like me and Mark said, and me and Mark sat next to each other and it was like, we ruined the whole row. Cause there’s no seats. It’s bench. You know what I mean? It’s park bench it dude. I did. I remember going to like see Kevin Smith and Shatner and those like with the two of you or football games with like dude, anything involving the two of you was just not a comfortable, like that’s why like every time for every star Wars movie, I buy like two extra seats just so that we have gaps because there’s that my favorite picture? The one the lion’s gate,

This wee little man, actually these two big burly.

Yeah. It’s not comfortable. It was not good. Yeah. So like 50% of U of M that’s going to be barely comfortable. There’s normal. Well, and, and I would be surprised if they even went that high. I mean, it’s, most of them, most of what I just read is this 20%. And I could, you know, again, it’s, you know, as long as it’s not like pro wrestling where we have like eight randos that like just scattered or the guys from the back. Yeah. Let me just don’t even bother having anyone at that point. Well, and that’s like, I’d be curious if like they’ve done any studies or anything like that about like acoustics or any like, like what, like what, what’s the minimum you need to have like a decent crowd noise come through on TV. Like what? Um, just watch what the English did. English soccer.

It’s it’s it’s I was going to say it’s brilliant, but I’m like, I don’t want to use their kid there where it gets great. What they do. Like how, like it’s, it feels like you’re in, like, if you didn’t look up at the crowd, you think you’re watching a regular game. Well, but the being a throw on TV, right? I’m talking about like, actually like in the stadium itself, but yeah, I don’t give everyone like a big, huge flag and a smoke bomb then you can’t really tell who’s is for everyone. There you go. Yeah. Yeah.

I’m down.

Well anyway. Hey, uh, uh, we’re wrapping this up. Yeah. Yeah. All right, kids. We’re going to wrap up this episode three 57 of the it and the D show on behalf of Bob David, Randy, do us all a favor, drink. I’ll be drinks. Get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. You just gotta get the hell out of here. See you next week. Drive. Careful. Beat it to you guys.