Episode 353 – Binging, Financial Apps, New Favorite Shows, Events Updates

Sure. Good to go. Hey, welcome. How’s everybody doing? This is episode 353 of the one and only it in the D show. We are broadcasting live from our quarantined homes. This is Bob, the sales guy that is Dave, the geek, get us online it in the d.com. And I do his favorite. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine. Podcasts are sold. Yeah, we would say Randy is doing the Twitters, but we don’t know where the hell Randy is. So, uh, yeah, so Randy and Randy, if you’re out there or if you know, Randy, go ahead and ping him and tell him he’s late. And we’re thinking of suitable punishments for him. He might do you want to fire when ready or just roll through? We’ll do it in post. That’s how that works these days. Perfect fire when ready?




Alright. Hey, welcome back this three 53 of the it and the D show. And like we said, we are a Randy lists and guest list this week. Cheers everybody. We’re also a pros. We’re also a couple of days late, uh, due to technical difficulties, go figure Highland for everything. Um, we’re broadcasting live from our homes. If only we had, if only we knew technology, people that could help with our technology issues who knew it would apparently none of them could fix zoom. You’re having it problems that I’m like, did you, is it plugged in? Is it turned on to have you rebooted, but Hey, you can find us online at [inaudible] dot com to his favorite. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold. So, and as per usual, uh, we, uh, in case you missed the announcement last week, uh, we have decided to kind of hold off doing our in person events until August.

Uh, so we will be setting those up shortly. Um, of course that’s assuming everything is still open by the time August rolls around. Cause if you’re paying attention, uh, places that opened up are starting to close back down again. So we’ll see how that goes. I’m going to be a weather regardless of what it is. It’s going to be an outdoor venue. I think we’re going to pick Nancy whiskeys down in Corktown. Uh, we’re going to see how this all plays out. We should just, we should just have it at like the DCF C soccer field, just we’ll we’ll all be outside. I think like I saw a thing from rhino. They’re doing a wrestling event in the middle of like an eight acre farm. Well, no, it’s behind the, uh, the SOC, uh, and it’s, they’ve actually been th they were actually talking about doing it cause you know, we’ve been running their show for them.

Um, they were talking about doing it, uh, at the, at the Marina at, uh, at rhinos Marina. We talked about that when I was hanging out. Cause it’s, he’s got a huge grab a lot. Yup. Oh, by the way, I, um, I got gotta, it’s been a little bit of a bittersweet couple of days. Um, we had a couple of celebrations and a couple losses. I just, you know, I just want to throw it out. Um, me and my wife celebrated our 18th on Monday. That was kind of a, you know, half of it was a tech support for this show, but that’s all right. What we’re here for. My daughter just turned 16 and Hey, excellent job keeping that, ah, keeping that surprise a surprise by the way. Oh yeah, we, um, she still didn’t believe it was hers. Um, we get, we give, we, uh, I didn’t do the big red bow, but we didn’t look very excited.

I gotta tell you the picture she did. She was, she was shocked. She was like, is this mine? But it was, it was well worth it. And then, uh, had a couple of losses, uh, um, Merissa Morocco, one of them, one of my closest friends, uh, his older sister died of cancer. And, you know, without whom we would not have the flavor flave stories to be telling. I mean, that was, that was all her arranging and yeah. And her, uh, every party asking for diamond girl from nationwide, whatever. Um, but yeah, we’re, uh, super sad that families are super sad, but, uh, she’s been fighting for a long time and she’s, uh, hopefully not in any pain. Absolutely. And then, uh, and your cat dude. So yeah, I mean, well, I mean, she was 17 and you know, she was just 17 now. Uh, I mean 17 years old and you know, hadn’t really been eating right lately and apparently it was going into kidney failure and lost a shit ton of weight lately.

Um, and so it’s, it is, I mean, that’s that hardest decision when you have pets is listening to them when it’s, when they tell you it’s time to go. And then so yeah, that was today. So that was, uh, that was a bitch, but seven 17 is a good life for, for any pet. Oh, for sure. Absolutely. Um, but Hey, uh, brighter, brighter topics. Jesus, let’s get off that. So I don’t get all weepy and blow my cover as a Dick. Uh, um, so no, so we did mention, you know, Hey, as long as places are open, um, I know I got out and about a bit. How about you? Yeah, I, um, got to the barber on Saturday. That was, uh, that was amazing for what to shave my head. Oh, Oh. Like when you’re like, I’m like half bald, like, right. So like get only like, so like when it grows out, it looks awful.

Like it looks horrible. And I tried to do the beard trimmer thing and it looked, it was even worse. Um, and my beard was getting sanely long, so yeah, I’d get a little, uh, trim on the side and, you know, it took longer to trim the beer than it did to cut my hair before. So, uh, but it was a, you know, felt like a million bucks when you left. And I, you know, I left the curly stash still nice for me. Um, yeah, I mean it to a, Duffy’s low the local corner bar here. Um, kind of funny, uh, some of the places around town, like I think you, uh, were talking to you that they really took precautions. Duffy’s took out a couple of tables, um, to Ralph Lou in Rochester Hills. Like the windows were open outside every table had a somewhat on it. Yeah. I mean, it was, it was interesting. So Friday, um, I went down to Detroit shipping company, uh, and we’ve kind of talked about, you know, their plans. They removed the migrating, everything outside. Um, it’s cause I went down there cause you know, we’ve got our studio, there were, you know, reopening the studios now. And uh, so I had to put the TV in there, uh, that I had never installed in there before. So that’s up and running. So now we can have zoom guests for there and keep the in the studio down like

We’re trying to do. And what they’ve done is, so for those of you who are familiar with it, you know, the layout, but if you aren’t, so there’s an indoor courtyard, which is where like all the tables were like in the center of the room with ringed, by all the restaurants. And then there’s an outdoor courtyard that had a big tent over it. And then there was the back parking lot. Well, the big tent that was in the outdoor courtyard is now in the back parking lot. All of the tables that were in the indoor courtyard are now gone. They have been converted to booths that they built in the back parking lot. So there’s like, there’s literally no parking, um, in the back parking lot anymore. Cause it’s either, uh, the cupboard tables with the tent or the booths. And they built, you know, these booths with little canopies over them.

Cause we all know, I mean, other than today, of course it’s been pretty hot and sunny lately. Uh, and they’re making a run into that way and there’s no, uh, there’s no walk up to the bar to get drinks. Everything is you have to be seated. Uh it’s tableside service. And so that’s kind of one of the challenges that they’re having there right now is like their staff, like the only people they’ve ever had on staff have been bartenders and bar backs. And, and so now they’re trying to convert them to waiters slash waitresses. Um, well that’s the one thing we were always concerned about was who, you know, who, if anyone’s coming back to work, are they just sitting on their hands, waiting for the call or they’re like, no way I’m not coming back or they’re like, you know, it was kind of a mixed bag.

Um, so I know it was like I said, I was there Friday. Um, and, and had a, it was nice to see, you know, some of the bartenders that I knew and that kind of stuff and some of the staff and, and it’s still only brew hoe and coop, uh, that are open from a restaurant perspective. Uh, look amazing by the way from a dude he always does. Yeah. I mean he he’s. Yeah. Dude, chef max is just, is freaking amazing with what he puts together down there. Um, so, Oh, and I guess that’s the other, the other reason you can be inside, uh, basically, so going inside is literally only if you’re walking in to go to the bathroom or if you’re there for a pickup takeout order. Um, those are the only two reasons why you should be like on the indoor, on the indoor side of things.

Uh, but they have refreshed the art. They’ve done a, a really great job. They’ve made a whole commitment to, uh, basically feature black artists for the next year. Um, and do the stuff that they have up right now is just amazing and outstanding. So, I mean, if you get a chance just to like be able to, cause you can walk around the art gallery obviously, um, which is on the second floor of the indoor courtyard. Uh, but you know, just take a look at stuff and see what’s there. It’s a really, really great, uh, it’s a great pop in. Um, but yeah, so I mean, so that was nice. And then I walked around the corner to temple bar, which laughably kinda looks like a seven mile liquor store, uh, now, cause it’s the a C know it’s, it’s, the bar is still the bar, but now they’ve got plexiglass shielding from the bar top to the ceiling, uh, with little holes cut out every now and then that they can slip your drinks through and like take cards or cash through that kind of thing.

I was so surprised to hear that like honest to God, like usually it’s the dive bars that are like, whatever,

You know what though? I mean, so I, you know, I give like, you know, so I mean, you know, I spent a lot of time talking with Larry George, actually there was so there’s only me, uh, Larry and one other person in the bar. Um, George was apparently hanging out upstairs the owner and he came down and like said, Hey, and thanks for coming back. And, you know, thanks for coming in and all that stuff, um, you know, and had a good talk with him about, you know, how they’re looking at it and how they’re doing things. And it was really interesting. I mean, like they’re like, so like the, the plexiglass around the bar honestly, is really to protect the bartenders. Um, you know, kinda like the whole, you know, masks are there to protect, not you, but other people, you know, that plexiglass is there to keep the bartenders safe.

Well that’s, and that’s the weird thing about the masks too. It’s like, okay. They say you don’t wear them walking in. Then when you sit down, you take it off. But like, you know, maybe 25% of the people wore them walking in the rest of the people, kind of everyone I saw just didn’t have them on at all. Um, I know, true. And then no, go ahead. No, no, no. It was just, uh, I was just being cognizant of it. I wasn’t, I don’t think I, I don’t even think I’ve worn mine walking in. Cause I’m like, if I’m taking it off in three steps, you know what I mean? Like, Hey, am I even putting it on now?

Well, but so I mean, but so that goes, that gums down for the guidelines from the state is, you know, when you are seated, you are only supposed to be seated basically with people that you walked in with. So that it’s, it’s kind of a, like a closed group kind of thing. And so the masks are supposed to be when you’re walking in, or if you get up from the seat to like walk to the bathroom or whatever else when you’re inside, because that’s when you’re going to be mingling or around other people and increasing your level of contact and exposure. And so you should be wearing one, then it is what it is. Uh, you know, so, like I said, you know, that I left temple bar and wow, I gotta tell ya, it took so long. It took the longest, it has ever taken for me to get a lift, um, from temple bar to get up to whiskey in the jar.

Um, there just aren’t a lot out and running right now. Um, which I guess I can’t blame them. Uh, you know, um, but so, you know, finally, you know, got one made my way up to whiskey, um, where, you know, no plexiglass Florida ceiling, they’ve actually taken some of the high top tables and push them, uh, up against the bar. So there’s at least a more, an increased barrier, um, between, you know, the bartenders and, and the people coming in. Um, but again, only, you know, three or four other people in the bar, uh, kind of a good time. And I gotta tell you, it felt really good to actually be in a bar and, uh, and take over the jukebox again, I’m not gonna lie. That’s a, that’s something I’ve really missed.

It’s so funny when I was at second base and I’m like, Oh my God, the jukebox is on. Oh my God. And I couldn’t think of the damn Chuck man got the name. I go, what’s the name of the instrumental? I’m like, Oh my God, like, literally, like I lost my, what is, what is that 10 minute remix that I always play and piss everyone off? Yeah, yeah. What’s my playlist. And I went to a, then when I went to Duffy’s, the same thing happened and Ben was like, man, I miss you. Cause he’s always played punk rock for him

Because he’s a big,

The first thing I do is I put in, you know, dead Kennedys or whatever. He’s like, Oh my God. You know? So, um, but yeah, it’s uh, and Oh yeah. And then we went to great lakes crossing from my, uh, for my daughter’s. Uh, we went to a range. She wanted to go to rainforest cafe for sweet sixteens.

Interesting. So I’m curious, how was it like in a, like, how was it in an indoor mall area environment? I’m curious,

Walked out of there at seven 20 and it was closed. Like there was no one left. Um, we probably parked in the second parking spot and we got, there was like a five o’clock dinner. Um, there wasn’t really anyone around the, the place was half-full. Um, they only had like four people working, um, to be honest, it was relatively quiet. Um, by the time we left, it was pretty much about three quarters full. We walked out and there was no one in the mall. All those, all the Gates were pulled down and, you know, we didn’t go for a lap. We parked right outside in and out. I was, uh, yeah, I was just kind of weird. It was just weird vibe.

Well, I mean, and it kinda is like, no matter where you go, like I said, I mean, I didn’t, I didn’t go a ton of places when I was out Friday, but, you know, it was, it was interesting seeing, like by and large, not a ton of people wearing masks. Um, and although I like everywhere I went, staff was, um, and, and so I give them all the credit in the world. I mean, that’s, you know, it’s not easy to burn a shift, you know, sitting there wearing a mask the entire time and it’s, you know, it has its own challenges, but good for them. I mean, they’re, they’re at least trying to, you know, at least walk

The walk. Yeah. I mean, if you’re, you know, and again, if you’re not tipping, you know, I think I tipped a hundred percent of my Barbara tip 50% on a dinner,

16 people. I got, I got yelled at quick. Yeah. I got yelled at both by Larry and Augie, uh, for how much I tipped them. Uh, I was out on Friday, but I’m like, guys, well, not only that, but I mean, I mean, I’ve got a three month backlog where I haven’t, you know, been out drinking and tipping. So I mean, it’s, my bank account is, is still like, like, wait, wait, what? What’s going on? Wait, why is there so much in here? Wait, Oh, you haven’t been out. That’s why. Yeah. Right. All the bartenders haven’t made their car payments in three months because of a you, right. Exactly. It’s been a rough. Um, but Hey, so good story. And this was kind of a late breaking one, um, that I just shot across beforehand. We’ve, we’ve talked in talking about walking around downtown Detroit.

Um, so we’re all familiar with project Greenlight. Uh, there was a story that just came across about a man, um, who like, so he’s sitting in a black gentlemen, um, and he said, he’s at work one day. And he gets a phone call from the DPD, uh, that says he should come down to the station and turn himself in to be arrested. Like, and he thought it was a prank, so he ignored it. Uh, and he gets to his house and he pulls into his driveway and two cop cars, uh, basically blocked them in. Uh, they, you know, they, they pull, you know, get him out of the car. They tell him he’s being arrested, uh, arrest him in front of his wife and kids. Uh, and this is a quiet Southern Farmington Hills. This is not, um, you know, this is like literally like a nice sub.

Yeah. And so, you know, they arrest them, they take them downtown, they book them, they process them, they do everything. Uh, they get him, uh, you know, they sit him down and start, you know, an interrogation room. And he, they were like, Oh, well, you know, when’s the last time you were in Shinola. Uh, and he was like, well, I, I think I checked it out in 2014 when they opened that’s about it. And they were like, Oh, so you know, this isn’t you. And they, they slap a photo down. Um, and it’s, you know, someone who had, uh, apparently walked away with five Shinola watches, um, and it clearly was not him, but the facial recognition software, uh, said it was. And, and so that’s, you know, this is the issue that we’ve talked about a number of times, and I know what a lot of people have as well, where basically facial recognition technology works great. If you’re white, if, if you are not, there are significant issues. And so this guy got arrested, got his fingerprints taken, got his DNA taken, um, got all this stuff, happened to him because of a bad hit from facial recognition technology. Yeah. I’m looking at it like the company’s, uh, data works, um, and they don’t measure their measure for accuracy or bias. So it’s just basically, it’s just there. It’s just there and Hey, hope for the best. And if you get caught up in it, sorry.

Yeah. Uh, 10 times basically they falsely identified African American and Asian faces 10 times to 100 times more than Caucasian faces. Jeez. Yeah. And, uh, stop it, stop using it. Um, yeah, please, for the love of God. And here’s the thing, I mean, and it’s not that, cause I think we had talked about this last week as well. Like I don’t agree with the project. Greenlight needs to go away because at its core, the video surveillance helps business owners, the facial recognition component of it that needs to go the hell away. That that’s the issue. And that’s where all of these problems start coming into being, I mean, here’s the thing. You can use it as a guide, but you can’t use it to grab someone out of their house and cuff them and take them to the state out of their frigging driveway in front of their wife and kids for the love of God.

I mean, that’s, I could see if he can question and going, Hey, I’d like to talk to you for a minute and be like, or you have the, or you have the detective show up at the house with the photograph that didn’t look like him and go Ash at our bad, sorry, stupid software. It have a nice day, sir. That’s the thing like you get, you get pulled out of your house and arrested and taken. Even if they said he falsely identified, dude, that’s 10 years. You’re telling that story to friends and family or anyone that’s going to listen. I will absolutely how EFT up that situation is. Like I said, if

They were just calmly use it, like that would be one thing, but yeah, taking it to that part. Um, couple of other things like going on some big things, baseball’s back 60 games season. Um, I don’t know. Uh, I know you, uh, I think we’ll will opening day be a big thing this year. I don’t know. Um, and I don’t even know if they’re gonna allow people in the stadium or how they’re going to put people in the park. Wait, wait, what put people in the park now? How, how they’re not going to allow people in the stadium? I don’t know. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t know if they’re gonna allow, uh, if it’s going to be like soccer, where they’re playing in front of a crowd and piped in and piped in now, crowd noises. I mean, I wouldn’t mind going and sitting in the bleachers as long as I’m kind of like in a little Island, but you know who the hell is going to work there. Who’s going to do, you know, hashtag still better attendance than the Trump rally just saying, ah, you guys loved it piling on shit.

You know what else is dumb? Um, I guess apparently I swear to God it’s from the Detroit news. I had to read it four times. Cause I thought it was the onion or Babylon and B, um, that the owner of Eskimo pie has got to change the name. Now dude, I get, you know, so think about it. Like we’ve had this con, like we had this conversation when beaners changed our name. Uh, and when we kind of joked that we’re offended about crack. Exactly. Why, why hasn’t Cracker barrel. But before know, we’ve been telling them, we’ve been telling that story for what seven years now, guys, more than that.

And I just, Oh, for the love of God, like I don’t, I mean like on some level I get it, but yeah. I mean, that’s that, you know, I’m sorry, that’s, that’s not, you know, that doesn’t have the historical kind of in my mind and, and please feel free to tell me where I’m wrong in my mind that does not have the negative connotations that an aunt Jemima does that, you know, though all the brands that are looking at changing their names and that kind of stuff now, I mean it’s, well, I mean the answer, my main thing, like you knew not that it was cringy, but you knew it came from that gone with the wind wind era dude. A nice, so I’ve always, I’ve said here’s what I would love. I would love to do an interview with like one board member per decade from Quaker oats and just be okay. Like, okay. So, so not, not a problem in 1950, not, not a problem in it because it’s not. Okay. So explain to me why you looked at that in 1960 and said no big deal in 1970s and nobody deal eighties, nineties, two thousands. Now, now you finally realize this is like what finally, what finally happened in that board room that made you go,

Yeah, we have a problem on our hands. Yeah, we should. We should probably do something about this. My two favorite ideas or memes is that each have a Shaquille oatmeal and flapjack Karen that’s. I like flat carrot. Yeah. And then there was the under Quaker instead of undertake the undertaker with the side. I do think that would be amazing. Um, oatmeal. I’m like whoever thought of that, I got to buy him a beer. Exactly. That’s that’s just genius in and of itself. Uh, so you know, what, what makes me laugh is, you know, there was a story that came across and I don’t even think I shot it in the links. Um, there was a guy who basically tried to fleece the, uh, the government with the paycheck protection program with, for a company that had been out of business for two years, um, and managed to get a couple million dollars, uh, in the paycheck protection program.

Um, and bought himself, a couple of cars, bought his girlfriend a car, but you know, like, like really, really high end cars. And you want to see good fellows. Yeah. He got busted by the FBI and yeah, so now he’s screwed. Um, but I’m just saying, you know, if he would have been smart, he could’ve taken $74,500 of that. Um, and gone to Boston dynamic and bought one of those creepy spot robot, dog, things that we’ve been talking about forever that scare the ever living shit out of us price tag. Yes. $74,500. You too could have the little creature from the bullet head app or metal head episode of black mirror, a low end Tesla gun or a robot dog. I can put a shot gun on fee. That’s the dilemma, totally dilemma, $74,500. Like I like, I’d kinda like to figure out how to make that work, but that seems like a really dumb thing to be buying. Yeah. But Hey, I, you know,

Dave and I are always concerned about, uh, internet privacy and that’s why, uh, we have, uh, teamed up with our buddies at private internet access. They were an award winning VPN provider with over 1 million customers all over the world. Private internet X has been allows you to encrypt your connection. You can keep anything you do online, confidential, and secure your ISP government or hackers or no longer have access to your data. Here’s the cool part. They have unlimited access to over 3,200 VPN servers in 46 countries. I set this thing up in less than a minute. I’m so easy. Even a Bob can do. It actually played around. I used the East coast West coast. I went on to Switzerland, a server. They have dedicated apps for all the platforms. You need windows, Mac iOS, Linux, a Firestick. You can protect up to 10 devices at the same time.

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Oh my God. I got to tell you about venti, by the way, in a minute and months, 13 and 14 are free head to www private internet access.com/it. And the deed to get started protecting yourself online today, that’s www private internet access.com/it, and the day 76% off. Appreciate it. Very cool. Um, so I, I’m making my, daughter’s going with her friend to Starbucks and they have a venti and I keep joking that it’s not even a large it’s it’s it means 20 and yeah. And the girl barks back at me and she goes, Oh, it’s a 20 ounce or mr. Bob. And I’m like, God bless. Like I was today years old when I learned that I’ve been making fun of Starbucks for 15 years. And now I get, was that the same friend that barked back at me about the whole watching sports on TV?

No, no. That one was one of them, one of my funnier moments as a human being. Um, so this is a, it’s been an interesting, uh, I got to catch Ford versus Ferrari, uh, this weekend. Um, Oh yeah. It’s on a, it’s on HBO, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. Um, my wife knows nothing about racing. Uh, absolutely loved the movie. Um, phenomenal story if you haven’t seen it. Um, it’s basically the Carroll Shelby. They wanted to beat Ferrari in the, in a 24 hour Lamont. Is this crazy race that goes for a day? I don’t even know if they still do it or not. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a 24 hour race. It’s it’s pretty it’s it’s draining. Yeah. But the crazy, the weirdest part was like Batman was the grace car driver who lost a hundred pounds for the role. And Lee Lee Iacocca was the Punisher. So like the whole time I’m watching it and then we’re waiting for a fight to break out the Punisher. He’s got Lee Iacocca has this shit, Matt Damon, who I’m not a really huge fan of, um, killed it as Carroll Shelby. He was awesome. Yeah. He was a, I don’t know. It was great. Flick is so worth. Even if you hate racing, it’s a great story. Um, so I mean like really the only things I got caught up on, uh, I watched history,

So I’ve been like kind of Netflix been doing stuff. I watched history one Oh one, um, which if you’re not familiar with it, it is, uh, it’s only an eight episode series. Um, and just like little quick hits about like the history of fast food in America. And you know, it’s just, it’s, it’s really, really good. It’s, it’s a good series overall. And now I’m, uh, I think I’m six episodes into conspiracy, uh, which, you know, me, I love a good conspiracy theory just to pick it apart. And like, that’s the thing I really love about this show is they let all the conspiracy theorists like talk their talk. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I love them poke it. Um, no, so, and it’s like they, so they let the conspiracy theorist do their thing and then they have like relevant experts mixed in that are like, okay, well, here’s why this theory is not true. Here’s why this theory is not true. And here’s how this really plays out all that kind of stuff. I’m just getting a text and breaking news. We didn’t land on the moon. Go ahead.

We absolutely did. Um, but yeah, no. So I watched those two things and there’s that? Um, yeah, other than that, uh, you know, and you know what, I gotta give a shout out cause you know, so the, uh, the news broke. Um, so Lucifer, uh, season five, uh, the first eight episodes are dropping August 21st. Um, and then the next eight are still TBD. They haven’t announced a release date yet, but they did announce that he signed for season six. I just recently went back and burned through those again. And in season four, I didn’t give Lucifer enough credit at the time for tackling some social issues. Like there’s a really good, um, the black lives matter episode without being a black lives matter episode. Cause it, it it’s, Amenadiel, um, you know, with a, with a young black teenager, um, and they’re run into a situation with the police and that kind of stuff and overzealous white cops pulling guns on them and that kind of stuff. Um, so yeah, I just gotta, I gotta give the show props and I’m just happy. Uh, number one, that there’s going to be a season five and the number two, there’s going to be a season six,

My new hotness. And this is a, I got to get you down. This wormhole is apparently hot. I’ve never, I don’t know how I’ve never seen these, but it’s the comedy central presents. This is not happening. So it’s basically set up in a strip club in Hollywood. I think it’s called cheetahs, um, where the, the, the there’s standup comics that tell like 10 minute quick stories and there’s like 50 people in the audience. So I was intrigued by like the big name, small crowd thing. I liked. I kind of do that. And you’ve got everyone from like Joe Rogan, Tom green, Tom Arnold already Lang Jim brewer, respectable lineup. There’s a bunch of small time comics, but they’re basically, they’re not telling standup, they’re telling funny stories. Um, I just watched one today of a comedian. His last name is park. He’s an Asian guy.

I’m talking about how he was bullied at his middle school. And he ended up having to go back there for a talent show for like his niece. And then it ended up getting like the worst case of diarrhea of all time and like ruin the bathroom and they crapped all. And he had to like right as he rode his bike there for nostalgia, but it’s like this drawn out 10 minute poop story. We’ll meet. It’ll make you cry. Um, the best one, uh, Jim brewer talked about, uh, how we worked at Sears when he was like 16. And there was like, uh, he was in the paint section and, uh, the guy that worked in hardware, it was like a funny duddy 40 year old, you know, I wouldn’t take this job real serious. Okay. So he called in a, he called it a missile threat from this is, you know, basically saying, you know, this is mole Mark Kadafi I, I I’m when I was shooting missiles at your store.

And then he says long live paint. And he basically the guy called the cops and the cops showed up and like helicopters, the FBI shows they did. So like, he’s got to tell this story to like the cops, then the FBI. And every time we would finish, they would go like, Oh my God, like, that’s hilarious that guy’s definitely a suspect. He should be a comedian. And like the way Jim brewer tells a story, man, it’s glow. It’s gold. I’ll have to give it a look like I said, go ahead. No, no, go ahead. If you like a good, uh, like kind of like, uh, Dave, uh, got me to rope me into telling, uh, uh, I shit, my pants story. I go comedy improv and it’s kind of like that kind of format. And if you’re missing, if you haven’t seen that yet, uh, just look up, uh, Bob Walton, spiel.

Uh, I forgot. What was that? Um, God, I can’t remember what, what the name of the show was. Uh, damn. Can’t remember. I don’t know. Just Bobcat have too many videos on YouTube. Bob Walton, spiel, Google. It you’ll find it. It’s yeah. They Googled me at work and found the video, like the gold cup that show whoever put it on. I thought it was going to be buried in like three hours of people telling stories. No, no, they put my name up and at this point I’m like, you know what, leave the damn story. I’m not even mad, dude. You’ve told that story. I can’t tell you how many times. Yeah. Yeah. Google me. You’re going to get a Ted talk on YouTube. You’re gonna get a Ted talk and like me pooping my pants on a date and clips from wrestling events. That’s yeah.

Right, right. I don’t even think they’re tagged with my name unless that’s just shit. I liked, um, the couple of things in, um, movies that we didn’t talk about stuff that’s coming out. Um, I’m kind of mad. Um, did you see the changes that they’re trying to make to justice league? Well, on this four hour reboot, so I don’t think it’s the changes they’re trying to make. It’s the stuff they’re putting back in. So, I mean, it’s, it’s not like the reshooting stuff it’s, you know, so the movie was going one way and then, you know, the guy, you know, the guy had personal issues and dropped out of the film, uh, you know, and they got replaced as the director. Um, and, and it went kind of a different direction. Uh, and so they’re basically getting it back to where it was supposed to be a much darker movie.

Um, no pun intended, given that you’re leading up to the fact that dark side, um, is supposed to be playing a much bigger role in this film. So they, they, so they’re not adding. So I got from that, that they’re like adding it, like, because like they’re taking out step and Wolf, who’s off a horse shit villain anyway. And we talked about that, like of, of all of all the villains you have in, in the DC universe. Really, you went, you went with Steppenwolf without dark side, stupid decision. Like what were you thinking? And that’s, I think that’s what I’ve been watching the shit load of super friends lately, like with the Legion of doom. It’s like, how did you not have that collection of fillings going against the Jew? Like it just, it’s sitting there staring at you in the face, like my bestow, or is it that I say that.

Right. Um, and like, uh, Mitchell Plex and bizarro, Superman and Solomon Grundy. And I’m like, ah, it’s could have been so good. Um, Oh, uh, Hey Pat, Pat, the weirdo says, Bob, don’t worry about it. Nobody can spell your last name. They won’t find you on YouTube, but apparently this is Snyder. Cut is a, is clocking in it four hours and they’re going to, they might make it a mini series dude. Like, and I mean, you remember the dude I bitched about the last two Avengers movies. Like why I’m sorry. There’s no movie needs to be three hours plus long none, bro. And then there, and then there, it’s going to be 20 to $30 million to do it. Just make a God damn new movie on a, on a shoestring budget. You don’t need Henry Cavill make frickin Michael Sarah or some bullshit actor that hasn’t worked in a while.

And you know, Zach Morris or either if you’re going to spend that much money, just redo it or make a new, make it the next film, make it yeah. Do a part two. Yeah. Right. Like meanwhile yeah. Meanwhile, the Legion of doom. Yeah. They missed it. They missed the boat. By the way, if you’re going to have Ben Affleck as Batman and not have Matt Damon has Robin and put them in the gray tights, that’s absolutely like that would be the Kevin Smith cut. I feel like that would, if I ran Hollywood, I wouldn’t even let them make a Batman without Matt. Damon is the other one, the other great story, by the way, um, karate kid. Uh, that’s exactly where I was going. Yup. Yeah. Talking about Netflix Cobra, Kai, the series that had one and two was on YouTube. So Hey kids, if you’re keeping score at home, it’s time to cancel those YouTube reds subscriptions.

I went to Cannes. I thought it was like nine bucks a month. I went to cancel it. And I remember adding, I got the family thing. So like everyone could, you know, dude, it was 18 bucks a month for YouTube premium. I’m like, that’s a bill. I’m glad to get rid of. I’m like, dude, you know, and I gotta watch a commercial now every, every five videos. Okay. Yeah. I know. I thought it would be all spoiled and go like, you know, um, but yeah, Cobra Kai’s coming on Netflix. They did. It’s a huge win. So yeah.

Yeah. So it’s it season three, that’s coming to Netflix. Um, which apparently like they already have done. Uh, and you know, YouTube basically said, Hey, we’re getting out of the original content and programming space. And so they started shopping around and we’ve talked about this on the show before that it was basically down to Netflix and Hulu as far as who was going to get it. And so I guess Netflix is going to get non-exclusive rights to seasons one and two. Uh, cause obviously it’ll probably still be out there on YouTube, uh, or, you know, they, I think they had it on Amazon prime for awhile. Uh, and then season three will be going exclusively to Netflix. And I think part of the deal, um, if I recall correctly was they had to agree to at least a season four.

So that’s good news as well. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s good, dude. It’s such a great

Serious, like that’s I remember what, like when this was the one that talk about this first came out of her, both of us going, please don’t screw this up, please. Don’t screw this up, please. Don’t screw this up. Oh my God, they didn’t screw this up. This is fricking amazing.

Well, and the best thing is that they gave the fans what they wanted. They, they, they made LaRusso to be the bad guy and then they flipped it and then they turned it back and then, you know, they, they gave us exactly what, you know, go figure. You could give us what we want. We’ll we’ll pay for it. We’ll drool while we’re throwing our money at you. Like, yeah, that’s what we do. Thank you for it. Like, it’s basically like if any of us ever got, could have the patience to write a script and then the focus and the mental yeah. The mental wherewithal to go ahead and do it. Yeah. Yeah. Um, Oh, by the way, there’s got we’re so scattered on stories this week. Um, when I laugh by myself, I know it’s stupid. Um, it’s a, it’s a study from Fox to, um, but there’s a new word that I haven’t used in awhile basically to study finds that flushing, your toilet could release virus, Laden, toilet clues, toilet flumes.

I, yes. I have not heard the plume. I can’t tell you in how long, like it wasn’t, it wasn’t that like the, like when you put a feather in your hat, that was the plume. If I recall correctly, I don’t know. But the here’s the best part. My, uh, now 16 year old, I’m telling her this story because I’m trying to, you know, cause I’m a dad and I want to tell poop jokes to my kids to make them roll their eyes. And she goes close the goddamn lid and flush that. And I’m like, see, that’s why you are going to be the president one day. I think that no, that’s why she will be too smart to be president one day.

Um, but Hey, uh, so speaking of, you know, flushing money away and that kind of stuff, I felt bad. Um, the story that came across the kid, uh, that opened a Robin hood account, um, which, and, uh, you know, they’ve, they’ve been a sponsor

Of the show before, so sorry. Uh, but you know, so they’ve, uh, apparently he managed to rack up, I believe it was $730,000. Um, and, and it’s weird how the spin on this came out. So he, he was basically $730,000 in the negative. Still couldn’t do the math. I tried to do the math on how he was running investments. So it comes down to like margin calls and that kind of stuff. And, and yeah. Yeah. And, and so, but what they said was that the problem is, is that if he had waited like six hours, the rest of the transactions would have gone through, and it wouldn’t have been anything close to that. Um, but you know, like his parents were like, okay, how in the hell does a 20 year old kid even get enough leverage slash whatever, to be able to incur a $730,000 debt, even for six or eight hours. I think you missed the big part of the story. He committed suicide when he saw the negative balance. Oh, no, that’s what I said. Yeah. Oh, sorry. I missed that. Yeah. Um, but yeah, that was the, uh, you know, what did he have? He had $16,000 in the beginning, I guess he won a little bit, not one, but you know, he was ahead. And then, uh, you know, basically you thought for what it’s worth, uh, bill, just put a link in the watch party chat, uh, to go to your YouTube video in case anybody.

Um, thanks. 1159. Bill. Love you, man. No, but he, he thought he basically just destroyed his entire future. And why bother living upon what you have is $700,000 debt for the rest of my life. Crazy. Yes. Oh God. Let’s see. I can’t even imagine. But yeah, they give, I mean, they give credit cards to college kids these days. So I mean, they, they kind of know what they’re doing. Um, Oh eight, but at speaking of that for we dive in, uh, so Hey, capital one knows life. Doesn’t alert you about your credit card. That’s why they created Eno. The capital one assistant that looks out for surprise credit card charges, like over tipping, duplicate charges or potential fraud, and then sends an alert to your phone. Then it helps you to fix them. If you need to. It’s another way capital one is watching out for your money when you’re not capital one, what’s in your wallet, see capital one.com for details. So I got another like, do you remember how you, why do we hate slow roll and all those things, because it’s an excuse to stop for traffic. That’s it? Oh, okay. So yeah. Excuse for selfies. And then for the love of God just stopped for traffic lights. That was always our biggest bitch. Chick-fil-A opens up in no bites.

And there’s like this line, like they had to do a helicopter run for like five minutes to show this line. And here I am thinking as a rational human being, it’s a chicken sandwich. Not at all, not just, it’s a good chicken sandwich, chicken sandwich. You have another Chick-fil-A at Somerset mall. About 20 minutes away, 30 minutes. Maybe if you had to put some tracks that doesn’t have a mile long line doesn’t have. Yeah. So now you can basically go to Somerset park, go upstairs, go to the, Chick-fil-A, get the chicken sandwich drive back to Novi. And you still wouldn’t be through that line. But, but then you wouldn’t have been able to get the selfie, but you wouldn’t have been able to sell it there. That’s, that’s how that works. Check in there and said, I’m here. And you’re not just like everything else on social media these days is look where I’m at.

Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me and look at me. Look at me, look at me. Yeah. But like at what point does, like the cities of America is like, just like Chick-fil-A is opening up in Shelby township. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. How about no, um, you’re going to need the, the parking lot of a Walmart or you’re not moving in, like, is it dude, how much police duty did Novi need to, to, to run this damn right. I’m saying like, and chick plays like, I don’t know. I don’t care. We just opened the doors. Dude. We don’t care about her community impacts and he didn’t pick up a deal though. Like I don’t get it. It’s not that good of a Sam Popeye’s it’s better, but it’s is better when all blasphemy

Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich. I w crushes Popeye’s crushes. I will fight you on this. You’re stupid. You know, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you prefer a sandwich with basically a chicken finger, uh, as opposed to yeah. Kate, get outta here with that nonsense pickle and Ooh, and a pickle. Ooh.

Yeah. Um, so our gyms, our gyms opening up or no, dude, I don’t know.

So that was too much. So they’re supposed to be opening up tomorrow. Um, but then, uh, cause you know, basically there’s a federal, I think it was a federal judge that came in and said, you know, yeah, you have to allow Jim’s opening and laughably. We talked about this with Fred the last time, uh, Fred Brown, the last time he was on the show about, okay, well if health and fitness is a part of this, then why aren’t gyms open? And he saying the exact same thing that Whitmer and her staff are saying, which is okay, but in gyms, people are heavily exhaling a lot at an increased rate. And so you have more shit floating around. And so that creates problems. Uh, and so who knows, like, I, I genuinely don’t know if, if they’re opening up now or not. Cause I think it’s, it’s tied up in the court. So we probably won’t, I haven’t seen an update yet.

She appealed in like, um, I guess, you know, I’m, I’m in this whole physical therapy thing. So I need, I, to be honest, I want to go to the gym cause I need to strengthen on my left leg. And so I’m looking at burn fitness going, I just was going to go in there and I got to do two machines. I know exactly which ones they are and I’m looking at I’m going, they have classes going, I’m like, wait a minute. Cause I was gonna like sign up real quick, Pat, Pat, the weirdo just turned and he said, well, you know, strip clubs are open and they cause heavy breathing. So that’s yeah. Thanks Pat. Which ones do you go to? Um, no, but they, they, they were showing classes already at the burn fitness by my, and then they will let you call them. They’re like, yeah, no, we don’t know yet.

So and so, so we lightly touched on, uh, you know, the answer of my, my thing as a, as a tangent and I guess one of the unintended side effects that kind of made me laugh is the day they announced that change, um, due to eBay and Facebook marketplace were flooded by people like who apparently ran out to stores or ran to their pantries, um, and started listing, let started listing aunt Jemima bottles as collector’s item. Uh, it discontinued at like 10 to 50 times the face value. Like what, what,

Where are we as a society? That that’s a thing now I’m going to, I’m going to come to your house in like 10 years and you’re, I’m going to go on like, and it’s going to be like your trophy case. Like bro, where’d you get that man? That’s that, that, that won’t be at my house. I’m just, let’s be crazy. I remember I bought a like Simpson cereal when like the first came out, I just kept it and I put it in my baseball card, a bookcase and I still have it. I looked at an eBay and I could sell it for like $6. And I’m like, you know, at this point, like throw in the garbage, what the hell is the point? You know what, I forgot to talk to you about it. I wanted to see if this was bullshit or not. I spent about three minutes on it.

So I don’t know if it’s right or not. Um, I kept getting this meme going Google any three digit number, as long as it doesn’t start with a zero. Right. As long as it doesn’t start 101 Oh one didn’t work either. But if you Google any three digit number and the word cases or new Q cases. Yep. It came up eight 23. Here’s the story? Nine, nine, nine. Here’s the, here’s a news story about where, what location had that number of new cases from somewhere? It was always from a different location. It was always I’m like w X, Y, Z, and Toledo or whatever. Um, and basically, uh, I don’t know if it’s, like I said, a hundred, 100 didn’t work and one-on-one didn’t work one or two did. And then I like stopped five, five, five work, nine, nine, nine, six, six, six. Um, it was completely and utterly bizarre to me. Um,

Well, I mean, it just goes to show you, I mean, if nothing else, I mean, Google is very heavily weighting news, um, about coronavirus at this point for obvious reasons. Um, and yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s kinda crazy that no matter what number you throw in, there’s somebody that has that number or had that number, um, you know, in recent news and recent history, that’s, that’s making that pop.

See, and I also get like, from the other side of the conspiracy theorists that say it’s bullshit and they’re just trying to flood the, you know, build scaring with her. I’m like, dude, like, you know, here’s the thing. When you sit at home long, you start thinking of crazy shit. Um, the w the one though, um, I guess the FDA came out and they said there’s nine hand sanitizers. Um, that could kill you. And we’ll tell you after sports and weather, wait, what the FDA came out, said, there’s nine different hands. Talk for a sec. I’m refilling my drink and listening. Yeah. Yeah. There’s nine hand sanitizers that contain methanol, which is absorbed through the skin or ingested. Um, it’s, it’s, it can basically kill you. It’s it’s, uh, a toxic alcohol that’s used as a solvent, a pesticide, um, alternative fuel source, but apparently most of the, um, methanol based, uh, are made in China or made in Mexico or they’re made cheaply. Um, I guess if you have you used too much of it, um, basically nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness seizures, coma, uh, damages, the nervous system and death. Um, it’s lethal, only used in doses of 30 to 240 million. I mean, so how is that different from a night out drinking with us? Like, I guess I’m confused. Um, but then there’s, then there’s nine of them that they, that they list, um, all clean, ask biochem, clean care, no germ, um, LaVar, um, Hey, he’s alive Santa derm. Whoops.

He was sleeping. Um, but apparently, yeah. Uh, uh, if you have something that contains methanol, um, throw it in the trash. Yeah. Methanol bad. That’s that’s a, that’s a pretty easy one. If you buy antibacterial thing, you don’t look at the, Oh, is this organic? Like, you’re just trying to think. Nobody looks at the ingredients list on frigging anything. I love know, I love the meme that’s floating around. Uh, somebody had posted, Hey, you know, here’s the ingredients list from a vaccine. Um, which one do you object being put into your body? There’s like all these chemical compounds and that kind of stuff. And people are like, Oh my God, that’s terrible. All of them like really? Um, so that’s actually the chemical composition of an Apple. So that was the, uh, do you support banning dihydrogen nitrogen oxide. It’s the most corrosive chemical known to mankind.

It eats through rocket. Yeah. Thousands of people die from it every year. It’s drought. We’re not going to tell you that. Good old Penn and teller. I missed that. Totally forgot about when we’re talking about justice league. Um, what do you think about Michael Keaton returning his Batman? I mean, better than, uh, Ben Aflac, uh, and certainly better than George Clooney and better than Skippy. Mick vampire kid, Val Kilmer spaghetti at walls to see what sticks at this point. Oh, no, not about killer. Who was a Steven Pattinson? Roger Pattinson. What’s the kid’s name from? I never watched a single Twilight thing thinking I’m happy about it, Robert Penn vampires. But apparently it’s going to be like, here’s the thing. Is it going to be like a princess Leia rogue one where it’s like Michael Keaton, but they like smooth as skin out and don’t make them look like such an old bag. Um, cause it’s like, it’s going to be like play a cameo on flash. So obviously he’s going to go back in some time.

Maybe like maybe they’re getting to the episode where I, cause I mean, that was always, you know, the passing of the torch was when bane breaks Batman’s back and he can no longer be Batman anymore. Um, and kind of a mentor role. Yeah. So maybe they’re finally getting rid of that story who knows,

Or they get bored and it’s just like Batman in the later years when he’s 70 and he can barely walk up the stairs. See, now that’s a good movie. Make that or like, you know, or, or a prequel when they’re all like eight years old. I was, I do that already.

They did that with, um, Gotham you off them or, you know, it’s, it’s like, yeah, the retired Batman kids. Let me tell you a story. When I took on the joker, when I, when he was Jack Nicholson was the best joke. Let me tell you why. And then the big chase is he’s on like a Walmart squirter whipping around Gotham on Rascals that have like, that have rocket launchers of course. Cause it’s bad when they’re going to call time out, you just gotta hit his inhaler. Yeah. Got it. Ivy bag on a roller cart next to this. That’s again, why are we not writing this crap? What’s wrong with us? Like four people, five Oh mother of God. So, Hey, you had a, you shot, you shot a note across without any really story, backing it up. Um, about barbecue joints being the only recession proof business. I mean, not that I disagree cause I’ve ordered from them several times, but

Holy shit. Um, father’s day, um, we’re not going out anywhere cause there’s nothing really kind of open from, you know, and I don’t want my dad out because he’s, you know, like 78. Um, so I’m like, Hey, pop out. I’m just going to go pick up some barbecue and we’ll see at your house, you know, cause usually, uh, usually we go to the Carpathia club and, you know, get a Hungarian sausage and, and watch soccer and have a beer. That’s kinda been like the last 20 years of father’s day with my dad. So, you know, I look forward to it, but you know, there’s no soccer this year. There’s no father’s day picnic at Carpathia. So I said, I’ll bring over some barbecue. Well, I’ll be goddamned. It costs in woodpile. There’s a line out into the street. Um, woodpile opened up a new location in Madison Heights.

We get in there. Um, they’re out of everything at like one 30. Wow. There’s no ribs. There’s no, uh, uh, Chile, I think they’re out of two other things. So I’m like, what do you have? Give me a pound of whatever you have left. So I got like burnt ends and brisket. The brisket was not even, you couldn’t make it cut pieces anymore. It was all, it was gone. Um, the jalapeno sausage, I mean, it was phenomenal. It’s amazing. But like there was a line out the door on both of those places. I mean, I guess if you’re putting out good food.

Yeah. I find you, like, I think I kind of did it smart. I was like, I stopped Saturday. I went over to shots market. There were like 14 in Garfield blossom. Um, and they always, Oh yeah, I do it. And they’ve, uh, they, and they apparently they sold it and now the original owners are back. Um, and they’re going through a whole remodel and everything. So I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s phenomenal. It’s a great, like that’s, that’s my go to like meat market. Cause it’s close to the house and that kind of stuff, um, you know, picked up, uh, you know, some T-bones and that kind of stuff. I just figured I’d do it myself and grill on Sunday.

Yeah, that was, um, I was, uh, shots was the place that my dad used to take the deer too, that they used to shoot and he was basically, you bring up a deer and then you come back later and it’s a couple of steaks, a couple bowls of chili, couple this couple that you know. Um, but yeah, I’m surprised. That’s great that they’re still around. I like hearing those stories from folks. So dude, what’s going on with zoom? Like one week they say they’re going to provide encryption next week. They say, they’re not. Then they say they are apparently now they are providing end to end encryption for free users. Yes. Because like, you know, when the CEO came out and said, we’re only gonna do it for the cops, um, your were not because of the cops and now they’re saying they’re going to do it. So like do people just not give a shit anymore? They’re going to use what they’re going to use and do whatever you want with it. Is that what it’s boiled down to? Um,

I mean, hopefully they understood the blow back that happened. Um, I mean, let’s be real. Their whole thing is, you know, they they’ve taken, they’ve gotten a lot of boosts over this past few months. Um, and I don’t think they want to lose that. And, and that was causing a lot of negative PR for them. And so they realized, yeah, let’s go ahead and back down off that position.

Well, I’m glad they like it. You know, basically they said since, uh, or they went and uh, went, if they’ve engaged with, uh, civil liberties organizations, a CSO council, child safety advocates, and encryption experts, government reps, their own users, they got feedback and they asked what they want and what they need. So like, I guess good on them for like, I guess getting eliciting. Uh, here’s the thing they’re writing a huge way right now. They could easily. Cause right now, um, teams is offering a personal version, Microsoft teams, um, Google’s, they’re, they’re all racing to catch up again.

Screw you Google it like hard because like every time I set up a new calendar invite and say, make it a zoom meeting, they sneak a little join via Google meets button into there. Even when you say don’t do that,

Hey Dave, geez, sorry that the free email service you don’t know

Or inconveniences he’s slightly, but it’s not, it’s not a slight inconvenience dude. Like I’ve had show hosts and guests that have clicked the wrong link because it says it’s there and that’s what you should be clicking. And of course they put theirs above the zoom link. That’s actually the real thing

Right now. Zoom is above on this one, this one right now zoom is above. Okay. But it’s not, you know, can you have you dicked with it to see if that’s a, that’s an opt out? Yeah. You can’t. I haven’t spent enough.

Yeah. Then I, yeah, I will never be using Google meats. Thank you. No, there’s

No, there Google makes me now. Yes. Oh, they’ll have impossible meat in, in not too long. That’s I’m sure that I’m so pissed that I don’t own meet up.com. We’ve talked about that for so long angry and we’d do it all in. Like we could do it all at barbecue places. I know. But so speaking of going virtual, um, I know Detroit startup week, uh, is going on currently and they went to an all virtual format this year, um, as did the Apple developers conference, which is kinda cool. Well, indeed, uh, Detroit startup week apparently had technical difficulties yesterday, like we did on Monday. Yep. That is one of the issues of, uh, doing these things virtually. But I think, you know, I think at this point, everybody is, uh, accepting of the fact that this shit is a perfect science unless, uh, you know, a must we’re, uh, you know, doing this over some sort of other platform or some streaming device, that’s not, uh, you work with the best you got.

Yeah. I mean, hell we did. We’ve had technical difficulties in studio before. It’s not like, you know, I complete elimination of things. It just, this is one more thing that can possibly go wrong. It is what it is. No, I’m super happy to see the Detroit startup week is still a kind of doing what they do saw a nice little piece on a, it was a channel 62 or CBS or whatever with, uh, with Monica wheat. Yup. She looks great on TV as a she doesn’t person. But yeah, that was, uh, uh, that’s always a really, it’s amazing how many people, like she said, I think was it 10,000 or 30,000? They got through last year, uh, through the whole entire event. So that was a bill just chimed in the Lake breaking comment that said now he’s, we’re after the, uh, the Eskimo pie.

Now he’s worried they’re coming for a Swedish fish and Spanish rice. That’s what, uh, I was going to say why it was Swedish bill, write a letter about Swedish fish. I’ll write one for, uh, I’ll write one for juice crackers in general, like saltines. Um, I don’t even know who owns them because they’re all like 70 different companies make them well, exactly. It’s like Xerox, it’s ubiquitous name now, but uh, yeah. Uh, what else needs to go like, yeah, I’m a, you know, here’s the thing, I don’t know. There’s, there’s a lot of people, like, I don’t want to keep harping on the angioma thing, but if you talk to like their family going, like, this was a kind of an amazing thing for our family and you know, like she worked 30 years for a, um, kind of what was the parent company at the time?

Um, that eventually became Quaker oats. Yeah. Yeah. But like made a great living and, and, you know, came from, you know, obviously being a slave to like having this, having a living kind of a great life, uh, being the spokesperson for this brand and making a lot of money. It’s kind of a, I don’t want to say it’s a great story because it started off horrible. Um, but like, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re removing that. Um, so I don’t, you know, again, I don’t know where they’re going to go with it, what they’re going to call it. Um, well, and that’s, that’s, I think it will be interesting to see how that actually evolves. Um, Oh, and speaking of actually evolving, cause we’ve talked about these, did you see the story? And I forgot to shoot it across that apparently they are, uh, that are breaking down Chaz.

Uh, finally apparently the, uh, the police department out in, uh, in Washington state has said, okay, we’re done this. This was a cute little experiment, but it’s time for it all to come down. Now here’s my favorite part, dude. It was Chaz. Cause they called it an autonomous zone. Then they realize if it’s not Tonomy zone, that means nobody can bring shit in from outside the country or inside the walls. So they called it shop, which is an organized protest, but now they can, they can still be citizens, but like they needed to bring in pizza from outside because they didn’t grow for shit. They don’t have the stuff to actually make pizza. That’s that’s the problem. Yeah. Or supply chain cause no one could come in. How do we get more liquor? I don’t understand how this works actually. And there’s another good story.

So it is now passed both the house and legislature, uh, the whole, um, cocktails to go and the drinking district thing. Uh, and so now it’s sitting there waiting for apparently Whitmer signature, uh, to get that up and running, uh, which obviously I’m a huge proponent of, I think it’d be a great thing. Um, I would love to be able to walk around with a drink as opposed to, you know, being stuck in a bar or stuck in one location kind of facility thing. And I’m sure there’ll be detractors and people that, you know, say it’s not the greatest idea in the free world, but it’s, it’s, it’s better than what we have right now. And a lot of, a lot of cities have already like, Hey, we’re closing down like an old Northville, uh, where we’ve got one of our studios, uh, has closed down their main street, uh, in order to allow the restaurants and bars to like go out into the street with outdoor seating and that kind of stuff to improve things.

Um, and yeah, I mean, and Mike did that too. Red bank did that, where they closed off the street, but over the top it looked freaking great. It looked like, um, the, uh, the belt, uh, alleyway has like a really cool feel to it. I mean, Auburn Hills, I mean, granted, it’s a smaller town and we have a small downtown, um, but we have the Michigan wind by the bottle and a new brewery opened up in, uh, you know, we have a couple of restaurants. Uh, they took one of the parking lots right in the city center, like in the downtown, but AstroTurf on it and put picnic benches and Oh, nice. Yeah. So like now you can grab a wine or whatever and they opened up, open it up for alcohol, so you can grab whatever and kind of be outside and not have to be inside Duffy’s with the, with the cretins like me, but no.

So hopefully this passes quickly. Um, and you know, I was, you know, yakking in a group chat earlier and I was like, Hey, let’s make sure that, cause I mean then obviously the next step is after it gets past, um, then the city councils have to do their thing. Uh, and you know, let’s, you know, let’s hope there’s no big lag on that. Um, I was nagging Augie earlier about, Hey, you know, Hamtramck looking at you. Um, and apparently they’re sitting there waiting for it to pass too. So I, cause I do, I mean, especially, especially in place like Hamtramck where you’ve got so many bars, so close together, you know, being able to wander around and, and that kind of stuff. I just think it makes so much sense and just keeps things, I think a safer for everybody, you know, especially where, you know, you’ve got the one study that came out from California that said, Hey, six feet was just a best guess it might be 26 feet.

We don’t know. Um, so yeah, so I, uh, I just got a text message. Um, I’m getting bonus points. Apparently I’ve been friends with a group of people since like 1999 on from, from, uh, being on the same Detroit lions message forums that we actually developed actually develop friendships. I don’t think I’ve ever told this story on the podcast. Um, basically he goes, I have two questions for you. One what the Fs up with your beard, it’s looking good. He’s uh, he’s, he’s prepping for it. He’s going to have a second job as Santa Claus. Uh, this winter that’s, that’s his, that’s his gig. This is the first time you you’re kind of looking, uh, like lumberjack ish, uh, from the Rudolph, the red nose reindeer cartoon. You could pull that one off too. This is the first time in my life actually went to other than being like 14 years old.

And I went into the barber and showed a picture of something saying, make it look like that. I’ve never done that before. I didn’t know how to explain how, because my beard was a mess. I didn’t know how to explain what I wanted. So I actually pulled out a picture of a triple H and I said, make my beard look like that. I know. Right? I’m not familiar enough with triple H to know how his beard looks, to be able to comment on how he did. So if you’re happy, then, then cool. Then they did a great job. Mine looks better though. But I left, I left the curly mustache. I mean, I feel like you have to that’s part of the shtick. Yeah, but it’s yeah, because the one set. Yeah. Anyway, I’m not doing the bomb though. So like that. Yeah. I’m not, anyway, you’re not going full hipster on us.

A little barber shop barbershop was packed. I mean, uh, they have six seats. There was like literally all six were taken. There was people waiting outside. Like literally it’s like, everyone’s walking out there going God, I feel like a million bucks. It’s amazing. It’s amazing what a haircut can do for a guy, like honest to God. Like you feel like a million bucks walking out for sure. And you know, Pat the weirdo just chimed in and said, Hey, there’s actually people on that message board that have been friends longer. Um, from back in those days, different message form path. This one was the, uh, this was Detroit. It was like Detroit lions.com/forum. And we were all, we were all the smart asses and ended up developing some weird bond. Cause we, we made fun of the regular people that were like, well, and that’s it.

And then everybody kind of congregated on God. What was that? Detroit? Yeah. After everything got shut down and everything got stupid. Um, but no, actually that’s the funny thing. Like I don’t think a lot of, I don’t think we have ever told that story here. Like it’s, it’s like I always get taught. I always tell the story and I’ve mentioned it on here. I get talked into going to one football game a year and that one football game a year, that story stems from more than a decade ago when our buddy Judd came onto the message board and went, Hey, my wife thought she was doing a cool thing and buying me lions tickets for my birthday. And apparently she doesn’t understand how Ticketmaster works. And so she kept clicking submit. And now I have 20 tickets to this game. You guys need to buy them.

So I’m not stuck with 20 tickets to this game. And that was like our first, what was it guy? What was that? 15 years ago? Pretty close. I have pictures going back to like, Oh seven. Yeah. And that was the first time we all got together. Dave, the lions shut down their message for him because a bunch of trolls ruined it and by budget and by budget trolls, I mean me tell jokes and make fun of the lions. Yeah. So you had a Y what was the name of the software? I don’t know. You would know? Oh God, that was, uh, shit originally. I was using web board. Um, and then it was like IBS forums or IB forums or something like that. And they’re all the plugins for like forum bucks and all that stupid crap. That IBS, you had urine IBS. Um, yes, God.

Yeah. Uh, days, days before Facebook groups and all that kind of crap. Those are, those are fun times. I missed, like not saying I don’t miss them now. Like, you know, like, well now everyone like congregated to Facebook and has to use their real names. So you gotta be careful with your Dick jokes that you know well, and you have to remember that. That was always the fun when it was like, wait, what, what was your like, people would walk like when we had like a, at a, whether it was a lions game or, you know, the old, you know, cause God, I think I called it the, it was the new board before it was Detroit board. Um, and it was, Oh yeah. Hey I’m, I’m Pat the weirdo. I’m Wembley. Fraggle I’m judged males. I’m, you know, whatever. I never felt dumber as a human being. One time I walked up to somebody from another tailgate. Cause they’re like, Hey, who’s tailgating. I’m like, Oh we are. I’m like, Hey, I’m judged, smells. Just call me Bob. Don’t ever don’t ever say that name again.

But you know, that was a, you didn’t, you know, that’s what you did. You picked a, you picked stupid names and uh, you ran with it. But yeah, I miss those days, those are message. Form. Days are fun. Now we have closed groups cause we don’t want everything public. Cause God help us all if crap that way. And thank God that database and that archive is all been wiped because God help us all. If that ever became bubbly, then on the way back machine, they don’t have, they don’t do a good job crawling databases for message boards. That’s okay. I found it interesting. Somebody reached out to speaking of old stories. I, um, back in 2001, someone reached out to me about looking for a job as a developer and in 2001, I closed this deal at this company I was working with, uh, from rare medium.

Do you remember that? Yeah. I worked with rare medium on this project and we ended up, ended up being a message board crawler, and it ended up kind of evolving, kind of a scrape, the whole dev team that was working on it basically went to go work for this company. And they’ve been working for this company for like the last 16 years or so. And they finally sold it to some Japanese firm and now all the devs are looking for work, but like literally I went to his LinkedIn and like, literally he’s been there that entire time. That’s crazy. I know. I’m like, you know, I go, do you know, I closed that project. Right. And he’s like, wait, you sold it. I thought it was the COO I’m like, he didn’t do shit out of it. I’m like, I can’t believe you guys all work. They’re still like, how is that? Even still a thing, right? Yeah. I was bored reading or.com and it was just like, like it’s just a Google front, but it’s crawler for forums. But apparently they got into social media analytics and kind of evolved into, you know, big, big data of course, as everyone does marketing data, whatever.

Uh, I think that about tamps sound for topics and yeah. Anything else you want to add?

No. I watched an emulator on trade Wars from my BBS days. Cause I wanted to have the kids that were I work with. They’re like 24 Nikki talking about gaming. So I started talking about trade Wars on the BBS is that, that was like my original online, which was like a Zurich. And it was a, there was another one I forget the name of, but we sat in for five minutes and watched this plain text ASCII. Um, like basically I would tell them like you would log in every day, you would basically try to bomb the other people and you’d steal their crap. And you just amass in like the bigger number you got the butter and that was it.

So it’s every phone, video game these days now that’s pretty, pretty much,

There was a, there is a new hotness on the phone by the way. Um, you know how I play star Wars, the heroes game day. Um, there’s a, there’s a bugs bunny one. That’s the exact same like Marvel has their own game too of like this. Yeah, I tried that one. It wasn’t a fan. Yeah, no I I’m an, I got enough of star Wars, but the Looney tunes one is, um, uh, what the hell is it called? I’m loading it up right now. Looney tunes, world of mayhem. And it’s set up just like star Wars heroes. Um, but it’s basically bugs bunny go underground. And you hit people with the pan and Marvin, the Marsh has got the Ray gun and did, there was a Oh shit. Um,

I gotta look up again. Hopefully it comes up quickly. Oh yeah. There was a game called, there was an RPG back in the day, a roleplaying game, uh, called tune. Um, so it was like Dungeons and dragons, but set in the cartoon universe. And so like you didn’t die the cartoon, like the one we grew up on. Yeah. And so like, so like you didn’t die, you fell down because as we all know, cartoon characters never die. They just fall down and you were out for a couple of turns and then your character would pop back up. Um, but it was, it was all about like, you know, resiliency

And, and you could, you could like drop safes on people and you could like, and all that kind of stuff. It was, it was like one of those, like the D and D group that I was in back in the day. Like that was what like, like once a month we would switch and do that just to like keep it light and funny and stupid. And it was all so much fun. Yeah. There’s like some of these, like, you know, I started downloading all these games and I play them for a half a minute. And then I’m like toilet. I mean, the reason why I just sit there taking up space on your phone forever. Right? The reason I play star Wars heroes is because I’m in that Guild with the interview we did with Jim Alison, um, there, you know, there’s 50 people from working as things.

So it’s like a, you know, that’s what everyone talks about. Actual thing. When we’re not talking about whatever server went down today, God, I never thought that I always thought just shit, just ran. Welcome to the dark side, Bob. I just thought I sold stuff. You laughed at me and made fun of me for 20 goddamn years. And now you finally understand that I wasn’t bitching for no reason that I had, I sold it. And I gave you, it gave you a blue cord and a black cord to plug it into power and plug it in that youth or net. And it worked. And that’s not true. No, none of it’s true. They lied to me.

The cloud doesn’t even work. And I thought the cloud was, was to save us all. It’s just someone else’s computer Bob. We’ve had this. He lied to me too. He said it was magical and it was every, it was everywhere and it’s not ready. What do you got? You’ve been quiet since you, Hey, thanks for, uh, thanks for logging in. And then your valuable contributions to this episode, I was not expecting, I was like, Oh yeah, I don’t need to set an alarm. There’s no way I’m sleeping until seven o’clock it’s nap roulette. It’s and that’s the reality of life today. It could be 20 minutes because who knows, which see what happens. I didn’t realize, I didn’t realize nine-year-olds had beards Randy taking naps. Hey, Oh my sleep shit. It’ll spend jacked up for you. We actually just talked about this last night yet. Let’s be real. That’s the things that we, you know, that we hated as children. We now loves adults. Like, you know, naps, spanking. I mean, things change your priorities change.

Don’t judge me, uh, circling back to a barbecue places open. I found a new place. It’s kind of a drive, but I’d go down to, um, Del the Delray neighborhood on Saturdays to pick up barbecue. Delray. Barbecue is open from just noon to three on Saturdays, but it’s some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had. I saw the pictures you posted. It was really, really good. Or literally like Del Ray it’s, uh, it’s the neighborhood that they’re kind of getting rid of to make the foot of the, uh, the new Detroit river international crossing bridge. Oh. Um, but there’s still, still some people, there are still some businesses there. Um, and uh, one of them is Del Ray barbecue and best ends, best ribs I’ve had in the area.

Uh, you had me at Brennan’s, what’s your thoughts on this? By the way, she loved patches and said, Randy, it’s disrespectful. We can’t say shut up, Randy, if you never talk. So that’s, that’s how that works. What’s your thoughts on this? Is there there’s to me, there’s a mystique on like a Bucharest grill where you can only get it downtown. And I will gladly wake up on like a Saturday at noon and drive 40 minutes and go to Corktown and get a Bucharest and bring a couple back home. Right. Um, apparently they’re opening one in Auburn Hills, this, uh, fall. Nice. You know? Yeah. But does it take the mystique away? It’s kind of like Chick-fil-A where, like, it was a thing where he had to drive to Tennessee and then you get it and it’s off that exit. It’s like people were doing smokey and the bandit runs to Tennessee for Chick-fil-A.

No, they don’t leave yet. It’s like Yingling people. I know people run. Like I went on gangling runs all the time, you know, that’s just not Ohio that’s yeah. Sorry. I didn’t go on Yingling runs. I would. Uh, no, it was actually, you couldn’t get in Ohio for the longest time. So when I, um, had my one customer that was in Cincinnati, I would go across the border and I would get, uh, two cases of the bourbon barrel ale and 10 cases a year long and bring them back home. Gotcha. Um, but yeah, but that was for work. So it’s not like I drove let’s drive the, you know, um, but is it, does it become like that? Where they finally opened up the Mississippi and you can get Coors beer and then it doesn’t make nobody gives a shit. Well, I mean, they had the Bucharest in, uh, Avenue of fashion for awhile.

So that’s, you know, super close to Ferndale right next door to the neighborhood where Nuro used to live. So it was already easier to get for people close to eight miles, seven mile. I think you guys had a 29 41 yet. You know what? That is a Mediterranean grill. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve been to the one in Birmingham. Okay. There’s like four of them by my house within like it’s all there all around Oakland. You, um, it’s like a shawarma bowl. I don’t know how else to describe it. Like you get like the, the yellow rice and you kind of build a chicken sandwich or disassembled sushi, but yeah, without the pesky, uh, that, that pesky rice or the rice is at the bottom without that pesky seaweed man. Nice. Yeah. I liked it. I thought it was maybe a little pricey for the size you got, but it was tasted really good.

And if it’s good, I don’t mind. So what else? What’s on anything on the Docker for this weekend? Are we, uh, cutting each other? Cutting all loose. Yeah, no, I, I I’m good. I think I got everything covered. Alright. I gotta, I gotta go and teach my daughter how to drive a stick shift. Cause like with that, I’ll do the sign of the cross everything. Um, but Hey, we’re gonna apparently wrap things up here for this episode. Three 23 of the it show, uh, on behalf of 53 53, what did I say? Three 23 data. I’m not looking, I’m not looking at doing on behalf of Bob, Dave and Randy do us all a favor drink. I’ll be drinks. Get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. You just gotta get the hell out of here. See you soon. Drive careful and beat it. So you guys could show Randy hell of a job.