Episode 347 – Getting Back to Work, Unemployment Issues

Hey, what’s going on? This is a one and all the it in the D show broadcasting live from our respective houses. This is Bob the sales guy. It’s quarantine day again. That is David. Randy. I do the Twitters is doing the Twitter. Find us online it in the d.com where you’ll find all the things. And for episode three 47, we’re just going to be, uh, we’ve got about 20 stories on tap and uh, and see what happens. It feels like Groundhog’s day against, like there’s nothing really new going on, but there’s everything new going on.




Yeah, it’s, yeah. We’ll find new people to help and new ways to try to seduce digital Debar who knows?

Hey, you know what? You may fire when ready.

Hey, well yeah, so for those of you watching, we decided we were not going to force you to watch the intro this time.

This is episode three 47 of the one and only it in the D show. We are a bump broadcasting live in my living room. Dave’s in his basement. Randy is in his front room, bedroom front room, mine it in the d.com where you will find all the things and uh,

again, as, as has become the norm. Uh, this is the part of the show where we usually talk about all our upcoming events and that kind of stuff. And yet still none. Nope. Nope. Stay at home. Got extended again then. Uh, so we’re staying home. In fact, I got to, I got bored enough today. Uh, I know this, I know this makes Randy happy. I reorganized my bar. I uh, he was a, he was bitching cause all the bottles were intermixed. And so now all the vodkas are with the vodka is all the whiskeys are with the whiskeys and yeah.

Well plus we can’t have events cause you don’t want to get shamed by your neighbors or shamed by Facebook. And you know,

dude, like apparently social distancing snitches are a thing. That was one of the stories that bounced across like barbecue. Becky and I dunno what it w what would it be? Um, I don’t know. Social distancing. Stacy, I don’t know,

wrap on you, Karen. Um, well no, they’re talking about, um, well there, there’s, I wanted a couple of things I want to get into. One, the guy that is cutting hair out in West mission, right. And you know, he chose, um, cutting hair. He chose his livelihood over his help and basically open up his business. You know, he was, I don’t know if he was ready to go bankrupt, but he already was fed up or I don’t remember the exact what you know, but uh, he opened up in basically all the news caught wind, everyone co in social media, caught wind and uh, you know, there, I guess there was a like two hour wait to get a haircut. Cause like, just like me, I need, I need to get my in the borrower, but what am I supposed to do? Um, so this guy opened up and uh, yeah, uh, internet didn’t like that very much. He basically didn’t close them down.

Yeah. And I mean, I, it’s not helping or it, I mean, I guess depending on your point of view maybe, but like the, uh, the local judge, uh, said he’s not enforcing the, the closure order. Uh, he’s not enforcing a restraining order. So I mean you’re, you’re really getting to the point where this shit is, there’s going to be some like some ugly legal battles about, about this crap now. Like, forget, you know, I think my favorite one is, you know, don’t worry so much about, uh, you know, the U S gravy seals, mealtime six, uh, don’t worry about them as much. Uh, as you know, there’s like this, this crap is going to be going on in the courts for years.

Well, apparently like there, there, there’s a story that you were talking about this doctor, um, I guess he attended a rally and was hugging people and they caught him on Facebook and they basically trashed on him and his practice got a 68 year old doctor and they had to suspend him for a week. And really, you just like hugging people. Like, he wasn’t really even like doing anything malicious or mean or angry. Um, but apparently like, yeah, across the country these complaints have led to shut down to like dog groomers, massage parlors,

the, uh, the lady in Dallas that opened it, uh, that opened up her hair salon. Um, that was the biggest story that, you know, she ignored the, you know, she ignored the closure order. She ignored the thousand dollar a day. Fine. Um, DASA. They threw her in jail.

Yeah. And I think she got out two days later or something, but she thinks she wanted to go in jail to be a murder. Of course, you know, I’m, I’m standing up for you. Um, you know, yeah. Like they’re in Manhattan. Like people are like tea or, uh, profanity, posters of in tech, the telephone bulls chastising people who are not wearing face masks.

So there’s a lot of stories that say like, basically, so that’s, that’s the new battleground. Like, okay. Everybody accepts that or, okay. Almost everybody accepts, looking at you, certain people that the virus is a real thing and that it’s contagious. And now the big battle is masks. Like are, are you a deck if you don’t wear one, are you too conservative if you do wear one, do I watch the guy in my neighborhood today outside Mona’s yard by himself wearing a mask? I’m like, what are you doing?

Trying to look good for his neighbors kind of cops on them. Correct me if I’m wrong. I, you know, I will, I skimmed it before like, like uh, but did the us surgeon general tweet out don’t wear mask, it doesn’t matter today. Um, or was that fake and bullshit? I don’t know. I didn’t look into it.

I saw a couple of conflicting stories that came out about that. Randy, can you look, I believe he tweeted before that tweet was from before the advice had changed. That

was not today. Okay. No, sort of like the nine year old story that I shot. No, because I thought that came out today and I’m like, Oh my God, now what? Cause like,

well and I mean it’s like we talked about, you know, so as long as you know, as soon as they put that caveat on there, that qualifier on there that said, uh, you need to wear a mask unless you’re not medically able to do so. Like as soon as, as soon as I saw that loophole, every deck that just doesn’t want to wear a mask is going to say, Oh well, you know, I’ve got severe asthma or, or I’ve got,

I wore my, my gang bandaid Crips, I don’t know which it was. The Crips or the bloods was blue. One of my friends could tell her I’m going to go with the, the bloods are red Bob, that’s free for shit. So yeah, I’m going to, I’m going to use the little pole. I don’t feel good.

Well I don’t, I mean, and a lot of people are having that issue. I mean it’s, you know, it’s, you know, there, there are, God, there are, there’s at least five videos that scroll across my Facebook feed a day of someone making a home, like a mask at home, out of an old t-shirt, a pair of socks, you know, something. I mean, so they, you know, they’re, they’re all out there and that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re what you should be doing,

but I’m helping. Exactly. I was trying to, I was so bored. I was trying to get Ralph Wade on the, I’m helping me try to put a mask on him, photo shopping on my phone. I’m like, I’m not doing it. I don’t want my stinky socks on my face. I would, I would assume you would use a clean pair, Bob. I would still like lingering foot issues. Yes.

Um, uh, so, okay, so, but this D nature is fascinating and, and I, and I got to touch on this cause this was because like, of course, you know, the new hotness is the murder Hornets, uh, that are sweeping across the nation. Um,

they’re called siddiqa killers and they’re common. They’re coming in Asia. They’re common in Asia. No, here they’re called siddiqa killers. Look it up. Cicada killers are a different type of, I’m pretty sure they’re go after Neilsa DACA. What? Cicada Cicada Cicada they’re here already.

They’re actually, those are different one. Um, those were different, but uh, so that video that I shot across you guys, it was fascinating. They were like Japanese honeybees have learned how to deal with these things. Cause basically one of these goes into a hive, um, of, of honeybees and like drops a couple of pheromones and then a couple more show up and they, they can plow through like an entire 30,000 bee colony in like an hour and just kill them all. Um, and so what these bees have learned to do is they wait for it to come into the hive and then they form this giant swarm ball around the Hornet and they start like vibrating and flexing their wing, their wing muscles and tip. Like the incredible part to me is so the, the, the murder Hornet cannot, cannot sustain above 115 degrees. These things vibrate to the point where they’re at. And the honeybees can’t survive over 118 degrees. They literally go right to 117 degrees to cook the stupid Hornet and their little swarm and, and then it dies and they’re safe like that. Do that, like, that’s like nature. Like just nature blows your mind. Life finds a way. Like just nature blows my mind sometimes.

I know you’re getting all scared about these things. They killed 30 people a year.

Oh, I know, dude. It’s not scary. It’s not as good. I don’t want to get stung by one. I mean, you saw that video.

My litmus test falling coconuts killed more people than the murder horrors.

Yeah. But I do it. I don’t even want to get stung by one. You saw that video.

Oh, I love those things. Look, wicked man. The one guy got bit just for like a test to be thing screaming. It just reminded me of like Jack ask him.

Oh, it totally was. And apparently that’s his whole essence of being. Yeah. There have been, uh, they found two dead ones in Washington and there was a small colony in somewhere in Western Canada that has since been exterminated. So these are not a serious threat to the U S no, they’re not yet. Not at all yet. The article about Disney being on mass,

dude, Disney’s a mess on a couple different levels, but we can start with that story you shot across. Yeah.

Well they’re going through basically, you know, 14 theme parks are padlocked. Well, they just opened Shanghai today. Well, yeah, I actually, I did the walkthrough of that. It’s actually kind of cool looking. Um, but basically they’ve taken out a $5 billion line of credit, um, on top of an 8.5 that they secured in March. Um, they just don’t know what to do cause they owe a dividend apparently on their stock, which is, which is the big thing.

And that price has been going up a lot. Thanks. Disney plus,

right. The only thing that the cruise line dead that’s keeping them afloat is ESPN and Disney. Plus all the state shows are dead

better. A better Greenlight that, uh, next season of clone Wars you don’t want to see happen in rebels.

You can’t make anything. You can’t make a movie now. Like you can’t, all the stages are shuts. Well, I mean, Disney’s primarily animation animation. Is there hope or you know, maybe you release the movies they’ve already finished, release them on Disney plus charge extra for them. Really. Someone else somewhere else. Like I would pay a VOD or something. Yeah, black widow. Oh,

Oh yeah, the new releases. Yeah. I don’t know why they don’t do more. Like I said, those four came out on Comcast, the invisible man, all that. And nothing’s come out since, um, I got a great picture I’m going to share with you by the way. I finally, uh, I introduced Annie. She watched the rise of Skywalker first. She has not seen all the signs and uh, she went upstairs into Gretchen’s room, got the lightsaber, we’ve got in Disney and basically stood up and held the light saber. And like mocked Ray threw up for like a half an hour. It was like I had to like get a picture and it wasn’t, didn’t even do it any justice when I’m like, wait, are you watching this baby? Like, you know, it was great. That’s hilarious. So we’re supposed to, I even forgot to bring this up.

I should have brought it early. We’re, uh, I’m supposed to go back to work, uh, to the office on the 26th of two weeks, uh, from, uh, two weeks from Monday. I did our buddy Eddie is supposed to report back at Ford, uh, on the 18th. Yeah. So then what we’re doing a trip. We’re doing, we’ve got 6,000 employees in one building. We’re doing triple over trickle over six weeks. So basically management comes in first and then basically one person, like a checkerboard, you get to be the Canary in the coal mine. You don’t make sense to everyone. Um, you know those, uh, it was on shark tank. It was like one of those little, uh, it was almost like an ice fishing canopy, but it was for like soccer moms, like just in your person tent zipper. Like I texted and I’m gonna go, there’s 70 bucks.

I go, we just put this around our office chair, just like the front flap so he can type if you’re sitting in rows of both. Right. You know, because we’re all sitting on top of each other. Right. I get the old checkerboard thing and being safe and I think that that building’s probably more sanitized than my own house is for crying out loud for sure. But like, you know, the, the cafeteria, we all got like, what? It’s literally, it’s up a failure. What are we going to do? Like are they going to saran wrap everything and like how are we going to eat? But you know what I mean? Like these are like real things we’ve got all think about. Well, and yeah, because if you’re not going to have the cafeteria open, then you’re going to have to deal with, okay, where’s everybody going to go eat? And then, Oh, by the way, all those people are then leaving the building, coming to contact, God knows who, and then coming back to the building.

Yeah. And you know, like if you look at like did you see some of the restaurants? What was going on on mother’s day? Oh my God. Oh dude. I a friend went to a God pickup for red lobster and had a three hour wait. Yeah, dude, bad. Brad’s was a two hour wait. So I’m like, luckily I got out, we watched a, I’ve been watching those damn Davey, uh, from Barstool to pizza reviews. Oh yeah, the frozen pizza reviews. Yeah. Yeah. Aerated, luminal naughty. So I bought to move on Naughty’s probably figured for mother’s day and it was probably one of the, it was the best frozen pizza. Hands down. My kids are like, they’re there. It’s stinking expensive. You don’t buy it for like a normal day. You know, it was for mother’s day. It’s not delivery now. This was not DiGiorno then I’m looking at looking on social. So help me God if there’s not, you know, to our way to bad brands to Roe here, I saw a four hours,

Texas Roadhouse, 12 and John R I drove by there on my way to get groceries and the line was insane. It was wrapped through that BJ’s parking lot and all around and that’s just for pickup. That’s crazy. Yeah.

Yeah, it was just for pickup. That’s okay.

But no, so the uh, the other thing about Disney is apparently they announced you’re going to be able to start booking reservations for July, but, but they haven’t announced a reopening plan yet. So R R and then they said we can’t really guarantee we’ll be opened by that. So what

if it’s refundable? I’m going to get no dude to think about it. You’re going to get $50 plane tickets. The hotels are 10% capacity. You’ll have your, you’ll have free reign of that joint if they all, if they open. Yeah, true. Cleaning that thing with a toothbrushing bleach every square inch of that place for the last month. You don’t think, again, I need off the floor at Disney right now. Over my own kitchen table. But apparently it’s worth it too.

Fully staff up to handle what, 20, 50% of a total.

Well, I don’t, I don’t think they’re going to fully staff up. I mean that’s, that’s the issue. I mean, and to me, places like that are, they have the same challenges that I look like, you know, like the, the auto plants, you know. Okay. So you can say, Hey, we’re bringing back lower capacity. Like we’re not, we’re not staffing all the way back up yet. Or even like your work. Let’s talk about choke points. Bathrooms. Yeah. Um, you know, uh, entryways and exit ways like that. Like to me, those are the big, like unanswered questions that I haven’t really seen about stuff. Cause yeah, I mean you can try to keep, you know, like the, you know, the cube farms. Yeah. You can checkerboard people in and all that stuff. You’re still going to have people that have to go to the bathroom, you know, all, you know, all throughout the day and that kind of stuff. And that’s, you know, single point of contact and

food service. And, yeah, I mean, are they going to bring in extra people for cleaning or are they going to switch people over? Like normally you’re a costume person, but today you’re picking up a broom or,

yeah, normally you’re Mickey. But today, here’s a, here’s a squirter full of bleach and a mop.

But, uh, one good thing that some students are doing the blacklist, I can’t figure out if Bob froze or if he’s just staring at us in the stand. Uh, it looks like he froze.

I lost you guys. Okay.

But, no, and actually, so the, the story you’re talking about rainy, it ties into the whole animation thing.

Yeah. They, uh, did their season finale, uh, in, uh, animation, you know, they had, uh, a bunch of the show already shot and, um, filled in the gaps of kind of like a comic book style. Sketchy. I don’t know if it’s, I don’t know how to describe it. It was very like anybody, if you’d ever seen dark city, it was, it was very similar to that. Um, and idea to mix.

I mean, it’s not, I wouldn’t say it would be a common way of doing things, but I could see this particular show. It maybe matches the style for sure.

And, uh, you know, Bob, uh, right off the top, uh, you know, we forgot to mention, you know, no, we don’t have any guests this week and this would normally be the week where we’re really looking forward to gas. Cause this weekend supposed to be motor city comic con,

he had to do it. I didn’t want to bring it up.

You gotta rip the bandaid off. Like this is like, this is normally the Monday night that we nerd out about for like months. Yeah.

Oh, this is like the show when we get everyone on. Yup.

Yeah. And, and it’s, yeah. And it’s crazy and chaotic and we got somebody different calling in every 10 minutes.

Okay. We gotta make fun of the people that are famous about the stuff that they weren’t, they, they weren’t famous about. Right. And you know, Randy’s gonna make some

awkward comment to a star Trek dude and yeah. Already totally pulled the whole, do you remember whenever you sued where you died and then you came into clone and then you came back into thing and did you member I met with Dan was awesome. It’s pushing your red leisure. Love you Garrett. Um, okay dude. I gotta I gotta talk about, I need to know who’s spending $700 on little tiny hot wheels wheels for their Mac book. I gotta. I gotta know I got a Mac pro. This is where the tower,

I got to know that we have 8,000 members in community in Detroit. There’s someone that owns these things. I mean these are professional level machines. These are, these are like what? Industrial light and magic or whatever by further animators. These are not your home computer. They’re Apple Mac pro wheels kit. It doesn’t sound anything. It sounds like. I thought they were going to be 60 bucks. Yeah, when, yeah, when Eddie brought them up I was like, well, I was like, what the hell are Apple wheels? And I went and looked and I’m like $700. Put your Mac book on wheels with the Mac book pro wheels, say Mac book, Mac pro, whatever. Shut up Randy stainless steel and rubber wheels. It’s all is a stainless steel and rubber wheels. It’s a F a nickel. The work that shit,

they’re hot wheels wheels. They are literally hot wheels. Wheels.

Makes it easy to move your Mac pro around whether sliding in from under your desk or across your studio. If you add these on, build the order, it’s only $400 because they keep the feet. There’s six. This replaces your feet that come with $9.

I, I, I got, there’s gotta be an aftermarket

coming soon from some third party people are lining up right now and some are sent with tens buying.

Well yeah, cause yeah, the Apple store, Apple stores are supposed to start opening again on Friday. So yeah.

Uh, Germany was announced for sure. Sure. If they’re doing in the U S yet.

Um, so actually I was just talking about, uh, this actor on, uh, on the last show that I was running. Um, but Peter Weller, uh, is coming back as Robocop, uh, as a DLC character for mortal Kombat 11, their new expansion pack that’s getting released.

This was live action, or is this, Oh, it’s a, it’s in the mortal Kombat video game. But yeah, I didn’t read it, but I thought it was gonna be another movie. And I’m like, Oh my God. Awesome.

Nah, I’m good. I’m good with it being in mortal combat. I’ll totally get it.

Robocops and moral comment. I’m buying, I haven’t bought mortal combat since like three years.

I was gonna say four maybe. So, Hey, speaking of which, so my nerd project, uh, my, my geek project that I’ve been taking that I’ve been working on, uh, you know, I’ve been getting all the, so in the basement and in the storage room, I’ve had all these old gaming consoles. I’ve had them forever. Uh, I mean, you remember my old basement and I, you know, I had them all hooked up and all that stuff and I never got around to doing it here. So I’ve been slowly but surely with the new, uh, with the new TV that I’ve got down here getting, so, so far I’ve got the original Xbox, the Xbox three 60, the we uh, one of the two PS twos and the Atari 2,600.

Yeah. Yeah. Make fun of you about this. You bought a red white switch that I did in like 2002 in my condo. Proud of yourself.

Well, no, it’s, it’s actually, it’s kinda cause dude, you have to go from the clause to this, to this other adapter, to this other adapter, to this other upscale, or to actually get it to work on the TV. It’s, it’s, for me, it’s been a fun project. Like it’s, cause I, I’m loving seeing all the old gamings cause even with, you know, I’ve got that, you know, the arcade game and even the dual booted X-Box that has all the memes and stuff like that and it, um, it’s just, it’s fun having the old systems up and running again. And it’s, you know, forcing the kids to play them whenever they bitch about how terrible their lives are. You know? Oh yeah. When I was younger age, we had a dot. This is adventure. And we moved the dot around and it’s all we had was, and then you had fire with the button.

I tried to tell one of the guys that works with me that he’s like 24. I tried to tell him how cool, choppy video and he goes, he just looks at me like this is the greatest. You’re a helicopter, but you don’t get out. Cool. It was cool. It was like a defender thing, but we were a helicopter and it was awesome. Um, by the way, uh, are you, uh, I shot a note. How did you end up watching Hollywood? I met.

It did not. I have, I have not watched that yet. I’m not gonna lie. Um, I was too busy finishing off the Soprano’s again and, and then get recommended sucked right back into watching true blood again. So,

so Hollywood, in my opinion, rainy, you can probably, uh, tell me if I’m wrong or not, in my opinion, is probably one of the best things Netflix has done in like an insanely long time. They have never, there’s never really been a movie about that era. So it basically picture post world war II, Hollywood, I guess what? 1946, 1948 basically when rock Hudson, James Dean, Marlon Brando were all in there like early twenties. Basically when gone, the wind was just winning best picture. Um, and it was basically rewritten almost as if, if that arrow was today because it was like the first like you could, you couldn’t be outwardly gay cause you would have to be chastised. You could be basically if you were black, you were basically, you had to walk through the back door. You couldn’t go in through the main entrance if you, even if you were a movie.

Yeah. The main, the main driving plot point was a new movie with a black actress as the lead character instead of just as playing one of the help.

Right. So she got her big break, but like it started off as like, uh, all the guys working at like a, a male brothel. Um, which was like a gas station. But like the cinematography man, it was emotional as hell. It was hilarious. It was, it was everything in between

and, and, and no, Mike, Mike, the feet are $700. And Ian, yes, I have cave games for the Atari.

Wait, wait,

sorry. I was just, I noticed the comments coming in and I’m trying to be better about paying attention to them. I’ve had a couple of friends that recommended or said they liked Hollywood, but I didn’t really know it was about until you messaged me Bob. And so I binged it that night that you recommended it. I watched the whole thing. I really enjoyed it. The only thing I thought was maybe it was a little too tied up nice and pretty with a bow a little bit too much. And they all lived happily ever after.

Well they all, they all want Academy awards except for one I think except for the Marlin Brando character. Um, everybody won and everybody, everybody was happy. But like I wanted to hang out at that bar. They went to the Dresden and Hollywood, you know, like it was a, and the guy that played a, what’s his name, Jim Parsons was, was phenomenal. Big bang theory. He was a, he was an asshole agent. Um, like, like a closeted gay asshole agent. And what a great character like, seriously.

Yeah. I mean add to the list. I’ll definitely give it a watch. They made him nominal producer of the movie and then he just, it went to his head and he started like hiring his own editors to make cuts and

right. But then like, uh, yeah. Um, what’s his name? Meathead was like the um, Rob Reiner was the, uh, the studio head. Um, but yeah, no, it was, it was pretty phenomenal. It was, uh, if you haven’t caught it yet, I insanely highly recommend it. Oh, you know what else? I don’t know what else I watched that was stupid. Um, couldn’t have been stupider. Uh, put on ESPN on Saturday or Sunday. I forget. I think I texted everyone and was formula. I love formula one racing. I like it better than, you know, I don’t like NASCAR, but I love formula one for some reason. And it was video game formula one and it was being commentated by like real people like calling it as if it was a real race, like with British accents, like

so and so around the bend passes. So-and-so takes the lead.

It was like literally, and I’m thinking to myself now, all right, you got a bunch of guys playing the video game. Now you got a guy watching it, calling it like it’s real and it’s, and you could just sit.

You’re going to watch it for an hour and a half and not knowing it was fake. I mean it’d be blurred your eyes a little bit. Yeah. Well yeah, because I mean some of those games, the graphics are so ridiculous that you, yeah, you might not know. It’s not real. I’m like, look at the screen, look at this. She goes, where are they racing? And I go, babe, this is video games. I mean, the tip would be when the guy drops the banana and the, and the car behind them spins out, that might’ve been a giveaway. Why aren’t we there? Are we not there? Why are they doing real NASCAR real formula one, why don’t they make Mario cart race? I’d rather watch that lease. It’s fun. What’s fun about cars going in a circle? We’re making a left turn. Hey, a four, we keep rolling. So, uh, capital one knows that life doesn’t alert you about your credit card. That’s why they created Eno, the capital one assistant that looks out for surprise credit card charges, like over tipping duplicate charges or potential fraud and then sends an alert to your phone and then it helps you even fix them if you need to. Another way, capital one is watching out for your money when you are not capital one. What’s in your wallet? See capital one.com for details.

Did you by any chance read the Reddit AMA?

I, dude, I mean, I made it about halfway down the page and I was like, Oh my God, this is a train wreck. I can’t anymore with this.

I got probably three quarters away through it. Um, basically it’s, I’m a cruise ship worker currently trapped and see, ask me anything. And basically they’re working as entertainer on Holland America line. Um, basically the ship’s been fighting for weeks with the CDC in the us government to let them back in the country. He’s a us citizen, but basically he can’t, you know, he’s not being paid. Um, you can’t even eat internet.

Not strong enough to file for unemployment. Nobody on board sick when I was going to say so yeah, he’s a U S citizen, but if it’s on how, so he’s probably on board a ship that is not us registered. No, I don’t think any of them do. That was my whole thing about like when every, when they were all applying for bailouts and all that crap, I’m like, I’m sorry if you’re not a United States company.

JTFO so he gets three meals a day, basically prison food. Um, he’s in the fire festival food. He’s got a, the cold cheese sandwiches. He’s got basically 20 hours a day alone in the 200 square foot cabin. Um, the internet, he has to pay if he wants to internet, it’s $10 a gig. And the connection is shit like that. And one of the questions is, why don’t you jump? And he goes, it’s incredibly dangerous to jump overboard and moving. Should we be jumped over the side? It’s a good chance that drags underneath and you die. So like what are like, why don’t you swim? He’s like, you can’t, I’m going to cruise ship.

Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s, yeah. I think especially people that have never been on a cruise ship doesn’t, they don’t realize exactly how high up those decks are.

Yeah. Right. Um, my good days, there are no anxiety attacks and no depressive bouts. Basically my bad days, I cycled through extreme anger and depression. Um, like little bit. Literally still there. It’s been, it’s been a month I think, or a month.

Now is this the one that got, cause I know there was one that said that it might not be, but it’s probably related. There was one that tried to dock in Italy and they got turned away. Um, and the last I saw was that one was making its way for the U S I mean it’s like just hovering an international waters somewhere or

this one’s getting ready to dock and LA. Um, I think what is, is edit three tomorrow. We are docked in LA. Um, basically I think tomorrow is, or maybe it’s today’s already. Oh yeah, I’m off that damn ship. We docked in LA. They finally let me off. Thank you for your well wishes. After all this mess, they finally land and finally docked down. But if you want,

and now he’s, and now he’s sitting in a quarantine tent for the next two weeks cause they have all those set up that poor. But hopefully the Internet’s better. Hopefully. Hopefully they got somebody to provide a better wireless signal to the quarantine camp.

Yeah. But I guess they’re good to deal with that. He doesn’t leave the ship cause he’s got to deal with butthole people, you know. Um, they’re talking about, um, some lady approached her drunk on a sports deck licking her fingers and she had like a plate from the buffet and like she’s trying to like have them like share off. And she started yelling at him and she’s like, why not eat it? Like stories like that. Like, just like, that’s why he just sits in his room like,

Oh yeah, I mean, why wouldn’t you avoid people at that point? Like I, yeah, right. Well let’s say that ice cream shop that opened up and you know, and, and they tried to do the right thing and they tried to, Hey, you know, place your order an hour ahead of time at least and know everybody just showed up and walked into the store and want her to order and then got mad when, Hey, no, you’re not wearing masks. No, you didn’t place your order ahead of time. Get the hell out of the store. And so, you know, like people are like yelling and screaming and cursing at this little 17 year old girl, you know, that’s working behind the counter and like, like this is like this, this is the part that worries me is as bad as society was before this, this much people get out. It’s, it’s going to be road warrior. Like it’s going to be mad max. It’s, it’s gonna be, it’s going to be

attack of the carrot is what it’s going to be like. I’m pretty much convinced like anyone that yells at anyone in fast food, just like you go after yourself. Like if you’re like you didn’t put my catch up in my bag, you creep like just,

there’s some comedian that has the shtick about is it gonna my girlfriend got mad at me because apparently I ordered the wrong thing for her at taco bell and like taco bell only has four ingredients. It’s you know, it’s this, it’s meat, it cheat, whatever. And she said, you ordered me, you got me to this and I wanted that. And he was like, okay



public free code videos all the time and it’s always something at McDonald’s. It’s like I don’t you could, there’s nothing you could do besides put mushrooms in my head.

There’s no, there’s absolutely honestly Bob, let’s be real. Even then you would probably just silently sit there and stew and pick them off and fling them at the windows. Like I know pre dreams and Midtown reopened today, the ice cream shop and I’m wondering if they’re going to experience the same issues that are open like three to seven one family at a time.

You know

you can pick from the prepackaged flavors. So that’s the thing like dude, I like, I get it. Everybody did. Everybody wants things to be open. Everybody does. Everybody wants to get out of her damn house. Like we’re, we’re all done. We all of us, we’re all done.

Here’s the dumb part. Did you see the ATM machines? I don’t even know what city it was in. There’s like four ATM machines and they got the Xs. The did you have to use your pin number at the ATM machines? Yeah, the IOT X is on the ground and it says apparently there’s six. Apparently coronavirus doesn’t travel sideways.

Oh yes. Yeah, cause they were literally side by side. But yes, because this was going to happen. Nobody knows what I’m saying. Thank God the Corona virus, they’re like puns and chest. They only move one square forward. They can’t go side to side. It’s going to be a no being like tag, like no reverses, no take, no take backs.

Stupid. Did you see the video of the a chick Stormtrooper? That’s the next thing I was just going to hit go. Did you watch the video? I absolutely did. So there’s a place in Canadia called the cocoa vanilla galactic Cantina and it’s like a a comic. I’m not, I’m not going to lie that, that sounds like a strip club that it’s probably, no, it’s a D. It’s like a restaurant apparently, but it’s like a fair, well they ended up getting a girl who I wasn’t even 20, I don’t think, dressed up in Stormtrooper cosplay with a blaster and apparently they got, you know, there was a, I guess there was a shooting up in Canada, so like, uh, people were, you know, on guard I guess like, and people Nova Scotia that went on the spree. Yeah. Yeah. So like, apparently they got like a bunch of nine one one calls and so like the cops like literally like, and they’re like kneeled down and she’s like, I can’t, I’m in this suit.

It was like on your knees. She’s like, I can’t like physically can’t, can’t sit in this thing, let alone kneel in this. Yeah, exactly. Look at what I’m wearing, not fully articulated. Right. And they like, they basically threw her to the ground bloody nose, like roughed her up and then realized it was all like cosplay or just like to promote the place. And like the girl was like, I was she 17 also? I thought she was 16, if I recall correctly. Right. And then, uh, yeah, there’s a $1,200 costume. Um, you know, there’s screaming entities, like you can’t even sit when you wear it. Um, you know, the guy was losing money, so he tried to drum up some, you could probably got more notoriety now as being that place with that store.

Right. Well, and so, you know, just from the Saifai realm, uh, yeah, they went ahead and released the metal head, uh, the little dog from a black mirror. Uh, I think it was season four, if I recall correctly. Maybe five. Um, no. Yeah, I think it was for, uh, yeah, the little dog looking robot that you know, had like a gun on his head and just like chased everybody around and killed him. Yeah, they’re out. They’re real.

The Boston scientific dog spot. So I didn’t think this was real. And I checked and I checked and sure as shit. It’s real. The Boston scientific dog, it’s called M spot. If you want to look at it on YouTube, it’s a spot robot patrolling. Uh, how do you pronounce ambition? And it’s in Singapore, um, called park and it’s basically they took this dam, Boston scientific dog running around the park reminding people to social distance. Are you kidding me? This wouldn’t have hired some 72 old retired from the Navy to like, just excuse me. Find folks could just see. So you can’t do that. You had to have a goddamn,

yeah, I had to start the Terminator. Prequel. Yeah. I had to go ahead and start the terminating a message saying, you know, make sure your social distancing, but it does have cameras so they could potentially be using this footage in the future too.

Put a GoPro on the old man’s head. Like what? I mean enough people are unemployed now. You couldn’t hire a kid to go do that. Like I don’t get it.

I, yeah, like I said, we’re as again as a species, we are not going to be satisfied until we have killed ourselves that that’s just, that’s how it goes.

You’re not going to tell the dog to go F itself cause God knows if it’s got a gun. You know like some shit comes out of here. Do

you see that thing walk up on you? I do to you dude. You tell me to like lay down and take my pants off and show my ass to a camera. Sure that. Okay, good doggy. Cool. Yeah. The running

joke at Michigan quarantine chugs the Facebook group is, everything is like show me your butthole. Every single, it’s like a girl with a bottle of Jack Daniels three down. Show me your bottle. I was in that group for like a day and left it phenomenal. It’s such a good read. That’s only a King. I’m so sick. All you assholes with the politics stop it. Let me hang out with people, get shit faced and chug bottle this and Jack Daniels in the shower

and cause a lot of, a lot of them are showered drinks. Um, so, Oh, uh, the other star Wars one, uh, Boba Fett, Boba Fett Django fat. Well then that was the, the, the article, the headline said Boba Fett, but it was really Jenga fat. Um, well it’s the bullet character with the Django act. Yeah, because clones, what’s the kid doing now? Why don’t they have the kid cokehead maniac. He doesn’t look like Django though growing up. Cause he’s not the genuine actor. A little kid, but not growing up. Now he’s, he’s hanging out with, he’s hanging out with the kid from episode one, like going on meth benders across Utah. I don’t know if that’s going to be like 65 years old. How old is this guy? Jingle jingle guy? Well, but so think about it in context. Um, they should be because like, so like just looking at like the clone Wars, um, they had, you know, the clones had age that had, that had still survived and all that kind of stuff. So I mean, you’re talking after Jedi in fact, some time after Jedi. And so Boba Fett should be old. I mean, look at, look at Han and you know everybody else in the last three movies.

But like, if you want to, if you want me to be excited about Mandalorian too, like just saying both, it’s going to be in it. And I’m like,

honestly, I’m an aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. We can. Nerd rage, nerd debate about the, I’m Morris, I’m more excited about a, so Caetano being in it. Uh, she was just like such a great character coming out of clone Wars and rebels that I’m, I’m totally nerded out that, that, that’s gonna see like a live screen thing.

Oh my God. So me and my wife Rose flipping it on YouTube and they had a quote from sideshow collectibles. It was a life sized Boba Fett. There’s a video of these two guys putting it together. And my wife’s like, what is that thing like a grand? And I’m like, babe, if it was a grand, it’d be on route to my be in the basement already. How would you play that? Go downstairs. I’d put it in the, in the right. Yeah,

it’d be on the front porch. Just welcoming people with a cam on it so nobody steals it.

$500 break. You ruined my, uh, my big reveal Randy. No. So she goes to how much you think I know. Not a grant. I go babe, it’s probably like seven and yeah, sure. Shit, it’s 8,400 bucks, but this thing’s galore. It’s like eight or nine boxes of stuff and it looks good. I

mean, that’s, that’s cool. Like I, I’ve, I’ve always said if, if I decided I’m going to get any dumber with stuff down here in the basement, um, I’m, I’m going to get the Boba frat, I’m going to get the or not that. Both at the Han solo in Carbonite, uh, set up for the fridge.

They have, you can just buy the fridge. It’s like a couple of grants. Yeah.

Well, but you can also just, you can also get the, like the, basically the insert that slaps onto it onto the front of your fridge and you know, yeah. You’re going to put that next to your, uh, funeral home Oregon. Dude. So this is hands down one of the funniest guy damn things that came across the internet to me today. It’s not funny. Okay. No, it’s okay. There’s funny. Haha. And then there’s, Hey, this milk smells funny. So this is funny. Either way you want to look at it. Um, there’s a funeral home in Hamtramck that’s closing down. And uh,

he just texted me that no, you’re not buying it. She heard.

Mmm. And so, you know, and it’s like when I shared it with you guys, I was like, Hey, have you ever looked around a funeral home and said to yourself, God, that would look really good in my house? No, neither have I. Uh, cause I mean, it’s all like, you know, the, the, the, you know, the, the typical chairs and couches and kneelers and all that stuff that you find in a funeral home. But what set me back in particular, like you won. Yeah. There’s that Hammond organ that I might have to have that might have to be a thing. Yeah.

Oh my God. You have no one.

Uh, but the two, the two listings, um, one, uh, the, the box full. And when I say Boxville, I don’t mean a small box. I mean a decent sized cardboard box full of baby dolls that I don’t really know why they were there. There had to have been at least 20,

the 1960s ones like,

yeah, they’re really, yeah, like creeper Rafiq ones. Um, and then a bunch of Playboys, like, like just like hundreds of Playboys. And I’m like, you know what, I’ve been to a lot of funeral homes in my life. Not once have I ever seen a Playboy at a funeral home ever.

And they’re selling them for two, two bucks, 50 cents a piece. You know, at that point, you just take them to a goddamn flea market. They always have to use porn shop there,

you know, leave him, leave him in the little free library thing outside of Detroit shipping company. Just leave them there instead of previously owned the porn. It’s, you know, it’s, it’s been used.

What to think. I’m going to buy that goddamn pink couch in the lounge room. It’s been there since 1972 you’re out of your mind. I probably won’t be pink anymore. Would be like bright red or this, the scary thing is I know people, you know what? I got to send it to two people. He drives an effing hearse around town. Like everyone out there is, he might buy it out. Yeah I was going to stay either he would be one to like, Oh yeah I knew that couch. I need that whatever I needed painting and like brag that it came from a home. But like, like you know, you know who would have bought everything on that pants? Uh, you were bought when you were about like the pink one painting or like something like just to, just to have that conversation piece. He totally would have bought something. See now here’s what I don’t get. Like are they, they went out of business. Do they, they own debt obviously, but like that shit’s been there since the seventies Oh easily do look at looking at that. That might be, you might be being generous by saying the seventies that’s back when there was actually Polish club in Hamtramck back that far back. Right.

Well I’m trying to figure out like, like I, I, I have so many, like how does a funeral home close? Like people keep dying.


like it’s, it’s like, it’s not like that’s

like, that’s not what it’s going to be an in demand of business. Yeah. I’ve never, I’ve never heard of one closing all the ones that I’ve ever been around in my life. Yeah. Unless there was some sort of scandal associated with them. Like that’s, yeah. Yeah. They lost money in the track. They got a book. They did cause it. Right. This tells me the old money they’ve been around since the sixties or whatever. So like I said, I just, I, I have questions. It’s a thing. What is go through it because like the shit isn’t like, it isn’t even expensive. It’s like Oregon was like $400. Well that’s a thing like, dude, those new, those are like five, six grants. He retired. That’s why he’s closing it. Ah, why is he selling all that stuff?

Like no kids, nobody wants to take over the business. Nobody, man, I can’t imagine as a popular, still still want to know where all the Playboys came from still. There was a guy in Auburn Hills when I first moved in, I moved in an Oh six and it was, it was a Stan’s dug out and Muldoon’s ours are on here. Then there was like a nice restaurant and the guy who just went Duffy’s opened up, he used to, he was old man. And imagine these guys, you introduce yourself as the undertaker and undertaker, like what he would look like, right? So he would go to every single girl in the bar and basically go, yeah, I worked down the street on the undertaker. Three lines later. Did you want to see my leader never failed like every night. Like it got to the point where we had to have a band from every bar, like thrown out and he’s like, maybe in his seventies. And we used to always joke like, why don’t you just give them a good little, little, put a little little tickle in, insert, insert joke about working with stiffs here in search reinforced every stereotype I had about people that work at funeral homes. It’s just like, you know, and now you can own it. I love to see them do a commercial and now you can own a piece of history. Wouldn’t you like to sit on the couch? Thousand people have cried and farted on, that’s, that’s, that’s red smoke for years.

Oh my God. Yeah. Imagine how much smoke is trapped in that verdict.

Right. The light has been in a nuts molding facility.

Um, so the, the one that I, I keep, I keep waffling back and forth, back and forth on this one. Like I can’t figure out if I feel bad for them or not. Um, all the people that like leverage themselves to the Hill, uh, getting Airbnb properties or getting properties and then putting them out on Airbnb and now they’re completely screwed. Um, because, you know, they’ve, not only did they have, you know, they haven’t had any listings, but the stuff they had booked, canceled, um, Airbnb overrode whatever cancellation policies they had and basically fully refunded everybody and yada, yada yada. Um, there was a part of the story was a couple here in Southeast Michigan, uh, that bought a couple of properties up North and that’s what they were doing with it. They were, you know, Airbnb in the mountain and that kind of stuff. And I get it, but like there’s a reason why they call, they’re called investment properties for a reason and, and investments carry risk. Like that’s how that works. Like a lot of risks and, and nobody, like, nobody saw it. And I get it. Like nobody saw this coming and this is a completely unforeseen set of circumstances. But like I said, I’m just, I’m, I’m torn as to whether or not I feel bad or not for him.

No, I don’t. At least people are bellyaching to the, to the media. Like it’s kinda like saying, Hey, I bought like this rental, I bought a strip mall and now I can’t do it because everything’s shut down and I’m going to be like, you’re in and you’re in a situation where you can buy something like that and you’re going to bellyache cause you can’t wait three months. Like the rest of us were crying out loud, pay your rent and then book it again. Like for crying out loud. Like that’s not something to bellyache about as many people as a flat filing unemployment, you have to go to food banks and wait for three hours,

do it in literally, what is it? 21% of Michigan has now found for unemployment.

Yes. Like those people want a belly ache. You got the floor when you’re good, you know, like this is like you, you gotta look right. People like when you’re in a situation like,

um, uh, the, uh, the four homes that I own as Airbnbs are not able to be utilized at this time.

Bernie Sanders that was behind those right there wrote this article. I gotta listen all your line. You’re allowed. You get a pass. I was going to yell at you the other day. I’m like, stop with the politics. I hate you, but I get it. But what else are you going to do is going to sports on

dude, every now and then I do it just cause I’m bored and I just want to,

I was going to call you out on it. This reminds me of like message boards. I just want to, I just want to rile people up, look at them, put them up, put them up. You think people would learn. That’s why don’t even bother. Like, here’s the thing, like I could put out like here’s a scientific paper written by Lord Jesus Christ and it goes against the way you think and you’re going to say, that’s big. That’s bullshit. Like that. I wouldn’t say no. Your bullshit. And then I hate you.

Well twice dude. I love the guy on Twitter. That was, that said something about, um, how, Oh my God, you know the Corona virus. It absolutely like this mirrors the events of the stand and yada yada. And Stephen King replied and cause he like he did and he was like, well actually no, because you know, captain trips was, you know, a lot more virulent and actually had a really high mortality rate and yada yada. And the guy replies to Stephen King and I was like, dude, do you even know what you’re talking about? Like have you been read this book? Like literally

that guy doesn’t know the first thing about Kurt Vonnegut. I love him.

People are oblivious to who they’re talking to on Twitter. Like the NASA intern who got fired because she swore at Homer Hickman not Oh my God or no cause she swore and then, and then, Hey, you might want to watch your language, young lady. And she was like, she’s like, well, I’m, I’m working at NASA. Who the fuck are you? And he’s like, I’m the chair of the admissions committee for interns at NASA. Bullshit. How do you apply to NASA and not know who Homer Hickman is? Like there’s a fricking movie about him and everything. I have no idea. You’ve never seen October sky. He will. And he’s also never applied to NASA. That’s never seen

Armageddon. I’ve never seen, um, the one, the, what’s the one on the shuttle?

As much as we mock Armageddon, you’ve never seen Armageddon.

I know the one they’re going to land. So I didn’t watch that one. Like I never, I didn’t sit through Titanic’s and other boat.

I don’t see her as, I never watched Titanic out of spite, just cause it, uh, it replaced star Wars as, as the number one box office movie at the time to watch Titanic because of what, four and a half hours long. Ellen, Celine Dion, let’s be honest.

So, uh, I didn’t open it because I want it to be a surprise, but the insider of dotcom for the 17 best science ciphers. That’s right. I want to pull this list up cause I want to talk through this according to fans, which is a bad start. Please talk about by fans. Um, so fan base, Sox fan base always sucks. They’re not a good judge of movies. So basically a range from 2001 space Odyssey to alien to Spiderman. I don’t really care. Do you consider Spiderman? Saifai I’m already, I’m already leery. It is. How was it? Not so far. It’s not your Saifai. That’s Saifai, but basically a, what orders is going David was, was Spiderman 17 they’re not numbered.

Yeah. It was just kind of random. Uh, and so, okay, I got this pulled up alien all day. I’m a huge fan into the spider verse. It’s a great movie. Yeah, it was, let me just get, let’s be, let’s be real yet. So it wasn’t necessarily, it wasn’t just Spiderman, it was Spiderman into the spider verse, which gets into the whole multi-verse concept and all that stuff. So I mean that’s, I’ll give them a pass. Like that’s, that’s pretty, that’s, that’s not bad.

That’s the only one. I’m fine with that too. We actually didn’t bridge that. Um, it wasn’t like, you know what alien? Yeah.

Hands down all day everyday. Like alien. Alien is the one that’s still to this day. Like it’s, so I’ve always tried to explain like the difference in horror genres to me. And it always comes down to alien versus aliens because alien was very psychological. It’s mental. It’s like most of it’s in your head with a couple, with a couple of jump scares every now and then for a fact. Whereas aliens is all like splatter splatter, Gore, you know, blood flying everywhere, all that kind of stuff. So I mean like to me those are like two different genres. Even within horror.

Well the fact that it’s a scifi and it’s a horror movie. Like how often has that been done? I can’t think of, um, in that whole list of like all that, like star Wars isn’t a horror movie. The fact that alien kind of bridged a both kind of sweet, the alien.

Oh, you should absolutely do. Just, you should absolutely watch the original abs. Abso-freaking-lutely

Oh yeah. Star Wars episode four. Yeah. All day. Yup.

Yeah. Followed by episode five.

Back to the feature all day. I finally, and I introduced my kids,

except for, you know, the time travel paradox and why does my kid look exactly like that guy I made out with, you know?

Yeah, exactly. How does my mom not know that I wanted to bang my kid

dude. Inception. So here’s the thing, I think, I think inception has the same issue that you had with Westworld this last season of Westworld. Randy. Like it, it tried too hard to be smart. Yeah. Like it tried really, really hard to be the smartest person in the room.

You know what you want me that I liked, that’s underrated, that no one talks about, but I thought it was phenomenal. Um, it’s the, uh, Timberlake and they have the, they have the time and they have it on their arms. Like, like, Oh yeah, yeah. In time or in time. Is it? Yeah, like everyone’s 27 years old or whatever. Um, and then basically you can be, you know, you can live for 10 minutes, you can live for a thousand years and the time is the currency, so you can give your time to others or whatever. If they didn’t have, they didn’t have a, you know, two factor authentications, all he had to punch you in the Guttman, twist your arm, take all your,

um, the thing, uh, you know, the old John Carpenter movie. Uh, again, so there’s another, that’s another Saifai flake for sure. Um,


Uh, I mean premise is alien from outer space.

Yeah. But it’s like more, again, it’s more a monster movie. I don’t know. It’s like than it is. Those are all Spotify too though. Yeah. Godzilla’s I guess

so this one I have not seen. Um, and I might have to check it out. Children of men. I’m a dystopian Saifai thriller. I, I never heard of it either. Never seen it. Um, when a group of, in a world, when a group of revolutionaries discovered the only pregnant woman in the world, they fight to transport her to safety.

I think I watched this like at four in the morning, drunk once or something familiar as hell. Um, yeah. I don’t, I don’t know though.

Um, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

So keep thinking I’ve seen this one, but it’s always a,

I’ve seen it. I’ve seen instead. Yeah. Well, and it’s honestly like a couple of these are, have been kind of like revamped or rebooted as black mirror episodes. Um, you know, the whole point of, you know, you can use technology to erase past relationships and all that kind of stuff. Yeah. I mean, to me it was, it was almost more more, I mean, it gets to your point of what genre is it, Bob, you know, to me that was almost more of a romcom than it was a scifi movie. Um, and then, okay, so here’s the other one that we were talking about aliens.

So see the last one, because Kate Winslow was in it. I’ll be wide and like,

yeah, so I mean, aliens. I mean, I feel like, you know, I already kind of talked about this like to me that it’s, that it’s that difference in the horror genre of do you like a splatter faster? Do you like it psychological?

Yeah, both of them. They’ll legit like all day. I’m the one, I’m gonna, I’m not gonna argue about this one, but the one I don’t get is, um, I love me some Stanley Kubrick, I think he’s one of the most brilliant movie, uh, writers, directors of our time. Well, I mean, according to you, he like faked the moon landing. So totally did. We used all the extra leftover shit for 2001 space. But like this is, this is more, this is even a question of horror versus Cypress versus whatever. Romcom this is a mushrooms versus pot. Like what drug are you going to watch while you, and this is like, this is a hard watch. Have you ever sat through this thing front to back?

Uh, I’ve, I’ve watched this movie. I can’t tell you how many times did I, yeah,

it’s such a hard watch, but in my opinion, like it’s

so like to me like this, like this is to me, this is almost like when I go back and watch it now, it’s almost like going back and watching Tron and, and, and, and watching, you know, stuff like that. It is, although I will say in, in a lot of ways I prefer 2010. Um, but 2001 I mean, just as the original is. Uh, yeah. I mean they did so many things that were, had never been seen before. It was, it was just phenomenal.

Just we did, I mean literally it’s one of the weirdest movies ever, like all ever see or ever will see. Like, like, seriously, that guy was doing so many mushrooms when he put this thing out, which of course he did. There’s no way like people are looking at him going, what? Just work with me

here. Just take one of these and then go read your lines. Terminator two. I thought it was interesting. So I, I’m trying to remember, uh, uh, scrolling down quick, I was surprised that tattoo was, was here on the list. Um, as opposed to Terminator cause so

all day. Well, because the whole, it’s the old sending the guy back, sending your dad back to beg your mom. Nobody wants to get into that. Well, and the liquid metal, no teacher was a better movie though. I think, you know, 84 was a tough year for technology. Like you’re going to do a movie in 97, you’re going to get better technology except the Terminator movies now suck. But whatever.

Yeah. Um, is this even SciFest? See I had a really hard time with like, I don’t know that I, I put a clockwork orange in Saifai.

No, it’s okay.

Like they say it’s a scifi crime drama just because it’s, you know, set in a dystopian future. But he’s a criminal. But when we get a crime drama, yeah.

79 MedMax is Saifai that’s just Australia like

clockwork orange. No, I, yeah, I’m, I’m skipping on that one. Um, iron giant is, you know, especially from an animation perspective

is so, so good. Great movie. Whereas if they’re, if, if my buddy’s not on this list and this was the only animated one on the list too, there’s a 1927 silent movie that no one has seen.

Dude, I’ve absolutely seen this metropolis. Um, this is one of those ones where if you ever like hung out with any like film nerds in your life, odds are good. They were going to force you to watch this. And I mean, you know, for a silent film it really wasn’t bad. Like I kinda liked it.

Yeah. I think they, I think they went too far with this post apocalypse thing cause the movie stalker, it’s a post apocalyptic world alien wasteland. Like I’m looking, I’ve never seen this stalker. I don’t know this movie heard of it. 1972 solarise space station where nearby planets of water brings out people’s were pressed obsession.

Yeah, no, see and that’s the thing like, dude, I would have gone with like Omega man. I would’ve gone with flash. Gordon flash Gordon. Yeah. I mean there were so many others that could have made that list. That should have, yeah,

I would have put maybe snow Pierce around here. Never heard of it. The last survivors on the planet live on a train that just circles the earth. Chris, I’m a huge, I love ready player one. It was so good. Like how is Tron and ready player one, like not a plot. What are those lists? Like who’s, they just make this shit. So ASOS like us, read it, talk about it and then link to it and other people go read it and yeah. So Randy note no links squat about this article. This is all based on a letterbox ratings social network called letterbox about movies. So, but speaking of flash Gordon, that was the big news that came out that the a, it’s getting a 4k release, um, in August. See now if you talk to the, does anyone really know that his voice was w over cause he was a bottle? No, that, that, that you know, it was always a rumor my whole, then it finally came out during that one, um, uh, documentary that he didn’t do the re shoots cause he was such a, such a premadonna um, ask which is why you never saw him again.

I think there was like the where Sam Jones or whatever that well yeah they’re coming out with a four K but like you wonder if it’s going to use that. Um, Oh my God, this is the funny thing dude. Did I talk about this last week? I mean they said that there’s a five disc set. I mean one of those desks has to have that on it. Why? I mean, why wouldn’t you lay my kid watches Peppa pig all day. My six year old grandpa pig is Brian is the Hawk man. They see it here now. Are they making new episodes? Are they the same episodes that my kids watched when they were six? I’m sure I can displace the genres. That’s clearly a new, uh, version of pepper pig. No, they don’t know what, you know, you got room for that shit in my head.

So we’ve been talking about how people can’t go out to eat. Everybody’s cooking at home. This story surprised me for sure because, well the story is, uh, I’m in garden’s website crashed because so many people went to there to get to Emily Blunt’s recipe for roasted potatoes. I don’t understand this because this is a two year old recipe that aired on her show on food network way back when and has been available on the food network for years. So I don’t know why. 73 roasted potato recipes and yeah, I mean this one’s got some good ideas, but it’s nothing special. We made a, we made some iconic New York dire coffee cake from like 1950. I remember me talking about that. Yeah. Because every place is releasing the recipes now. Yeah. And it’s funny cause like didn’t um, someone came up with some stupid like McDonald’s came up with like the big Mac sauce, fricking thousand Island dressing thousand Island Mayo. We all know. Yeah. Kind of. Yeah. Yeah. The

Colonel said chicken grease salt. That’s KFC. Yeah.

Right. Like what kind of webs was it on some shit ass like Squarespace website. Why did it crash? It just

so many people. She has, you know, two and a half million Instagram followers. She posted about it and people went to her website and so many people went that it crashed. I’m not sure who hosts it, but it’s since been resolved. I said it surprised me cause it’s a two year old recipe that’s already been on the food network website for that long. So

I don’t get it. I don’t get it. We get stuff. Yeah, no this stuff has been there. Like that’s the thing. Everybody’s cooking for themselves now. Um,

Oh my God, it’s good. I’ve been cooking a lot more and honestly like I’ve been loving it. I mean that’s, that’s one of the things like my daughter and I are bonding over is like all the cooking we’re doing in that kind of stuff.

I’m eating good. I think I’m gaining all the weight back from my kids or just making cookies. Everything you’ve said you basically, you’ve got cupcake Wars going on in your house every day. The sweetest thing on mother’s day. Annie Bose downstairs, my Bose, my wife’s in the eighties my six year old and she grabs one of the TV trays or like one of the, you know, serving trays but nice ones and it has a glass of water and a pop tart on it. He wants to serve like breakfast in bed. Just act like it’s the most amazing thing. Why don’t we have pop tarts in this house?

Good. Good. Everyone has, dude, why would you not have pop tarts in your house? Pop pop tarts are amazing dude. Who decided that needed to be a thing. Yeah, they may. Yeah. Pretzel. Pop tarts are a thing. Randy [inaudible]. I don’t know what, who decided? I’m a frosted strawberry person myself, a strawberry, blueberry Brown sugar cinnamon. I’m, I’m good with any of the fruit, sugar, cinnamon.


I can’t do it.

Wow. That’s, yeah, those are definitely a thing.

I will say, Hey, uh, just from a places that are available, uh, local for pickup. Um, so I, I did, I left the house and I made my way downtown, uh, to go to Detroit city distillery, uh, to grab this amazing, uh, barrel strength bourbon. Wow. It’s going to be pretty good if you’re already halfway through it, dude on that. And that’s a couple days. Like that’s since, cause I got at what last Tuesday? I think. Um, dude, I can’t, it’s PR dude. It’s 120 proof. And I think, I think that might be a lie cause that’s, that stuff is strong. What’s barrel string bourbon? So typically you can only be, uh, 80 proof upon release. Um, and barrel strength is like anything, like, it’s like they’re not going through an additional filtration process to remove the alcohol, to drop it down to normal distribution proof. They’re not watering it down. Right. So, but why? I mean it, is it good and

rainy? And I had a whole debate going on and one of the chats that we’re in, because you know, he doesn’t, you know, not necessarily a fan of some of the stuff they do. And I’m like, okay, trust me, like if it’s bad, I’m going to re I’m going to rail about it. No, it’s, it’s good. It is so good. Michigan quarantine shots. I could never do it. If I chug, I’d be dead. My special release was that Pucci vodka and that was awful. That was terrible. That was, yeah. If you were part of the group though of our friend Ross basically, which, Oh my God, that was amazing. Of course I did it basically shirtless. Um, and his girlfriend kicks them in the gut and gives him a stone cold stunner, like starting two beers and he’s not, he’s, let’s be real. He’s not a small man.

And the funny thing is, I didn’t even realize he has a six pack of cans tattooed to his, to his ginormous belly. You’ve never seen that before? Oh dude. That’s come out in the ring before when he’s been doing XY stuff. Maybe I, maybe I put it, blacked it out. We got the guy like mad, like a thousand likes or something. He’s all, Oh, of course. But Hey, so I guess on a, you know, stories aside and all that shit. Uh, like how you guys doing? Like everybody good. Everybody maintaining their sanity. Like I know I’ve had my touch and go moments with staff over the course of this.

Again, introverts put down your book, check on your extra extroverted friends. We are not okay. Very, very, very, very close friend instead of checking himself into rehab and drinking a lot, like more than you should. So, um, the hospital finally opened up some, I get to go have my procedure this Thursday. So good, good. Well, I mean, you know, well, you know, we can laugh about all this hemorrhoid treatment you’ve been waiting on for two years. That’s good. That’s good. I’m glad friend, they get those removed. Yeah. Randy, have you ever seen me do that? If you ever like when we sit outside or something like Dave goes out for a smoke, I always sit down like there’s like a planter or something. I’m like, Oh my God, this is doing wonders for my hemorrhoids and it looks, I get it. This is so nice and cool and soothing. Oh my God. Rob, you got to hemorrhage. You got to sit down on this.

Is he joking? Is this like, am I supposed to laugh at this? Am I yeah, it’s one of those few things you can, a joking about. Anal politics isn’t ready. How you holding up man? Uh, fairly well. It’s still, I’m still not 100% used to this 100% work from home thing. So yeah, same thing. I don’t know about you guys but like I’m really, uh, there’s, there’s 30 of us on the, on the, on the server storage cloud team that are like, we all sit in the same teams chat all day. Then I have my team and I have my team so I have a sub chat. But like it goes, if you want to talk to somebody, like you can either teams video meet or like chat or like, I mean literally we’re talking for me in the morning till six at night nonstop.

Cause there’s, there’s always, there’s shit going on at work, right, right. They were arguing rap music. And, um, my 24 year old, uh, paddle, one learner wants to put Kendrick Lamar in the top 10 rappers of all time and I booted onto the curb. Hopefully you’ve muted him for the next day as punishment. I started, I started just throwing you two blinks. I’m like, come back when you listen to this shit, and then you book know, but you don’t even know half these people are, at least he doesn’t like mumble rap. So yeah, that’s kept, kept. A lot of us seen as there’s, there’s, there’s always, you know, I rolled out like four or five projects so far and that’s it. Those are, some of them were Herculean. So, I mean, when you got stuff going on all day and then, you know, my family’s here, you know, you know what I’m saying? We don’t yell in the house. It’s everybody’s kinda, you know, everybody’s kinda chill. Even like a two teenage daughters, um, everybody’s school in the house. So, you know, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, you know. That’s why, that’s why I don’t bitch about my needs. What am I going to bitch about? You know what I mean?

Oh, your four investment properties that you can no longer Airbnb

file a loss this year. Get, don’t get over yourself.

Right. Just be done with it. Yeah. No, I mean it’s, you know, it’s been interesting. I, you know, I do, I like, I have a, I think the, like the zoom chats that I have with folks, you know, every couple of days, um, definitely helping, you know, just keep stuff together. Yeah. There’s probably, I’ve gone from one night a week where I go a little overboard to maybe two nights a week where I go a little overboard. Um, but yeah, I mean, all in all, I mean, it’s, I mean, these are, these are weird times and, and I look at it like, you know what, uh, you cope however you have to cope and, and then we’ll worry about all this nonsense on the other side.

Right. You know, I mean, I’ve been, I’ve been actually read, uh, I’m, uh, uh, looking at online classes. Like, there’s, there’s, you know, if you’re really bored, there’s so much. Like my kid was like, I’m bored, you know, sick of playing video games. I’m like, go learn a language. Like, dude, like that movie thing that Mark threw together that was freaking amazing. Awesome. It’s like, that’s what happens. Like you’re going through old pictures. You were laughing about like, shold shit, we found it, you know me with blonde hair and garbage.

Um, well it’s, and that’s, hence the video games. I mean, that’s, you know, it’s a project to keep me doing something and keep me, you know.

Yeah. I mean, I’m playing battlefield. I already got bored of that. You know what I mean? Wrestling sucks. By the way. Speaking of, uh, watching NASCAR on ESPN yesterday, they had the money in the bank match. She had it, they actually had it in the headquarter building, which is like a 15, 16 story building and two people got thrown off the building, like literally, literally got thrown up. Ray stereo and Allister black got thrown off the building from Corbin teen Corvette. Oh, okay. So now the whole internet is going okay. There. Kayfabe dead. But how do you bring them back? Take her like, how did it, how do you, how do you get nobody, nobody’s watching, but how do you, how do you, how do you recover from that show? They landed on stuff, you know, like whatever, the big giant balloons they set up.

Yeah. Next Monday. Ray was y’all. Hi everybody. They’re like, wait a minute. You just got, so I guess some people said it was entertaining. I couldn’t sit through it. I tried for like a half an hour, like I did this and that’s the thing, you know, wrestling is at least trying, like that’s the only thing that’s on, like live television every week. All the sports are gone, but God has it so hard. I’m like, what, you know, get, bring in the ring crew or someone to sit like one of the other wrestlers. Yeah, yeah. And you’ll boom, like something like, it’s so sad. It’s so quiet.

Well, and that’s why, you know, you look at, um, God, I mean like, you know, the NHL is talking about coming back and jumping right straight into playoffs. Um, but doing them differently than they’ve done before and, you know, so like, I don’t, you know, and, and you know, football, what are they going to do in basketball? I just,

um, July seems like the date premier already announced, um, Buddhist legal already knows. So like Europe soccer’s already coming. Like, do they, they’ve thrown their throwing July out. So now they’re throwing, they’re doing with baseball, toying around with the July date. Well, but I mean, Europe’s,

I head of us on this bell curve. I mean that’s, you know, I mean Europe, you know, this nonsense it seems, and they were also more strict and severe about shit in most cases. So I mean that, I guess that, yeah. Well, yeah, but you know, okay. Gr. Yeah. There you’re talking about Germany, not say Sweden, you know. Um, so yeah, I mean, it, it is, it’s gonna be interesting to see, cause you know, that was, you know, the, the point that you brought up not too long ago was, you know, that whole, you know, George Bush throwing out the opening pitch at that first game after nine 11, you know, was, was like a huge moment in part of the reason why it was a huge moment was because of the crowd there. And because of, you know, the reaction and everything that was going on. And, and I don’t

good. I don’t care what political party you are, you at a tear in your eye. That was a huge moment.

He’ll never admit it. He will never do it. He will go to his grave denying that one. Um, but no, I mean it’s, it is, I mean, I, I, I do, I like, I get like, it’s like, I mean, you know, me, I’m, I’m not a huge sports ball guy. Um, but I mean, I get how important that, you know, I mean that’s religion to a lot of people,

brings people together. Yeah. The one I keep, I’m watching documentary. I’m watching a lot of stuff on like old sports stuff. That’s the best thing going on right now is like watching the Chicago bulls documentary with the bad ways. All the stories coming out, everybody’s talking about now again, which is phenomenal. I can watch that crap all day, dude. I love the meme reaction where it’s like, you know the bad boys and they’re like, yay. 30 years later we’re still in their heads. You’re telling you to be pizza is really good, but your sports teams take Portillo’s but screw the bulls. The one thing, the one thing that I love about sports is like you’re only defined by the cities that you’re in. Um, basically, I don’t care what race you are, what religion you are, what sexuality you are, what anything. You are like, we’re all rooting for the tigers man.

Like you know what I mean? Like that’s a one commonality. We all we, that brings ever. It’s the one thing that can possibly, like nothing divides us except if you’re in Chicago and your bulls and SOC or well, or New York Yankees or, but other than that, like we were all in this together, you know what I mean? Like we’re all, uh, you know, so anyway, yeah, say what you want about sports, but like that’s the one thing that can unify. But if you look at like, uh, you know, like world cup, you don’t find countries like, you know, did it for hockey, the Olympics, you know what I mean? Like almost like a, like humanity or we need that like, you know, competition and something just to bring us, I’m so sick of politics, man, I’m so sick of shit that divides us. And you’re like, Oh my team better your team stupid. Like enough, man. Like, just give me some, you’re laughing because you’re part of the problem. We’re just not, it’s like, you know, put some goddamn baseball on TV that’s not 20 years old. Let me, let me root for the whole team. You know what I mean? It’s just, I dunno know, it’s just good. It’s good for people regardless of if you like it or not, you know?

Yeah. Oh no, no. Yeah. You’re not going to get any disagreement out of me on that one at all. I mean, cause like I said, I get it. It’s religion, all it dude. And you know what a hockey nut I was, you know, before the last lockout happened. I mean, I, you know, I, I lived, slept, ate and breathe NHL hockey, you know, not just the wings. I mean, I, you know, I was all over the map with it and I, I kinda miss having that connection to something.

Well, that’s the thing, like I’m jokingly saying, all the Chicago sports teams suck, but I’ll go, no, it’s not August. Um, if the team’s not better, um, he just texted, um, even like, I’ll still go to Chicago and throw it down in their town, you know what I mean? It’s not like I want to set up a rally and be all angry and protest and hold up signs going to Chicago teams are stupid, you know what I mean? Like, it’s, it’s good hearted. It’s not angry. Like, you know what I mean? Like all the other arguments, everyone’s angry. It’s like, you know, saying, you know, Notre Dame still looks like I’m not angry. You know what I mean? Like, it’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s just, it’s, it’s good hearted adult, you know, fun. Um, anyway, uh, if July is the date though, man, I’ll, uh, I’ll seriously, I’ll look forward to it.

I um, I guess they were talking to a lot of people or, uh, cause I bought season tickets for DCF CFC before the, before Kobe and like, everybody’s giving their money back or saying I don’t want to refund. I’m in that boat too. I don’t want to refund, you know, build on it for next year. Yeah. But like, you know, that’s also the cheapest ticket in town, right? It’s one lion’s game. I can get an entire season tickets for like, actually quality soccer. So like, if you want to come back in July, you want to come back in August, whatever, just come back please. For the love of God, for the sanity of all of us. Like, you know, um, have you got like one thing, I’m jumping around a little bit, but uh, I went over to my moms and my mother-in-law’s on Sunday just to do the drive by beep the horn. Nick came out, we waved and said, you know, we left some flowers on a porch. Um, so there was a lot of people out. Like I didn’t, I was really surprised on the, on the side roads, not on the highways. There’s no one

do it. Like I said, when I went, when I went down to, so when I drove down to DCD,

um, I was

a floored by the number of people that are on the roads and B dude, if that’s how people are driving on 94 now, I can’t even imagine what six 96 is like, cause six 96 has always been the Audubon of Michigan and people were driving a 94, which has a 55 mile an hour speed limit. Mind you, I was doing 75 in the middle lane, just keeping up with the cars around me and getting blown by like I was parked.

Did I talk to you about? I’m 59 so I live. Is it, what, is it? Maybe a quarter mile? There’s me, there’s woods and then there’s 59, maybe a quarter mile. I’ll get woken up twice a night. Once a night.

Oh yeah. You had mentioned, yeah, the motorcycles. Yeah. Yeah. You mentioned this last week

stretch. There’s a stretch from Pontiac, which starts around the silver Nomura Updike and ends around Adams road, uh, where the Meyer is, um, is straight away like all the way through crooks. But the problem is between Adams and crooks, there’s always a, uh, Oakland County sheriffs from Adams to Pontiac. There’s not really anyone ever patrolling. So they, I mean, it’s loud that what they’re doing out there, like they’re fricking drag racing there. They must be hitting, I’ve taken my card, uh, fastest I’ve ever won was 180 miles an hour in Germany. And like, these, these cars or whatever, motorcycles have to be doing one 50, one 60, like, I don’t doubt the way those engines are running. Like you can hear it like it’s insane and it’s happening all day.

Well, you know what, you know, you know what’s going on. Now, here’s what I find out today. The kids all think it’s cute to go steal street signs. So a bunch of little 14 and 15 year olds in the neighborhood went out at four in the morning and uh, when with a bolt with a, with a ratchet took a dead end sign. So guess what those kids are doing today. Luckily my daughter wasn’t involved, but she like went out, she like left the house. I’m like, are you like, so this house has been world war three. What are you doing? Like the kids are like, can I go help so-and-so? And so and so put the sign back up. I go, could you take it down? She goes, Nope. I go, then you sit your ass in the house and you’re, you’re basically, you’re grounded. Um, but like the kids are going, starting to go stir crazy. Like this is good so much. You know, my middle daughter, the soccer coach is making her run a mile and a half a day.

I did, I just had a conversation today with the principal. At my kid’s school. Uh, they want my help doing basically the graduation and, and being able to broadcast that and get that out, you know, to the families and kids and all that stuff. So

do something man. You know, they were talking about letting them come back for prom next year. Like could you imagine if he didn’t like those are the memories that like, I mean granted it wasn’t like the best memories ever, but there’s still memories. Yeah. Yeah. Like graduate, like graduating and you know, um, yeah, cause we had a graduation.

Well and then figure, uh, you know, but then you know, Hey, you know, I mean you’re, you’re a freshman in college and you’ve gone through it. Do you really want to go back to your high school?

Oh yeah. Yeah. No, I know. Then again, the likes of a common software by price problem or what the hell she agreed to that for. Must’ve been the boss haircut, but that was the only my junior year. That was not my senior year.

Oh boy. All right. Well, Hey, my daughter is nagging me because apparently she has created some sort of dessert that I have to go upstairs.

I am jealous, gentlemen is always, uh, always a pleasure. Um, we’re going to wrap things up.

Yeah. Hey, everybody, uh, stay safe. Keep yourselves in your damn house. And uh, yeah, let’s, let’s all be around when this, when we come out the other side of the ship.

Absolutely. We’re going to add things for episode three 47 on behalf of a Bob David, Randy, do us all a favor, drink a few drinks, get your phone numbers, stay your ass at home and we’ll see you soon. Drive careful. Beat it. See you guys. All right. And we are clear.



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