Episode 344 – JVS Human Services, Job Search and Networking in a Coronavirus World

Tonight we’re joined by Jason Charnas of JVS Human Services to chat about some very real issues facing a lot of people right now.  With many business shut down, and futures uncertain… how do you go about finding a new job during these crazy times?  What will networking look like on the other side of this chaos?  What should your resume look like?  What should you be working on in order to be ahead of the enormous number of people currently looking for jobs so that you can be the one to succeed?  All of that and more as we dive in on this week’s episode…

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Jason can be reached at: EmploymentHelp@JVShumanservices.org

Thank you for hanging out with us. This is the one and only IT in the D show. Episode 344. Got a phenomenal guest this week. Jason sharpness is in the house from JVS Human Serviceswe’re going to be talking to you about I guess getting help career-wise financial wise I guess during the quarantine is a little heavy on a lot of people and we’re hoping we can bring some good uh, definitely looking forward to this important topic, man. Yeah, and then we’re also going to be talking about all the good stuff being cropped up in the house, the movies and all the other carpets. We’re watching Dave, you may fire when ready. I was just thinking how long the intro is. I was just thinking along the intro is, and now I’m even more bummed. You don’t have Skolnik in there. Debos not in there. We have like grand master flashes in there.

I literally have to just scrap and start over. Like I like I, and I’m not gonna lie, I Mikey, if you’re watching, if you’re listening, I’m totally gonna steal Mikey’s idea with what they do with their intro. Where they have like all of their people that are going, Hey, this is so and so, and you’re listening so-and-so, and you’re listening so-and-so and you’re listening. And then all of them are went to the show, to the show, to the show, to the show, to the show. So yeah,

I like that. Thank you. Sucks. But Hey, this is episode 344. We’re broadcasting live here from our own houses. This is Bob, the sales guy. That is Dave the geek. Randy. I do the Twitters is doing the Twitters, find us online IT in the D. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold as

been the norm for the past few weeks. This is the time of the show where we always talk about our upcoming events and there are none. Uh, we, we got nothing. This is a, this is all we have going in our lives to keep us good, uh, and sane and stable. Um, and so here we are. And God, I hope this sentence soon cause I need, dude, I need people in my life. I need, I need some peopling I need, I need an event. I need not, not like, not a lot of people, not, not a lot of them. Not a, not, not, but like a few, like I need like a temple bar crowd. I don’t need a, uh, post Novi crowd, but I need like a temple bar crowd in my life.

Yeah. Been, uh, we’ve been, uh, doubling like me and my wife finished Ozarks. So that’s kinda been our thing. Um, and my daughter, we’ve kind of bonded on, uh, eighties movies and bad rap. Um, so we’ve been going back and forth. I, I made her watch airplay and the other night, um, that I made her watch zero hour to, to, we watch, can’t buy me love. I mean, we’re going, Oh dude. Did she enjoy the African Annie or dance? That’s the important part of that. I’m pretty in pink. I’m not gonna lie. It’s an awful movie. I don’t like dude, watch it now. Her characters sucks and McCarthy sucks. Step’s sucks. Ducky sucks the whole movie. The only one that’s good is the, the, the lady and guys awful. Like it’s a bad if the ads make, you know,

I did, I watched that not too long ago. I, I

dunno, maybe I, maybe I gotta go back and watch it again. Have you done, um, some kind of wonderful yet? No, that’s on the list. There’s three or four more. Um, the one thing that I saw that made me made my blood boil is they’re redoing Valley girl. What? Yes. There’s a trailer out and it is a pile of toilet. And what, I mean, a pilot toilet, I’m being very polite due to how is that even relevant in today’s day and age? Do it, it’s not even, it’s, it’s based in the 80s. So it’s like a remake of the time period also again. How is that even relevant these days? I don’t know. Like, yeah, because like, it’s funny because like I’m watching these movies and like, Oh, you can’t be on this side of the lunch room because that’s where all the cool kids are. And it’s like, well, you’re like, you’re a punker.

And they’re looking at him all weird and like, dude, he’s dressed like every, they’re all dressed the same. They’re all dry. Yeah. It’s, yeah. Ostracizing those going on. It was awful. But Hey, we got a great message this weekend. You know, like I said, we always try to look for ways to, uh, I guess help people and make people better. We got reached out to you by our good friends at JVs human services and, uh, we were allowed to, uh, let Jason come on the air with us. So how are you doing, sir? Hey, I’m doing well, Bob. Dave, thanks so much for having me. Absolute pleasure to, uh, to be joining you this evening. No, absolutely. Likewise, the last time we had you on, I believe you guys were talking about your a recycling program where you were taking kind of used computers, then you were selling them and they were funding that to getting people there were like, I think I remember the story of the guy missing two arms that they got a job as a picker, uh, Amazon at one of the warehouses.

Like got some prosthetics going to train you. Gotta you know, gotta actually gainful employment. Yeah. You’ve got a couple of different programs mixed into mixed into one story. But yeah, we do an electronics recycling program, um, to hard drive, shredding to up all to, uh, employment for people with disabilities. Um, and working with Amazon, uh, we do a lot of great stuff for, for the community. Yeah. And I guess, you know, I guess timing couldn’t be better right now because I think there’s a lot of people that are very frustrated. You have people that couldn’t get small business loans that are looking at you, Ruth’s Chris that got your 20 million. Um, there’s people that are hitting control refresh at five in the morning every day to get into Michigan unemployment, talking about money being dried up. And so I guess is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Um, I guess talk to me, there’s absolutely a light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know how long that tunnel is and isn’t an oncoming train that could be that light also. Um, the light is the light. Is there somewhere? Uh, you know, look what one of the things that we do and, and one of the, like the tagline to JPS is inspiring hope. Is there, is there a positive outlook? Absolutely.

Is it tomorrow? No. Unfortunately it’s not where we’re going to have to get through something, uh, as a community, right, as family with friends to push through the tough times and, and get ourselves to the point where employers are starting to be able to rehire. People that are furloughed can get off of that furlough and get back to get back. But that’s going to take time, uh, before, before everybody is in. And then there’s plenty of people who at the end of the day, uh, their employers aren’t going to be able to reopen. And, and uh, and that’s where, that’s really where I see us stepping in, uh, with JVs in our employment services.

Now, you know, that’s the million dollar question going on right now is what is all this, I don’t know, you guys don’t have a crystal ball and you don’t really necessarily know. You might have a better gauge than we do though is what is, what is this all going to look like on day one? Right? What is, you know, the restaurant’s going to come back. Is the service industry going to be anything when it used to be, are people going to flock? I think the interesting stat I heard today was

cause Sweden just quote unquote reopened, um, within the past few days or past week. Um, and restaurants are at 7% of their prior to shutdown volume. Uh, movie theaters are at 3% of their prior to shutdown volume.

Yeah, I mean, I, I don’t have a magic ball and I don’t have any into any government officials or anything like that. I, I can’t say what it will be. Uh, I don’t know which industries are going to be first. You know, I, I go in a mix of listening to too much news to shutting it out and realizing that it isn’t so good for my mental health to listen to, to everything that’s going on. Um,

well especially now that things are going, getting political, right? Getting political. Yeah. I mean I wish that’s the one thing I wish, like when we were talking earlier, I wish you would like, we always, always talk about nine 12, which is the day after nine 11 where there wasn’t no more political parties. Everybody’s kind of came together as a country and it would have been nice if that would have happened now, but apparently we’re being more divided, which doesn’t help anything at all. Well, and that’s,

yeah, we’ve talked about that before. I mean that’s the weird thing is that lasted for a good, what, five, six months

maybe. Sure. After nine 11. And if you ever remember George Bush throwing out the first pitch, I believe that it was at a Yankees game. And like, man, if you didn’t have a tear in your eye, I don’t care what political party you are like, yeah, that was a moment like, and that’s the, I think that’s the thing that we don’t have right now is right now I put it on ESPN and it’s kids playing video game. NASCAR.

Yeah. It’s a [inaudible]. Uh, it’s a, the rock paper scissors tournament from seven years ago and it’s the,

yeah, it’s a look. It’s, it’s tough. It’s tough. Um, and look where we sit and where I sit at JVs, we’re, we’ve got a group of staff that are there to work with people that are looking for employment. My reality today is, um, people are worrying still about really the basics. They’re worrying about the safety of their family. They’re worried about shelter, they’re worried about food. Uh, and, and, and then the, the fortunate government side, the fortunate is unemployment is there, the people that are furloughed or unemployed are getting an additional $600 a week. That makes a big difference so that people aren’t, you know, uh, they’re not anxiously awaiting in some ways and it gives us and gives them a little time to take a breath and you know, focus on your themselves and start thinking about whatever new normal is going to be.

New normal can be going back to that job after, after that furlough is lifted, new normal could be, uh, this being the moment where you look into the mirror and say, that career I had for the last 10, 15 years was wrong for me. And I’ve got to figure out what that right career is to, I want to get back to that same career, that same industry. But, uh, the employer I had isn’t rehiring me. They considerably downsized or they’re no longer in business and I’ve got to get back out in there and I’ve had a job for a long time. It’s time to work on that resume. What does networking look like? Forget about what it network could look like in January. What does it look like when we reopened? I know you guys do lots of networking events. Uh, are you going to want to hop into a room with a hundred people and shake everyone’s hand?

We were still going to go on with our event. I believe in your, we’re going do a handshake. This networking before everything got serious and got shut down literally until it was closed. And we could not, like, I want to do the kid and play kickstep as the handshake. That was, that was my suggestion. Right? And so, so we’re not doing that with networking. Uh, will we be, won’t we be, you know, I don’t know, but, but, but uh, in terms of employment, people have to figure out, you know, what, what is that next step? If they, if they’re just furloughed and they believe strongly their employer is going to reopen and rehire, it’s just going to take some time, uh, then, then they’re probably in the best shape that we can talk about. But there are, there are people that, uh, may have been in that job for a long time and, uh, have not gone on a job search looking like it does today and used LinkedIn or gone on indeed.

And really done those thorough job searches or figured out what networking is going to look like. And, and that’s where our staff at JVs are able to step in and walk people through that process. Uh, in, you know, March when we started thinking, you know, maybe we’re going to have to start doing some, we weren’t even talking about the word social distancing. We started buying webcams for our staffs with the idea that if they couldn’t be face to face, we could do something like this and, and our staff can talk through how to write your resume and what should it look like. Um, how people with format help people with job search. And we could do that. We could do that by way of zoom, by way of Microsoft teams, by way of any number of video platforms. Um, so, so we’re set up to be able to do that.

Our staff are ready to go and we’re doing it a little bit and we’re ready to do it. You know, we’re ready to do it for those that are ready for that, that assistance. And, uh, you know, and there’s, there’s a lot of things that people can do today to situate themselves, but just up in the position for when that economy opens back up, when employers start to hire, they can set themselves up to be at the front of the line. They’ve already got their resume ready to go. They’ve already started thinking about who are my new references? You know, what can they say? Do I know people that are going to speak really positively about me to this future employer in their, in their best case that, uh, that new reference, those references are going to be in that, in that company, have a relationship with that HR director with a VP with the boss. Because networking at the end of the day, it’s still networking. When we, uh, before this whole Corona virus thing started, we, we, we heard loud and clear. People that were getting jobs were getting jobs, not because they found a job online and applied to it. It was because of that networking. They knew somebody who knew somebody, they knew somebody who worked at that company who would put into good words. Oh for sure. I mean that’s worked at a business. Who ha, who knew of an internal job opening said, Oh Jason, you’ve got to apply for that job.

I mean that’s, that’s the core of everything we’ve, I mean that’s why we’ve been doing events, you know, for, you know, coming in and coming up on two decades now. Cause we’re old. Um, that’s, you know, that’s what, you know, we’ve done, you know, the 10 commandments of networking stick at, you know, whether it’s the shifting gears program with MBDC or places like penguin [inaudible] or other kinds and that kind of stuff. But there’s something you touched on that really hit home for me just cause I’m seeing so much of it on both sides now where I am seeing people that have been in the service industry for a long time, that are now saying, you know what, this has been fun. Um, yeah, I don’t want to do this anymore. And it’s time for me to transition into something else. And then I’ve also seen the flip side where, Hey, I’ve been in office job, whatever, you know, for a long time now and I’ve, I think this has made me realize I don’t want to be doing this anymore and it’s time for me to be doing something else.

So how does, like how does, how do you, or how does JVs talk to someone looking to make that career transition? Cause I think that’s one of the hardest things that people go through. I mean, we all know or at least should, you know, working your way up a food chain and working way up a career path and all that kind of stuff. But when it comes to, Hey, I’m a, I’m a project manager in the construction industry and I think I’m ready to hop over into the it field, or I’m a bartender and I want to learn how to be in, in it, that kind of stuff. Like how does JVs work with work with those kinds of people

at David’s? A great question. So, uh, we have a team of masters level counselors and social workers that are our career counselors. They work individually through a really customized process, about a 10 week on average process where they’re doing a variety of assessments. They’re, um, helping these people gauge what are their interests, what are the skills, what do they like doing, what do they not like doing? They do inventories, they do Myers Briggs, um, and a variety of other, other, uh, assessments to help somebody to determine what that next career would be. So somebody might come in saying, this is what I want to do. I think the assessment may go through the process and say, you’re right. Or it may say, you know, actually you were in the right job, you’ve got the right career path. It just so happens maybe the company wasn’t right for you. Maybe the supervisor wasn’t right for you, but you’re in that right career path or a, we get a lot of college grads that are like, okay, so I’ve got that bachelor’s, what’s next? I don’t, I don’t really know what I want to do. Um, and so our, our staff are really great at walking people through that process. Um, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a great program. It’s a great process that we’ve, that we’ve built over the years.

Well so not so not only that, but at least, I mean I guess that’s one of the things that God, and I guess that’s something we need to figure out too is, you know, you were saying, what is networking going to look like at the end of the day. I mean we’ve, you know, we’ve pride or you know, we’ve kind of prided ourselves and, and, and built up these events as, you know, come together and get to know people in industry. Cause to your point we’ve said a million times, it’s not what, you know, it’s who, you know, um, when it comes to finding a new job because it’s that, you know, that person that you know, you know, in the company or, or in the industry or, or you know, in that role that will get you past, I don’t have that bullet point on my resume that they think they’re looking for or I don’t have, you know, that specific skill that they’re looking for. But you know, I can learn it. And so let’s go ahead and dive in. So, I mean, I guess that’s it that like what are you telling people about, you know, what, what networking tomorrow is gonna look like?

It’s a good question. I don’t know that anybody really knows what networking’s gonna look like when we reopen.

I want answers now.

I think networking as we sit today is actually gonna benefit some of the introverts, maybe more than the extroverts. You know, the extroverts can walk into a room, shake some hands, establish a relationship and rapport really quickly. And in that networking is, is a great thing. What would I say people should be doing now? I think people should be going through a, if you’re laid off, furloughed employed. Uh, but unsure, I’d be, I’d be building my network on LinkedIn as well as I can and really making those connections. If I were, if I would give that advice, I would say to somebody, call up those coworkers you were working with, offered to write a recommendation for them on LinkedIn. Then see if they’ll also reciprocate. Write a recommendation, build those recommendations from coworkers, from past supervisors, from the boss. Those are valuable people put, you should be putting that LinkedIn address right onto your resume. Forget about your, your actual, you know, street address. Forget, that’s all you want to put your LinkedIn address and not, you know, LinkedIn slash Jason, three nine, four, two cl, right. Do you want to, you want to set that up and you can edit it so it’s LinkedIn slash Jason Charnis make it, make it who you are.

Uh, I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to have the conversation with people. Get yourself a decent email address. You are not big daddy. Six, nine, six, nine@gmail.com when you are sending out your resume, Oh, I’m sorry. Bob was big. Papa was

AOL. We see people coming in with AOL addresses. Uh, AOL. AOL address doesn’t show, you know, how to work with technology. It doesn’t show you’re keeping up with what’s going on around you. Um, you know, you don’t want to have your birth year, you know, in your, in your email address when you’re, when you’re 14, it’s fine, I guess. But, but if you’re a professional and you’re looking forward, establish a professional email address, um, keep the big poppy year, whatever it is, Bob,

you know, your body is your gaming.

See we’re not, we’re telling a lot of people right now and I mean at least the advice I’m giving, you know, take this as you will, but like now’s a great time to train, especially in it. Um, that one cert that you, that even alluded you, that one class that you wanted to take on you to me that was a, you didn’t have time for um, cleaning up technical debt. I don’t care if that’s redoing your folders on your PC to, to actually working on, you know, like technical debt. Um,

now’s a really good time. Cause when you come out of this, yeah. And you got to talk to somebody. I think that’s going to be one of the first questions is why did you use your time during the corn scene? Absolutely. Exactly. Class. And people can take, you know, just cause you can’t show up to a community college or you can’t, you can’t walk in somewhere. What does that one piece that, that at the end of the day you knew you struggled on technically, whether it’s a, an Excel advanced Excel for some proficiency or if it’s a programming it something, whatever it is, you know, look at some point we’re going to have seen the end of the internet and we’re going to realize it wasn’t worth it. Uh, we’re going to finish up streaming everything there is on Netflix and an Amazon prime and, and uh, we’re gonna beat all those games.

So what’s next? There’s no sports. Might as well figure out how when you come out of it, we’re not watching the tiger King again. We’re not, we’re, we’re, no Virgin once was ribbon. Um, but so, so, so what’s next? How do you, when you, when you’re able to get that interview and you’re interviewing now in a, in a job, and I just saw something like 21% of this state is filed for unemployment. Yes. Up from, from uh, 3.6%. That’s a 17% increase. Over a million people are, are currently unemployed. So how are you going to set yourself out from them? You’re going to walk into that interview and say for those five, six, seven weeks, three months, I was laid off. This is what I did, right? Not just either way. I’ve become a great Baker and I learned to make donuts and bagels, but that’s not going to get me a job wherever I go.

It’s going to, you know, maybe to buy new pants. So, so what’s, what’s the like what are you doing? How are you setting yourself out and apart from everybody else? I just, I, I just attach a photo of my bar to my resume. That’s what I bring to the table. I mean, company parties can happen in my basement. We can talk offline. Uh, but so what is, uh, what’s an engagement look like? Like I say, I call you tomorrow cause I need help. What does a, what does that engagement look like? So, so I talked about our career counselors who go through this process with people who don’t know what that next career is. Well, we’ve, we work with a lot of people who have a job target. They know what they want to do. It just needs some help getting there. And so these two processes are really different.

The people who, who have a job target and want help, we have staff that are helping with resume writing. We have staff that are helping with, um, networking and setting up LinkedIn profiles for people and giving some suggestions and advice on that. Going through job searches. Where do you look for job? How do you do it? People may need help with an application. We’re work working with people across spectrum, from GED to master’s level and beyond. I mean, there is no cookie cutter for who, who are our staffer or working with and who they’re really trying to help. Our goal is to help this community the best we can and uh, and, and doing whatever it is that they can do. So the processes for people, they can call, they can email. I’ve got my email address right next to my name. They send me an email.

I will, uh, I’m gonna put you, I’m gonna pop you up as the spotlight video here so people can make sure they can see that for a moment. Fantastic. So send me an email, employment help@jvshumanservices.org. Uh, I will reach back out to you, make sure you give me a phone number so that we can talk, uh, ask some question. I’m going to ask you some questions. What does that job target, um, what is your employment history look like? And then I’m going to set you up with one of my staff who are going to work one on one with you. Ideally, they’re going to do it in this video sense, right? Uh, but if not, if you don’t, people don’t have or aren’t comfortable, uh, we’re going to make a phone call and we’re gonna set this up over the phone and, and we’re gonna work through that process and get people ready for when those jobs are there.

By the way, there are jobs available today and depending on what industry the grocery stores are hiring like crazy people that want to do the delivery of groceries, those jobs are there and available. Our staff can help people walk through that application process as much as as they can really big picture down the line. Getting people getting people said well and I think that’s one of the things that happened is, I mean like so let’s be real. I mean 2019 was really, you know what I mean? The the running stick, you know Detroit hustles harder and you know this is Detroit. Everybody has a side hustle. I think 2019 was really the year where those side hustles became main gigs for a lot of people and so your Uber slash Lyft slash Shipt slash whatever suddenly found themselves in a very weird place where okay I that got good enough where I left my day job and now I was doing this side thing as a full time thing. Oops. Now what?

Look everybody, I think we’re going to come out of this and some people are going to have to do a hustle on any number of those and whatever that gigs going to look like. Uh, and, and what is it going to look like when we get out of this? And it gets to, I don’t even, I mean, I’m not even going to guess this is going to be made June, July. I don’t know. Um, but I think everybody’s got to be going into this with an idea of that what they did may not be available the way they did. It may not be available. Uh, you know, I don’t know at what point my staff are going to be sitting down face to face with people. We have a computer program. We, we, one of the things that, that in JVs we’re trying to do is get people the skills to get that next job. We run a, we run a Microsoft office training program. Uh, so many jobs require computer skills. We have that computer lab setup. I don’t know when we’re going to be sitting down running those computer classes the way we were. So people have got to get up and, and figure that that the way they were working isn’t going to be, I don’t know, any business that’s going to open up fully to the way they were doing it. Everybody’s going to be changed.

Well, and I think that’s part of it. I mean, you have, you had so many companies that went to the, you know, the open plan where, you know, they were just like cubicle farms with four foot walls and everybody was just packed and crammed together. Or even worse, just a bunch of Ikea tables. Yeah. So I mean, you know, I’d made maybe, maybe that’s not a viable business model moving forward. My old company did too.

I mean that, that, that says right now showing back up to work wearing a mask, which is, uh, doesn’t seem like the way that we’re all comfortable working. But, but then again, working with a mask is better than sitting at home now working. So, um, you know, we’re going to see a lot of, look, the grocery serves it, put a plexiglass everywhere. So I don’t know. I mean everything’s going to look different when we go back to when we go back to work. I mean you guys are all doing this remote thing. I think a lot of businesses are going to realize that maybe the remote work works. Maybe there’s a way we can do that and we can cut overhead and we can, we can go back and get people a laptop and a webcam once those are available on Amazon

cause they’re all sold out. Yeah. Well, and I, and I do, I think that’s going to be one of the things that, that with any luck will change is, I mean there, there are quite a few companies out there that have been so vehemently against, um, you know, telecommuting or working from home and that kind of stuff in the past that hopefully are, are seeing metrics that say, okay, our staff is just as if not more so productive when they’re working from home. You know, because we were forced to let them do it at this point. So, okay, moving forward as things start to open up, do we have to recreate that same set of rules? Do we have to, you know, start bringing those people back in all the time again? Or can we let them work on work at home? Maybe it’s not all the time, but you know, maybe you know, two, three, whatever days a week. And we balanced. I mean it’s, it’s going to be an interesting yeah. Cause I mean,

Oh as I say, you know, here’s the thing, they were going to do that right now because we were, we went through a no work from home policy and now we got forced into it right now. And we talked about this last week cause we’re seeing that we’re getting, you know, we’re getting cleaner code. Um, but no, we’re not seeing is shadowing was a big deal by us. So if you didn’t know PowerShell, for example, you’re going to go shadow with the PowerShell guy or girl and you’re to figure out

are you going to learn, you know, some, some command prompts. Um, you know, or if you, if you don’t know, uh, how to admin Pierce or pure array, right? You’re gonna go stay with PI one word up here. You know what I mean? Like that’s that stop it. So while we’re getting cleaner code, we’re not getting, uh, the collaboration that the cross training, the, the, the continued education, which, which fall, which gets fostered in a, in a, you know, working together environment. At least that’s what I’m saying. Maybe I’m, you know,

I mean, Bob, I see it. It’s way more difficult to collaborate when you’re working in a remote environment. You have to really make an effort. You can’t just walk out of your office, walk down the hall for a cup of coffee, pop your head into somebody’s office and ask a quick question and go on your way or bump into somebody in the hallway. You’ve got to really make an effort, set up a meeting, call them and hope they’re by their phone, uh, and, and then you’re doing it over the phone. And it’s not face to face. And face to face is the way you build relationships and building those relationships is important to establish yourself in whatever that job is. It’s a way to build a community where people are working together toward a common good, a common cause. And that’s, that’s important. On the flip side of what the telecommuting options,

well, I mean for sure. I mean God, we’ve seen it just with this. I mean, uh, you know, the dynamic, I was talking to somebody earlier cause they were worried about, you know, they, they’ve started doing their show in this format, um, and it doesn’t feel the same to them and it doesn’t, you know, and I’m like, well yeah, you know, we always tell people it’s going to take you, you know, a few episodes to kick the tires and figure stuff out. Um, and this shift to this format has really kind of reset that clock on you. Cause now you have to figure that out again. And so it’s, you know, it’s one of those things where, you know, like that, that dynamic between Bob and I, you know, and uh, Randy, it’s, you know, it’s still there, but it’s 90% there. Cause there’s still a little lag. There’s still a little, you know, there’s still some off there.

Well, you know what I’m saying, being in these team meetings all day is, you know, like when you’re sitting in a meeting, like we’re, we’re sitting in a meeting with 20 people and you know, someone’s speaking and you can read the room a lot better. There’s sidebar conversations. Like, I can eat a bag of chips, I can drink a water. You know what I mean? Like there, there’s, and there’s those, there’s body language. There’s, you know, and what we’re seeing now with teams meetings, it’s just like, it’s this, like, I have to look at the camera, you know, I can’t eat chips. I can’t do a sidebar conversation. It’s really hard to read body language because I’m not moving, you know what I mean? But that’s at least we’re talking to [inaudible].

Dude, if I had a dollar for every time that somebody has commented, um, Randy screen froze. No, Randy’s just a mannequin. He just doesn’t move and he freaks everybody out. That’s, yeah. Blink twice. If your duress rates blink twice. If Tony is yelling at you from the other room. Yeah. Jason, one thing I want to point out,

point out is that you guys are nonprofit. This isn’t like, this isn’t a cause. We’ve been getting really angry at people giving us sales pitches.

Pay me $500 to rewrite your resume for you. And yeah,

Bob, I appreciate it. Let’s, let’s, let’s talk through this. Our employment staff, the, you show up with a job target or you call it with the job targeting and you want help with your resume. You want help with LinkedIn, you want help with networking application. Uh, there is no fee. We are a nonprofit. We are funded by donors and grants to be able to provide that service to our community. And, and that’s, that’s pretty remarkable. People wanted to charge a lot of money for what is not always great resume advice. Um, for our career counselors, um, that, that span of 10 or so weeks that is a fee based program. We have a sliding scale, um, we want that program in that is accessible to everybody and it is based on household income. So if you make lots of money, you’re going to pay a little bit, you’re going to pay more than somebody who isn’t employed or somebody who is just getting out of college and wants, wants that help. Um, but our goal is to make our programs and our staff very accessible. Let’s, it’s important. It’s important to what JVs does. It’s why we’re here. It’s why we’ve been helping people with employment since the forties. Well, there’s a lot of people in this town that are, that have been a really, really pissed at David and over the past, uh, 12 ish years or so in the resume writing industry. We’ve been the assassins of it.

Um, I, I can’t tell you how many times at whether it was a shifting gears event or you know, Michigan works event or something like that where like we would get up and we’d show up. Like usually it’s us. So we would show up like right before we’d have to go on. Um, cause we were always late and you know, doing something stupid and we’d get up and start doing our stick about the 10 commandments of networking and you know, we mock, you know, resume writers and we mock this and we mock that. And inevitably at one of those 10 would trigger the entire audience to start laughing really, really hard. And one of us would go, Oh, Oh, Oh shit was the speaker before us telling you the exact opposite. And it was, yeah. And nine times out of 10, that speaker was still in the room watching us. So yeah, it was phenomenal.

Look, I would tell you that everybody’s got an opinion on what a resume should look like and there’s lots of great resources, but you also need somebody who’s looked at resumes and can give you good advice. And can say, okay, so it’s great that you’ve got a 15 page resume. We see those, but let’s pair that. That’s fair, that way too much detail from your first job out of college when you, when you’re onto your ninth job. Well, so

it’d be a good, you know, good opinion of yours to get is. So like we always tell people you should always have, um, we’ve written, uh, two blog entries on our site. Uh, don’t be that guy, bad resume guy and then don’t be that guy. Bad resume guy too. Um, and one of the things we always talk about in there is you should always have essentially a raw brain dump version of your resume, which may well be 15 pages long. It is what it is. But the only time you use that is when you’re doing like a blind submission someplace like into a recruiting firm or like or whatever where you know it’s getting fed into like a human never even reads it and it just gets fed into an OCR scanner and then you know, it, it, it winds up in a database somewhere and your, you’re basically SEO, you’re doing search engine optimization on your resume at that point when you’re actually applying for a job. Like when you are sending someone a resume for a specific job and you’ve already had a conversation with somebody about it. Two maybe three pages if you absolutely have to.

Yeah, I mean, I’d say two pages is really it. I’ve looked at a ladder resumes over my, over my career. It’s tough for me to look to that third page. I mean it’s a lot of information you should already know by that point. You know, I mean you, you’ve like mastered those skills, right? Those are experiences that you have in there. Great. And those are skills that you learned, but what you’re doing today probably is so far superior to that that unless you’re looking to take a big step back, the detail of that, I don’t think people need to see and yes, your resume needs to be, needs to be customized to the job you’re applying for. So that’s your cover letter. If you’ve got, if you’ve got a form resume and a form cover letter, yeah, you’re going to probably get a job eventually.

But, but we’re coming out of, what did I tell you? You’ll probably get a percent unemployment. You’ll probably get a form rejection. I said you’ll probably get a form rejection, which is what you may get. So you want to set yourself out from everybody else, 21% unemployment. Now we know some of those people are for loading. They’re going back to the job they had, but not everybody. So if you want that job, customize it. Talk to people, figure out who works there, network, network hard, get people to put in a good word for that. Hiring manager, customize your cover letter, customize your resume for that job. And by the way, the other thing that, that I, that people miss and I don’t know why people miss PDF, you spend hours crafting your resume. Don’t send it on a word file that someone’s computer is going to read them and make it look like garbage. Save it as a PDF so that whoever’s opening it sees it exactly the way you want it. If people spend hours and they shouldn’t be spending hours making their resume, look good wordsmithing, but don’t leave it to chance.

Now I see one of the interesting things that we heard from several recruiters is do not send it in a PDF, uh, because if it’s a real well, and here’s why very specifically. Cause if they are, um, a recruiting firm that is still using an older, um, uh, Kennedy tracking system, a CTS, um, they don’t know how to open a PDF. Uh, so that whole, Hey, if you’re sending, if you’re sending a blind resume or a blind resume out to somebody, you don’t know if it’s a PDF, it may never even hit that OCR software to get into their database because you’ve sent it in PDF format.

The other thing I see is we just, uh, we just hired a new person and all the resumes were modified by the staffing agency. So it wasn’t just what the candidate sent on the staffing agency you had to put in there.

Oh, that happens a lot. Yeah. Well, but I mean, that’s why one of the things we always tell people is if you’re actually going in for an interview, always bring multiple copies of your resume that you created for that position with you.

Yeah. And by the way, I’ve seen resumes come to me through indeed, and they don’t always look so glamorous. Um, you know, I, I think, I think the, the, we can hopefully all agree that at the end of the day, hopefully you’ve talked to somebody or you’ve been given some version of instruction on what that resume should look like. And if they’re asking for a word document, give them a word document, you’re sending it to a directly to a person and you’ve spoken to them. Ask that question. Um, you know, if, if they’re working with old software and it needs to be a word document, then you can give them that as an option also.

Yeah. Cause that’s the one thing I’m seeing now. I’m seeing both. Like, you know, um, at least the stuff that, you know, cause we’re still actually interviewing. So like we’re doing these, these types of zoom interviews and yeah, for me, I know for me it doesn’t matter, but it’s also been past our applicants system and passed out. Yep. No where it’s finally gotten to this point. But yeah, that’s the thing. Think of the competition on day one when the proverbial starter pistol goes off and we’re back and, uh, you know, the competition’s going to be fierce, but you know where it is going to shake out.

It’s going to be fierce. And we want people to be set up and set up for success, which is why, look, the timing of this, uh, unfortunately couldn’t be better. And you know, Bob, you just mentioned you’re doing video interviews. I, I think more and more companies, not just the screening in there, but those interviews are going to be on zoom on Microsoft teams. I’m on WebEx, whatever the platform, uh, people today that are getting ready should be practicing. They gotta be ready to interview on a, on a video. They’ve got to have a webcam. They’ve got to get that laptop that has it. They got to get the lighting right.

Uh, you know, uh, I, I’m sorry, I’m having a flashback.

Looks like it’s got a light bulb on his face a little bit, but you want to make sure you’ve got the lighting right and, and, and look, we’re all in makeshift, uh, makeshift, um, offices. You know, if you’re applying for a job and you’ve got a full bar leg, Dave does, you know, maybe, maybe not. Um, you know, I, that’s, that’s just one of those things people should be thinking about. And one of the other things that, that if people were laid off is, is taking a thorough review of their social media. If you don’t have your privacy settings up and your, you know, whatever it looks like, if you think maybe a new employer isn’t gonna isn’t going to agree with or like or appreciate your humor, lock it up, set your privacy, give it for your, open it up for your friends, but maybe don’t, don’t let random people or prospective employers see some of that stuff. That’s what LinkedIn is about. That’s where the professional networking should be. And uh, well, I mean, whether it’s,

that’s part of the book, be careful. That’s part of the, the 10 commandments check that we’ve always done is, you know, we’ve always said, you know, basically LinkedIn, LinkedIn is like your office online. Like if it wouldn’t be weird for you to call me and say, Hey, let’s do lunch. Yup. Absolutely. We should be LinkedIn connections. Facebook, Facebook is kind of like my living room. Like, if it wouldn’t be weird and I always qualify this and say it wouldn’t, I wouldn’t think it’s weird. Not that you wouldn’t think it’s weird if I wouldn’t think it’s weird that I come home and find you in my living room. Cool. We should be Facebook friends. Now granted that’s relaxed a little bit, but still it is what it is. Um, so yeah, I mean people, people like blur that line a lot and don’t pay attention to their settings and lock stuff down appropriately.

And we have, we’ve heard from people that have lost jobs or lost job opportunities because of their social media presence and they, they, they weren’t paying attention to it. And that’s incredibly unfortunate. And to your point about like, you know, doing the whole video when you’re reviewing thing, I will never forget one of our recruiters telling me they set somebody up with a very, very high profile job interview. And when they came online for that initial first video conference, the person that was hiring or one of the people that like it was a group at the thing, it said, would you mind moving to another room so we’re not looking at your porn collection behind you.

You can’t get a job like that. You’d just end if you don’t know how to set that up and you can’t figure out how to, how to search for it on Google, find a 12 year old who will teach you, cause they’ve locked up

parents that have their Facebook and they’re in a playground so the parents can’t see what they’re doing

and they will help you.

Well then everybody wants to do this though, like blurred background and all this other, you know, like so that it’s become like the game now is how stupid of a background you can have during your call,

which is what works turn into for me, which is fine. It keeps us entertained, you know. But by the way, star Wars just released their official backgrounds you can use for your zoom meetings.

Yeah, I shot that story over. I have, I have no, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have, I have not. They are not, they are not all already downloaded and available. I do not have all of them sitting here at my disposal. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know why I, I don’t, I don’t know what

I know. I keep trying to do PeeWee’s Playhouse and it does. I don’t, I don’t, you know, it doesn’t work for me.

It’s a, it’s, it’s, it’s cause you’re, it’s cause of the brick background. You have the color that you like. You are too similar in color to the bricks behind you.

Yeah. I can’t on Microsoft and Microsoft teams, I can do a background. My, my camera in the whatever behind me works with zoom. It just doesn’t work. But, uh, you know, I think there’s ways to find appropriate backgrounds for professional, um, for professional interview. Right. Take, take five minutes

and look at yourself like for the love of God, if you’re sitting there interviewing for a high level job and you bring your own camera up and you go, Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have my entire porn collection listed by, yeah,

that’s, I consider that ill-advised. Um, yeah, we have a standing code, like depends on who you’re applying for. I mean, if it’s going to work for PornHub right. I guess it is situational. Um, no, we have a standing call with Microsoft and they have like almost, it’s almost like the Microsoft screensavers with their logo, right? That’s, they’re doing it as a branding thing and you know, yeah. Whatever. I guess whatever works for you at the end of the day. Um, all right, well, Hey, so I gotta I got one more like let’s say a hundred people call you tomorrow. I guess how much Ben was, does JBS have the handle this because like, um, you guys are, you know, it’s kind of a Herculean effort to, to help release people, I guess. How much, uh, how much Rubio? Well, so in some ways we have time on our side, right?

So, uh, I’d rather a hundred people call me tomorrow and give us time to work through the process with them. And it take a week for me to get, for me to get them set up with a meeting with one of my staff. Then for us to find out we’re in phase three, stage three, everything’s open, and then a hundred people call me and say, I have an interview, or all of a sudden my unemployment and the stimulus runs out and I’m having trouble paying the bills and now I need help. Right? Like now is the time. That’s, that’s the reality is your resume can be set today. We can be working on networking. We can be working on LinkedIn today, tomorrow, this week, next week, and get ourselves set up for what’s going to come when it, when this Academy opens back up. But, but there’s no look, we all, we all put things off until the very last moment.

It’s sorta like who we as a people, but for the people that are gonna, they’re going to jump on it. People that are going to send me an email or maybe I, they’ve already blown up my inbox and hoping, but people would send me an email share with the email with their friends, you know, that’s the time where we can really take the time and do it meaningfully and, and do it in a, in a, in a really deliberate way versus just rushing through. Um, we really individualized, it’s a one-on-one individualized process. We got to find out where somebody is. Do they have a resume? Is the resume they’ve been working on? Is it a 10 year old resume? Uh, because we’ve got a lot of, we’ve got a lot of staff that can do this, but I mean we can’t, we can’t do a hundred people in, have everybody.

Everybody’s set by tomorrow. It just wouldn’t work. Fair. And they get ’em the best way is email, right? Yeah. I mean the best way is the email. People can also call and um, leave me a message. Two, four, eight, two, three, three, four, two, four, five, two, four, eight, two, three, three, four, two, four, five. But yeah, the email, I think email is easiest. Um, give me some basic information. Your phone number, a way to get back to employment, help at JVs, human services.org and we’ll get people set up for the gift people set up and get them ready for that. Whether it’s the, they had got a job target and, and just need help with the resume, the cover letter, the networking or if it’s career counseling and they’re like, right, I don’t know what I want to do. I’m miserable at work or I don’t like what I’m doing.

I need to figure out something totally different or I’m ready for that next stage in my career. Right? And I, I’ve done what I need to do. Now. I want to find something that has really deep personal meaning where I can really enjoy what I’m doing. Uh, and, and, and we’ve got the staff here and that of course that process does take more time to career counseling and, um, and because it takes more time, we work with fewer people as we go through the process. Again, our goal is to personalize it. It really, really individualize what we’re doing. Awesome. And just to reiterate it as a free service, you guys are a nonprofit. There is going to be no upsell after you get through the initial phase. I just know, I just, I know, I appreciate it. We we are and and the only, like I said earlier, the only program that there is a fee for, and it’s a sliding scale based on income is their career counseling.

So that is, but our first session, which makes sense is a, is a complimentary free, free meeting where we need to talk through what this whole process is going to be like. We need people to call when they’re ready though also. Right? If you’re still going through the trauma of being laid off or being, you know, whatever and, and you’re not ready to talk about this, you’re not in the mindset. Take some time. People have to be ready for it. Right. Calling us up and say, I don’t know what I want to do but I need help. And you were laid off yesterday. You’re not ready for that yet. There’s that processing time that goes through. By the way, you know, I was, I was working for a different nonprofit, 12 years laid off unexpectedly. It’s a tough process. I know what that process is like. People that have been laid off, um, and, and it’s not fun, but the opportunity at the end can be really positive. And, and for me it’s worked out really well. Here I am working for JVs and it’s a great, great nonprofit, a great organization, one that, that people and, and I’m really proud to be a part of.

Awesome. Well we can’t thank you enough for your time and for what you guys are doing for the community. Seriously. It’s uh, you know, the, you know, stories every day we’re hearing are people doing awesome things for the, for uh, people that are not having the greatest times right now. So we just, uh, a thank you and be, uh, hopefully we can, uh, steer some people your way.

Bob, Dave, I really appreciate it. I appreciate the time. Um, I had a great time, uh, chatting employment with you guys.

Awesome. Appreciate it. Anything else? You know how to get ahold of us, but in the meantime, we’ll, uh, we’ll promote your, uh, your email and your kinds of information as well and I’ll put that on the show notes for sure. I appreciate it. Thanks guys. Thanks Jason. Sharon is JVs human services.org. Find them online and if you need any help, let them know. What are we going to take a quick break day where you just want to keep chugging through a, you want to take a minute? I mean, I, I don’t, and for what it’s worth, like I don’t want to blast music through this just cause Facebook is being bitchy. Okay. Let’s, uh, so Hey, uh, one thing we should, and for what it’s worth, I mean, Jason, like I told you beforehand, if you want to hang out, by all means [inaudible] if you need to drop off and drop it, you are more, it’s up to you.

Okay. I’m, I’m gonna, I’m going to take off, but guys, I appreciate it. Have a good one. I appreciate everything.

All right. Have a great week, man. Uh, but Hey, before we dive in, uh, so Bob, this is one of those things that we’ve talked about. Um, Hey, so let’s talk about your, the terrible wifi in the house and having kids. Uh, I don’t have a terrible wifi in a few years and, well, guess why? Because while we, we both have Eero networks in, uh, zero glitch, like zero glitch, nothing like threw up this whole thing. So here’s the deal. So Eero blankets your whole home with fast, reliable wifi, eliminating poor coverage, dead spots, and buffering. You’ll have a consistently strong signal wherever you need it. And I was actually just talking to somebody about this today and why this mattered and why they should grab one of these for a limited time. IRO mesh wifi starts at just $79. Eero sets up in minutes and plugs right into your modem or your modem slash router box.

You manage it from a super simple app. Bob, I think you would agree this app could not be any easier. Um, that lets you pause the wifi for dinner, get alerts if any device attempts to join your network. Uh, no, no more, no more networks. Excuse me. No more. No. That flicks a buffering, uh, in your master bedroom. No more kids complaining that they’re at Xbox isn’t getting a signal. No more worrying that your security cameras will be offline when you need it. Uh, so here’s again, Bob, and this is why I feel like the upfront part of this is hard for us to do because we’ve had Eero in our houses for so long. Dude, it’s amazing. Like I love the fact that, especially with them being home now, um, man, there are TVs. I, the kids just got new phones for Easter. Well, well, Sammy got a new phone. John got his first phone, so they’re on all the time. The, the, the, the games are going, they’re all connected via their tablets for, you know, school meetings and all that kind of stuff.

I’ve got about 15 devices connected right now. I’m looking at my app. Um, there’s four computers, uh, call Xboxes. There’s, um, our home cams, like three canaries. There’s four. Um, uh, Alexa has, and

to Google Google homes. Yikes. Yeah, I’ve, I, there are 22 connected devices. That’s almost frightening and I’m sad they’re already all connected. Uh, so, Hey, here’s the deal. Uh, you can get yours fixed as soon as tomorrow. Go to [inaudible] dot com slash IT in the D and then, or code IT in the D a checkout to get free overnight shipping with your order. That’s Eero, E E R o.com/it and the D I’ll put together, code IT in the D at checkout to get your Euro delivered within with free overnight shipping. You’ve got to use the URL to receive the offer. So that’s Eero, E E R o.com/IT in the D code IT in the D. obviously we love you guys cause I mean, like I said, we have them in our house. It’s been amazing. Um, the personal filtering, the, the B being able to like set time limits on the network and all that stuff.

Absolutely fricking love it. I’m thinking I might need to upgrade soon. Well I was so for what? Like I was just talking to Calvin like, so you know, Calvin was saying, Hey, like, you know, he was a, you know, he upgraded his, uh, network at home and, but the laptop in the back room of his house that he’s always had network issues with, he still has network issues with. And I’m like, well dude, you have to, I said, you have to think of networking the same way you think of waterflow like, so it’s, you know, there’s big giant pipes at the start of everything and then the pipes get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. And so if you still have a small pipe going back to that house because of, you know, walls and interference and all that stuff, increasing the firehose at the front of the house isn’t going to change the problem with the back of the house. And so I actually told him to go take a look at these and so we’ll see how it works out for him.

I don’t know if you heard or not. I triggered my, uh, my, I’m not going to name it cause it’ll trigger again. Both my Amazon device just started talking to me as I was insolvent to turn it off. Alexa, play ice ice baby


Let it go now. Amazing. All right, so let me take it down. We have two weeks of stories that we have, cause we didn’t do anything last week. Thanks to Mike and being, being a part of the show, which we love, but wow, do we have a lot of stories? That’s for sure. It absolutely is played. That’s a phenomenal, I’m so happy. And it’s just like every party in your basement. That’s, that’s kind of what we do is everybody shouts at Alexa and gives her personality disorders cause yeah, that’s, um, all right. So where, uh, w I like talking to the TV stuff if you like. Um, have you, are you familiar with Barstool sports? Have you ever like followed him? You know what, I’ve, I’ve heard about them because of stories that we’ve talked about here. Um, and I, I, I’ve heard mixed reviews on it so I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it.

So he kind of started when we started IT in the D like, like three or four, uh, when we fired up again, but he’s like, he was a blogger and basically he’s kind of, he was kinda like us meeting, like I take no prisoners, I’ll assassinate who I feel like it and I will not apologize no matter what I say. Oh, not now I’m intrigued. Okay, well, okay. They got, you know, some people think the guy’s a jerk but he’ll never back down. We’ll never take any hires. He had all these concerts and all this like basic did his own thing. He does these pizza reviews. Um, but like the guy’s story is pretty fascinating. Well, I’m watching, uh, how it’s your game. Like there’s a documentary on YouTube right now and I’m like, what the hell is how, what’s your gate? Well, come to find out there was a, he follows pop rocks and stuff. Okay. And you thought there was a picture of [inaudible] and Tom Brady and her’s kid and on the beach. Well apparently the two year old kid was hung down to his knees and the story was about that.

Yeah. So like the kids like Tom Brady’s kid is hung like a Howitzer was like the clickbait article. So like here’s this guy goes top of the world and he does this and he’s like, he goes out of Howard stern for it and Howard Stern’s basically going to do, you’re a Dick, like no pun intended. And he’s like everyone, like the police were basically like we are going to make your life miserable for the rest of your life unless you take this down. So he ultimately took it down. But like they talked to him now he’s like, I’m not apologizing. I bought it. I’ll still do it again. And like so like that’s like his whole like I think he’s past it now cause it was a while ago. Right. Or like this was so like during this whole documentary part, while the news is speaking about it, cause if you hit national news, I never heard of it. They’re showing clips of like German Howitzer cannons being fired off. Like while there’s the news is the mother of God, like they’re mocking, but like, but they’re still talking

about it.

Right, right, right. And I go, man, I go Bose watching with me. She goes, what the hell are you watching? And go, apparently this guy put Tom Brady’s kids dong on it. Why would you do that move? And I go, I know he goes, if you want to laugh about it with your friends,

right. Yeah, that’s, that’s a messenger chat. That’s not a, that’s not a post. Yeah. Anyway,

Hey, that’s all starved. I am for conduct that I’m watching Barstool sports documentaries now.

Hey, it’s, it’s a thing. It’s, it’s understandable, but, well, and speaking of star for content, I mean, so, you know, we watched motor city comic con drop. We watched, you know, while, I mean, God, we, you know, started with Toledo, uh, then a couple other kinds, uh, motor city comic con dropped and now San Diego comic con dropped. And there are a lot of people that are really starting to wonder are our comic cons as they are today. Gonna come back on the other side of this, you know, because it’s, it’s not just, Hey, are you and I and Randy going to want to go sit in a booth, you know, for 10 hours a day with 70,000 people, 100,000 people, 200,000 people walking around. But our celebrities, which let’s be candid, are the big draw for this. Gonna want to shake hands, put their throwing an arm around somebody’s shoulder to get that, sell that $50 selfie, that $100 photo op.

If I’m Ian Ziering, am I going to go to Detroit and shake hands with three people the entire weekend? I don’t know, maybe.

I mean, well, I mean he, I mean if feel like, I feel like he’s been socially distanced the entire, every Connie’s ever been at like, let’s be clear.

No, I mean, I, at the end of the day, people are going to have to, you’re going to have to shake someone’s hand. I don’t think that’s like, I don’t think hands shaking is dumb and I can’t be there like, like this is just because like some like this happened now is, is it ever going to happen again? I don’t, you know, it seems like we deal with one of these things every two years. So for the last 15, 16 years, you know, this is the one, this is the first time that like, people, we stopped doing shit because of it. Um, people like need to have in hand shake hands and all that stuff.

Yeah. For real. It’s true. Um, but again, on from the content side, I, I love that this became a thing. A Disney plus got called out, uh, because they’re, uh, they, they’ve got splash, you know, the old Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah movie. Um, and there’s a great, well, let me, okay, let’s be honest. There’s a great scene in that movie where Tom Hanks is standing on the beach, um, and he watches Daryl Hannah run back, uh, and jump into the ocean. And, and, and as us as kids, I mean, we’re the, I in a way, I mean, Hey, Darryl, Hannah’s, but, uh, is in that shot as she’s running off into the ocean. Disney went back.

When you pause it though in a VHS, it didn’t come in as clear as when you can now. Well, so, well, I will

now, if you pause it on Disney plus you won’t see anything because they’ve used their CGI hair effects to extend her hair down over her ass as she’s running off into the ocean.

Oh, wow. In the meantime, one of the clouds is shaped like a penis, um, [inaudible] some artists

and several other, yeah, the, and the, of the, uh, the, the sex in the Aladdin movie and all that stuff in the clubs and all that. Well, I mean, and that’s the thing. I mean, but it gets back to the heart of it. And they actually talked about this in the article where dude, like, I’m still mad at George Lucas, you know, for, you know, the special editions and all of a sudden Greedo shoots first. Um, you know, and, and like, like do I guess to the respective holder or owners of things is do they have the right to change it and, and, and, and even if they do, should,

uh, just a quote, star Wars episode two, I guess it depends how big his pocketbook is, how much he’s got.

Well, [inaudible] that’s the sad part. Like, dude, like E T E T got re-released and like all the special agents running around the FBI agents no longer have guns. They’ve got walkie-talkies like I what, like how, Oh God, yeah, that happened. That dude that happen a while ago. Wow. Dude, that’s why that, that South park episode, that’s, that’s why they called out both Lucas and Spielberg was because of that ITI edit. Oh no, there’s an absolute thing. Um, but Hey, you must be thrilled to know, uh, that, uh, the WWE was declared on essential service and that they were all essential employees.

How you love it, how you love in those fabulous matches. They’re skinny. I won’t watch it. It’s on watchable. It literally is. Like I said, I go, it’s like watching, I think my comment was WrestleMania was like watching um, Ben was watching batting practice for the world series. [inaudible] stadium. Nothing. It’s rested. It’s really bad. And now the worst, the worst thing that they could ever do. So like we talked about WrestleMania with the cinematic matches, um, money in the bank. Um, the WWE building is a little like 15, 16 stories or whatever. Yeah. Natchez is going to start on the first floor and the and the briefcases on the roof. So it’s donkey Kong. It’s done only if they like throw someone off the roof. Will I even minorly want watch

I just, I I or if they throw barrels I’m okay with barrels.

Like why can’t they just take a break like the other sports, like just come on like let’s let everyone heal up. Cause cause, cause Vince cause ego.


is it though? I don’t know. You know what the thing was that have competition. Now if you’re not following the wrestling business, they’ve got that guy that owns the Jacksonville Jaguars, but $1 billion into that product. Um, if they shut off, I think he would shut off. You know what I’m saying? Like I don’t, you know, but then again, if you look at EOS box, Friday night prime time content, like they’re not boxes not going to do it. Oh that’s okay. You can take a break. No, like, you know,

I mean it’s, it’s Fox. I’m sure they could hit like they could throw married with children reruns in there and be perfectly fine. Um, but so just talking about essential services. So a couple of things came out, uh, that I thought were interesting when it comes to, um, like restaurants, bars, that kind of stuff. Cause I mean, let’s be real. Alcohol is near and dear to our hearts. Um, the story that came out that said, um, it, so last week when the story we didn’t get to said 46%, that story has since been updated this week to 60% of all breweries. In the state of Michigan, may close by June. Um, if, if things don’t get relaxed and they don’t get open and running again.

So when you think about draft beer, there are a lot of people don’t realize or don’t know that it’s like milk. Um, the BA, the beer in the bottle is pasteurized. So the draft beer that you get from happening is, it’s spoiled. It only lasts so long. Yeah. Right. So like all that product they have, uh, it all shit the bed, it all gotta be dumped. Um, you know, that’s, that’s, you know, it’s millions of dollars.

Well, and I guess related, and actually this actually wasn’t one of the stories that I threw across, but one of the things that’s related that I read that said, uh, the state of Michigan, um, will buy back liquor bottles from bars and restaurants. Yeah. They have until a Friday, the 24th at 5:00 PM to fill out the form and then they have to hold on them onto them until the MLCC comes and picks them up, which could be up to 90 days. Yup. But if this ends before then, are they just buying back their own bottles that they are still holding onto in their bar? So yes. And so, yeah, exactly. That’s the

one thing. The one thing that I’m like seeing, I think I’m like my cousin Kristen, she works at a place called Bubba’s like on hall road and I like the lot of these places are like kind of retooling. They’re, they’re, they’re doing carry out when they’re doing like family packs and you’re getting four burgers, a pizza box of fries and like maybe like a couple of cookies for like 25 bucks, 20, you know what I mean? Um, like the places that are like doing these special venues for like two NGOs, um, I think those are the ones that are, you know, people are gravitating towards, cause you’re not going to order for dinners. You know what I mean? From like PF Chang’s, you know what I mean? You want get it all at once. I don’t know.

There’s also the petition for the state of Michigan to allow for cocktails and spirits to go.

Yeah. Once they pass, that all going to be allowed to go to the bar again. Uh, can the governor do it by executive order? Who knows?

Yeah. I think that’s what, like, I, I, dude, I, that’s, that’s the big debate is what, what can and can’t they do by executive order. Um, the, the other one though that was related to that, uh, where did I throw that dude to do, to do, to do, um, Oh, uh, this was amazing. Uh, that, you know, so there’s the essential services. There was all the, you know, the, the money, uh, that went out, uh, for the paycheck protection act. Um, that was gone basically as soon as it was released. Um, one story was that a strip clubs, uh, were prohibited from getting in on the action, so to speak. Uh, and so there’s a federal lawsuit that was filed on, uh, filed about that, uh, origin dating with, um, I believe it was the hustler club, uh, in the Metro Detroit area. Uh, and then, uh, the other story that came out today is shake shack, um, announced that they were returning, uh, the $10 million that they had got from it. Which, I mean, it’s crazy when you look at it at face value. Like, cause he, I mean, you kind of met, you alluded to this in, in our first segment, um, you know, you’ve got shake shack that got 10 million, you’ve got, um, got Ruth’s Chris that got 20. I mean, dude,

those guys aren’t the bad guys. No they’re not. But what happened was they filed just like any other business did and their shit got approved and then they ran out of money and then people got left with holding their Dick in their hand. And it’s not their fault, but like, I guess, you know, a good, good on shake check. We’re just saying, yeah, we don’t need it as bad as most of these other people needed. So here we’re going to give it back.

Well, they, because they got approved for other sources of funding, they got access to other lines of credit and that kind of stuff. Yeah. And that’s why they’re saying they no longer need it.

We’re also big enough to whether it’s, um, you know, the, the Jimmies, uh, burger stand around the corner from my house isn’t gonna make it.

Well, no, I mean, I honestly, so that, that was one of the things that I think was, that was really interesting in that article was that no, they’re actually not bigger than big enough to weather it. Um, and, and like, cause I mean that’s one of the things they talked about is, you know, the restaurant margins are so thin to begin with that, you know, even these individual locations that, you know, yes, they only have, you know, 30 to 40 employees each. Cause that was the loophole was, you know, yes, you could be a conglomerate with, you know, a thousand locations, but as long as you have less than 500 at each, you know, employees at each location and got, what restaurant do you know, that has 500 employees at a location, um, you could still, you know, get in under the wire for this and, and, and get approved. It

did. Uh, did you see the tweet from that police department in Maryland? Which one basically says, please remember to put Dan’s leaving the house and check your mailbox.

I was like, was that a two? I thought it was a Facebook post. Yeah, I thought it was a Facebook post that was, yeah, like, yeah, you know who you are. This is your last one

working. Didn’t somebody say like an zoom? Like someone said, when you’re on a video chat, makes sure that you have a shirt. I forget what that one was. Did you hear about that? Like people were like, people are doing weird shit these days. Like, like not checking their surroundings or backgrounds. No. Well, we just talked about that with, you know, people go into job interviews with their porn stash in their background for the love of God. Not only that, like when you’re wearing like you gotta be careful. Dave, did I have gay porn? Yeah, I totally have to be careful about that. Yeah, absolutely. I, yeah. God knows

what’s on the TV in the background behind me when I’ve got, when I’m just sitting here. [inaudible] and then let’s, let’s, Hey, let’s talk about our hero of the week. Our hero of the [inaudible],


No, it’s not a Euro a hero. Uh, the 93 year old lady in Pennsylvania, uh, who, uh, posted a, a sign in her window, uh, like she was talking to people across the street with signs and her sign as she’s holding a cores light can said, I can more beer. Um, Miller cores dropped off 10 cases to,

to her house. Can you see it or is it too, it’s kind of washed out, but yeah. Anyway, it’s fricken hysterical. She’s got this huge [inaudible] on her face and like, I guess it’s good to have a sense of humor about this stuff, but yeah, I mean, God,

God, God bless her and God bless, you know, Miller cores for actually dropping 10 cases for her because I shouldn’t, you know, she’s like, yeah, I drink one or two a day. It’s good for my health and yet 80 yadda and that, yeah, good for her.

Yeah. I’m just everything, like everything I’m looking at it, it’s like when are we opening up? But I mean, I guess getting to the point where people are like, they’ve done lost their minds. Can you tell the pulse on social media right now? And like just what people are doing. Like I think they’re done, they’re just done. And I get it. And you look at, you know, and, and this is like, so this is the heart, like this is where I think a lot of people are having a really hard time with it. And I get it is everybody wants a definite answer

as far as, you know, give, give me a date where this is going to be, you know, where this is going to add. Don’t give me this, you know, we’re extending it two weeks, we’re extending it two weeks. We’re extending, you know, how do you keep an idiot and suspense? I’ll tell you tomorrow. Um, you know, don’t, don’t keep doing that to me. And the sad reality is like, dude, there, you know, there, there are no concrete answers with us. There are

no, it definitely isn’t. I think it’d be a, it would be uneducated to give a concrete, you can’t just throw out, we’re going to be good in a month cause like isn’t, it’ll either getting a second wave right now. Yup. And they’re

just, they’re just discovering that, Oh Hey, maybe getting it once isn’t a protective measure for it because, you know, and this gets into that whole, you know, cause a lot of the, um, a lot of the tests that first came out, maybe, you know, the, the, you know, the, the CDC said we didn’t really manufacture these properly the first time around. Um, and so, okay, so now if you can get reinfected, um, does that change the ballgame? You know, and so it’s, it’s going to be weird. Like, you know, you’ve got, you know, places like Ohio, uh, you know, it’s, you know, I, I shot it across, you know, or I posted it the other day where, you know, I, I’m, I’m, I read through the federal and the state guidelines for how they want to open stuff up. And I, I felt like I was reading the underpants gnomes manifesto where it was like, okay, step one, shelter in place, step two, step three, everything’s fine again.

And, uh, you know, and I do, I mean, you know, you look at like everybody wants, you know, you know, they want to, and, and, and if you read the guidelines and read like how they want to do stuff, they do, they want to see a step down. They want to see, um, you know, how they want to see a decrease in hospital cases. They want to see a, you know, a significant flattening of that curve and all that kind of stuff, which is great. But then my dude, my biggest fear and like, and this is what we keep talking about is people are dumb and, and, and people are so stupid that the minute they sat there, my biggest fear is that like, okay, let’s say it is may one and they go, Hey, we’re going to relax just this much and start to loosen things up a bit. People are just going to go and it’s going to be mayhem.

You’ve seen the gifts like as soon as the bars open up and it’s fricking forest Gump run down the driveway.

Absolutely. I do. There’s not a doubt in my man. That’s, that’s my fear is like, I like, I’m, you know, okay, great. You know, I’m, I’m gonna wait at least a good two or three weeks after they start saying things can open up and relax before, I mean even did it do it as much as I love and miss whiskey in the jar, temple bar, all that stuff. I’m good. I’m, I’m, I’m gonna wait a couple of weeks and just kind of sit back and see what happens because I expect people to be dumb.

I’m lucky enough where I’m a, I’m on my damn crutches so I wouldn’t be going anyway.

Well, and so there’s, you know, one of the things that you and I had talked about the other day, you know, cause we were talking about, you know, the whole, you know, you can’t buy seeds Meyer and whatever. Um, but like that’s what I do like. So the, the whole non-essential surgery thing, um, do you fall squarely in that category? Like for Rhea?

Well, I was supposed to, if I, if I couldn’t walk at three months from a certain, from a discharge from the hospital, um, I basically had to get this surgery, it’s called manipulation under anesthesia where they rent your me. Um, right now I still lack movement or I can’t bend it. I can’t walk. Um, so basically they knock you out and do it. Well, I can’t get that done. Well he said he goes to the even said he goes, after three months it becomes every month after it becomes essentially harder and harder and harder because your, it’ll just grow, go to stick like that. Can’t manipulate anymore. So now I got an emergency appointment on Wednesday just to have just go, what the hell are my options? What can I do? Right? Okay. You ordered a brace for me. It does. It doesn’t get covered by insurance.

So yeah, I’m one of those ones like, you know, what’s an essential surgery, right? If I’m going to get, if I’m going to be in essence crippled because of the shit, is that essential? That would kind of seem essential. Most people dying. And I’m not going to put myself ahead of nobody. That’s, that’s like, you know, like literally that meets, you know what I mean? Even like, I’m not going to take a hospital bed because of the shit end of the day. Yeah. I mean, there’s people with diabetes. There’s, I mean, there’s people like, dude, I would hate right now, like there’s people that are giving birth right now. Like Amber dude,

our friend Amber, uh, you know, guide you. I mean, you, you DJ at her wedding, we, you know, we were there for, you know, her wedding to Perry, um, just gave birth to twins three days ago in the midst of all this nonsense. I mean, I,

yeah, so I don’t know, we’ll see what they say. Wednesday. Hopefully, knock on wood, we will, we’ll be able to do something. So I’m getting fed up, you know what I mean? I can’t go anywhere.

Yeah. Well, yeah, you’re, you’re locked in. Um, Hey, one more for we, uh, carry on. I want to make sure we get this in. Uh, so Hey, with the capital one Quicksilver card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase everywhere. Uh, that’s unlimited. 1.5% cash back on everything you buy and unlimited really means unlimited. With Quicksilver, there’s no limit on how much cash back you can earn. Capital one, what’s in your wallet? Credit approval required to capital one bank, USA N a

there I feel like I did my job when a crappy movies. I, uh, I just watched the Rambo, um, the new one. And you know, here’s the thing, like, I don’t mind if it’s like Rocky and now he’s coaching his kid. They’re beat up Dragos kid. But like, dude, you’re a seven. Like the suspension of disbelief just gets thrown out the window with me when you’re, you know, 70 some odd years and you’re taking out like an entire drug cartel like by yourself. And I’m just like, yeah, I was in an entertaining movie and it was a fun watch, but it’s like, ain’t nobody, like, first thing I told my wife is I go, first thing I told my wife, I go at least like with DeNiro, but Chino, they’re playing old men and movies are not like, he’s not like raging bull.

Right? Yeah, no, they’re, they’re playing the, the patriarch of the family. It’s not, yeah, they’re not. Yeah.

You know, you actually got ramble like, God, I’m beating people up, like beating. Oh shit. Like, sorry.

You know what’s holding up really, really well. You know, you talked about a pretty in pink, not holding up. So I’m going back, um, and burning through the Soprano’s again. Uh, just because it’s there on Hulu and I can’t stop myself. Uh, dude, that is still hands-down. I will throw that.

Yeah, I will put that as the top drama series ever created.

I uh,

that’s my, that’s my new godfather. I’ve never seen one.

Never watched one episode. I have watched the Sopranos either. Not one. No.

Yeah. I’ve never watched any, I know he’s in shock. I know, dude. We’ve talked about this. You know, I’ve never seen it. Watch it. Watch it. Watch it for the love of God. My next, my next two I was going to, I was going to rewatch Kenny powers and I was going to rewatch entourage if, dude, if you are not, I’d tell you what, if you are not hooked on the Soprano’s by episode four or the hour long episodes, they’re usually about 50 minutes, God dammit. But if you are not absolutely freaking hooked and like, and then compelled to burn through them, I will be stunned. I will be absolutely stunned. It seems the problem is it’s going to be like Ozark. Where are we? What are we caught up three seasons in like a weekend. Oh, right. It’s going to be like three in the morning.

We plan one more. Yeah, we’re playing one more in the morning. I’m like, Oh my God, I gotta go to bed. Um, that’s the, you know, there’s another one like Amazon prime is for as much stuff as they have. There’s so much shite in garbage. Like, Oh, for sure. I was trying to watch like whatever. It’s just something like some corny, I’ve been looking for like Porky’s and like trying to watch like do you have Hulu? No, I never. Okay, so Hulu actually has a category called rhonchi retro films. Yeah. So it is, uh, yeah. And, and it’s a dude. It’s like cheerleader summer and summer school and Prime’s got that crap. I’ve got it. But I haven’t, I haven’t looked through it as much as I’ve looked through those. Honestly. I feel like, I feel, I almost feel bad like Amazon prime is the service that I’ve had forever and I never think to look at it. It was absolute toilet until maybe like, I don’t know Randy here like nine months ago maybe where they started adding kinds of, cause there’s always like, like when Chuck like Chuck left Netflix and went to Amazon prime. Yeah. And so I watched it on Amazon prime and that’s what I started. And then he started adding movies cause there’s always like 14 movies and it was always like Popeye and like, like, you know, there was never anything good at it.

A lot of the Amazon originals, like a man in the high castle or marvelous miss Maizel but and they have what the uh, the um, Oh the car show. Not top gear, but the show, the grand tour ran up. Whatever.

Yeah. That’s, I mean literally I’m scraping YouTube right now for shit to watch. So bad. Gotten like literally I’m watching history channel on like what did I watch the history of the butcher? Like the guy from, uh, like actually butchers I believe grocery store. But yeah, no, I figured you weren’t talking about, yeah. My favorite YouTube channels right now are a Bon Appetit. They’re a bunch of videos from the test kitchens there and then a how to drink. The guy makes cocktails, goes in the history of them. But as he makes a new version, you can tell as he goes through the take, he’s progressing with more drunk because he’s filmed several episodes in a day. What did he try to say? We’re not playing a, I’m actually playing a shit kind of battlefield five now. I finally got it. I finally got my weapon ramped up enough where I don’t suck so bad. And that’s a absolute blast to VR. It’s a setting where it’s world war II. Um, if you’ve played any of the battlefields or color duties, it’s, it’s, uh, you know, they’re, they’re phenomenal. The series battlefield series is phenomenal.

So there was one other story that I forgot about it. It was, I was trying to get to with the whole like, you know, essential stuff. Um, what was your take on, Hey, we’re, we’re running out of carbon dioxide. And so there might be a, there might be a shortage of like seltzers and beer and, you know, carbonated beverages in general.

I was going to make, I was gonna make a global warming joke. Then there’s just grab it out of the air. There’s global warming outdoor, just pull it out of the area, you know? So like, I don’t even know how the hell you produce. Like you’re talking about like the fizzy stuff looks busy shit and pop, right? Like is there a shortage on that? Like don’t you just like grow it? It’s a, it’s a, it’s a byproduct. So,

and they said the problem is, is the ethanol plants are shutting down because you’re a byproduct. Um, you know, the ethanol plants are shutting down because there’s not as much demand and so they’re not creating as much, which, so therefore they’re not selling off as much to all these other services. I mean, it’s, it’s a little weird. You see how much gas is now, dude, I’ve joked like, I feel like I’m 16 again, is below a buck and I’m grounded. Like what the hell?

Oil’s trading it pennies a penny a barrel? Nope. It’s currently negative. Yes. So they’re paying you a dollar to buy. So dude, I

did it. Why do I not have a 500 gallon storage tank in my backyard right now? Like that would be fun. I mean, I guess then I’d also have to have a refinery or whatever else, but still good luck with that. I mean, your swimming pool with crude, right? That’s right.

The dogs drink Ethel. Alright, what else is going on? I’m done. You’ve had enough fun for one night? Yeah. Uh, dude, we can wrap. We’re good. All right. Take an hour and a half. Yeah. Oh, did you, uh, this was probably good news for you, Bob. A

burden line pulled out of Detroit. Yeah, I saw like they’re coming back, but like they pulled out. So why was it even a story like, Oh, I didn’t, I didn’t see a followup about them coming. That was one of the ones from two weeks ago. We didn’t get to that burden line, both pulled out of Detroit. And dude, that’s been my running joke for the last couple of years is, you know, it’s spring in Detroit when the idiots are trying to kill themselves and the goddamn electric scooters. So, apparently spin is the only scooter company currently operating in the city, which I don’t think I’ve, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Like I’ve, I’ve seen bird spins the orange one. I don’t think I’ve ever actually want to, I don’t think I’ve seen one of those in the wild good money to see how many of those things get wrecked.

So let’s say they drop off 200 of them in the city, like how many of them are still operational like six months later? Well, dude, we talked about that dude, remember that episode we had a, we had Andy did a Rosie on a, which, you know what, and I feel, did I feel like I’ve got to give him an enormous shout out? Um, so, you know, Andy, we had on a while ago talking about as a operation Freebird thing, uh, because when he tried to like, you know, he was, he was doing the whole, Hey hunt down scooters to get them for charging. Found a lot of them in the neighborhoods and that kind of stuff. And kids were using them because they were there until he gave a whole bunch of free ones away. Dude, he’s, he’s converted his entire operation, um, at Detroit, at Detroit bus company into creating hand sanitizer and that kind of stuff.

And he’s now like, dude, he’s getting ingredients by the tanker truck now, um, and pumping out like just hundreds and thousands of gallons of this stuff trying to help people. And I, I got I, yeah. So Detroit bus company, is he collabing with Valentine by chance and other putting stuff out to, uh, no, I think this is, no, he’s doing this, this is him. Their entire facility has just been converted into basically a production line for hand sanitizer right now and it’s, it’s phenomenal. But no, a lot of the alcohol companies like, you know, I know, uh, not only Valentine, but Detroit city distillery is doing the same thing. And like a lot of the, a lot of the booze production companies have converted over. But like, Andy’s like legit mass producing it and doing a phenomenal job, getting it out to places that actually need it. So what happens now?

Shit, shit goes back to normal. It’s May 1st and now there’s like 13 billion masks, 87 trillion ventilators, nine gazillion gallons of, you know. So that’s one of the stories. That’s one of the stories we didn’t get to is you know, okay, so wha why there’s a sort your shortage of toilet paper, you know, and why stores aren’t keeping up with some demands and that kind of stuff. Uh, you’re eating your own cooking now. Yeah. Well no, but so, you know, people go off and, and they, you know, they try to, you know, they, they try to hoard this stuff or they, you know, they buy it thinking it’s going to be a doomsday scenario, whatever. Um, and everything has switched so much to a just in time delivery system that, you know, they, they know the stores typical buying and they know the stores, typical run rates and all that stuff.

And so when anomalies like this happened, no, they can’t keep up with it. Like the production facilities can’t keep up with it, let alone getting it in stock again and that kind of stuff. And I do, I think things are starting to normalize out again. I was going to say, it seems like it’s a perpetuating problem too. Like you can’t get toilet paper all the time. So when you do see it available, you go buy a shit ton of it. No pun intended. Yeah. Solves the problem or the same problem. Well, no, so like, so I, I hopefully it’s starting to, to, to level out because like, so I made it like yesterday, I managed to get both. Um, and this again, another story we didn’t get to is, you know, they, Oh Hey, just switch to online grocery shopping. Well, good luck with that because finding a delivery window has been damn near next to impossible. But, well, but so yesterday I managed to get both a shipped a delivery window for Meyer and an Instacart delivery window for Aldi. Um, and uh, the Aldi window is for tomorrow. Uh, the Meyer window was for today and Meyer, there was one thing she had to substitute. That’s it. Like, okay, not that big a deal. So hopefully things are starting to mellow out a bit. Um, and, and people are not freaking out as much. I mean it has to happen at some point for the love of God.

Hello? We’re on an auto ship on like a few things in the house like and TP was one of them and we didn’t get our shipment like every two months. It’s like a big ass box shows up and like my wife was so mad that it wasn’t here because it’s like why aren’t we like listed as like a priority customer? We should, we’re not getting service.

We were Amazon prime. Bob [inaudible]

you go pretty soon I go vote another week. You’re going to just learn and learn the fine art of waffle stomping.

So Dave, I know you’ve got the star Wars background. Did you order yourself a star Wars instant pot? No, but before so Baba, that’s why I love that beam. You know, January 1st, 2020 this is going to be my ear. April 9th, 2020 wiping my ass with an old tortilla.

No, Molly’s it’s toilet paper,

right? Yeah. No I did not. Did I, so I still haven’t gotten an Instapot. I still haven’t bought an Instapot. Um, I still have not bought an air fryer. Like I feel like I’m one of the last people on the planet that are, that are the holdouts from those two things.

So have you, there’s, there’s a YouTube channel called pressure lock, not press your butt pressure. No, no. Amy’s big money and stop. Yeah. If you look at the pressure on him making pastrami. Ooh, you said it is just as good as Katz’s deli. No shit. Yeah, it’s a, it’s like a three day process. Um, and it looks legit. Okay.

I hear good thing. I have an instant pot myself and I love cooking with it when I do. But um, the air fire’s just a glorified toaster oven. Like if you have a toaster oven, use that and you don’t need an instant, uh, AirFryer

I agree thing. And you can put like rallies, slides in there, um, from the freezer. I mean, the, I guess the good side is though, is that, that’s one of the things like I did, I’m, I’m cooking a lot more. Um, and I’m at, I’m teaching my daughter how to cook. Like she and I are cooking a lot together, which is kinda cool. Um, I, I don’t know how healthy it is cause you know, I love the, you know, the, uh, the Maury Povich, you know, Hey, just stay at home and cook boar and you’ll lose weight. Yeah. The lie detector detected. That was a lie.

It’s cupcake Wars in this house every night. I’ve had some sort of like fancy dessert either like bare minimum. It was cooked like cookies. A nice high end was golden Grahams. Smores. Ooh, it was good man. Did the, uh, did the fruity pebbles rice Krispie treats. That’s, that’s, that’s the whip. All right, well Hey, uh, we can wrap this up. Uh, Bob do your thing. Yeah, we’re going to wrap things up. This episode 344, they wanted only it that each show, I like to thank Eero and capital one for keeping the lights on, on behalf of Bobby. You know what? And Hey, I want to thank [inaudible] do we have a lot of people to join, uh, on the live video tonight? Uh, and, and we didn’t, I didn’t get to all the comments and all that kind of stuff, but do guys, I, I really want to thank you for watching and paying attention to us.

You guys know video is not something that we’re extremely comfortable with. You know, our running joke is we new faces for radio. It’s kind of what we do. Um, but this is a format that you guys seem to like and want to interact more with. So we’ll keep doing it. Uh, and you know, we appreciate you being around. I’m fine with it. So yeah, behalf of Bob David, Randy Joe’s, all the favorite drink up dreams. Dreamscape your phone numbers. You got to stay home and don’t get the hell out of here the next week. Walk through your bedroom carefully. See you guys.


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