Episode 348 – Facebook Avatars and the Latest Online Distractions

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And again, as for usual, we’re usually, this is where we usually talk about the events and stuff we have coming up. There are none, although we might be getting close. Um, we’re going to see how, uh, apparently up North it goes, uh, and around the Trevor city area that just got opened up, uh, where bars and restaurants can open up at 50% capacity and that kind of stuff today. So hopefully, uh, in the near future we will be able to talk about our events in the NRA, Metro Detroit area. Cause we miss. Wow. We miss most of you. There are some of you, let’s be honest, we don’t, we don’t miss all of you, but we miss some of you

breaking news, breaking news. There’s, I just got a page. Um, your Facebook avatar looks nothing like you and your stupid stop. I,

I like, am I the only one like the mother of the one that remembers a Bitmoji and those bits strip things emoji. And it looks so much more a year. It wasn’t that long ago. That’s what I mean. Like it’s like, it’s like why is this, why is that a thing everywhere? Like I don’t like, well I know I do cause people are bored as shit and they got nothing else to do, so why not?

Well, Bitmoji is on by Snapchat. So in order to compete for one thing, here’s the thing, like most of the people tried and it was like, ah, I have one friend that was like blue hair girl, pig tail fat. Like you know, like that’s my boy. Right.

Stephanie’s looked really good. Well I think it was a, who was it? Beth Beth Mosley who just said, you know, she put hers out there. She’s like, I am not making myself fat. This, this is my, this is my avatar. She’s like, I’m not making myself fat. Get outta here.

No. And that’s, that’s the beauty of this stuff. It takes about, you know, this happens what on Sunday where this madness starts and it takes up until Sunday at two o’clock, eight before I call it out, where I’m like, I’m done be before the anti ones come out. Like Homer go under my avatar,

Homer sitting at the bar with all the avatars around him. Yeah. It’s like literally you have to just wait for like our people to come out like two hours. Well, and like I said, I mean it dude, I get it. Like everybody’s bored as shit and it’s something stupid and entertaining. Have your fun. It is what it is. It’s, you know, to me it’s no different than sharing a meme or anything dumb like that, which I mean God knows I share enough of, um, yeah, I, I just, I don’t like, I like, I will say this like I can’t, cause there were, there were some people that like literally had a lot of like venom and vitriol about the entire thing that I don’t get. Like, dude, just like let, let, let people enjoy their things. Like if I got mad about X, I saw a couple of things.

Like people got mad. Yeah. There were, there were a few, hold on. Is it like two people on Twitter and then it turns into a Buzzfeed article. Oh, you know, yeah. No, it wasn’t a ton of people. It was like I said, but there were a few people that got like, like not us snarky, but like seriously snarky about it. Um, and got kind of shitty with people about them. And it was, eh, you know, it was just like, let people enjoy the things. It’s, and it’s, and you know, when we do, yes. Like we posted a meme about it. Well that’s us. We will openly mock our friends. That’s who, that’s what friends do in our world. If we’re not poking at you, you’re probably not on our radar at all. Like for example, Randy’s new nickname, if you’re not aware yet, Bob, um, is sparkle donkey. Uh, uh, a friend of mine posted that she found this, this booth, this tequila is out there. There’s a brain of tequila called sparkle donkey. And I’m like, Nope, absolutely not. I was like, I’m like, that’s, that’s Randy’s new nickname. He’s now sparkled donkey from Noah and it’s not funny anymore.

I’m still laughing in my head. That’s, that’s still a thing. Uh, yeah, no. So I, uh, the one thing that I thought was interesting just cause we’ve talked about it a bunch of times over the past few weeks is, um, so stranger things was like the reigning King of streaming services, um, for views and watches and all that stuff for the longest time. Um, and they are now number three on the list. Um, as far as most viewed series of all time, uh, behind clone Wars, uh, and the Mandalorian.

Yeah, I was surprised that clone Wars overtook it because it was, it, it wasn’t that popular live, was it not? No, it was, but dude, it, it, it blew up

once it once Disney plot, like once Disney plus was out and people like burned through the movies and they were like, okay, I, I dude, I did, I didn’t watch it when it was live, but like I burned through the couple of movies I wanted to watch and I burned through all their Marvel stuff and I’m like, you know what, I kept hearing that was okay,

watch it. And so I started watching it. I was like, Holy shit, this is amazing. And I started talking to people into watching it and other people started talking people into watching it and that’s why it kind of blew up. Yeah. I’m watching it now. Yep.

I just started episode four right before or season four right before the show started. So it is, I mean, it’s just, it’s such a great, it’s such a great tie between two and three. Um, and do it in Randy, especially like when you get to this, this current season, the last four episodes of this current season should have been a movie like it was, it’s just ridiculous how great they are.

And I think people are just so starved for content now. I mean, if you look at Netflix, what is it wrong? Molly is like the number one movie on Netflix right now. The uh, Dave spade. Um, totally the worst ending of any movie I’ve ever seen in my life.

Haven’t watched it. I did, I did finally sit down. And so I feel like I’m a week behind you now. Like, so like last week you were talking about that Hollywood show, I sat down and watched that. Um, this week, uh, you threw out a, what was the one you threw out? Oh, hanger one. Yeah, so a hanger one. Um, I watched the first episode, so I haven’t gotten that deep into that one yet. Um, but for that one part, yeah, the part that’s in the preview, it’s only reason I watched it.

Yeah. I’ll talk about that in a little bit. But like I am, I am a kind of, I was kind of ecstatic to see live sports on TV this weekend.

Where are you? Where are you? Yeah. I had no idea what [inaudible] was or whatever the hell it was. I got nothing. I got,

so the Germans started with live soccer this weekend in an empty arena. Um, the, the, the players on the bench were three seats apart. And um,

now did they do, did they do what Korea did and fill the state or China fill the stadium with sex dolls? No, dude, that was the story. They actually had to issue an apology. Like the cartoon ones are like the $8,000 ones. Oh, I, I’m hoping the cartoon ones that blow up, I’m guessing, I’m guessing, I’m guessing the blowup version, not the real doll version. Yes. Here’s the thing.

I was so starved for it. I watched, I watched both games. Um, but I’m not gonna lie, it was no different than watching like the Carpathia at team, at ultimate in Pontiac. Gotcha. Like, hear me out here. I, I didn’t want it. This was my take on it. I don’t want to give people an ego, because I hear all the time about like, Detroit lions fans, especially talking about how we need to be positive. Our team needs us, and I’m not gonna lie like it needs the fans. Like, I don’t want to give anyone an ego, don’t get me wrong. But like, you can’t, it’s so unwatchable with an empty arena. Even though, even though the soccer was on such a higher level and it was such a, you could tell it was better, right?

It was unwatchable won’t do it. I mean, I mean, think about it. I mean, I don’t care if it’s, I don’t care what sport it is. Like you, you can’t, you know, a good chunk of the game is the crowd reaction to what’s happening on the field or on the ice or on the court or, you know, whatever else. I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s a huge part of the experience. And so without that there,

yeah, I mean, is it, is it even really happening? It’s like a standup comic without a crowd laughing like,

Oh God. Speaking of which, like I’ve seen like an Ellen, uh, our engineer, God bless her, um, you know, was talking about how there’s a couple of, um, like zoom open mic nights that are going on and how, you know, it’s, it’s OK. It’s, but it’s, it’s, it’s rough because you’re basically talking to whoever’s in the zoom room with you. Um, and it’s not, you know, a, it’s not a bar. It’s not people sitting there drinking and listening to you, you know, work on your material and crack jokes and all that kind of stuff. Um, but I mean, you know, I guess taking it a step further, you know, that article you threw out about major league baseball and, and the rules that there or that, I guess, I guess it’s a first draft and it’s subject to revision and changes, but do the rules that are, that are in that proposal are instant. Like they’re almost as bad as the rules for bars opening up.

I want to go through this because my comment was new mop rules. Dot dot, dot. This shit is stupid and it says go with like high school ball and it’s going to look less than high school ball. Um, you basically can’t take showers at the ballpark. Um, you need to show up dressed in your uniform. So basically got to put on your tigers uniform at home and show up with your cleats on.

So it’s, it’s back to, you know, when you’re kids and, and you gotta you gotta get out of mom and dad’s car all suited up and ready to go. Yeah.

Right. Um, you can’t, you can’t eat at restaurants done road trips. Um, and not even at the hotel you’re staying in. No mascots on the field. I thought that was weird. Isn’t that like the ultimate like sheet like face mask shields? Yeah. You’re in a giant suit. You’re having a furry costume on. Know that’s not good enough. But see, here’s the thing that gets the trisomy nuts as they’re going through someone in to sit in a meeting and go through these things. You can’t exchange lineup cards. No high fives or fist bumps. No bad boys or bad girls. There’s a 67 page draft of this. Basically, if you’re, if you’re in the dugout, you gotta be wearing a mask. Great spitting is prohibited. No water jugs, no steam rooms. Um, you can’t hit in the indoor cages. Um, batting clubs are encouraged, which were many way, um, disinfected telephones in the dugouts. You can’t, every time they’re used, every time they’re used, right, you can’t touch your face to give signs and you’re not allowed to lick your fingers. So pitching, I mean, that’s, if you want to lick his fingers every pitch for grit. Um, I this, I don’t even want to watch kiss my ass MLB. I love baseball, but no,

like I said, I mean it’s, it’s almost as you know, I’ve seen some of the, um, you know, the posts from where bars and restaurants are opening in that kind of stuff. And, and the sad reality is a lot of these people, you’ve almost gotta be like Tim, the tool man, Taylor, to reopen your bar cause you got to create these, you know, plexiglass shields around the bar that, you know and, and all that kind of stuff. And you know,

Oh my God, I got ’em, I went to Tim Horton’s today after physical therapy and I got served at like the, the church basket. You know what I’m talking about? The collection, the collection bucket and select my coffee and donut comes out and a little basket goes in my car and I pick up my coffee and I’m like, come on, just give me my goddamn collecting. Is it a souvenir basket? Do you get to keep the basket? I think that it was made for this. It’s like two cup holders and like then like then like the thing in the middle for your credit card or money. So this is not going to be,

although the one thing I feel like all, I’m waiting for all of the, uh, cause you know, this is going to happen. All the liquor and beer distributors are going to have like branded face masks sitting there waiting for bars to open.

But marketing’s dream. Um, not only that, like did you see the thing about tennis? Like apparently like this is this, it’s the meetings. It’s not, again, walk, walk me through the boardroom conversation that led to this. Yeah, basically. So the, the, is it long Island? Uh, basically yeah, you can go play tennis again. Um, but then she made some joke that everybody’s making fun of her about saying you can kick, you can kick their balls, would you can’t touch them. Okay. Pooky. Um, but like you can’t, you can’t, like when you like you can’t pick up. Like how do you figure out who to pick up the ball? Like is it like not it or is it like tag like, okay, I touched it last so I can pick it up. Is that how that works? Right. Then what happens if like you have to do like a, like a soccer kick flip to get the ball up in the air again? Like why even bother playing anymore? Like, yeah,

and I mean, and that’s, and that’s the thing, I mean, I do like at some, and this is the thing that I think a lot of bars and restaurants are going to go through, um, is at what point is it worth it to open and get running? I mean, I, I was having this conversation with, uh, you know, Jamie and Matt about the, you know, the Northville studios in the Royal Oak studios and, and that kind of stuff where, you know, just thinking through like, no, like I don’t think we’re going to go back to having four studios up and running with, you know, with full capacity and you know, people waiting in the waiting rooms and, and all that kind of stuff going on. I don’t think that’s going to be a thing for awhile. And so is it worth it?

You listen to it. So you know James rogano, right? The guy who owns me, Greg put out a great Facebook post like an hour ago. I just read it while I was doing notes. Um, I just want to read it real quick. So put the hammer home on restaurants. Bars, right. Is it giving, giving Northern Michigan restaurants four days to figure out how to reopen their limited capacity with barely any guidelines. Bring back staff, adjust all safety protocols, order product prep, stock inventory and prepare for 80 degrees, 80 degrees. Sunny Memorial day weekend is a cruel continuation of his never storm. I’m not was, I’m not into politics. Just reminding everyone that restaurants survive miracles as it is patient. Be kind and understanding what those who were parents serve your food, be safe and take care of like,

dude, that was, that was my point when I was in a conversation. I was in a conversation earlier today about that and I’m like, look, like, I don’t know, like can you get a bar or restaurant open? I mean bars like especially like, like little townie bars in that kind of stuff. Easy enough. But I mean like bars and rest, like bars and restaurants where like can you go from zero to even 50% open in four days? I mean, cause you do, you have to figure it, you gotta get your staff back. If you know, if they haven’t been around you gotta you know, and, and are they going to want to come back, you know, like are they feeling safe or they’re going to sit back and you know, and, and take the PUE bonus, you know, and, and all that stuff on unemployment. Can you get inventory? Can you get, you know, food delivered? Can you get, you know, and by the, Oh, by the way, do you have the money still sitting in the bank to get inventory and shit delivered to you? Um, I mean it’s, there, there’s a lot of PPE supplies. I mean there’s, there’s a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Those bars and restaurants are going to be relying on those distributors to have that branded shit out there.

I mean, that’s the thing. They had to throw away all the food. They got to dump all the drafts.

They sold back all of their liquor. I actually know if you read the articles, not a lot of places took a, took the state up on that. Yeah. Cause I mean it’s like liquors not like Bo liquor’s not like beer. It doesn’t go back. Um, so I mean a lot, you know, so yeah. I mean you’ve got, uh, you know, there’s a huge issue with, um, all the God what was like a hundred million dollars in draft beer just in the state of Michigan that was going to be, you know, basically destroyed as a result of this. Um, but yeah, no booze. I don’t see that being an issue. But yeah, no, I mean I, I just, like I said, just being able to get stock and inventory and all that kind of crap up and running and, and it’s not just cause again, it’s not just you, you’re relying on, you’re relying on your distributors and suppliers to have been open and have the staff and have the inventory themselves to deliver to you.

Wendy’s. Wendy’s is out of beef for crying out loud. So you’re just like Joe Schmo burger bar. Wendy’s is going to have precedence over your ass.

Well, it’s, and that’s like, that’s been my, that’s been my bang, my head against the wall moment through all of the conversations that I’ve been on is, is people that just don’t understand the ripple effect that, that this stuff has. You know, it’s, it’s not just, Oh, okay, get it cool. Like you, you want to go to X store or you want to go get a haircut or you want to go to, you know, and we all want to go to a bar, but it’s not just about your choice, your decision, your life, your health. It is okay now that place has to be open and it has to be there. Management and owners and staff that have to be willing to go in and do that kind of stuff. Plus when restaurants closed, a lot of suppliers pivoted to serve in direct to customers, pivot back in time for all these restaurants.

And then, and then it’s, you know, it’s so, it’s not just, and then it’s even like a hair. You got to get, you know, I mean there’s, can you think of a more close quarters, you know, job than being a hairstylist. I mean, it’s, you know, you’re basically hovering over somebody and touching somebody the entire time, but, and they have to have product, which means, and it’s going to, same thing with a restaurant. You’ve got a bar, you’ve got to have your suppliers and your distributors and all those people up and running fully that can get stuff to you to actually make it possible that you can open for sale. So now it’s all that staff and those people that have to make that decision to go back in. And so, I mean, it’s like I said, I mean that’s, that’s just been the, my biggest thing is people like, well, it’s my health, my choice, my body, which laughably I’m laughing at how many people are now pro choice but only about this.

Um, but it’s, it, the, the, the arrogance slash cluelessness of not realizing what that means to other people is what drives me nuts. Did you see chef Bobby’s uh, Facebook this weekend? He had to, he was missing some bolts for cooking. He’s still catering and cooking throughout this. Oh yeah. Well yeah, he does. He does a lot of like delivery and I mean he does. Yeah, he does a lot of stuff like that always has for home Depot. What is like trying to get tickets for Pearl jam. And the sad part is, is he went to, he went, I think he said he went to three smaller hardware stores trying to find this very specialized bolt for a piece of equipment that he had that like wanted sheared off. And the only place that had it was home Depot and he wound up standing in line for like an hour and a half to buy that one 39 cent bolt or whatever the hell it was.

Yeah. But I mean you think you talk about the social distancing. I saw the line, everyone’s standing on top of each other. Like it was like that stupid ATM machine, one with where they’re side by side, but there’s space back. Yeah, no, I mean, and honestly like one of the, I like, I, I will say this, I mean a lot of places have and as much as I hate this word, but they have pivoted, pivot, um, really, really well too. The curbside delivery and pickup and all that stuff. Like, you know, I’ve had to, Oh yeah, no, like I’ve had to. And even places like PetSmart where Hey, you know what, I needed dog food. I needed a, you know, I needed a couple of collars cause my dogs were assholes and shooed theirs up off each other. Um, and so, you know, I placed an order, boom, picked it up, done.

Um, I’ve had to get a few things from best buy and, and it’s, you know, and it’s usually like the same. So the same morning I placed an order at, um, PetSmart and best buy, uh, within like five minutes of each other. And within a half an hour I had notifications from both that both were ready for pickup. Uh, and so cool. Drove up, made a quick phone call, Hey, this is me, this is my order book. This is where I am. PetSmart came out, put it in the back of my car. Danks gone, um, pulled up to best buy. Hey, what’s your name? What’s your order number? This did it. Cool. Pull up to that thing, pulled up to that thing. Somebody walked out, here’s your bag stuff. Off you go. Like, it’s, it’s like, it’s phenomenal. It’s almost as good as online shopping now. I can’t

believe I got a shipped order on Sunday. I’m not going to lie, like, literally like within an hour and a half. Like I must’ve struck gold.

That stuff’s really loosened up a lot. It’s, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was a few weeks ago. Um, although I will say this, I was, I was a heavy shift user. Like a, you know how much I’ve talked about it over the years. I’ve completely switched over to Instacart. I, I think it’s a much better app. It’s a much better program and they do the same stores and more as Instacart does. Um, and like I love the INAP like you can basically see when they check stuff off that they’ve picked it up and it’s in app messaging instead of them sending you a text message and you having to like text message them back and all that stuff. It’s all in app. I, I, I’m, I’m an Instacart can convert. You get the Aldi’s. That’s why I don’t get no for dude, it’s for Meyer. Yeah. No, I mean Instacart does Meyer, they do target. They do like all those places that ship does, Instacart does and more,

you know, a business we need to get into the uh, taking back bottles after this shit’s over.

That is a crazy eight bags of bottles down in her basement and we’re just waiting for them. The current estimate is that there are $50 million in returnables sitting in Michigan homes right now in bottles and cans.

Well, I mean, here’s the thing, when they open up the stores and they open up recycling, everybody’s going to rush to dig this shit back and the stores aren’t equipped and the beer trucks and pop trucks aren’t equipped to take that much back. Nope. I don’t know what they are going to.

Well dude, I’ve, I’ve seen posts in, you know, some of the, uh, like the, the Clinton township groups and, and some of the other like McComb County where people are offering to buy, um, like buy your returnables at like anywhere from two to 5 cents a can just so like, okay, you’re like, you get them out of your house, they have them and then they’ll sit on them until they can return them for 10 cents a piece. A Ferndale marching band, enough drive where they were collecting them and storing them, but they ran out of places to store them so they cut their drive short.

Yeah, I would do it for charity, for fundraisers out. I would probably just give it to them at this point. What could you possibly have in your house? Eight bags. That, is that even a $20 bill, Randy? Oh, yeah. Oh, probably be upwards of 35, $40. No. Alright. I mean, once it gets to that point, yeah, it’s kind of, you donate it or do you even miss it at this point?

So, I mean, we didn’t, uh, you know, we didn’t talk about, I mean, there was, you know, addition, you know, with all the, you know, things opening in that kind of stuff. Part of the reason why things are opening is because numbers are dropping. Uh, you know, the, uh, the Detroit, uh, basically Detroit did not have, uh, a covert related death for the first time yesterday. That’s a bonus. Uh, they also announced that the Cobo hall, uh, or TCF or whatever you want, whatever it is now, uh, it’s Covo is, uh, um, that has now been decommissioned, um, as an emergency hospital location, uh, for covert patients. So, I mean, let’s, that’s good news. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s nice to see things are dropping. Um, and hopefully once wave two kicks in. Well, and hopefully it, you know, it stays that way. And, and it’s, you know, that’s, that’s a thing cause, well, I mean, you think back to, you know, when we had Fred Brown on and, and that whole thing, you know, yeah, there do, there are going to be other waves of this stuff, but they’re, they shouldn’t be anywhere nearly as, you know, uh, as much of a tsunami as, as this was like a, you know, hopefully it’ll be more manageable

and like the perfect storm, like our, our work, um, managers were allowed to come back today, come back today we’re, we’re considered a central business. So we were never on shutdown. We could have had work, um, you know, and then were asked to like to come in and one entrance into the, we’re asked to checkerboard. We’re not asked to sit next to people. Um, you know, but here’s the thing, there’s rules, but there’s, it’s the perfect summary of this thing is there, you can come back but you don’t have to, but we encourage it. But it’s okay if you don’t opening plan in general. Right. Um,

here’s the deal. These are the guidelines for the guidelines, for the regulations that we’re going to guidelines and have suggestions about how you should do things. And if you do them, that’s great. And if you don’t do them well, it’s okay because you can still do this. But those are the guidelines and the suggestions of how we suggest that things are going through this plan. Thank you.

Esquire. No, but it’s, it’s true. Like, you know, people are coming back and like the place is probably more sanitary than a hospital at this point in the game. Um, the food now, cause we used to have, uh, like a little cafe in the building, knowledge is grabbing, goes, everything’s grabbing go, right. So every day is like one day Jimmy, John’s next day is, is, is Cloverleaf pizza or something, grab and go boxes for people. Um, so they’re not, they’re not doing the salad bar that,

so they haven’t even had, they haven’t even brought in like their own cooks and stuff yet. It’s still all bring it in and farm it out.

Yeah. Well yeah, literally it’s all grab and go. Like I don’t even know if the salad bar is ever going to open it. Like that stuff. So used to have, we had, um, we used to have like a sandwich bar and a burger bar. I remember from the couple of walkthroughs we did. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. Um, I don’t, you know, we had like a little small, like a seven 11 store with like fresh fruit and stuff. That’s, you know, but it’s all grabbing. So, but like, yeah, there’s restrictions, but they’re not like don’t fill the meeting rooms, but you can, but don’t. And

well, I mean, and that’s just, I mean, from our perspective, that’s one of the things I’ve been taught cause I had to do it. I get every show I run, I get asked by show hosts when the studios are opening up again. Um, and you know, like one of the things I’ve talked about is like, look, you know what, yeah, we’re probably not going to have eight people sitting in a room anymore like that. Like at least not for a while. Like while we figure all this stuff out, um, and like zoom has presented itself as a great way to kind of get away from that. Cause we have, you know, we’ve got big screens in all of the studios. Um, there’s no why you can’t have, you know, one, two, three, however many people come in, in this format and have them up on the screen, you can see them, they can say you, they’re a part of the conversation and all that stuff. Is that ideal? No. Um, but it’s, it’s, it’s probably smart, at least at first, as we’re getting up and running originally.

Well, we’re a, we’re getting bugged. I’m on the board of a HOA. Don’t ever make fun of me about it. Dude, Soma, you know this. Yay. Yeah. Um, and we’ve been getting bugged about opening the pool and like talking about draining it and this and that. And I’m like, I’m sitting there chatting with their texted,

just go by like $30. No, just go buy like $30 worth of Twix bars and like throw one in there

and just keep the amount of chlorine in that pool can kill pants. Right.

Well, no, and that’s, that’s actually one of the things I talked about like, uh, my, uh, you know, cause I’ve, I’ve, you know, I’ve got a salt water pool and that’s one of the things I talked about with, with her was, um, yeah, I mean the chlorine levels, like, no, you don’t really have to worry about anything. Like, so basically what I could do is I could have, I can have a huge gathering of people at my house, but we all have to be in the pool and like, yeah, we just, everybody stays in the water and then you can hug and you can, like, you can shake hands and you can be close to everybody there. Um, but then as soon as you’re out, you have to be socially distant. Like, that’s, that’s how that,

yeah, that’s a thing that there’s someone like at the end of the summer, every year my kid’s hair is like green, like the joker. Like it’s not even being funny, but like, I, you know, the, the question came about, my answer was, Hey, whatever the CDC guidelines are at the time, we’ll abide by them. Like, I have nothing else. I’m not going to go over and above and I’m not going to go under and above. I’m just going to whatever the government, whatever, they’ll help people say like, I’m not a health people, whatever, whatever they say,

dude, it’s our, it’s our standard. It’s our standard answer. I am not an expert. Don’t ever accuse me of being one. I, yeah. I’m going to let the people that actually know what the hell they’re talking about. Go ahead and tell me when I should be okay to do crap and then I’ll listen.

Yeah. I mean, um, you know, to, in like going back to work, like Twitter figured out like that’s where I was going to hit. Yeah. Twitter, basically the CEO came out and said, ah, yeah, you can just work from home forever if you want. Yeah. Um, okay. Like, you know, again, you can come back to work, but you can’t, like, I know that there’s a, there’s a company I know, um, Amazon, uh, cloud, uh, dev shop in Ann Arbor. They got like 20 employees. They got a space for about 60. Um, they wouldn’t give him any rent relief. We, we can’t close any deals or businesses down, you know, and we’re like, okay, everyone’s just going to work from home until we find new space. Yeah. And they canceled the lease. So it’s like, and it’s, someone else canceled on them too. So it’s like as a landlord, I mean, you gotta give like you seriously not giving people

  1. Do it. I mean, I got, so, I mean, we got really lucky. I mean, the, the old man in Royal Oak was, I mean, he reached out to me when this first happened, um, you know, and basically dropped everything way, way down. Um, he is like, yeah, he is. Well, and, and that was the thing. He’s like, you know, you guys have been here for, you know, we gotta, we’ve been there for four years now, four years now. Um, and he’s like, you know, you’ve always been great and yet 80 yada. And he’s like, he’s like, I get it. He’s like, you know, obviously you’re not going to have people in, uh, you know, Greg, the pizza guy apparently, you know, he’s still doing a lot of takeout business and killing it that way and more power to him. So, Hey, if you’re in the Royal Oak area, Polato to pizza, get your ass there, order some goddamned pizzas and go support the guy.

Um, so yeah, I mean it’s a, you know, it’s, it’s a weird situation right now and I, and I do, I think, you know, a lot of people are in that same boat where they don’t really know what to do. But I think like, like DSE, like DSC, I think was really, really smart. Um, like as soon as like the day this crap all came down, like they got themselves queued up and in line for every grant, every, you know, thing, whatever. So like they haven’t even, like, they haven’t charged people rent during this entire nonsense at all. You know, any of that. They basically got their utilities cut way down, um, and all that stuff. Like they were really proactive and smart about it. And, and I think, I think that’s the, that’s almost one of the delineating factors, um, install this stuff is people who kind of saw what was coming and then reacted and adapted quickly to it.

And then people that got caught flat footed by it and now don’t know what to do. And speaking of DSC, they’re opening back up soon, right? They are, they are a curbside, I believe, uh, Wednesday, the 20th they’re supposed to be, they’re opening up with, um, coop and brew ho to start with. Um, so, you know, chef max and his Caribbean food and then, uh, Petros and, uh, the taco joint. Um, so those are gonna be opening up first, I believe. In fact, I’m supposed to be heading down there either tomorrow or Wednesday. We’re still trying to figure it out, or maybe even Thursday just to like yak with them. They want to do a, like a series of videos of like, Hey, you know, maybe with like Genevieve from Bangkok, here’s how you make a pad Thai roll at home and that kind of stuff.

Um, just to, you know, give them something to do. Um, but yeah, I mean it’s, and so, yeah, I’m, I’m looking forward to that, starting to open up and, and you know, I’ve been having conversations with them all along where, and that’s one of the conversations we had. Like, dude, like those big tables are probably going to have to go, like, you’re probably gonna need to like literally cut those in half and, and bring the other half store the other half outside or put it like under the 10 out there or whatever. Um, cause I mean, it’s gonna be a minute before I’m ready to sit down at a table with 20 random strangers, you know, during, you know, drinking and eating and all that kind of stuff.

I’ll do it.

Yeah. With your canter Vernors and your, you’ll be fine.

Yeah. Yeah. It makes everything healthy. Um, so, you know, here’s the thing, when stuff like this goes on, you always wonder what measures the or what’s the government doing right now? Like behind our backs. Like we always talk about that when some, when people, when society is talking about something stupid, they’re always passing some bill at midnight on Sunday while we’re arguing about Facebook avatars. Um, well Senate just the Senate just did something

this past weekend. Um, basically, uh, they passed a measure that would let the FBI collect, uh, your web browsing history without a warrant. I thought it got nuked in the house though, but doesn’t stop shadiness of the Senate. It was written backwards in the Senate. It was like there was three different ways you read it and it was written backwards. Like it’s always that when you vote for something as like the won’t, will not net shall Shantz the shall not shall. Yeah. Well that’s, and that’s dude, that’s like any legislation like this, this whole bullshit with like the stimulus packages. Like why is it not like to be, why isn’t it a resume? Why isn’t it two pages max? Nice, simple, easy language. Hey, we’re going to send money to people and we’re going to send some money to businesses and here’s as clean, transparent as it needs to be. Go


It was harder to find or harder to hide pork barrel and those kinds of bills because they got to give Skippy $14 cause he helped out the campaign. Right? Hey real quick. Hey capital one knows life doesn’t alert you about your credit card. That’s why they created, you know, the capital one assistant that looks out for surprise credit card charges like over tipping duplicate charges or potential fraud and then sends an alert to your phone and then it helps you if you need to fix them. Another way that capital one is watching out for your money when you’re not capital one. What’s in your wallet? See capital one.com for details.


But the thing that people are getting angry about that they shouldn’t be or you know, instead of getting angry about the Senate, stealing your privacy is uh, you know, serial mascot changes. Dude, did you read, did you read that story? Oh my God. So to, so to can, Sam has had a makeover. Um, and people are like, like I thought the people getting mad about the avatar thing was stupid, but people getting angry that too can say it cause to, can Sam, you even remember him with the beak, uh, that, you know, you would talk like this. Well now, now, so now apparently it’s a beak with like a mouth and on his face. Yeah. So it’s, it doesn’t look very birdish. It’s very weirdly anthropomorphized and it’s just, it’s like, it’s, it’s, I, I like, I admit that it’s kind of creepy and weird, but it’s not like I didn’t know there were two cans to him, aficionados like that. Like if you’ve seen the new Shira cartoon on Netflix or the new Thundercats rawer cartoon, he’s kind of drawn in that style now. It’s, it’s just weird. Like when’s the last time you seen a goddamn fruit loops commercial? Follow my nose always knows who gives a shit. I mean, let’s be real. When’s the last time I saw a commercial? I mean, you know what, boy caught and buying a goddamn fruity O’s or whatever. Right.

Um, what was I going to talk about before? Um, no,

of course.

So there’s another, there was a good story and it’s, it’s kind of weird watching this evolve. So basically, hackers breached a law firm, uh, that have a lot of entertainment clients. And the build, uh, was kind of weird. Like, so a couple of weeks ago it started with, Hey, we’re going to release all this information about lady Gaga to start. And then they released it and it’s basically like her entertainment contracts and her writers and like a couple of like payments to this artist and that are like, like nothing, like no real bombshells. And then they started issuing like, Oh, we’re going to, you know, we’re going to expose Trump and we’re gonna, you know, we’ve got all this dirt on them and that kind of stuff. And so they re they released like, you know, the first step. And it’s basically just emails that mentioned his name and that kind of like, he’s like, Trump has never been a client of this law firm. So whatever. Um, there were some rumors that the nondisclosure agreements, uh, covering some of those hush money payoffs may be a part of what this law firm held. Um, but it was another ransomware attack and it originally it was $21 million that they wanted and they jumped it up to $42 million. Uh, and uh, you know, the, what they released about Trump didn’t really seem all that Sisley and I don’t really think it helped their cause. Um, and yeah, so I just, it’s weird. Like I don’t really know where this one’s going to go

after, after all the fat burning releases, when you basically saw everybody’s butt hole in Hollywood, I don’t think he cares more that just like when you’re doing, when you do your head shot, now you do a butthole shot,

one fruit, one frontal, one profile. All right, go ahead and bend over. We’ll get that one out of the way and then, yeah,

yeah, it was my left Nicole gone like, you know, I mean, give me a break though. The one thing that I’m getting, here’s the, we’re all stuck with Facebook. It is what it is until something else comes out that changes it. Right? Like this is the thing, I don’t get it. You know, and then I think they’re banning groups now that are like anything anti messaging. Like, so there was a, I’m against the corn, I’m against the, uh, the state of dome measures in the corn gene Rupe and they just took it down. Um, which is whatever, it’s their business.

Well, and I mean like some of that, some of it I can understand because some of those groups do, they’re full of hate speech. They’re, they’re full of, you know, V, you know, threats of violence and vitriol and venom and just hatred. And I mean, it’s, yeah, I mean, I, I, I did, I like, I’ve, I’ve looked at a couple of them just to see what the hell people were talking about. It’s ridiculous. And I, and I don’t blame face group for doing it. And I mean, I think that’s the part that people don’t understand is just because you go and create a private or secret group on Facebook doesn’t mean that Facebook doesn’t have access to it. Of course they hate to be the bearer of bad news. The house. They definitely have the keys. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Walk me

through this one. Like apparently they created like 10,000 hateful means to help researchers learn how to spot hate speech. Like this one ended like the memes are stupid. And like again it goes back to the argument, what’s hate speech? Like if somebody is like condoning or not even wishing the bond violence cause they’ve done that on Reddit. Like I wish the president was dead. No, but like an actual threat of intended violence. Yeah. Something’s going to group together. Something showing intent kill the author of the two can sing. I’m drawing techniques. Um, but like where like there’s, there is a line like a jokes, you know, like again, this is a weird, this is an argument we could have till the end of time and there’s a hundred different ways.

Like, like are we not allowed, are we not allowed to play a marry bang, kill anymore? Like is that like, is it

good old fashioned? Like, you can’t, I can’t make funny like pasty white assholes and hockey jerseys. Now all of a sudden the PC way to asphalt,

uh, we, we’re protect, we’re protected Ray or the class we are, that’s the,

but you know, but like where, where, who, who’s the judge? Like, like it just, it’s so bizarre to me like that

the thing, I mean, and some of it does boil down to perception and reality. Like, so like the lash, like I was just running tales from the bar side. Um, and they had the guy from, uh, that runs the angry bartender on it and he’s in a state where they have started to open up and he said, it’s funny. He’s like, you know, so we had, uh, they had the cops called on them five times in one night. Uh, because people were like, Oh, you know, they’re not following the rules. They’re not doing this. They’re not doing that. And like the cops would show up and be like, yes, they are like you. Yes, there is enough distance between people. Yes, there is enough distance between tables. Yes, they’ve done it according to that. And it’s, but like, to people’s perception,

they weren’t, and, and so it’s, there’s a rules have never been defined. That’s the, it goes back to the original, well,

because it’s, you know, they have, but people don’t pay attention to them. Uh, and you know, you know, like I said, I mean, it’s real easy to understand, Hey, stay six feet apart from each other or you know, Hey, you know, your table should be, you know, no more than this number of people, you know, this far apart and all that kind of stuff. But you know, if, yeah, I mean, and then of course, I mean, you’re always going to have people that aren’t happy unless they’re bitching. I mean, you know, we’ve, we’ve talked about this on prior episodes where like people are calling the state police, um, because they see people gathering in their own backyards or, you know, and, and so honestly, it’s, that’s one of the things I wanted to touch on is, so, you know, we, we did, you know, the, you know, the UPP, um, and around Trevor city are opening up at 50% capacity. We touched on that earlier.

I will be

a little bit surprised if we don’t see another press conference before Friday. Um, that lightens things up a little bit and say, Hey, you know, gatherings of 10 people or fewer here in the Southeast, Metro Detroit, Michigan area. Um, cool. Just because, I mean it, it just from a practical perspective, it is Memorial day weekend and you have a lot of family gatherings and that kind of stuff that are planned around Memorial day weekend every year. And so I don’t, I don’t think it’s practical to presume that people aren’t going to be getting together this weekend. I don’t like me, dude. I’m safe. I’m in my bunker. I got my booze, I got my classic gaming systems. I’ve been hooking up. I’ll sit down here and get drunk and play pod racer until Tuesday. I’m good. He’s 75 isn’t going to be a cluster bleep dude bell. I’ll, I’ll be stunned if they don’t shut that. I bet I’ll be stunned if they don’t have to shut Belisle down again. No, but like 75 right out, literally right out of 75. Oh yeah. Oh, going up North. Oh dude. People are either going to be heading up North or down to Ohio a lot this weekend, I assume.

Yeah. Why not? What the hell is you got to do? You know, um, I wanted to read, there was, there was a line from the Facebook thing with the memes. Um, I totally wanted to hit on that and of course I freaking lose it. There was a, um, so this was the part that pissed me off. I just want to talk about this real quick. Um, basically what they said is the words in the meme, um, are basically the, the words in the meme, like maybe not, aren’t hateful, but the, with the picture, okay. I mean, might have not offensive caption and a generic photo, but once combined in a certain way, they become insulting or hateful. Like in what, what they used as a mean, like loved the way you smell today and the picture was a skunk. Right. And they’re calling that and they’re calling that insulting.

Okay. In an insult. Sure. Hate speech. No, that’s, look how many people love you. And it’s like a duck in the middle of a desert. Like, Oh yeah. That’s like, yeah, Hey, this is the room of all the people who care empty room. I mean, that’s, you won’t be able to do that because you’re distributing hate speech. Uh, yeah. No, I don’t, I don’t think I’ve ever not been accused of, of like I’m, I’m okay with being insensitive at times like that. That’s just who I am. And that’s how we all are. Like, you can’t be no. Yeah, yeah, exactly. That’s right. Yeah. Generation raised on South park and family guy somehow gets offended by frigging everything these days. Who do these surveillance planes over Baltimore?

I can’t say that I’m surprised. I mean it’s, you know, I mean, you’ve, you’ve already seen, you know, whether it’s, uh, where was it? Uh, South Korea that deployed the little bullet head dogs. Um, the robot dogs going around to keep an eye on people. Yeah. And so, I mean, I, I guess I’m not, dude, I’m not surprised. I mean it’s, I guess part of it, I mean, I guess here’s the thing, part of me wouldn’t be surprised if it was a revenue generation opportunity where they’re like selling those photos to news outlets and that kind of stuff to show, Hey, here’s what’s going on around the city.

I mean, it’s being funded by Texas billionaire. Yeah. Um, those, the line, the line of the article, is this the most comprehensive surveillance ever imposed on an American city in the history of the country?


Well, I mean, and Baltimore is a bit of a shit show. Like, I mean, I don’t, you know, it’s, don’t get me wrong. I mean, it’s, Baltimore crashed a lot harder than I, I mean it’s, it’s almost close to Detroit levels. I mean, you know, when I was living in D C back in the mid nineties, um, Baltimore even then was Detroit now too, a lot of people were, you know, it’s okay. It’s a half hour, 45 minute drive. Cool. Let’s head up. Um, here are, here’s that bar we’re going to go to. Here’s that bar we’re going to go to. Or here’s this street that will go on and then you GTL. Um, it is crashed even harder since if it is crushed a lot harder since that time. Um, you know, just from everything, like friends still back in the area and that kind of stuff. Where, I mean, it’s dude, it like there’s like large swaths of Baltimore that you just don’t go like it’s, and so I like, I, like I said, I, I get it, but I don’t know that private citizens should be funding.

It’s a private citizens bunny and basically the images are gonna be stored for 45 days, then can be used only for criminal investigation. Um, total budget. The program is 3.6 million. All of it paid for privately. Um,

yes. And like I said, that’s, that’s my biggest hangup is that it’s a private citizen doing it. Like it. Dude, you want to have surveillance know? I do. I have video cameras all around the house like, and, but it’s my house. Um, and, you know, and I’ve even, I’ve even had, I had them positioned them deliberately, so like it doesn’t catch the neighbor’s houses or any of that kind of like it. Yeah. Um, so yeah, I mean that’s, that’s the part that’s super wonky to me is that it’s a, Hey, is somebody from Texas care about what’s happening in Baltimore?

I don’t know.

Try a trial run. I don’t know. Because successful then you’re going to roll it out to basically use this a pilot. We see the first, you know, the birth of OCP. Right. You know, if you’re going walking around the city, are you gonna feel safer knowing that the guy that shot it was getting

caught in three weeks because of a photo from a plane that may or may not have been overhead. Yeah.

Can we still get a three bullet holes in your domain? Um,

how, I got a stupid question. Totally unrelated topic. How angry were you when you found out that Robin noodles weren’t made here or that were, were, were actually made here? Um, I mean, I just, I kind of always assumed they were, I always thought they were important. I thought it was like fancy, like finding out that there’s a ramen factory in goddamn Virginia.

Like was it, was this when you found out that the stripper poles actually turned on their own Bob and like they actually rotated and it was like, kinda like, like the adult version of finding out there’s no Santa Claus? Like is that yet? Yeah, they do. About the polls actually spent,

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I just ruin Santa lots? I would apparently like seven people got, got sick at the, uh, [inaudible] I don’t even know how to pronounce, uh, in Virginia. Um, but there’s, there’s a damn factory, which is,

that’s one of the brands that I buy. I mean, you know, when you can find them in store has got to help you. Um, but that is, I mean, that’s, that’s one of the brands because they’re the ones they make the, uh, the bowls that I really, really like that have like the spicy beef and spicy chicken ones.

Here’s the thing, we talked about logistics and all that stuff earlier. And like that’s the thing with like toilet paper logistics and like ramen noodles, logistics. Like you got a whole semi truck full of like $20 worth of soup.

Yes. Well, I mean, and that’s like, dude, I don’t understand why there’s been such a run on that shit. Like, like literally I always tried to keep, um, usually like three of each of the spicy chicken and the spicy beef. I always try to keep those in the house just cause if I’m running late or if I need to, like, like if I was running to the studios, I would grab one and then I could throw it in the microwave and cool. It was good to go. Um, dude, I haven’t been able to get one of those things in six weeks. Like to the point where like, I can get there, I can get a, there’s a great brand and I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s literally just the ramen noodles. And so I’ve just started making ramen on my own. Um, we’re like, you know, I’ll cut up the chicken and do all the vegetables and all that kind of crap, and I’ve been doing it on my own for like, for awhile if I feel like, and then I’ve got it for a week. Um, yeah. Like I don’t understand. Like again, it’s that stockpile mentality, like, like how much toilet paper do you have in your garage currently? And how much effing ramen do you currently have in your, in your pantry that you’re gonna be eating for the next 30 years.

Did I talk about the, uh, when Tom green was on Rogan, but he had the theory on the toilet paper shortage? No. So basically this is Tom Green’s theory and I think it’s kind of brilliant. It makes sense. Um, basically what happens is you have an entire aisle full of toilet paper and he goes in that aisle, there’s maybe like 1248 rolls because it takes up so much goddamn space. Then he goes into, what happens is everybody goes up, there’s shit going down. I gotta, I gotta buy this, I gotta buy that. And then I gotta grab some toilet paper. Just you know, just a case that all of a sudden the whole thing sold out because like 12 people bought toilet paper. Then they take a picture. Well, that aisle looks insanely when it’s empty, but it was really only 12 people buying two each. Yeah, right. Buying the 48 packs now. Then. Then it just spreads panic and they posted on social media. Oh, everybody’s shits their pants. No. Are the actual 48 packs or those six

see enrolls equals 42 there is. There is no math dude like helping my daughter with her seventh grade math is not as hard as toilet paper. Math. Like I said, it’s six roles equal eight but then eight equals 12 and then 12 equals 48 but 12 also equals 24 and then 12 can also equal 36 but then I,

yeah, I want that big guy.

Oh, the neverending role is that Facebook ads. How awesome would it be to go to someone’s house and we can go grumpy and cut that boat for weeks? You’d have to design your bathroom just around that. You really would, as big as that role is, you absolutely would. Is there any architects on the line make your houses right? Um, but I guess I, you know, in the same vein, uh, where was it? Uh, Georgia, uh, the taco bell where a woman, uh, drove through the drive through, um, and had a spray bottle filled with urine, uh, that she accosted the, uh, the drive through worker with as well as Howler monkey flinging her poo at, at people. Like, how much for planning do you have to do to fill a spray gun to have a spray bottle full of my, like, that’s like there’s something wrong with you before any of this happened. Like this is not a recent psychotic break in science. Uh, we try to use proper terminology here. Roberts, uh,

I’m going to put it so we’re, we’re pretty much done with eighties movies with the family. And yesterday, yesterday, family movie night was Billy Madison and um, is watching Andy’s my six year old and it’s the scene with the Valentine’s day with the sub and the what basically the cards as Doobie Billy. And like, I don’t even think twice on it and all of a sudden I hear my six year old going, she reads it and goes, do me Billy. And I’m like,

uh, don’t ever say Hey, speaking of uh, uh, if you haven’t watched it yet, scoop, uh, the Scooby doo movie, my kids actually sat down to watch it today instead of that was phenomenal. Um, but they said it, they said there’s a lot of stuff in it. They don’t get that or probably because I haven’t watched it yet. Um, that are probably like flashbacks and throwbacks to stuff we’ll get. So I’m going to have to sit down and watch it.

Well it’s all pot jokes, dude. Come on. You know that took a bowl and eat some of your dog food. Alright, so I’ve always bitched about, I love, I love me some Arby’s beef and Cheddar’s one of a great, great God. I

know we were bitching about their commercials for two or three years now cause we have the meat. No, but then the guy goes for sandwiches. It’s like, what else is it for you? Like, I always wondered, I always wondered if like if somebody didn’t hit them with like a copyright or trademark violation because it used to just be we have the meat. Um, and then they changed it to for sandwiches. So like I, I wonder if like someone hit them with a lawsuit or something over that. The meat tiny there. Uh, some butcher shop in like nowhere. Illinois probably like had that trademark. Who knew? But now the new one is we have ocean meat and all I can think about it was so, so that’s fish, right? Like let’s be clear. Like that’s, that’s fish. Like some guy that couldn’t think of the word. It’s like that I need, um, I need, um, filet, no out that ocean meat sandwich, bruh.

And a side of fries and a big terminology to me it encompasses anything. Like it could be fish, it could be shellfish, it could be gastropods, it could be ocean, ocean meet, bruh. Yeah. Which may be why they’re not clarifying what it is because God only knows what goes into those things. Goes into the fish sandwiches are assessed wild and sustainably caught. Alaskan Pollock. Well it’s like Kurt is, is that any relation to Jackson Pollock? What’s, what’s an Alaskan Pollock like? Got it. It’s a fish. Oh God. But then like all the tweets are coming through and I’m reading this articles, would you eat a burger made out of land meat? Yeah. Do, that’s why I loved ’em. It was one of those, uh, Adam ruins everything episodes. Uh, cause I love that show. Um, and there was one that he did where it was all about the restaurant industry and how basically they started running out of like normal fish to serve, like, you know, salmon and trout and all that kind of stuff.

And so, and so like the fish that they started using, nobody would eat. Uh, cause they’re probably, there was one called a slime head. Um, and, and then, well nobody’s going to order slime head. And so they just changed the name. And that’s what orange roughy is, is a, is a, is a fish named a slimy, I’ve heard that story on so long. There’s like three other ones that are like that too. They just like, yeah, we’re just going to change and we’ll just change that. We’ve changed the name to serve you better. That’s, that’s how that works. Um, Oh, you know what, you, you didn’t even talk about one thing, um, about the, uh, uh, SOCOM TV show, like this standalone Disney plot dude looking forward to it. I mean, you know, so I mean it’s, they said it’s in development, so it’s not like it started filming or any of that kind of stuff.

Um, you know, so waiting for, you know, honestly, I want to see how, how it turns out, what the Mandalorian, uh, with her being in that and you know, they’ve, you know, they’ve announced that, I think we talked about this last week, they announced that Boba Fett is going to be in that too. Um, so, you know, it’ll be, I’m, I’m hoping they don’t start making the mistakes with Mandalorian that they made with, you know, the last trilogy where it becomes like a [inaudible] kind of thing. Um, but we all know she’s dead because she was a force ghost voice in episode nine. Right. You know, and, and, you know, well, yeah, but I mean, there’s a lot, there’s a lot of ground that wasn’t covered. You know, you’ve got that whole, you know, siege of Mandalore and you know, how, you know, how does Gideon get the dark saber and all that stuff. So maybe that comes into season two. Maybe this comes into the standalone series, who knows? But I mean, at the end of the day, I mean, Disney’s not stupid, you know, she is hands down, become one of the most popular characters in that entire franchise very, very quickly. Capitalize it, capitalize on it while you can. Why wouldn’t you?

She is what they wish Ray had become. Oh, hell yeah. Oh, abs are frigging lutely. I don’t, don’t even get me started on that because I’ve been watching all the, uh, like the Easter eggs and I’ve been getting down wormholes and like, I’ll, you know, with Ryan Johnson, like going that way. And then JJ is like, now middle finger, I’m going this way. It just, it pisses you off. Like how, what those movies could have been.

So now have you watched any of the, uh, the Mandalorian?

Yeah, I watched the, uh, I watched the one, the first one, and they’re all sitting at a table,

catch the catch. The second one. Cause there, there was a great, uh, there’s a great part in there where Filoni um, basically just goes off about like what the star Wars universe really, really means and, and what people are supposed to be taking away from it and, and what kids are supposed to be taken away from and that kind of stuff. And it’s, it’s, it’s a really good watch. It’s, it’s a great message.

Well, it’s almost like it’d be took Lord of the rings and then you made the trilogy, then you decided to add like fricking, I don’t pick something stupid. Um, you know what I mean? And just decide, Oh, I’m going to go this way with it. That’s my interpretation cause I’m an artist. Hey, kiss my ass. You know, it’s like the national Anthem. Just sing the song, don’t make it your own, just sing the song. Um, but that’s, uh, you know, what’s the next movie going to be? That’s, that’s the thing, they could go a hundred directions. Like what’s going to get butts in seats? I know we always talk to her about, we’ll go for whatever. Right. Well, I mean we’ll, we, cause apparently there won’t be any movie theaters left by the time this is over. I don’t, I’ll park my car. I don’t get, yeah, maybe this will be a restart digit drive throughs or drive ins. Yeah. Oh dude. Do you remember I was talking about that Valley girl a remake. It’s straight to rental for six 99.

Oh yeah. My uh, my daughter caught a commercial for it and, and was at, she was like, she’s like, Oh yeah. She’s like, did you see this thing Valley girl? She’s like, is that like an old movie that they read it? I’m like, yes it is. Yes it is.

And I’m angry about it. Can I tell you like the mom is Alicia Silverstone is your age and it’s a musical. I just, I,

I refuse just that, just out of spite and on principle, I’m going to have nothing to do with it.

So Dave, one story you sent through that, the link is arguing anymore is about something going down with only fans.

Oh, so, uh, apparently there was a lot of people that got up in arms. Um, and we’ve seen this with a lot of places, whether it’s, you know, Craigslist or, uh, you know, a bunch of places where, Hey, we are nude friendly, adult content friendly adult, whatever, friendly. Um, and so, I mean, like, we’ve all heard the stories, you know, Hey, you know, you, you, uh, you know, you can’t see your friends right now. Uh, but for six 49 a month you can see them completely naked on, on only fans. Um, and so, uh, apparently only fans had started dropping the hammer, um, on a lot of, uh, the adult content providers and that kind of stuff. You know, like, okay, so they got their numbers way up and they got, you know, they got all this revenue coming in and all that stuff. And so now it’s time to close all that crap down because we’re looking at maybe getting acquired, um, which happens with a lot of places. And, and, but like, so they’re basically,

well, the shady thing with only fans is they were never really officially adult entertainment. It was just kind of like a gray area. Don’t talk about it.

Yeah, exactly. It was just there. Um, but yeah, so I mean, it’s like they’ve been shutting down people’s accounts. They’ve been, um, like refunding everybody’s customers with new, like with no chance of appeal. No, no anything. And so people have like, lost, I mean, some people have lost tens of thousands of dollars, you know, within a single month over this stuff. And it’s, when this whole thing started, I was promised, uh, I would get to see, uh, unemployed friends naked on the internet. And this not come true. I’ve not heard any. You’re, you’re not, you’re, you’re not looking hard enough, but you’re just shut up and pay, you know. And I’m like, yeah, exactly. You see somebody who’s, you mind your business, that’s that. It’s right here.

Um, but there is an alternative site called just for fans that is definitely 100% geared towards sex workers, adult entertainment. So if you’re looking to start or looking to, uh, switch to an alternative, go to just for fans. Yep.

Pay pay for it anyway. Not getting on that ranch, but you know, there’s that one bartender that you’re going to go see just if she’s there, you know. Damn well I will look,

um, if you’ve been hearing about, there’s stories going around about people just like driving. I know we talked about last week with them 59, but now, now that I’m looking forward, I’m finding like stories of like Vandyke Donaghy traders like stretches where it just like dragways we’re going like a hundred.

Oh dude. People have pulled up the car. There was a story like last week where the cops pulled over somebody doing a buck 10 on 75 South just because, and the guys who could, there was nobody else on the road. Why not? Like that’s literally what he told the cop and the guy was like, look, I get it. But, but no,

it’s everywhere though. Like, or just like people are, it’s like mad max out there. Like I’ve only driven, I only go to physical therapy. That’s a mile from the house in Hamlin. There’s never any cars on it anyway. And I come back up 59, you know, a mile.

Well dude, like I said, dude, I went, I went downtown about two weeks ago now, uh, to grab the bottles of bourbon from DCD that I had ordered and like 94 blew my mind. Like 94 has always been okay. So first off it always makes me laugh that 94 is 55 miles an hour. There’s no reason why that’s the case other than like writing tickets and being a speed trap. Um, but like everybody usually hovers between like 63 and 68 on 94. Like that’s usually where everybody’s like comfortable and there’s usually just like clumps of cars that are driving together at that speed. Um, due to, I was at 75, I’m in the middle lane and I was getting blown by in the fast lane. Like I was parked and so I was like, so I was like, dude, if this is 94, I can’t even imagine what the hell six 96 is like cause six 96 has always been like the Audubon of Michigan somewhere like that’s gotta be a shit show. I yeah.

Well I’m not, you know, this Saturday I got to go to grand Rapids and pick up a car. So like I’m a driving, did you get that one for her? Yeah. I’m not sure if I told you which one, but yeah, the, the one that was a Judd. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, so yeah, I’ve got to go pick that up. So like driving that back, like I’m, I’m just speed limit. Not a mile over. I don’t know. What are you supposed to, you know, I want no part of this whole like,

well cause then it’s like, you know, cops, a board, like they’ve got, they’ve gotta be bored off their ass at this point. So why give them an excuse to, for you to be their entertainment?

Well, they can’t book anyone to jail cause they’re, they’re getting, they’re getting COBIT and on purpose in jail. Did you see that? Oh geez. I know. So like they’re all like hugging each other, drinking on the same bottle and like if that actually worked, um, what are you gonna what are you going to do? People seriously, we’re this, this far away. We’re one real thing away from being mad, mad

dude. It’s like I’ve said, I mean, like my, my biggest issue is that I’m like the fact that I have to rely on other people making good decisions, uh, when it comes to like my health and the health and wellbeing of my friends and family. No. Like, I, I don’t, I don’t have faith in humanity. I don’t, I don’t have faith in people. I don’t have, I don’t have the belief that people will do the right thing. Um, there was actually, there was a great article that I meant to, I meant to shoot over and I forgot. And it was the, um, it was a great op ed piece, um, about we and me and, and, and like just the, the fact that, you know, it’s, people are so focused on the me that they’re, they’re ignoring the we, um, and just, you know, like you look at, you know, all the, all the sacrifices and everything everybody went through during world war two.

And during, you know, all that, you know, all that stuff you hear from your grandparents and all that kind of stuff. And, you know, and people are comparing, having to wear a mask to walk into a store to concentration camps like that. That’s literally where we are. Um, and it’s, it just, it, it’s, it stuns me and sets me back that, I mean, and it shouldn’t, it shouldn’t, it shouldn’t even register with me anymore about how selfish and crazy people can be. Um, but it, it like, it just, it blows my mind that people don’t understand. Again, it gets back to that whole, the ripple effect. Like you, people don’t understand how their actions, yeah. I just,

it’s a small thing from the get go though. Like we talked about this, nothing came out that was concrete. Nothing could come out that was concrete cause no one knew what it was. You can’t just visibly visibly see the strain. So there’s no

rules. So these rules were always like, well, but I mean, but, but dude, think back. I mean like I do not. I am, I mean, it would do, were the first people to say, we were very cavalier about this when this started. I mean, I do, I was out the Saturday night before the lockdown hit, you know, and I was, you know, and I was like, Oh my God, I’m sitting here in the apparatus room and there’s literally nobody there. They’re like four people at the bar on a Saturday night. That’s crazy. You know, I go to, you know, whiskey in the jar and you know, in bounds, the biggest crowd I encountered was smalls and Hamtramck on one of their new wave nights. And there were 10 people there when that’s usually 200 deep and packed. Um, you know, and I didn’t get it, you know, but then the following Monday, the lockdown hits, they start releasing numbers about infection rates and you know, like, okay. And like, and that’s how that’s supposed to work. As new information becomes available, it’s okay to change your position on things. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re an asshole. It doesn’t mean that you’re an age, Hey, new information has become available. I now understand things differently. Here we go. And I think, I think that’s what people, I think people entrench so deeply into like one position or one set of beliefs that they don’t know how to do that anymore.

But it did you gotta admit though, it changed so many times. There was so many different, and then the only Angeles, you could only listen to that, but you can’t listen to that. But they’re, they’re stupid, but they’re smart. But they’re, we’re going to change this rule and we’re going to change her. Then we’ll slowly, this whole thing’s kind of been, and there’s no way you could have done in retrospect, there’s no way you could have done it perfectly. It like, Nope, you have man band flying from bang flying in from China. I mean, unless you’re,

well, I mean, Taiwan did a good job apparently. I mean they, I mean they, they did. Taiwan did a lot of the same things that we have done, but they did it two months earlier in it, like in into their cycle. Um, you know, and, and, and that’s, and that’s actually what this one of the articles I was again, something else I was going to shoot across in Denton. Like there’s a whole, um, uh, world health world health organization who conference taking place and Taiwan isn’t allowed go because of the ongoing issues with China that they have and all that kind of stuff. When at this point in time people should be listening to Taiwan more than anyone else because they are basically the model of how they handled this. Um, how they handled the outbreak, how they handled locking themselves down, how they handled, you know, infections and quarantines and all that stuff. Like they, like they’re the model that a lot of people are looking to, but yet they’re not going to be at this conference because of politics, which is just stupid. Like it’s, it’s just, it’s, it’s ridiculous.

I don’t get how politics got into this thing in the first place, but everybody again, everybody, everybody’s bored and they want to bitch. Um, I think that that’s the crux of it. At the end of the day, I don’t, there isn’t a thing about this thing is politics to me, like it’s, it’s, it’s sick and it’s not.

Yeah, dude, nobody, nobody cares who you voted for. You get it. You’re going to have issues like your, your vote is not some sort of magic shield that you hold up in front of you.

How come it’s this time at every podcast, like the last month and a half. This is like the rather witching hour album start going after your politics. It’s true. It is like, you know, and it, maybe we need the goddamn avatars too, so people quit bitching about politics. Like, I mean, it distracted them for a good four or five hours. It did. It was a God damn ghost town today. I’m like not not one person, right. As soon as the, like we’re putting in the new new avatar. Nothing happened today.

Oh no. I think no because everybody went and created them yesterday and now they’re just there like they yeah, and then, and then they’ll never be thought of again cause it, it was Ooh, piece candy. Ooh. Piece of candy. Ooh, he’s getting to do with it anyway. God only knows. Hey, you know, speaking of star Wars though, and I, and I will say this, I forgot how much the Nintendo 64 pod racing game basically redeemed episode one for me. I’m just gonna put that out there. I’m like, I’ve been doing all these retro systems and all that stuff and I got the and 64 up and I did, I’ve been playing pod racer like nobody’s business. It is such a great game. And, and, and I know that there are emulators out there for PCs and that kind of stuff. Now find it, play it. It’s so good.

Isn’t that the reason they made them believe that IBM game, it’s up there. Just watch that on star Wars day and it’s such a long dragging piece of the movie that it just could have been cut down so much. I was watching deleted scenes and this is stuff I’ve never seen. I’ve always seen this stuff like with Luke and with bigs and all that, which is, which is so homoerotic by the way, if you haven’t watched it, digs is so gay for Luke,

which you know, like, you know, what was it? Uh, the other day, um, was star Wars day and, and everybody, uh, was basically like every news outlet. The

uh, basically they were just showing the volleyball scene over and over again. It was like, you know, the most unintentionally homoerotic scene ever in a movie. Well then I guess there’s a deleted scene with a young anagin right now, episode one, like after the pod race, you know, the, the, the little Grito character that was hanging out with them, like Anik beats the shit out of them. And then God is like, don’t you know, he called me a liar. Well, if it’s true, then you don’t need to beat him up cause all I gotta do is stand by your convictions. And it was such a bizarre scene. Um, but apparently they tried to write it in. I think that was actually Grito like, I don’t know. There there’s some weird shit. He’s deleted scenes. It was like, that was so bizarre. Nobody, nobody here that maybe have dinner with the parents. Like that was like a scene, like an extended yeah.

But yeah, I’ve been down that wormhole of like weird star Wars, uh, Easter eggs, um, all the way up to a, a rude, um, people being assholes at fast food places for some reason. I don’t know why. Um, I can’t get enough of it watching it like yelling cause he didn’t put it in my goddamn sauce in the bag and like literally, where are you at in life? Like is this, are you at the falling down part of your life? I can’t get my breakfast sandwich at 10:35 AM yeah. Where you just lose your shit. Had somebody, the older I get, the more I identify with him. I’m not going to lie.

These are my 15 year old kids that work at these places and a couple adults that are like make careers out of it. You better manage it. And it’s like, Ooh, you’re not yelling at it. Yeah. You’re not yelling at anybody that’s going to be able to make anything any better. Get over yourself. We talked to your manager who’s the 17 year old behind the counter and you wonder why they say their names are Ben Dover, right? Oh, that was, Oh yeah, I do. Speaking of which we are getting for whatever, we were getting a lot more traffic on the worst people say whichever page and we’re getting requests to bring that back. So we should talk about that. Yeah. If I have to, I want to do the, uh, I’ve been watching all those damn, uh, the Barstool sports, the one, the pizza reviews, right. So like, I totally want to do the burgers again. Uh, for the, uh, the worst people sandwich burger reviews. Yeah. Here’s the thing. We could do that one. Eat every burger in Detroit. Um, easy. Yeah. Not fast. Not fast food. We gotta we gotta define it. Um, yeah. And I’m not going to do one bite. Everybody knows the rules. I’m going to be like, just plain cheeseburger.

Fine. I’m in. All right. Good. All right. Well, Hey, uh,

do I have to? Oh, no, not, not bird. Oh wait. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Um, all right. We were at, yeah. All right. Well, Hey, that’s it folks. Uh, Bob, take us out. Yeah, we’re going to wrap things up for this episode. Three 48. Hope everybody’s staying safe. On behalf of Bob gave and Randy do us all a favor, drink up the greens, get your phone numbers, um, stay your ass at home and uh, hopefully we’ll see you next week. Be careful. Be safe and beat it. See you guys. Right? It’s a live stream in the recording or off.


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