Episode 343 – Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen, Podcasting During Quarantine, Comic Cons

Tonight we’re joined by our friends from New Jersey – Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen from ASharedUniverse podcast studios, as well as AMC’s Comic Book Men, comic cons around the nation, and all sorts of other places.  It’s always a great time when we get to hang and chat with them, so listen in as we talk about the shared pain of shutting down our podcast studios during this pandemic, movies, tv shows, our opinions about the future of comic cons, when things might start getting back to “normal”, and much, much more…



Hey, this is episode 343 of the one and all the IT in the D show. We actually have guests this week. The one and only both dogs. There’s two of you can’t be the one and only Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic, you might know them from AMCs comic book men. You might know them now from the proprietors of a share universe podcast studio. Is that who you are? We’ll figure that one out or the Ming and Mike podcast. But yeah, this is going to no topics. Is it just catching up with their boys and uh, just talking about, uh, being quarantine. Dave, you may fire one live from our houses with more budget than Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon combined show. We’re broadcasting right here from our houses. Episode 343 Bob, the sales guy gave the gig. Randy, I do the Twitters is doing the Twitters and he’s with us. Find a saddle, line it in the [inaudible] dot com and give us a do a favor and give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold.

Yeah. And this is where a, I usually dive in and start talking about our upcoming events and all that stuff we got going on. And uh, yeah, there ain’t none. There’s not a damn one.

We are a, we are insanely lucky once again to be joined by two very good friends of ours. Uh, Ming Chen, Mike Zapcic, uh, AMCs comic book men. Did you send them the 40 bucks or was I supposed to cause I a I forgot. We need to get that check right. I got their Venmo. Randy quit eating. Okay. Thank you. That came up on my recommended I, I’m a YouTube junkie and I did go through my recommended videos and actually that your little commercial came up was one of my recommended. I was like, Oh crap, Dave’s got to send them a check. Fortunately, gentlemen, we are considered a nonessential business. Ah, and we gotta keep

the lights on somehow. And here’s the thing. I mean, I get it, dude. That’s the, that’s the agony that we went through. I mean, it was a vetted a month ago, uh, today actually. Uh, we, you know, I think I was online chatting with Bob and Jamie and Matt, the guys that do our Northville studios, cause technically speaking, there is an exemption in our stay at home order for media companies and media production companies. And it was so, and it was like one of those things where, okay, just because we can doesn’t really necessarily mean we should. Cause I mean, God forbid something happens and somebody catches it yet. No, we’re done.

Yeah, that’s what we said. Uh, I went there, Ming, what was it? Uh, actually a month ago this, this coming Friday and Ming’s taken copper wiring out of the wall. This kind of a bitch bear. Well that’s, that’s the Detroit, that’s the Detroit boy in him. He’s a, he’s finding an abandoned structure. And I’m like, what are you doing? He’s like, we’re podcasting from home. He’s like, I’m going to figure out how we’re going to do this. We’re going to freaking do, ah,

bring your laptop. I’m like, I’m not leaving it here. Oh yeah. So, uh, yeah, we just now we’ve been doing this for a month and you know it’s not the same. No, no. We talked about this last week. Have you guys been watching late night? They’re like the Conans and Stalins and Kimmel’s like it’s this, this zero like we have microphones so like our budget’s higher. Like they’re literally just going with an iPhone. Right. And doing like, like a produced TV show at midnight. Like channels that it’s like the little Rascals but on network TV pretty much we’ll do it. Like I said, I mean the other day watching, you know, seeing a news program on TV, basically playing the live stream off of somebody’s Facebook page as part of the news content is, it just blew my mind the first time I saw it. I’m like, well yeah, I guess you wouldn’t want to have camera crews and reporters and all that kind of stuff. They’re there. Okay, this is what it is. Now they could have shipped them out at like a like a nice camera and some shit and told them where to plug one in. You know, and we’re going to stream here and see where to plug it in.

Randy’s Randy’s been quarantined a couple of little bit longer than he, I don’t know if you saw even the little cheap logic webcams, they’re gone back ordered cause everyone’s snapped him up to do zoom in shifts. So, yeah. Yeah, I was laughing. I see a lot of celebrities are trying to live stream now and it’s frustrating as we’re watching them. We’re like, dude, just call us. Just call us, we’ll help you out. So we saw Chris Jericho, the wrestler, he did a licensee with Kevin and he was literally holding a laptop with Kevin’s face on it, like streaming dude. Wow. Chris, you have my number. Just call him. We’ll tell you how to connect you in livestream. Like, and you know, you guys have good Mike’s already. But you know, we were, we were just sitting back laughing a little bit, but I mean, I, I love that everyone’s trying, you know, they’re there, they’re there, they’re moving. Uh, they’re, they’re, they’re, they keep going. I love that little awkward though because like did you see Adam Sandler on Fallon? He’s singing the quarantine song.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, but it’s Jimmy Fallon, so he’ll pretty much do anything. Right, right. Well, no, I mean it is, it’s hard. I mean, you know, we’ve got, you know, we’ve, we’ve kept a bunch of our shows, uh, up and running, uh, that we’ve even got a couple of new ones starting this week, which is really weird. Um, but I mean the best way that I’ve come to describe it for people is like, so zoom is about as close as you’re going to get to being in studio right now. Like you can at least see each other, you can make eye contact, you can get body language and all that kind of stuff. And at a minimum we record audio just like we do as if you were sitting in the studios, just like in the studios. Yep. We got cameras there and we can turn them on and we can record. We can do video too. And Hey, if you want, we can stream it out. And all that stuff too. But I mean, so to me zoom is, like I said, I’ve been about as close as you’re going to get to being in studio at this point. Yeah. You just can’t smell each other. That’s the only sense. Hey, you can’t switch. I mean, I’m okay with, I mean if you’ve ever been in a room with Bob for an extended period of time, especially on draft beer and Coney night.

So what do you, what do you guys been keeping busy? What do you guys watch? I gotta I got to tell a funny story real quick and we’ll uh, we’ll dive into the other stuff. We uh, we’ve been doing eighties movie nights for the kids. Nice. Vernors um, we’ve been, I’ve been trying to get my kids raised on eighties properly cause they haven’t seen a lot of the John Hughes movies. So, uh, Saturday night was airplane. I’m like, okay, you’re sitting down and you’re watching airplane. And uh, as soon as they go to the, my gumbo bar, see my 15 year old just looks at me and goes, really dad, this is from your podcast. This is where you’ve got it from. Like, yes, this is, it’s worse than Detroit. This is where I got it from. Hey, pay homage to the greatest movie ever, ever stolen.

Um, for $600. Yeah. Right, right, right. I always say the fairly brothers, the sucker brothers to say, watch, I like had to watch the, um, the zero or thing afterwards. Just show him that it was stolen. Cause for somehow they didn’t believe me. I’m like, this is like line for line to see movies, his 50s movies. I mean they’re, they added the one liners and they’re teenagers and your other dad, of course they didn’t believe you. That’s how that works when you try to see, I think that’s a thing of comedy too, is when you keep telling people that it’s funny. It’s funny. It’s funny. It’s funny. Trust me. Like they just, they’re going to purposely, yeah, yeah, yeah. Law of diminishing returns. Of course. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s where all our wa, that’s where all our good material comes from is old movies that our kids haven’t seen yet. So they think we are, thank God God for Amazon women on the moon. Oh nice. I watched weird science with my wife and like I swear to God six times during the movie, she’s like, is that where you got that stupid line? Like rolling her eyes? Like you walk into a bar and you really have to go

bar bar. Yeah. That’s why that is. Yeah. So yeah, I mean I guess, I guess that’s, that’s the question. But like I said, I mean, you know, from a podcast Detroit perspective, you know, we’ve kept, you know, a good percentage of our shows up and running and enrolling this way. Some people still wanted to take a break and cool. That’s fine. Um, but like I said, you know, we’ve got other new shows starting, like, how’s, how’s everything going with you guys? Uh, so far so good. And, uh, I’ve been hustling man because, uh, so you know, our audience, our, our podcast is, uh, know divided into thirds. There was one third, where was I going? I can’t come in. How do we do this online? Like they, they really want to keep going. The other third you kind of had to talk them into, that’s the nice thing about being at home.

You can light up because I have like, I actually had literally have like three will you remember that? Like sharper image, the smoke eaters that they used to sell the big tall coat. Yeah, I’ve got three of those right here. Just to be safe. I love it. The other third, you know, we had to convince them, uh, we had to show her what I would tell her. Is it going to be the same? Uh, you know, how does it work? Um, and can I grab the download anything? Am I going to be able to figure it out without you there? And I’m like, it totally, totally accessible. They link, I send you go, I’ll go. Wait. The other, I was going to say the other third is just home masturbating.

No, but I don’t know how it is for you guys. Like with me, it’s like I get into a mindset, I get to the studio, you have a couple of beers and a shot of snaps. You kind of have the intro and you kind of get, you know, you turn the head backwards and it’s over the top, you know? And like here it’s like, I’m half asleep on the chair and all of a sudden I was like, my phone feeds, I’m like, shit, it’s quarter to nine, you know? Then I’m like, I gotta like get all fired up again. And now it’s like, Hey, you don’t try to act like I’m all into it. But when in fact I kinda, you know, it’s, it’s a different thing. Do you want it from, I’m doing it from your chair that you’ve been in all day, you know, of course. And that’s part of our selling point. That’s part of the thing that, you know, we noticed with you guys when it becomes like a destination, it’s so much better than doing it from your basement. Oh yeah. Who wants that go someplace where you’re going to be jazzed to be, you know, go someplace that has this really, really cool ambience. Well, let me, you guys actually do, you’ve got ambiance. Yeah. I mean, David, not withstanding, you turn around and there’s every liquor in the hedge. Annabelle.

Well, it’s here. Let me, I’ll give you the, uh, I’ll give you the wide angle view. Hold on.

Oh, please. Oh my God. Holy Christ. All right,

so dare yarn. I have my, uh, my scotch shelf. I have my, uh, you know, my star Wars Tiki glasses up there.

So damn impressive. I mean, I say we all go over to David’s house and podcast from down there, but the whole thing, Bob, it’s, it’s, you gotta get the hell out of your chair. And that’s why a lot of people like, what, what do I buy to do this at home? I’m like, you’re making a mistake. Come in and do it. It’s no Moss. It’s no fuss. Your good to go. No. And that’s the dynamic between Dave and I. It goes something like this. He goes, if I have 10 bottles of liquor, he’s got to have 20 and when he has 20 I’m going to have 31 I have 30 he’s got to have 40 right. So it got to the point where he comes over at my Christmas party, sees my liquor cabinet. He says, goddammit, he goes out shopping. That’s like if you want him to up more liquor, just make me happy.

This is Bob’s pleaser booze is what that actually is the tense Nicolas cage and leaving Las Vegas where he’s, I’m not saying that’s never happened before, but no, I mean it might migrate. You were just saying, I mean that’s totally a thing. I mean that’s, you know like when we like, cause we do like when we do our, like, you know, podcasting talks at cons and all that kind of stuff. The first thing we always tell people is look, at the end of the day, you don’t need us. Like you, you absolutely can go out and you know, buy a Mike, do your lap, you know, plugging in your laptop, do your thing and go, you totally can. But then I always followed up with, look, you know what, like our biggest area of growth over the last three years has been exactly that. Like people that have been recording at home or they’ve been recording someplace else and then one of a couple things happen.

They’re either ready for it to be easier on them, uh, or they’re ready for it to start sounding better or they’re ready to start having guests and they don’t want their guests in their living room. And so, I mean that’s the other part of it. Cause like to us, like when we, like we talked about it, when we decided it was time to leave the place that we were recording originally, you know, do we just buy the gear and put it in Bob’s house or my house or whatever else. And what we realized is like, so that that Monday night, nine o’clock became like religion as Bob always says that it was, you know, what come hell or high water Monday night, 9:00 PM your ass asses in that seat, the light, the, you know, the Mike likes getting hit and off you go and you’re, and, and you’re there. If we had put it like in his house or my house, that would have been a little me. I don’t want to do it this week. I don’t want to, you know, it’s just going to your house. It’s just coming in. Yeah, let’s, whatever. Um, but like going to the studio, it’s, it’s part of that,

I think it’s, I think it’s a thing of, of people that kind of get serious about it to some degree it’s a ritual, right? And that whole thing is having those people who, who have that drive to do it and you know, God bless him, we found them. You found them. Obviously you guys are two ahead and two years ahead of Arker. So I mean, and we’re not looking to flatten the curve. We’re not we, let’s be clear. We are not, I want to widen it out. Well no, I think that, go ahead. I was going to say it kinda sucks cause Ming Ming had this sweet um, studio set up down in Asbury park. Gorgeous. That was so great. And we can’t go there. No one can go there. It sucks. And yeah, they should time that everything wasn’t matter. Go down the whole boardwalk. I know. Yeah. By the time that they opened the boardwalk, they’re going to be like, all right, get the hell out. Right.

Do they have a bam Bigelow statue out there? Cause I was like the home of Asbury park, man. It’s a homo Fitbit, you know, and maybe we need to spearhead that. You know, if you want to see something done, do it yourself. I was going to say I made one out of marshmallows but the seagulls just messed it up. It’ll be like the Robocop statue in Detroit. Bob, let’s let you, we’ll get Micah [inaudible] with all the flames and shit on it like, and then we’ll just tell people, I’ll just stand there for like eight hours out of the day. They have, they have the hoodie. I can also have bumps like piss on my feet. I mean food, all the statutes in Asbury park. Anyway,

so I just, since you mentioned Schatz than it is you guys, traditions are what they are made myself, I poured myself a shout at AIG from Donna whiskey in the jar. I

took a trip out, I left mine at the studio. Ah, but, and the bottle of Malort that you gave me, that’s it’s probably for the best. You forgot that there warding off evil spirits. Absolutely. Trying to get a bottle there. The Lord has done, they’ve done a barrel aged Malora. I don’t know if you guys have seen it. You’re in barrels. I was like, yeah, what kind of barrel or the aging Malort in which uh, you know, should make it taste better, which is not what we want. So I’m trying to get a bottle that is very limited and there’ll be like anus, anus aged would taste much better than like anything to kill a taste and I you always ask why I quit drinking. This is it right here. Malort is the reason why. Wow. You many bottles too, which I didn’t know you have to get them at the distillery, but they do many bottles of Malora, which we need to get on that. We need to take a trip to Chicago and just load up. That’s where I get all my German crabs because they don’t carry it in Michigan. So every time I go see family in Chicago, it’s like half a trunk full of all that weird ass caraway seeds snobs and raspberry snacks. I love that stuff. I love that. Flanagan’s ragged, honest. He’s like, Oh yeah, this, I’m loving how this episode is. Hey, you remember that one time? That was great.

Shut up Jamie. What are you guys watching these days? Like we’re binge in a, we just caught a Newton. I just got a new bitch this weekend. Have you caught me millions yet? Finished that awhile ago. So good. Good shit. I have not. So that’s next on my list. That’s right. You love, you love the monopoly game. Yeah. You love scams. So well it is and it’s fascinating how cause I mean, yeah, I mean, and they were right like you like that last episode cause it, you know, the, the investigation and all that stuff, all like the arrest and everything in that took place literally the week before nine 11. And that’s why like, cause I do, I like thinking back like that was a huge story. Huge story. And then it just kind of vanished and everybody collectively forgot about it because of the timing. So we started, uh, we started season one, episode one of Ozark, um, on Thursday.

And right now we’re at a season three, episode six. So for as much as I would like to thank Walter White for teaching me how to cook meth, I was like fake Marty bird for teaching me how to launder money. I feel like because of it. You’re well rounded Bob. Yeah. But it’s like what? Uh, you know, it’s like those shows, it’s hilarious. He’s like, let’s do breaking bad. And uh, I think shameless is kind of funny. So let’s kind of do a, but like make it a different topic and let’s just put them together and make a show. Well, I mean that’s technology. It’s Uber, but for this, okay, so this is breaking bad, but this is totally how they make shows these days. And I mean, but I mean the writing’s brilliant. It’s like literally we’re sitting up at three 30 in the morning. I’m like Friday night while he was like, God damn it, putting another one out, go to bed at like four 35 in the morning, like all weekend and now we have to go back to work. You know, cause you know, she’s at the hospital and luckily I’m still working and it’s like are, you know, trying to get back into a normal schedules and say, dude, I thought, I thought my 10 year old had a slat of screwed up sleep patterns. Mine is so jacked up. My kids are going to bed at 600 morning. Yeah. Ah,

I dunno. Are you guys on a normal schedule or what are you guys doing? I wake up at like three o’clock in the morning and I hear my, uh, my oldest screaming at, you know, his, uh, his friends

he’s online gaming with. He’s like, yeah, I will end you. I’m like, from, I was going to say, so it’s Bob, it’s not that bad. I’m playing battlefield five and I’m like, I’m microphone less now. I’m not, I refused. I, I yelled one sounded a little kid about how I can buy his house and bang his mom and, uh, I, I threw away my grown at a PA. I go, yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah, no, I, a time does not exist here. I bet. Yeah. Four or five like watching the sign up, but, um, I, I think I get more done that late at night though. There’s no one to bug you. It’s great. Oh, I’m a total night all on the same way. But it is, I mean, yeah, if it weren’t for you, it’s Monday, so it’s show day. That’s like, that’s the reason why I know it’s Monday. Uh, you know, like yesterday. Okay. All the Easter memes floating around. Okay. Easter Sunday. Cool. That, that, that’s that. Yeah. They’re like mid week I’m going to be like, okay, is it, is it Wednesday? Is it Friday? Is it like where blurs day? Yeah. I swear to God, go like it’s March 97. That’s all I know. That’s, yeah.

At this point in my life I’ve never gotten, I’ve never seen more memes and I’ve never seen more naked black men’s wieners than I have this week. I swear to God and to me, and that’s been going around,

I was like, you better clarify that quickly, Bob.

We met on a chocolate chip cookie. Oh my God. There it is. Oh my God. Zoom in on this. Oh my God. There it is. Look in the fog. Like there’s a tornado that hit. Oh my God. There it is. It’s like the where’s Waldo? Like where did, like where did that come from? Like I’m completely clueless. Like Rob hasn’t had this much sex and she was a a boy scout leader. Yeah, exactly. Oh, there’s a no, there’s a, um, there was a vice story that came out about this guy that it was hard up and he started, he did like a corn. I don’t know if it was whatever, whichever kind of porn, but you know, you ever seen the movie hall pass where the one guy helped for sure when he passes out in the jacuzzi and it’s like down to his knees. I don’t know if it’s the same guy or somebody definitely. But like apparently now someone decided to be funny to try to sneak it into every picture they could. And so like it’s like anytime you get your buddies to look at a, I guess another man’s a winner. It’s a, it’s a win in your room.

Nice. Hey, so we’ve got a bath to chime in. You know Beth Mosley, she comes to our events and she said, yeah, she started shutting off the internet at night last night. Her 14 year old went into convulsions and threatened to move out. Yeah, I know when right there. Yeah. That could also get you killed in your sleep as well. So Beth, be careful. We’re at a minimum, a CPS call. I mean that’s, you know the argument, Mike, I’m like the same situation as you. My daughter’s screaming at like four in the morning or like, cause she woke up, her modernize is going to work at it cause you just woke up your mother and she’s like arguing with me that it’s okay. I’m like, I’m not telling you to get off the phone. I’m telling you not to yell. I’m like, I didn’t realize this was like, this is where we’re at is a bad phone etiquette for God sake.

Phone etiquette. A four in the morning. All right. Unless you’re, you’re texting somebody, some explicit pictures and therefore adding to their buddies. There’s no screaming, right? No, but they’re gaming and they got their headsets on. They don’t realize how loud they are. You know, it’s like me and normal by my daughter got my voice. So she’s drama. I’m like literally in drama and she knows how to project your voice worse than me. Um, so it’s like, which, which is saying something. Yeah, I can’t get too mad because I’m like, yeah, that’s my, I recognize that. I came by it honestly. Yeah, it’s a, it’s okay. Bad thought. So back in the days of dialogue, um, I would have to run a phone cord from my parent’s bedroom into mine for the 2,400 baud modem and a, well my parents thought it was time to go to bed.

They would unplug it from their bed and I would see like those weird characters. Oh, absolutely interrupted. And I was like, looks like I just wanted to take another 10 minutes to download that boob picture. That’s, that’s all I need it using it like concatenating like my brother, the multi-part files and NTP man. Yup. You still haven’t asked you for me collection going here. It’s, Oh, of course. Well why would I throw that out? And you know, I mean it’s, it’s vintage now. It’s, it’s our teasel. It’s, it’s like a hard drive that’s has like weighty stink lines coming off of it.

I have vivid memories of my buddy’s basement. We were maybe 13 at the time and he had like a 1200 block of modem and the whole thing, it would take like a half an hour for the thing that’s just to download, but you couldn’t look at it close up because it didn’t make any sense. What if you went to the other side of the basement? It was crystal clear how you would look at a boob. It was like literally probably like 30 yards away. I’ll extend a phase where like I think I can see Bob’s dating life in high school was so weird. He would get a girl shirts off and then like walk to the other side of the room just to make sure he was seeing what he needed to see. I was here like, no, not really.

I just want to talk to him. Yeah, but gimme a minute. Why don’t you like watching scrambled Cinemax? That was a thing. If you could, if you could make out a nipple and all that mess. Wow. I thought that exactly. I thought the nipple was way closer to the elbow for some reason. I had no idea. Desperate times, Jen, ladies and gentlemen, desperate time, which I mean we’re, we’re kind of in right now. I mean, that’s, you know, you look at, uh, I mean, I know, I mean, not that it’s funny, but I know several people that are trapped in relationships that they

were planning on getting out of a, and then this happened and it keeps getting extended and they’re not, um, you know, you’ve got people that, I mean, like, it’s not, you know, I’ve got my kids and all that stuff and you need it. But like, I like being trapped alone has got to be the absolute worst right now. Like that, that to me would be like the most mind numbing. Just, Oh my God, what the hell am I doing with my life experience?

What if you had all the money in the world and you could do whatever the hell you wanted that would end you. You were at peace with yourself, which I don’t think there’s an American on the planet right now that can, that could probably stand a month or two that we’re going to be locked up together and locked up. Yeah. Nobody, nobody takes that time. Nobody takes that, you know, all I’ve got an hour and I’m just going to be, yup.

Well that’s why I’m loving the meme that’s floating around now. That’s like, yeah. You all, you people that were sharing those memes about how you would totally, you know, spend a month in a cabin in the woods with no internet, no anything for $100,000. Yeah. No, you couldn’t even make five days to save your own grandmother kiss my ass, you know? Yeah, exactly.

No, it’s the other meme that goes, yeah, I definitely have time for that.

As it turns out, I do have time for that. Yeah.

He knows that I’m sick. I envision, um, like the, as John Q sec and high fidelity where he goes through his comic collection and it’s like, is it alphabetical or is it chronological and no, it’s organized by when I acquired it. Right. I think that then you’re like, Oh, wow.

To be honest with you, Bob, I lost most of them. It was all in big chunks because I got them after Sandy again. But, um, I, my comics are a mess right now, even in the studio, which is where the bulk of my library is. It’s, I still have to go in there for like three hours and just go through them.

Oh my God. I’ve had so much free time. I managed to clean out both my email inbox and the folder I had labeled old inbox.

How about the spam? How far ma’am? I just have to that one automatically or did that date back? Uh, three years. That’s a long time.

Ooh. You know, like, I forgot that you lost your shit at Santen in the hurricane.

Yeah. So I’m in like a new house right now. I’m like, God, no, I’m learning like all the, the uh, the quaint, charming things about my house. Like which steps squeaks now that I’m trapped in it. Yeah, exactly. It’s like, Holy crap.

That’s the dumbest thing that mu, that stupid be quiet movie with, uh, with John Krasinski, what does it call it? A quiet place. Quiet place. And they like painted the spots on the, on the, on the steps. So they, they step on that spot. Like, why don’t they just carpet it with rubber, like rubber met carpet. Then it’s quiet. Like they gotta put the paint on it. So I’m in the right,

like seriously. We’ve talked about it last week. That movie couldn’t have been stupid or I’m like, okay, if it’s quiet behind the waterfall, why don’t you just build like 30 waterfalls or Roger joint and then you could talk in the goddamn house. Why don’t you just live behind the waterfall? Just do that. Move in there. Why not on it? We have like 40 towers on am radio going all day. So it’s like, and you instead, you gotta got some electrical studio in your basement. But I do. David does. Ming does rant. Where are you right now?

Uh, where am I in the front room?

Randy’s not a hard question. I’m not hitting you with the zingers yet.


yeah. This is the first white cloth. Forgive them.

Okay. All right. We’ll wait. Just get a gets on his face for sure. I am so Baba. I, and a lot of people are shocked by this. I had never seen the office before, so I never ever, I didn’t see it when I didn’t really watch network TV, I guess the last like 15 years. Um, so I never tuned into it when I was on NBC and then I guess when it hit streaming, I just never got a chance to, to watch it. And um, yeah, for some reason it was like three in the morning, a couple of weeks ago and I was like, Oh, I’ll check this out. Everyone says it’s funny. And I was like, Oh, they were right. Like it’s still, it’s, it’s amazing. I um, yeah, it’s better late than never. I’m, I’m kinda glad to be discovering it now where I have like, you know, a month or so to get through all of them.

I’m in the same boat as you. I never watched the parks and rec, all the, all the Ron Swanson things were just way over. I didn’t know. I’m like, I don’t get it. Like, so now I just started watching. I’ve been done with the first season of parks and rec. Yeah. I’m in the same boat. Like, where’s this show been all my life?

Well, 2011, a HBO just added a whole bunch of content to Hulu. Um, and I think a couple of other services that now have access to that. I believe it’s all the HBO max content that’s coming out. But I’m floored by all the people on my friends list and I’m like, Oh my God, I just started watching the Sopranos. This is the best show ever. I’m like, where have you been? Like what? What’s wrong with you that you never watched this show?

Wait until they get the Deadwood.

Got ya. Netflix originals that are in foreign languages. So like I watched three seasons of the protector, which is in Turkish and I’ve watched a Ragnar rock, which is in Norwegian.

What the hell are those? Why are you in someone’s bedroom closet right now? Are you watching them on dress

blink twice if you’re under duress?

Have you seen, have you guys seen there’s a, it’s a Russian of the Russian Avengers. We’re like, there’s like, instead of the raccoon, there’s like an eight foot bear. Um, no, there’s a guy that worked at, seen it in dubbed in English. I haven’t been able to catch a copy of it, but it looks like as good as the Avengers is, but it’s like the version where all the people are like, is it called the Soviet super soldiers? No. No. Um, if I find the trailer I’ll, I’ll email or I’ll send it to me. Yeah. You guys watch community yet? No, that was another one, right? Oh man. Go on Hulu. Go on Netflix. Okay. David, did you watch it? That’s one of those ones where I think I got a couple episodes in and went mad and got distracted by other stuff. Yeah, I was not going to go all the way through.

You don’t even have to stick with it for a very long, oddly enough, I trust your judgment. Everybody. Everybody in it holds their own. I think it’s amazing. I just want to see the one episode where chow goes, huh? That’s all you need. Once I find that part, there are a couple, there were like four or five of them. Wasn’t Chevy chase in it though too. Chevy Jay’s was in it and he’s, they write him, so he lampoons himself. So a spectacular Dan Harmon is a genius. Interesting. All right. Yeah. So yeah, he, you watch it and uh, he’s, he plays, uh, not a, not even a retiree, just a community college. One of the old guys at the community college who still thinks he’s relevant but he’s not, and it’s just, um, it’s amazing cause he doesn’t even realize what’s going on in real life in real life.

Doesn’t realize that he’s playing short of himself, which I think is, it’s great. He’s the one that fell up. Like if you ever saw the roast of him, like he gets like visibly pissed off and it’s like, I don’t know, you don’t get the joke. Like everyone else gets roasted, pisses their pants laughing and like they had to like stop telling jokes on him because he was so like getting angry. I’m like, dude, what happened to you man? Like it, which kind of defeats the purpose I think. Yeah. Why did you agree to this Chevy? Did you not understand what a Rose did? I just thought I was going to be treated like a God. I didn’t understand. This is going to be a thing. I think it’s different if you’re like Rob Lowe or Tommy Lee where it’s like you had your Dick so big, you know, low, you could open the door to like ha ha cause it’s awesome.

Or you know, you bagged every girl in Hollywood, Rob Lowe. Like ah, that’s awesome. But like Bob, I found your movie, which called guardians. That’s it. That’s it. No galaxy, nothing. Just guardians. Yeah, it looks seriously. I need to watch the whole thing. The trailer will blow your mind. How freaking awesome it is. I’m like literally the bears carrying two huge gallon guns. It’s totally, Oh, that’s cool. Randy, you’re awesome. Thanks. That’s what I do. He has his moment and it was a release in the U S on a by shelf factory. So it looks like you may be able to find it somewhere. Oh man, this looks cool. Speak on shout factory. Um, I have a store. I got to go to the, uh, before, before quarantine hit, uh, I got to go to the mystery science theater, a live show, the, the big cheesy nice. It was great.

And, uh, they came into the stash, all the puppeteers Nate beagle, um, and, and, and the rest, uh, they all came in and, uh, Nate’s the only one whose name I remember off the top, but that’s okay. They need backstage. He’s, uh, he was CRO, he’s pro robot. Oh, cool. Um, I went and it was, it was fantastic, but, um, we were talking about bad movies and we were throwing stuff back and forth at each other and, uh, damn it, I should, uh, pull it up on my TV on my, uh, Amazon’s, uh, it’s a Canadian movie. That’s so Star-Spangled awesome. I’ll get it to you before the end of the show. It is awful. And there are a couple of movies that, uh, I was gonna recommend for you guys. Um, there’s actually Canadian movies. I know there are Canadian movies. I go figure, I mean, not feel, didn’t Vancouver, I get that, which looks like no place. Canadian bacon. Uh, yeah, but that’s about as close.

Yeah. No, honestly, like the, the biggest thing I’ve been watching is it, cause I went back and rewatched it before the new season hit was Westworld. Um, and I’m, I’m still like Westworld season one fricking amazing season two. What are you doing? Season three, they’re getting back on track and I’m happy with it. Um, and I think there’s like, uh, I say I haven’t watched the last 19th, so there’s four. Um, but yeah, no add. I’m curious to see where they’re going to go with it like that. That’s just a phenomenal show to me.

This season’s weird. Yeah,

it is. But I mean it’s, it’s, it’s getting more back to season one from a, from a thematic thing and more than anything else.

What, uh, what show did I binge? Where like they went back in time and it was like, actually it was 70s and year when like Westworld lost me when I didn’t know actually when the hell it was.

Oh, I remember, I remember talking about that with you where like when they like, cause when they were running the dual timelines and it was okay, that’s young, old William and the man in black and all that stuff. Um, yeah you were, you were not Amir used.

No I don’t, you know one thing it’d be, you know Terminator time sequence. Fine. I can deal with that.

Yeah. Even though the, the, the entire premise is flawed but yeah. So you can deal with it. Yeah.

Did we ever talk, we do argue about the, with you guys, I’m sure we have not. What’s your take, what’s your take on Terminator time? Like cause it’s like how do you send back your buddy to beg your mom to like save you like none of that. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Well when you find out that your buddy is your pops, you have to send them back. Well but how does that work? Cause

cause you have to get to the future in order for

him to be sent back. But, but how does it get to the future timeline if he’s not there already to knock her up and then be there? No, that’s, that’s the chicken and the egg, right? Yeah. Well he had to be born, let’s say in 2027 and he’s got to go back to 1992 to bang his mom. 84 though that I’m talking to that one. Okay. He’s got to go back to 84 yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Cause he was dead by 92 so got to go. He wasn’t even born yet. So it doesn’t matter. He’s, he’s buried in paupers feet. So yeah, that’s what I mean. I mean it’s like, so where like where like in the original timeline, like not even the whole loop back, but like that’s the thing and the original timeline. How does John Connor come to be John Connor comes to be because it’s predestined that he’s got of saying, Oh, so now she’s the Virgin Mary.

She’s not, no, she’s not a Virgin. I saw the footage, but he’s got to send his father back and that’s how weird is that? Like your best, imagine your best friend. You’re sitting there like back in and yeah, you’re, you’re Devin in your parents’ basement and you’re like, Hey, wait a minute. And you find that diary and you’re like, Oh crap. You know, I gotta send this guy back so he can bang my mom who will lesson and not changing history from mr. I’m my own grandpa. Thank you. Future Raba yeah. Boy, bill and Ted’s thing. It’s like, Oh man, we forgot the key. It’s like, Oh, I’ll just get him later and I’ll go back in time and put them here. Just gotta remember to grab the keys? Yeah. Well, the Terminator thing, it was broke. That’s why they couldn’t send back at that time.

30,000 terminators. Why don’t you just go back to the wild, wild West? We didn’t have people with like guns. I just shoot him without arrows and he’s like, I’m metal. And he would have ended up killing, you know, killing her way back then. Right. But if you go back far enough, then Skynet wouldn’t have been developed to evolve into the system. Does God know you’ve got like internal, um, [inaudible] doesn’t need satellite crap being Mike August sends his regards. Oh man. August when we said hello, you miss you, we missed watching. We missed baseball. We miss you and everything you love. That’s what we miss. Well except politics cause this is a hijacking your jukebox. Don’t we all? I think we all did that. I know we have not hijacked and touched your machine in weeks. Dude. I literally almost said I almost bought one like a couple weeks ago. Like I like just, just to have it in my basement cause I just, I probably wouldn’t even ever like use it, but I just want to have it just so that I know I could if I wanted to. All that I made fun of. I’m online. So this he posted on Facebook and we saw it. He’s like the one guy who like you. This is the weirdest thing. We talk about like buying, like I buy my music from Amazon,

like actual, you know, so I have hard copies of my music.

Um, Dave, like I don’t pay for music. I’m like, I get the X, we all got to hoodwink Y let me, here’s the thing. No, let me finish. Then you can read what all you want. And I’m not rebutting. I’m giving the why because the music industry lied to me when the CD came out. The music industry promised me that music would be cheaper, albums would get cheaper, things would get better and they would last forever. What’s happened? The CDs don’t last forever. They wear out the prices of albums keep going up. Why? Because you spend 500 bajillion dollars a year trying to convince me that I need to love Amy Winehouse. I ma, I don’t. If I do, I do. If I don’t, I don’t shut up. Take that $500 million, save it and lower the cost of my music and I’m good.

So, so instead of, I don’t want to pay for music, you put $20 in a jukebox priority, plays everything. So then he sometimes puts $40 in so, so I don’t get to play anything cause he wants to play all these shit first. Right now. He wants to put one of these in his basement because he thinks it’s fun to fight with other people and he’ll priority play over cause he owns the goddamn thing. I just thought it would be fun to have one Bob. That’s what’s called, it’s a Bluetooth speaker like at my house, at my parties. Everyone fights over Bluetooth supremacy. You hook it up to your Alexa.

Yeah. You’re hooking up your Alexa and then we all scream at it cause there’s no voice recognition.

$40 is spending is not for music. It’s the Buster balls and that’s a small price to pay.

Wait, I’m still not paying for the music. I’m, I’m paying for the look on Bob’s face. See honey, hold on. It’s funny

when the guy at the pool table playing Metallica and you play something stupid like Richard cheese or like fart,

the 10 and a half minute version of Chuck man Gian. Yeah. Comedy is you following into an open sewer hall and choking on human waste while you die. Tragedy is me getting a paper cut on my little finger. It’s only funny when you hear some guy in the back on,

there was nothing funny or you guys, I don’t know you, you don’t, the phones don’t do this no more. But the old Samsung’s you could put in a TV remote control. I still have that phone just to carry as old burner phone and turn off all the TVs and the redneck bars like dirt, like NASCAR races and like Keno and shit. The last number would pull up. Her Keenan be able would walk to take a piss and turn off all the TV people go nuts. Like literally we almost got this plate giggling like little

and by us he means him ever want to win money, play poker with Bob because anyway, Hey, are you guys watching? Or I’m like, well dude, what are you talking about? I don’t know. And Bob’s over like a Japanese school girl. If you’re not laughing,

there’s a really funny boy you’re going to hell for that day by the way. I’m okay. That’s that. I mean it was, it was worth every moment. It was. It absolutely was good company, man. Don’t worry about it. Exactly. It’s where all the fun people are. Some of my friends are going to be, what the hell do I want to go to heaven for? So I guess no, go ahead Bob. No, I said we’ve been, we’ve been sure sched at bars. Like I don’t get that. Like when you’re in a loud bar with music blaring, like literally we’ve been shushed and I can’t quite understand what it is that we’ve done or do to like necessity to having a grown man walk over and tell us to keep it down. Bob, this gets back to the, your daughter inherited your boy, your big booming voice, your know how to project it.

That’s what that gets down to. Sometimes you forget how to not project it right now. I know when I feel like opera man’s singing it just said, yeah, forget it. It’s all over. Yeah. What part are you getting shushed at? Cause I remind me to never go there. It was Salinas dude. We’ve gotten shushed at, I think that might’ve been two owners ago though. So I think they’ve gotten used to us by now. I, uh, I had my, uh, my buddies golf outing. Um, we, uh, went to the Hamlin pub, which is, there’s like seven, eight of them and it’s just like a corner of golf bar, whatever, you know, pizza, whatever. It’s simple. And like we’re done with a golf outing and we go back there and I’m telling stories and the guy’s just me and I’m like, I’m freaked out. I’m like, Oh man, like the manager.

And I go, Oh my God, was I like swearing. I’m sorry. There are kids around. He goes, Oh no, you weren’t swearing. You’re being very polite. You’re just so loud. And I’m like, what? Like that’s when you, that’s when you start cursing like what is wrong with you? You pieces go to town on him. By the way, I’m going to tell a story real quick. Today is the seventh anniversary, by the way. It’s my buddy Twillio his birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to seven. So you gotta hear this story seven years ago. It’s Toyota’s 40th birthday and we go to just, he want us to keep it simple, go to a bar by his house and we might argue, well in the meantime Tulio sister knows a, there’s a, there’s a Italian wedding hall here called pennants. There’s a couple of and Tulio sisters friends with the doc.

Can you figure this out? Well, there’s a, there’s a hell of a flowchart here. They’re filming a flavor flavor opened up a flavor flavor chicken and ribs here and they were filming seasonal glove too or whatever the hell have you show. It was flavor, flavors. Love, flavor of law. Labor of love. Yeah. And Tulio sister calls me and she goes, they’re filming an episode tonight and they want the house full because they want it to look cool. Can you bring to Leo’s party? So here I am at this pool hall and I’m trying to hide the secret from him. And basically it comes, I go 10 o’clock and I’m basically telling everyone we’re leaving and he’s like, he’s like pushing me like we’re not leaving. What do we leave? I go, we’re leaving. I don’t get in. Like I go grab him by the gay ankles that we have.

We’re getting out of here. So we pull up in this house, I’ll, I’ll send you guys a picture. We walk in this house and all the way in the back by like the pool table and like the little like three seat bar. There’s flavor flave back there with a, with a chocolate Stockton with barbecue sauce, put chicken wings in there. What’s up solver’s entire night goes and all he’s doing is walking around and he’s the most nicest calm. He’s like, he’s like polite, like Ming. Like when he walks around he’s like, hi, how are you? Shaking hands, just being nice. And like then all of a sudden when it’s time for him to,

yeah, when the cameras, the lights come on and the camera turns on,

he gets up on the table and he’s like, he’s doing his whole shtick and we’re just like, this is the most surreal night I’ve ever like. And the best thing is we got a picture of Twilio’s mother who was like, Oh your old Italian and him. They were talking for like 20 minutes. And I go, what in the living S is your mother Rose to one? Could she be possibly saying like remember that one time a nation of millions when you were the height bands that shocked you, what could she be saying? Where do you buy your clocks? They’re so fascinating. That’s I want to get one from my wall. Yeah, that clock would look great. My kitchen. Um, but like literally there’s nothing that we can’t want up in [inaudible]. That’s it. Like all of our birthday parties for the rest of our lives. Like literally that was it. Oh yeah. How can you top that dude? I think

only one that ever even would and just cause there were no celebrity appearances, but what even come close would be our joint 40th where the German American club and the, the giant fat head of your head was floating around all night and was hands down the, the prop that we had wrestlers show up, the Jaeger shot girls were behind the bar and that’s still the party that people ask me when we’re doing that again,

see the problem mad those days. That’s when my Christmas party in those days where I was stupid and every time I’d see somebody I acted like my dad and my uncles and you’d do a shot like, Hey Randy, good to see ya. Let’s do a shot, have a good time. The problem is 20 people would show up and I’m doing 20 shots and they’ve only had one cause he was bugs bunny one for you. One for me. Two for you. One, two for me. Three of you. One, two, three. For me they’d be like a pile of money on tables that, guess what I’m going to, is that, is that the goblet? Ah, now he’s definitely, so like I would make from the beginning. That’s no good memories. Nothing beats the story. When you guys got the package and you’re like, who the hell shipped something to the podcast? Who is awesome parties going on? This party is going on. I’ve done 20 shots, I’m passed out like 10 15 people got there like nine 30 so like this isn’t happening. So like Dave got this, it’s like when fat was a first thing and he got like my fricking big ugly mug on a fat head. So like everyone like carried on the night, like as if it was, the party was still going on with my pick my fat head. We got in everybody’s picture. So there’s, there’s literally like 60 pictures of people.

Oh dude. And you’ve got like the hottest girls in the skimpiest outfits with Bob’s big giant fat hat. I mean it was a good four feet tall, three feet wide. I want to say it, but it was huge. It was holding

various [inaudible]

but then the worst part is like Rob Bubba who uh, you know, yeah, he, he thought it was the funniest thing he’s ever seen in his life. So he like just watching him like giggling with that thing like yeah,

dude. Knowing how happy that made him is still one of the best things ever. So, I guess just to shift gears a little bit. So Ming like I know you are probably the only person that I know that has ha that is likely having a harder time with social distancing than I am. Cause you’re, I mean you’re dude, you’re at every con, you’re at every event, you are everywhere. How are you holding up man? Like I really, really feel that he

is your latte game strong? I guess that’s what we want to know.

Yeah. How well have you gotten making your own espressos and lattes?

Surprisingly, I’m doing all right. Everyone’s like, Oh man, are you okay? Like you must be going nuts. And um, it’s uh, I mean before all the comics, before all the traveling, I, this is me sitting at a computer for like, you know, 20 hours a day and, and doing shit. So it does take me back to that. Um, you know, am I, am I going a little nuts? Yeah. I, you know, I had trips to Vegas. Here’s the city last month. This month was like Philly and st Louis and next month was going to be real busy. It was going to be like Northern Canada, um, LA Houston, and you know, it’s all gone. And you know, it sucks, but it’s, it’s everybody.

Well, and, and you’ll like, you’ll appreciate this cause you were there with us. Larry, the bartender from a temple bar called me last week just to, uh, just to check up on me and make sure that I was okay to picture your bar and you’re like, all right, I’m good, Larry. I’m, I’m doing all right man.

I love that guy. And I, yeah. And so, I mean, it’s, it’s things, but, um, it’s, it’s not bad sitting here for a little bit, taking a breath and, um, and you know, we, we have this, we have, uh, you know, I, I, I’ve been streaming like almost every night. It’s, it’s, that’s definitely keeping me sane.

I was gonna say, and you too, and you’ve taken a dive into a couple of, like, the virtual cons that are going on and that kind of stuff I’ve seen, you know, you’ve done a couple of panels and that kind of thing.

Yeah. And I, I didn’t think that would work. A lot of people were like, well, we’ll just move them online. I’m like, well how the hell is that going to work? You know, the con imparting afterwards and meeting people and, and all that. But um, uh, yeah, you know when, when times get desperate and you figure it out. So yeah, I just did one this weekend. Go home con. Yup. It was put together in less than two weeks.

Uh, but it, it went off. It went off really well. They somehow got a partnership with Twitch, so you know, all the streaming stuff was pretty rock solid. Um, everybody called their friends in all their celebrity friends and so they got a lot of, um, good celebrities. So the way they made money was a, if you wanted to watch the panel stream, it was five bucks a person on Twitch or if you had a Twitch prime account, it was free. So, and then the talent, the celebrities were booking five minute one-on-one zoom sessions where people for, I think it was 50 bucks for five minutes. That’s kind of cool. Yeah. If you want a 10 minutes, you can add on another $50 and I’m dancing. I was like, yeah, like I, I imagine a couple of those might’ve gotten creepy and needed to get shut down law for five minutes.

Oh, I know. I saw it as, Hey, it’s it going to take longer than men. I mean, are there some guys, you know what business is probably doing well right now? The a they’ll leave a voicemail or to leave a video greeting cameo. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like you know, Mark got us that thing for our grand master flash, uh, where you can like make them say whatever. It’s like, I, you know, cause I saw it being on Facebook for like Kevin Nealon to give you like to that the idiot, the, the business partner guy that came in at the end, a tiger King is on there. They’re all on there. The whole cast is on God licensing jail. Hey, Bob, uh, Patrick chimed in on the chat. He a pet Mendez. He wants to know, uh, w where’s the fat head now? So I remember it got used as a fans bring the weapon match weapon.

So that was the best. It wound up in there and wound up in a wrestling ring with Sabu. Sabu got hit over the head with it. I believe there’s a speck of blood on it. It is in the Bay. It’s right now. It’s in the basement. Okay. That’s sad. But he’s a nice guy. But, uh, that’s my cameo profile right there on the low low price of 2020, 99. You can, uh, book a video message from [inaudible]. Nice. So I, I was, I think it was a con or something and they’re like, Hey, you want to jump on this? I’m like, yeah, sure. Why not? Like, no one’s gonna want me like fricking Brett farm’s on there. And, uh, you know how you could get a, um, get Debbie Gibson to sing happy birthday eating for 200 bucks. I’m like, no one’s gonna want me once. Every so often I’ll get one.

And, um, I think I did one, they were going to play it out their wedding. I saw you posted about that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did a whole bunch of birthday ones and uh, yeah, the people have been getting them. They’re like, Oh my God, that was awesome. Like thank you so much and not your 20 bucks, you know, it’s not that bad. So, so, uh, yeah, it’s, it’s, I did it as a joke though. I’m like, no one’s gonna want this. Right. And then, you know, Hey, desperate, Augie shot us a note. He wants to know how much to get you two guys to leave his voicemail message.

Hi, 22. Great. We’re doing anything for 40 bucks right now. Have Augie send a Ming his little Malort bottles. We’ll do it for, we’ll work something out aiming. So how many bars does, uh, does it say a Mike [inaudible] eats ass? Probably too many. There’s a, I think Selena’s um, a whiskey in the jar for sure. Did you write it? Whiskey? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. No, it’s there. I’ve, yeah. Spreading my legend far and wide. What’s the karaoke bar in Hamtramck that Lauren worked, worked at that plays [inaudible] took it down cause she doesn’t want anybody knowing. So Lauren grabbed my Sharpie, she’s like, Oh, I gotta go write this. And so it’s in the ladies room over there. Here’s the problem, man. When you write it in a men’s room, you’re giving those guys, you go in there false hope. I did above the glory. I’m like, I’m just saying Randy walks in there and make certain assumptions. Pretty sure a drunk Lee wrote it down over at um, over at Lafayette Coney Island too, whenever as I was throwing up in the bathroom. Oh Jesus. You know, I’m guessing next time might give you the needs to be a tee shirt. I think we’d have to figure something out like, or a bumper sticker or, or something. Um, uh, you know, getting, you know, making that a thing. I think there should be a thing. Why not next time I’m in Detroit in ducks, right. We’ll, we’ll do that. So hang on.

I guess that’s a, that’s a good question. I mean, I guess what’s, you know, Ming Mike, what’s, what’s your take on the other side of all of this? Like, are our cons gonna be the same or, you know, and how long is it going to, you know, like, you know, motor city just canceled and that’s, you know, that’s, that’s 70 K people there on a Saturday, you know, get, yeah, that’s from, from what I understand. Yes. They get it. Cause they haven’t announced it. They haven’t, they didn’t announce they were working on it. It just, it’s, it’s off for now. Um, you know, then you’ve got, you know, San Diego, New York city coming up. I mean the art winner, when are you going to get 200,000 odd people comfortable being in a big room. And then the flip side of that, when are you going to get these celebrities comfortable being jammed into a crowded 70,000, a hundred, 200,000

shaking hands with everybody. I must be going to be a while. I mean, this is all dependent. They find some kind of vaccine. Then I think we’ll be, you know, of course it will be a little more comfortable, but if they, you know, if it’s like this right now, it could be a while. I, I hate to say, I don’t know if they’re going to be cons for the rest of the year. I got concert, I got two concerts in July. Uh, KMF DM in ministry and craft work and I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, don’t know if you’re gonna get your money back, ticket master and be like, Nope, you’re screwed.

So the, so Ticketmaster’s cause he had, this was actually one of the topics we’re going to yak through tonight, is Ticketmaster changed their policies where it used to say if it was postponed, canceled yet ADA outta there, you know, whatever, you get a refund now it only, they’ll only refund if it’s canceled. Well, you look at all these, you know, concerts that are going on, they’ve know, they know it’s just postponed until the literally a later date. So whether or not you can make that later date, you’re not getting your money back from Ticketmaster,

but it’s a thing. Yeah. That’s all the cons. Yeah. I don’t, I mean what would make anybody comfortable enough to go to a, an event with a whole bunch of people. I don’t know if they find it vaccine. Sure. If they probably saw every taste today it’s a door. It’s like a copper thing to put on your key chain. It looks like this. Okay. It’s like the pull the door, pull the door knob down and like are, and then there’s a rubber like pen thing like per touch pad

or the little metal. The little paper clip on the lighter though. That’s the other one I’ve seen.

Oh yeah, yeah. Like you know, because like you, I’m just looking at like when I put a word for thought.

That’s right. My job, when I was a kid, I was the remote control. Your kid pushed the elevator buttons.

Elevator button. Open that door for me and don’t touch me until you watch that. Are you guys getting a, I don’t know if if cons are going to be cons anyway. It’s, it’s a weird thing what we’re going to see on the other side. Well cause I’ve seen Cod crud. God crud was a thing. Oh already was for sure. Oh yeah. For years. For as long as we’ve been going 15 years getting sick

that day or two after it was just a given. But now it’s like I was talking to, I was talking to Travis at a source point was in a, uh, Gary, the guy from Monroe Comic-Con did a chat with rhino, you know, Carrie, uh, with rhino and uh, and Travis was one of the guys that was in there and he, and he said, you know, this has taught them a lot that, you know, they put weight, you know, as a publishing company, they put way too much dependency, um, on cons for sales and all that kind of stuff. And it really kind of screwed them. And so as they’re shifting and pulling back into, you know, the online market for direct sales and that kind of stuff, now it’s making, you know, they’re kind of looking at stuff like we do when we go to a con where it’s more about marketing and advertising. So you know, you do, you, you don’t need eight booths as a publisher anymore. You need one. You know, cause you’re not gonna, you’re not worried about direct sales, you just pay more getting the word out and that kind of stuff. So I wonder how that’s going to, what that ripple effect means to cons, their budgets, their spacing, everything else. It’s like I said, it’s, it’s gonna be interesting to see how this comes out.

Not just cons. David. I think that the comic book industry, we put all of our eggs in the diamond. Yup. So, and there is literally no new stand anymore. I mean, you know, our, our cheese at Barnes and noble and that’s it. Do, do we see the squeaky rack make a reappearance at, you know, mom and pop, uh, in O seven Eleven’s do we see that anymore? I don’t know. A lot of people are like, you know what, they’re, they’re pissed off at diamond for just shutting their doors. I mean, I understand why they did it. Yeah. Screwed me. You know, cause I could’ve kept going, um, just shipping our stuff out, you know, come in on, on, uh, the day that the comics come in, you know, check them in and send them out. But now, now we’ve got nothing, but you’re not even getting delivery.

Like not zero, nothing. No. Do diamond diamond shut their doors. So nobody because they’re afraid of the blah, blah, blah, blah blah. And here’s the thing that sucks for me is cause a ups is not delivering to any businesses. So I’ve got, I got comics coming to my house. It’s going to look awesome in here, but it’s okay because I can bring him to this dash. It’s not that big a deal. I’m still going into the stash on a very limited basis. I’m there for two hours a day. I mean the places, you know, we’ve been there for 20 some odd years. We need, we need an enema, so town. Hey Dave, if you ever would you want to have fun watch season one, episode one of comic book men where zap sick actually has dark hair in the car. Fear and Ming looks like he’s 12.

Well dude, that image you threw together to promo this stuff tonight. I was like, Oh my God, I totally forgot. Mike didn’t use to have a beard and not a full beard. I used to have a goat. Yeah, yeah. No, when we met though, you had shaped it off that year for fantastic automatically cause that’s where that picture was taken. But also, I mean, and that’s the thing, you know, you wonder, you know, was his diamond. Uh, you know, kinda like the news broke that AMC theaters may not be opening again on the other side of this because you know, there was, they were already hemorrhaging, hemorrhaging money and nobody really knew how bad they were doing. And this is pretty much just cut the legs out from underneath them completely. See, that’s the funny thing because they weren’t really upfront and nobody wants to say, Hey, guess what? We’re losing it. We’re not doing good.

You know, hats. People aren’t wearing enough of them. You know, it’s, it’s that whole thing. Do we see a resurgence in the drive in movie theater, which I would love. Ah, cause we’ve got some space around here. Kids. Uh, my kids just did a drive through birthday party. Uh, her close friend, uh, turned 16 and the mom put a big thing on the front lawn and invite everyone over to drive by at five o’clock and beep go horns. And y’all have, you’ve worked out the window. I mean you know, considering wow. Gotta do what you gotta do. Window gone South.

A couple of guys with some water balloons filled with dog poop. But see I don’t think that drive is going to work even though there’s land. I think cause the problem is you got these four K UHD TVs with a nice ass leather couch in your house, in the, in the toilet right there. And the, and the popcorn is 75 cents from, you know, not $8. You know. And back in the day the drive-ins they were fairly reasonable. I remember. There’s still something about the experience. Yeah. The TV was a pile of shit. TV was a pile of shit at your house. It’s a little bit, but is it, is it as much so like he had the shared experience to me is being in the theater with a hundred people, you know, again, it’s that whole thing where you know, you can do anything in your house.

Yup. Anyway, but to go out and make it a destination kind of thing. Now you’re making memories. Some of my fondest memories are going to the drive driving with my family and the old uh, road clean family truck station wagon. Yeah. Yeah. Begging him. Just lay on the roof. Oh yeah. Hell yeah. Yeah. And much less taboo to hook up in your couch than in your car at the drive in though. Not, not by much, but yes, to not knock having sex and a drive and he hits something. I was going to say, I mean a few times your neighbors are questioning the bear ax marks on the window, you know, like, well Bobby not supposed to do it in front of your house. That’s theirs to drive through are driving. No, he just, he just fit, just faced his TV out the window and then the guy that’s all that was yet had the 76 caddy parked behind the house.

But if they put the TV in the garage so they could watch it, that’s yeah. No cause like they were even talking, I was watching the Rogan 200, I don’t know like sports. Like are you going to go sit with 60,000 people and watch a football game? Like what’s that gonna look like? Even next year. Like is football season going gonna start in August. September. You didn’t even, even smaller than that. Like I do a Detroit shipping company. You know where we’ve got our studio downtown. When are people going to be comfortable sitting at big giant picnic tables? Community style with people they don’t know eating like I yeah we’ll tell put the Amish, they had it right this whole time. Yeah. Stay the stay out English. Yeah. Just isolate and stay the hell away from everybody. Cleaning up horse shit for a hundred years cause they, cause, cause this day they grant and granted there’s a lot of inbreeding. The hair chromosomes age zone. Great. Hey, they were playing the long game. Three of right. Frame the shit out of a house. By the way. Have you ever seen them work? Good furniture? Do the you want, you want, you go buy like an Amish dining room table or an Amish made dining room table or anything like that? Holy crap. And the baked goods will go to one of the Udall dining halls that they have outside of a length.

Lancaster Eva gave Sam. Tia just says what’s up? Uh, by the way, he’s the guy that paints all those star Wars paintings. He’s like, do the Amish even know what’s going on right now? Yeah, I, yeah, there’s, they’re like justice just don’t even know what’s going on. I must’ve got a telegram or do they, can you use telegrams? I dunno. Well I’ve never read newspapers and stuff. Well grandpa goes down, down to village in the buggy. So watching everybody wander around like freakin zombies. Yeah, that’s what I’m, that’s what I’m just wondering like, or I’m just curious is that like, no one’s really stepped up and give, given us that one, like the content people, like we talked about it last week, there’s some like straight to like $20 rentals. I’m Comcast for like, you know, but like no one, you know, you saw Hulu was like, all right, we’re going to give you this. Well, like, no one’s like really like knocked anyone’s socks up, going like, alright, you’re stuck at home. You know, we’re going to give you this, like, no. Has anyone stepped up?

Yeah. I mean, Disney Disney has advanced the release of a few of their movies, like, you know, frozen two and onward. They both released weeks if not months earlier to Disney plus, and they were originally planning to

the final season of clone Wars came out. Uh, right when the quarantine happened. So, um, nobody has stepped up. Nobody’s been like, Hey, guess what? But then again, they rarely do they, they’re looking for their angle. Everyone is looking for their angle to make their buck. So, and, and what are we going to see at a Hollywood this Christmas season? Because everything’s been postponed, you know, that, that, uh, Jerry Lewis, uh, the day that clown died, the day the clown cried is coming out. And that’s going to be their big Christmas blockbuster. I mean cartoons technically I think you kind of can do because you can collaborate.

No, dude, Archer was supposed to come out, uh, three weeks from today, the new season, and they had to push that back because of, you know, production issues with getting the animators together and all that stuff.

Thanks. Great. Put together a great clip on YouTube. I sent it two days. Um, cause there’s this called South park Corona virus, but it was for SARS and like the boys are at the grocery store. It’s like they’re, they got like 87, like door the paper.

Yeah. So yeah, it was the toilet paper episode. And then the, uh, the, the red man’s greed episode that were there. Rebecca.

Yeah. But I’m like, Oh my God, South park already delivered, you know, and they’re like, no, it’s from SARS.

Oh yeah. That’s the thing, dude. Can you imagine what the first South park episode after this is all over is going to be like? Like, you know, those guys are just drooling already making it, right. Well, but here’s the thing. Like, so look at, look at all the crazy shit that’s happened over the course of the past four weeks. How many times have they gone, okay, that’s the episode. Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah bag. Oh wait, Oh wait now. Oh shit. Let now, okay now, now this is the episode. They’d done four seasons in the past four weeks. So, Oh, easy. Oh dude, we were, we were, God there was what, four years ago now? We were convinced they were here in Detroit. Um, and they were just hanging out watching everything cause like the entire season was, you know, a whole foods comes to town and it’s going to save everybody and everything and, and all the gentrification episodes. Ah, it’s amazing how quickly they turn stuff around. Just always kills me.

The million dollar lofts built over like the rundown Kenny’s house. That’s where the Detroit shipping company is. That’s the lofts that Kenny’s pretty much is. So what’s going on in Jersey? Everybody’s like going bat shit crazy in Michigan because of like, you can’t go boating but you can’t without a motor. You can’t go. You can’t buy seeds and shit. Like who is it? What’s the one I’m by you guys. My wife is freaking out about that. She’s like, they’re telling me I can’t buy seeds. She’s like, , I’m going gonna pardon me, screw. And I’m going out and I’m buying seeds. She loaded up on seeds and I’m like, are we ever going to use E? She’s like, I don’t care. I got them. Well, so

big debate that’s going like that’s the big thing. There’s like, Oh my God, did she ban buying seats? No, no. She said like the grocery stores and like the big box stores that are over 50,000 square feet need to close their garden centers and that kind of stuff so that you’re decreasing the number of people that are just wandering around. They’re like zombie zombies, aimlessly browsing and shopping and all that kind of stuff. But like the local stores like the, you know, the local hardware stores and all that kind of stuff, dude, they’re selling. Yeah, exactly. Dude. That they’re selling whatever you need. Like, no, you can’t go to Meyer and buy a wheelbarrow and your groceries and a PS four right now. But like, you know, you can go and buy your groceries and then swing by and by, I mean it’s, it’s, I mean it’s, it’s a little overblown in my estimation, but I mean that’s people in general.

My wife is just a, she’s freaking out because everybody acting like, you know, we’re, we’re pretty much just stepping in veteran. So we, uh, I mean we’re to toilet paper rolls in the house. I’m going to have to teach my wife how to waffle.

So there’s, there’s a term I had never heard the term waffle stomp before, before this for the lockdown happened. I had never heard that today.

Yeah, explain it. There should be no, it wouldn’t be shit in the shower. And then you’ve got to stop it. Great. Okay. Hey, I ain’t goes all the same place, right? It does. Yeah. I had never heard the term waffle stop before and I, I was actually probably happier not knowing it. I’m not going to let it go. It goes into Lake hearing. You’re good. We’re up the Flint. I’m not, you’re right. It’s all that. All the good. Hey look, I’m trying to be topical with you. You are, God bless you. And graphical is what I’m trying to be. Well, you guys, you guys started it. We just, you know, we’re, it’s, you know, Jersey betrayed. It’s kind of the same, uh, you know. Yeah, yeah. Newark Gus still sucks,

but we, um, um, it’s the epicenter. We’re supposed to be hitting the top of the curve soon. You know, as far as deaths go, uh, New York is right outside of our area. We are literally, uh, 40 miles away driving distance. But if you go down to Sandy hook, you look right across at New York city. So Detroit’s, I think third in the country. It’s uh, yeah, we’re just almost as bad as New York. Yeah. So, I mean it’s, they’re, they are governors put a stop to just about everything except we can get plenty of seeds if you guys are seeing,

talk with me. I’ve got a shit ton down in my basement.

You, you and Glenn Beck and sell your excess Z.

Hey, I mean, uh, you know, nobody’s looking to stop, uh, liquor stores and dispensary’s uh, you know, those are, those are critical, essential businesses

and we don’t have any dispensaries out here cause our idiot governor did not make it legal yet, although that was one of the platforms on which he got elected. Nice. That’s why I love it. You can buy scratch-offs until you’re till the cows come home. But you can’t buy paint if you want to do any house projects. So late is like a great time to like fix up your do shit. Like, you know what I mean? Like, you know, if you can’t watch TV all day, just, you know, some people are, I can watch TV all day. Some people can’t, they gotta be busy.

Right. You gotta yeah, you gotta get off your ass and do something. Yeah,

I can’t,

yeah, no, you’re, yeah, you’re still stuck. That’s all there is to it on wall paper with $100,000 pyramid scratch off tickets. Well, I mean it’s, you know, it’s like I said, you know, you’ve got a, I was told, uh, we couldn’t get our pool opened, uh, because you know, the, the lady that comes and opens the pool and does all that stuff is, is not essential. And so she can’t come out. So I spent an entire day last week like reading through, um, tutorials on how to open a pool and how to do all this stuff and ordering a bunch of chemicals off Amazon. So number one, I’m certain I’m on at least one more watch list now because of all the chemicals that I ordered and, uh, and they’re all here now. So if you guys, you may hear the explosion of my backyard from there. Uh, when I go ahead and give this a shot,

Oh my God. Yeah. Guy comes to my house. I always knew that David was a terrorist.


dude. You know what? Well, my favorite thing going on right now is, I don’t know if you guys are seeing it on your feeds, my Facebook feed, it’s, it’s making me crack up. The people that are so proud of themselves for cooking for the first time and it’s like a fricking plate of spaghetti O’s and some cut-up hotdog and you’re like, wow, there’s some poor me shit. And they’re all proud of themselves like dog food. And you’re like, Oh wow, my family look at mu, Hey, that’s great. 3:00 AM drunk and

Denny’s three out. There you go.

That’s right. Yeah. You, you haven’t even reached Ram’s horn short order cook status yet. When you get there, let me know and I’ll be impressed there. Judy, that was the, uh, the old joke, the old joke. It’s a week old. That’s why there was such a run on toilet paper cause everybody’s going to eat their own cooking now.

I like, have you guys been out? Um, I as much as, as many places as there are I guess in this area in New York. I still don’t think people are taking it very seriously here. And, um, I, our example is, um, the buildings are studios in a building. It’s five story building. I think we’re the only ones not going in right now. I, um, yeah, I’ve had to go in a couple of times. The parking lot was full the first time I went back. And what else was in there though? There’s accountant’s offices. There’s like, there’s a, there’s one company that ships out like Chinese leggings. These are nine essential businesses. That’s pretty essential man. Chinese leggings. Like how are we going to have to wear pants now? No one asks. Yeah, I was shocked and I was like, you know what, I guess I could, you know, I was just really not cracking down but, or like I could get in here, but I don’t know where all these other people have been to the bathroom. No way.

Yeah, no, we’ve seen a bunch of stories out here where, I mean the cops are really starting to crack down. I mean they, they actually increased enforcement. They’re handing out thousand dollar tickets, um, threatening to pull business licenses and that kind of stuff, which honestly, dude, I’m okay with. Like, I don’t see no evidence of the heap your ass home. Like that’s, that’s all, it shouldn’t be that complicated. Like it really shouldn’t.

Yeah. Well it’s

that catch 22, man, you got to like, Hey, you gotta feed your family and you don’t want to get sick and die. Like, you know, well, no, no, no. And I get it like, cause good. Yeah. Cause I mean that was, that was the one thing that I laughed about when Whitmer did not today, but before where she was like, Oh, just use the online ordering services. Yeah, good luck finding a shipped window for delivery or a Kroger or a DoorDash or whatever. There are none. You can’t, so like you have to go to a store. So like I went Friday, I went to, um, there’s an Aldina Meyer right next door to each other. Went to all the, bought most of everything there. And there’s a few things I can only find at Myers. So I went over there and it was funny because all the was maybe, I mean granted some much smaller store, but maybe six people in the entire store, not in cloud, not including the two cashiers. Um, and almost everyone was in like masks and, and you know, all that and gloves and all that kind of stuff. Go next door to Meyer places packed. Um,

sure if referral.

Oh yeah. Places packed. No one’s wearing a mask. No one’s using gloves. No one’s doing anything. People are just so, you know, just walking Willy nilly wherever the hell they want to run the entire store. And I just, I’m just like, ah. And like, it’s like the sad part is, is like, that’s why like the governor has to come down and be of a bitch about stuff because you guys are idiots. You can’t, you’ve proven, you can’t do this on your own. It’s like your kids, you give your kids a little bit of freedom and you tell them where the boundaries are and then when they step outside the boundaries, you’re grounded. You got, you get down to taking your phone away. I’m taking your outside away and you go to your room and I’m turning off the internet for the next two weeks. Like that’s, that’s kind of where we are and I think we deserve it. Yeah. I don’t know if you guys read that story. There’s a neighboring tone to me and Mike where these two dudes, uh, set up a acoustic pink Floyd concert. I did see that story, his story and all their neighbors came out with beers and lawn chairs and then the cops came and of course busted it up and um, people were calling the Nazis. I actually meant to shoot you a note because I read that story and I was like, I got, I think this is right by you guys.

Yeah. What’s wrong? What was wrong with what they were doing? There are congregating, there were like 40, 50 people on there just hanging out on their front yard. No, dude, dude, it was like 50 people on my front yard. Yeah, yeah. Then stupid. Yeah. I would say your front yard, but you couldn’t fit three people on your front yard. The guy who owned the, uh, the house was a lawyer and you’re like, first off, it’s like, I know my rights. It’s like, guess what? You’re the reason why martial law against your, the re your why, you know, and here’s what they should’ve done from the beginning. And I’m going to get political for a second, but they should have taken the older people and the people at risk and quarantine them. Get this, let, let people who have not compromised immune systems get it. Why not?

And work our way through it. Yeah. You know, it’s the flu you’re out for, for three weeks. Whenever you get the flu, that’s what happens. Anyway. You got to take the time off. You got to get better. Get the, put the, the older people behind, not behind bars, but behind closed doors, giant hamster wheels, whatever it takes. Exactly. Have them power, you know? Uh, do you know anyone that got it? Like, to be honest with you, I know, I know, uh, people who know people I know, I know a handful personally. Um, one of them was a guy that I work with closely. Um, he was so bad. They basically told them not to go to the hospital until his lips turned blue. He couldn’t breathe. His wife literally didn’t sleep for 12 days while he late while he sat at his home, felt like just basically like three, three of you guys sitting on his chest.

Like that’s what it felt like to them. Which three? That’s important. Not, not me, because then he couldn’t have raped it all. But unfortunately this is, there are some people are gonna get worse. If it were, if I was the guy who was like that, my wife would be, you know, hysterical to rightly so. But you know, this, it’s, Hey, earth doesn’t want us on it anymore. I don’t think. I’m pretty sure it’s trying to give us the bums rush. Do not watch, go watch old George Carlin. Um, Oh, by the way, have you seen it’s a Ted talk from bill Gates from 2015 yep. Somebody said basically yelling. I predicted this. Yup. Well, and the thing, I actually

[inaudible] an interview with him, uh, I think it was on the daily show. Uh, he did an interview like maybe a week ago, and, and they asked, they’re like, Hey, like, what are you predicting this? And he’s like, well, no, I wasn’t predicting this specific scenario, but this specific scenario was inevitable based on where we were. And that’s what I was talking about. The changes needed to happen in order to prevent this kind of thing from happening. And well, here we are.

Yeah. Congratulations. You’ve earned this. Yeah. Use one

John. Right? You’ve won overstuffed hospitals. And that’s a thing like I do, I talk, I have a couple of friends of mine that are nurses. Um, one of which, uh, is our, my friend Becky, uh, Ming, she says, make sure you stop by and, uh, keep that legging place going cause she needs her Chinese leggings. That’s a Bogan Wogan right in. Right. Uh, but no, so I mean, and, and it’s, you know, you do, you hear and you see these, you know, the horror stories that are coming out of like, you know, Detroit Sinai, um, or, you know, like my, I did, my niece is a nurse, uh, that’s at Beaumont now. That’s working with this stuff and it’s did it, it’s not, it ain’t funny. And, and I mean, and like that’s literally like those are the conversations that I’m having with people now is you think this, like, I, I put this into perspective of is whatever trip that I need to make right now, is it worth whatever chain effect that sets off being the reason that my niece might get compromised?

That that’s how I look at that now. And that’s like, that’s heavy and that’s shitty and that’s scary as hell. But that’s the context that I keep things in because she’s asked deepen this stuff now. And dude, she’s 23. She just got out of college. She just started, you know, she like, she just passed her critical care care test two weeks ago to be able to dive into this cause that’s what she really wants to do. I don’t want to be the one that that sets off a chain of events that winds up getting her compromised and infected by this crap.

Good point. Great point. You know, my, my niece is, uh, she just graduated from temple medical school, so she’s, she doesn’t want this, but she’s, she’s going to be a doctor and you know, they’re, they’re, you know, she doesn’t have to do anything right now, but she’s on deck.

Well, and that’s, yeah, the same with her. I mean, she was in the, uh, the cardiac care unit and, and they, you know, they threw out the call for volume. Like they, they just put out the call for volunteers for, um, folks to staff the, uh, they’ve turned Cobo hall, TCF, whatever it is, um, into, uh, and, and being, I don’t know if you’ve seen the pictures or anything, but like it’s, it’s crazy to me that when they’ve turned Cobo hall into a mobile medical unit with the exact same configuration as if a comic con were happening. Oh yeah. He’s got pipe and drain pipe and drape 10 by fifths and you know, 10 by 10 booths side by side by side, double sided aisles, all that stuff. Like, cause my, my nephew is down there, he’s a in the electrician’s union, uh, that’s doing part of the work down there. And he shot a couple of photos off and I’m like, like that looks like a comic con except it’s white pipe and drape.

Yeah, it’s, yeah, it’s, it’s weird and eerie

for sure. You go there and get sick and expect to see Ian Ziering around. [inaudible]

well no, he’s, he’s, he’s usually isolated. That’s been fine. He’s, he’s never been a, he’s never been a patient. Zero. That’s it.

Or you’re the guy who’s going to get sick after you see evens cause prod. That’s it. I got to pay him or Tara Reed. I’m not sure which. So I mean, let’s, I mean, let’s paint the picture. You guys get invited to, you know, cons. Me and Dave go, but nobody gives a shit. What are you going to, when are you going to finally shake someone’s hand? You know what I mean? That’s a thing is bump. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. The other bet that forever, cause I mean Brian got Brian is Ryan Johnson is susceptible to Concord for some ungodly reason. Every time he goes and somebody shakes his hand, he gets sick like every, every single car he goes to, he comes back, he’s like, Oh man, I, I’m definitely ill. and I mean he might have an immune compromised immune system. It happens. Yeah, but you know,

I think I’m hand at dominant need to wash. I’m going to need to watch you literally sanitize your hands for 20 seconds before I will shake your hand.

No, only dad, but I, I used to feel bad when I would sanitize in front of people after they shook my hand. But then now I’m like, no, you’re paying the price. This is, I’m washing you off

Dave. I’m always a visionary with my business ideas. I always talked about astronomic con about the alien T containment chambers to make people that stink and this is going to be a thing now we always said Lysol in for breeze. That’s, that’s effected and disinfected and Clorox wipes and shit to get off the stink. And now, now you know it’s going to be like the metal detectors now going to the grocery stores, going to cons. You got to sit in a beat containment chamber for 30 seconds there allows some, just allows them. Yeah,

I like it. Hey, I watch Shawshank. All right. You two have been in County. You know how this works? All fiction man. Yeah, I don’t know. I and I, I like hugging people too, so I don’t know man. I was going to be weird. We’re not, I mean we’re all,

we’re all social people doing Raul. You know, like we’re all dude, look at us at midnight at the bar. We’re hanging on everyone. You know what I mean? We’re just like arm and arm with everyone. It’s how we grown up. It’s how we act. You know what I mean? This whole like if I can do it, if I can’t, you know, I’m not a big toucher but like I was a handshaking that the show lie. No. You know what I mean? Like no, cause there’s a couple of guys in other like arm grabbers and shit and that stuff creeps me. You know, the, the, the bro hug, I’m all down with the like the, the don’t, don’t touch me while you’re talking to me. Like that’s just the handshake where they like move up your arm.

Yeah. As they gaze deeply into your eyes. Yeah. That’s, yeah. Middle finger thing. Getting these kind of handshakes Randy knows at the lodge cause cause they just assume he’s a bear. That’s, that’s how that works. Yeah. We’ve seen your kind before. Well if you keep winning those contests. Which ones? The uh, uh, costume contest. Um, yeah, it’s a thing. We, uh,

my neighbors, we went to a, uh, my neighbors had their birthday party and we went to a trainee bar and then my wife and I ended up, did what did the hell it was on Halloween. So we decided to dress up and we ended up winning the contest. And I’m like, Oh. And there was jokes about and they’re like, no, it’s actually my wife

professional. She’s well, she’s even better. She’s better than passable. She’s amazing. She looks like Saint Paul here. Fantastic. How did you do that? That’s funny.

Hey, I feel bad. Before I forget, I should get this whole cap one thing, uh, in, in the mix cause I’d feel like I have to, um, Hey, with the capital one Quicksilver card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase. Everywhere. That’s unlimited. 1.5% cash back on everything you buy. Um, and unlimited really means unlimited. With Quicksilver, there’s no limit to how much cash back you can earn. A capital one. What’s in your wallet? Credit approval required capital one, bank USA.

Yay. Thank you. Done. Boom. Hey, can I say once David go, what’s in your wallet? I’ve always, what’s in your wallet? The new Samuel. Are you a, are you shooting for Samuel Jackson’s job? Is that what you’re doing? Hey, isn’t everybody pretty much who got the Rona?

There’s, there is so much background. Glazer. Randy say you’re, you’re a, I don’t know what’s going on. Are you having a dance party back there? Like my roommate is also doing video chat or taking seven Mets. I mean it’s, it’s Tony. So yeah, it’s his roommate, so God only knows what the hell’s going on. Yeah, I’m just, I’m just happy it’s not pouring blaring in the background. That’s, yeah, I mean, again, yeah, exactly. What’s in your wallet a day? I’m a big, big fan of don’t ask questions you don’t actually want the answers to. So I guess I, you know, when everybody, and I think that’s the funny part is people just don’t understand how science works and everybody’s like, well what day is it going to be over? Like when, when, when am I gonna be able to go outside? So I guess what’s where, where are you setting the over, under, on, on when you think, cause it’s not, it’s not going to be a light switch.

It’s not, I think it’s going to be a dimmer where things start gradually coming back. When, where, where do you see that happening realistically? Where it’s just you can go anywhere without a mask and go back to work. Like, or just, you know, this, this, I guess there’s like when the whole essential versus nonessential thing starts to go away and you see people getting out more. I have, shoot, I mean I guess I’ll give it till July 4th maybe. And that’s, that’s optimistic. But that’s what, three months from now, I think it would be great if we could not be under house arrest when so we can celebrate our freedom on the 4th of July through may. Yeah. That’s three months from now. Yeah. I’ll give it 90 days from now. But even that, I, you know, I don’t know until they find a vaccine or a cause or somewhere where they can kind of mitigate it.

Yeah. I mean there’s, you know, it’s just gonna spread. Right. So I was telling this story last week, I was in a, we were in Mexico during swine flu when it became a thing. It’d be, it was such a thing where the Canadian government flew home with Canadian. We’ll be talking about this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And like there was the best vacation ever cause it was like 30% occupancy cause they have, the resort was Canadian. Um, well like us didn’t do shit. So like that’s where we were when this thing started being talked about. I’m like, ah, stupid. I’ve been through all this crap swine and as the SARS in the H one N one but like I didn’t realize it was bad as like, you know, I don’t want to say I’m, you know, I wish you would’ve just whatever, let it take its course but cause this is some serious shit, but it’s like this is the first time, like we’ve been through all of this stuff and it’s the first time like anyone’s actually taken action. So it’s like, Hey, I’m part of these thankful. The other part of me is like, this is nuts.

Well this, this really is unprecedented. I mean you, you think about like in, in our lifetimes, I mean you had the initial shock and chaos that happened after nine 11 where, I mean basically, you know, everybody laid on their couches for a week, you know, watching CNN coverage and all that kind of stuff. And then, you know, what surprised me though is that even as much of a, a chaotic and, and sh like shocking event as this is, you’re not seeing any of the unification that happened after like a nine 11 happen. Like you, we seen people being like pulled even further apart and like that’s to

me, that’s the saddest part of this is like, even dude, like in times of chaos, we still can’t get our shit together. I sent this to, I sent this to a friend of mine cause I don’t want to make it public because I refuse to talk politics anymore. Um, I get roped into once I go, my friends on the left are saying Trump sucks. My friends on the right are saying, grant Holmes sucks. I’m just sitting here and I’m getting a Whitmer grant shit. And I go in, here I am in the middle, just learning how to launder money from Marty bird. You know, it’s just gotten to that point where they’re all saying, you know, but it’s like I, you know, I have two means. I got doctor, it’s the, I guarantee it guy from men’s warehouse and I said one is if a Snyder was governor, you’d be bitching.

The other one is if Snyder was governor, you’d be cheer. And I guarantee it, you know, it’s like they’re just fine. You know, whatever team they’re on, that they’re bitching, you know, bitching against that one. But they’re cheering for that one. Of course it’s stupid. Hey man, you got a bitch about politics. Yeah. Tammy wants you to know that you’re a, your birthday bar. Hugs were amazing. Oh yeah. So hopefully we can get back to that. Um, and if you don’t remember Tammy, uh, she was the, uh, the Pedder at smalls. Yes. I remember. I remember that. I remember smalls. And so does Mike, uh, Meng going to Chinese food. Me being mean, go slow down. So that six foot six, I’m like, okay, Amy’s still hasn’t talked to me.

I can’t figure out which up until she may not be up until you were today. Be nice. How do I know when it got time to be nice? I’ll tell you. And then Mike went Roadhouse. Cause that was, it scares me. I remember that. I remember that quote. That was awesome. And whatever the hell you want to eat, man, don’t let anyone tell you not to. I plan on living that way. Mike. Thank you very much. We’ll have to, uh, you know, we’ll have to do a home and home because I think they’re still shipping off frozen stuff. We’ll ship you out. A, um, one of the American Coney Island. Does the Coney packs. You gave me some Taylor ham. Oh dude. Happy to send you out some, uh, some pork roll. Pork roll. Yeah, with the nice bread. That was uh, when I was in, uh, uh, Newark for a data center there that I had won some kidnap rolls. Oh cause they ship some Conip rolls. My friend. Oh shit. I’m going to, I’m going to put out all the weight that I lost her. And when I got good houses, like cupcake Wars, man, it’s like there’s this like cakes and shit.

Dude. I’m, I’m just as bad. I mean like, honestly, that’s been the one, so the one guy, well, not the old. Another really good things about this is that I’ve been spending more time with my kids. Um, and like my daughter has always cause like I, I cook, like I’m, I’m the one that cooks. Um, and so I’ve been spending a lot of time with her light teacher. They did. We made like old cause I mean you guys know the Italian side of my family lives in red bag, you know, we’re, you know, the stashes and all that stuff. And so like I’m sitting down her like passing my great grandmother’s sauce recipe and we’re doing like, you know, all, you know with the, the hot Italian sausage and the meatballs and, and all that kind of stuff. And she just thinks it’s the greatest thing ever.

Ligated she made her first shirt, cuter E board the other day and just thought she was fancy as hell. Um, but yeah, so yet it was making cupcakes from scratch. It’s unwrapped Lunchables. Yes. That’s exactly what it is. Charcuterie is French for unwrap Lunchable cam. Some of those little tiny pickles. Bam. Sharkutery it’s beautiful. Yeah, but no, so I mean, you’re a dollop of mustard, dollop of fancy mustard. It’s all above other fancy mustard. But no, I mean this stone ground shit from the or whatever. Yeah. But also, I mean like that that has been, that has been the one thing. I mean, and it’s, and it’s funny to me like I was talking to somebody, like I went to Hawaii back in Oh four, uh, and it took me, I was there for two weeks and it took me about three days to adjust to Hawaii time bra.

Um, like, cause like for the first, like two and a half days, I would walk into a bar and sit down and no one would come over for like five or 10 minutes and I would get pissed off. Cause like I’m used to, you sit down at a bar and somebody there and what’s your order? What do you want to drink? Dah, dah, dah. And so finally I, I’m like, the hell is going on. Like nobody’s coming over. They’re like, dude, you’re in Hawaii. Relax. Like will somebody will be here when they get here? It’ll be fine. Just get it’s Hawaii time. And I’m like, yeah, it was Jamaica for me when I was 25 changed my life. Yeah. And it’s like, that’s, and it did it, it took me a few like [inaudible] like kind of like you guys were saying like, you know, getting that Monday night of, Hey, we’re shutting all the studios down and all that kind of stuff a month ago.

And then that next day I went, grabbed all the remote gear and got everything set up and figured out how to run shows remotely. Like that took a load off my mind and then it took me probably the better part of a week to like get to a new norm that no, I’m not going to, you know, temple bar and whiskey in the jar and all those places once a week. And that’s, that’s rough for me. Like I’m used to having all that social interaction. So like to me like these zoom bar nights, uh, that we do, you know, a couple times a week are pretty much one of the only thing saving my Saturday right now. And I’ve gotten all your invites. I haven’t jumped in only for the fact that I know I’m going to be in there for like three hours. So, I mean that’s real jumped in and uh, yeah, even like I’ll pop on in a, you know, answer some questions or whatever, three hours later.

Oh yeah. I know some of them just worried about your last night Dave. Huh? Everybody’s worried about, you’re like, call him, call him. No. So here’s the thing. Like, I’ve, I’ve like, I’ve been fighting something off and actually I, I thought about it and so here’s a weird thing. Like I thought I was fighting something off, but then I realized, dude, it’s been a week and a half, two weeks since I’ve had a red bull. Oh. And so like, I’m like [inaudible] this big storm came through today. So I’m like, okay, I’m sinusy and all that kind of stuff that’s from the storm that’s rolling through, but like, is my body finally recognizing a new norm of not drinking three or four red bulls a day? Like I’m not even really, like, I’m not even drinking a lot of soda now, you know, let it, let alone, like I said, three or four red bulls a day to keep myself going.

Dude, a guy at the guy, the German club used to drink four quarts and McDonald’s diet Coke a day stop. Thought he was having a heart attack, went to the hospital and just cause he, his body was not used to not having four courts, four courts, a diet Coke a day. It was insane.

That’s a gallon. That’s a gallon Bob. Yeah, I know. Or increments. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Yeah. No, no. That’s a really that, and that’s what I kind of figured out today. Like I, I don’t, I’d actually don’t know that I’m fighting something off. I think my body is just going, Hey, so this is what not drinking for you dude. You should probably sleep like, like I’m not tired cause I’m fighting something off. I’m tired cause I’m not artificially forcing myself awake for 16 hours a day. I didn’t take a nap today. Wow. Wow. What’s going on? I know.

Woke up at like nine and no nap did it. But that’s the thing, like even like you said, you know, Bob, you’ve got, you know, school aged kids at home and sort of why like that whole, you know, keeping, you know, they’re staying up till three, four o’clock in the morning and especially now that schools are starting to get serious about this whole distance learning thing. Like dude, I had to like basically drag my son out of bed this morning for his 11 o’clock you know, the webinars thing with his teacher cause they’re taking like video attendance and that kind of stuff now. And I’m like, no dude, we gotta we gotta get back to something approaching a new norm. Like I, I realized that I’ve been a crappy parent. Just let you do whatever the hell you could want her to do. But now this, this ends, now you see that dude who took a screenshot of himself and then use that as a zoom background look like he was paying attention. Nice. Freaking amazing. I’ve done that with a, I’ve done that with friends during like the zoom bar nights and that kind of stuff. Like, they’ll get up and walk away and I’ll take a screenshot of whatever their background is and make that my virtual background. So, and they’re like, wait, where are you going on in? The call is coming from inside. That

zoom is coming from inside. What shit ass movie was at by the way, where they kept getting prank called and they ended up tracing it and it was in their house when a stranger calls, cause that wasn’t a stranger calls. It was an old sixties movie. No seventies. It was [inaudible].

Well, and then it’s been, you know, scream and everybody did it. You know, Carol Kane did it as an Omaj, as outright theft.

Like did you watch Mike speaking to Carol Kane? Did you watch hunters?


Oh, Amazon prime. Get on it. All right, cool. All right, so you’ve got one old watch. Uh, I, I, uh, finished bingeing, Brooklyn nine, nine. Great show. Are you being funny? No, it’s, I love it. Oh, all right. You did the one? Yeah. Oh, you like God, I hate that douchebag. No, he’s fine. It’s just, I didn’t realize that was a Bingy show. No, it was a, I for some reason I’ve never, I, I’ve caught like five or 10 minutes here or there and it just never caught on with me. And then I’m like, I’m going to sit down and watch Brooklyn nine nine. I thought it was very entertaining, especially for a network show when, uh, when you get to the, if you watch hunters on Amazon prime, when you get to the end, I want you to call me when, when you’re finished a show, like it’s, it’s, it’s really well done, really well written and it’s easy to follow. It’s not like a one of those, they go back in time, but you actually know they’re back in time since world war II. Okay. Yeah. But it’s, it’s solid. It’s really good. All right, cool.

That’s hilarious that Tammy’s commenting in the Ted, she’s like, wait, Dave’s detoxing? What, what, what? What’s going on? Like no, just, just from red bull. Just, just from red bull. Let’s be clear.

I was going to say, you should have told Larry that you just got out of rehab.

Did he? Was he was so funny. He was, cause he, I mean you guys met him. He is such a great guy and eminent and yeah, he’s got the killer radio voice to and already have voices. But he was like, he’s like, Hey man, he’s like, I just wanted to reach out. Like I know like if anybody, I know you’re probably losing your shit more than anybody else right now. You doing all right man. I’m like, yeah, like you know I’m making do and we talked about these calls and I’ve invited him to a couple of them and I walked him through like setting up zoom and all that stuff and he’s using it to like chat with his mom all the time now. And I mean like that’s, that’s the thing. I mean it’s like that. I think honestly like that’s what I’m starting to realize is I didn’t realize how many people I only checked up on or talk to when I saw them.

Like, you know, like the, like the posts that I’m seeing from, you know, on Facebook that like from people, Oh my God, when’s the last time I actually saw that person, that person in person, it’s got to, yeah, I got to reach out, I got to send a message, I gotta you know, let’s, Hey, let’s chat, let’s catch up. All that kind of stuff, you know, and invite them, you know, invite them to one of these or, you know, whatever else. And I mean, that’s, it’s weird. I mean, I, and, and it did, it made me realize, apparently my, my biggest hobbies were I’d go, you know, going to nonessential places, uh, going to bars and then touching my face. That’s, that’s that. Those are the three things that I did the most of. That’s,

well, again, you’re going to realize that, why am I paying $9 for this drink? I can make it. I’ve learned how to make cocktails now at home.

So, so there’s the, there’s the coutnry board, right? So those, those are the two battling memes that I love right now. The one that says, Hey everybody, you know, keep drinking at home. Cause the last thing we want is everybody getting bachelorette party wasted the first night the bars are open, keep your livers strong. And then the flip side of that is, Oh my God, it’s going to be the worst to be a bartender after he’s been making themselves quadruples at home for the last two or three months. And they get, Oh that can’t even taste the alcohol in this. I’ve been making my own. I know what this is supposed to taste like

cause there was a, here’s the cool thing, what’s going on is uh, there was some, I guess some New York diner had some coffee gig, famous coffee cake recipe from like the 50s and they released the recipe and I ended up snagging it and texted it to my life and she made it for like Easter brunch and it was phenomenal. So like that stuff like that’s happening now where like people are giving up like these recipes for this whole shit saw that. Yeah. And people are like making an hour at home going like, Oh, this was no big deal. Like people were I think were too intimidated to make some of this shit. Now it’s like,

well, but again, how so? And I, you know, to Mike’s point that he keeps coming back to, yeah, you can make it at home, but won’t you still go, dude, I can make myself a, you know, pastrami or a Ruben or whatever sandwich at home. But was that the same as going to like a, you know, a Jimmy V’s or you know, going to someplace or a bread basket or whatever else? Is that, you know, is it the same as doing it yourself?

It’s psychologically, it’s better for somebody to make you the food than you to make it yourself. There are some, it’s the, it’s the creme fresh episode of [inaudible]

you clean. We’re going to top it with a little cream fish. That’s how it is. Whenever I cook, whenever I cook, Oh, I’m dude, I’m still for actually that’s like, I don’t know, reason 15 on the list that I’m stunned. Why Tony hasn’t killed you yet. Like I watching, I’m not gonna lie, watching YouTube battled back and forth public is so Randy and his roommate Tony just post like the shittiest statuses about each other every now and then. And it’s, and it’s, and it’s like the best things I’ve ever seen in my life. Cause it’s like, like you get Randy posting, Oh my God, Tony left the, the taptic, you know, sounds on his, on his phone. And so now he’s clicking away like mad [inaudible]. Oh my God. Who opens a bag of potato chips like this and just leaves it. Yeah, it’s, it’s pretty phenomenal.

And just a thing, I made the olive garden soup, the kale and sausage from my shed so I can send you guys those. Right.

But no, it’s got kale. I’m good. I know. Okay.

Was it good? Did it turn out? Turned out phenomenally nice. Yeah. So you can make anything you want at home. It’s, it’s true. You can, but you go out for, you don’t have for the experience. You go out. You do. Oh, I made, I made entirely too much sirloin steak yesterday. But there’s something about going to a, there’s a place around here called the butcher block and going in there and just getting like everything, all a cart. Yup.

Well it’s, you know, alleles or you know mr Paul’s. Yeah.

Yeah. And any, any decent steak house where you’re going to drop like a 120 550 bucks.

Yeah. Problem is those steakhouses got them. Oven ovens, they’d do like 1200 1500 that she can’t do at home. Like pastrami. You got three days you can make with Stromae like cats. Yeah. You know, with smoke you need a smoke house. Well there’s a, my problem is I don’t plan three days ahead. That’s, that’s my property. There’s a YouTube channel called pressure, luck, pressure, luck. And the guy makes Stromae and it’s a three day process, basically puts it for an hour, cools it, puts the spices on it, cools it, and then the third day puts in the oven for an hour open and then slices into it. He’s like, this is the same just as good. But you know, you got to put the time into it

of course. And you know, but I am putting cats out of business. They’re doing, they’re doing piss drawn me by the ton, so yeah. And I’m not doing that. So

yeah. Wait time. Oh, we do now. So, right. It’s getting up to 11 o’clock. We cut and you guys looser? Yeah. How’s everybody doing? Ah, I’m good. I just want to ask, go when this is all over, when we do hit that day, when we can go out and shit, what’s the first thing you do? Oh, Hamtramck, dude. I’m, I’m going to get white girl wasted in Hamtramck. Probably book an Airbnb and just do it. It’s, it’s gonna be a whiskey. Trixie’s um, until it’s, it’s going to be worse than punchy day, dude. I mean, once that night I threw up in Hamtramck that you should fly back for that day.

Probably. We’ll probably get a great deal. Your airline tickets are what? $13 now? No matter where you want to go, Greyhound tickets. What did you buy me? A super bus ticket? No, dude, that’s a seven 77. You’re in first class. I have all that and drunk. Dr Magilla Cadiz menthol like lush. It’s horrible. No, Augie line it up. Ballgame. We’re coming back. We’re coming back. That’s a great, that’s also here to be honest. I mean, I’m a, I’m just hoping this is all done by the time October starts in September, you know, I don’t mind those. I, you know, you know, then, then, then it’s a thing, you know. Um, but yeah, I’m, Oh, that’s, you know, I think we’re going to be good before that, you know? Um, well, yeah. Who knows? Well, but again, that’s, that’s the question. Are you going to want to go stand under a big ass tent with a few thousand

people? You don’t know. I’ll drunk and sweaty and bumping into each other by mid September. Not dead. October Fest. I’m going to legit one. If I want to do it, I want to do it right. I’m going to fly to Munich.

Ah, yeah. Oh, sweet. All right. I didn’t know either dollars. Get the Munich. Very nice. Yeah, exactly. It’s going to be like $47 to go to Munich. No, dude. Like my, uh, Bose 50th is, uh, what, two years? Yeah. You know, mine’s in three years, you know, so we, yeah, we’re figuring out something. So yeah, I think music’s in the cards.

Sweet. Back to the motherland. I love it.

Yeah, we’ll see. That’s the thing. I want to go to Dublin to pub crawl for a week. That’s kind of on the bucket list. But if I go to Europe and don’t call my family and Wolfgang and Munich, uh, all hell’s gonna break loose, so might as well just bite the bullet and go to Munich. Don’t piss off Lufkin, not know. Oh, have you ever met him? He puts all of us to shame and bring every one of us under the table.

This is no lie. This, this is absolutely no lie

human being, by the way, gentlemen, uh, uh, I’ve put together some Spotify playlists of my life. If you’re a, if you have it all interest of a goth industrial night from, uh, you met, you know Jamie Flanagan, right? Um, yeah, I put together a playlist, his playlist. I don’t, he hasn’t told me that if I did it justice or not, but I think I’m almost there. Um, and then when I DJ the post bar in gross point, um, put together a playlist of that year, I just, I finally, I missed one song, I just, it just hit me today. Cake, I will survive. And that was like a [inaudible] day. I’m like, Oh my God, I can’t believe I forgot that one. But like I put together a, a bunch of those playlists and, and in my high school tape case, my 1991, uh, double sided tape case, uh, which was all like hip hop and heavy metal. Uh, and that was it. Yeah. Public enemy, van Halen. Beastie boys grew to shorten a Metallica. Okay. Yup. You’re all in rush mixtape Bob. Yeah. Yeah, pretty much. So like I put together like seven or eight platelets so far. Uh, I did the penguin kind of eighties dance party, four hours and 40 minutes and just eighties dancing.

Well, so I’m just going to say, so like one of the cons that we go to every year at penguin con, which is supposed to be the last weekend of this month had to cancel. Um, and they’re one of the ones that’s trying to figure out all the logistics of going all virtual. And so they reached out to like us as presenters and that kind of stuff and said, Hey, would you still be willing to do your show, you know, do your presentation. Absolutely. Like, you know, and I said, for what it’s worth, you know, we’ve got zoom, we can do Facebook live. And I’m like, you know, if other people need to borrow our account, you know, let’s talk about fitting them into the schedule and all that stuff. Let’s do it. And I said, Hey. And I said, but Hey, I said, one of the, you know, we’re not really known for our presentations. We’re known because of the 80s party that we throw. And I said, and Bob, you know, has done a phenomenal job together, like basically a four and a half hour playlist. Can we do a virtual room party as well? And they were like, Oh yes, do that.

Here’s what I don’t want to do though. And what people are doing is they’re setting up their DJ gear in their living room with DJ lights and doing Facebook lives and like walking away, pressing play and walking away pretty well. I don’t mind like the playlist I’m fully down with like, like Oh like, cause I think Jamie did one run off the app, but like they’re doing it with like the camera’s in the face and the lights are, you know, like I, I’m not doing they, they can do it. That’s fine.

That looks great on you pull pond pond to be good for yeah, that’d be, yeah. And I see a, yeah. And every DJ has been streaming and Facebook is getting that pulled because of the algorithms are pulling off copywriter music. We’ll see. You’ve got the, so that was the thing, like, so you had a couple of those, like the big names that were doing the uh, the Instagram live and Facebook live streams. And then the record labels stepped in and went, um, excuse me, where, where are our streaming royalty fees and all that stuff. And so that’s why Facebook started, you know, they’ve really cracked down on that stuff over the past week to week or two weeks.

It’s no sense to me. It’s not like they’re monetizing it or selling it, you know? Stupid.

Oh, for God’s sakes, relax. Oh yeah. I mean, and, and it’s, it got it. Like literally like this is the world we’re in right now. Chill. Like, just, just shut up and let people enjoy things like that. That’s really where we need to be as a society right now is just shut up and let people enjoy things. Please.

Yeah. No, I let DJ Skippy play queen. Like it’s not like, you know, like you’ll be fine.

Yeah, no, my calendar, I was, I was strongly considered getting coming out. Uh, I mean if they want anything I’ll totally jump in for them or jumping in with you guys. If you guys do what we’re doing, a podcasting panel, I’ll totally shoot you the invite for the, yeah. Hey. All right. Done now I just knocked my camera out of focus. There you go. There we go. That’s been the other funny thing is I’m loving watching people that have like the autofocus turned on and every time they make the slightest adjustment, like everything gets super blurry and then it picks up where they are and then they move again and then it gets super blurry and picks up where they peak. These are nerve problems man. Exactly. Total first world problems. It is what it is. And since all the cameras are sold out, Bob, all my friends are like, well you got one. I was like, dude, I got five. I’ll let you borrow one. You just got to give it back when this is all over. So I lend, I’ve lent them all out.

Yeah. My result, this was like a, I’ve got my a I finally bought a laptop and was like, I didn’t realize it came with like a shit ass camera on it. So I’m like I can’t, I literally can’t even do the virtual backgrounds cause the camera’s so poor. Oh dude, I’ll drop one off for ya know, I got like a Cisco for K one I might pull your Ronald.

Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah. Oh my God. Cause yeah, we’ve got shit we’ve got, uh, I’m still stopping the studios like once a week. Kind of like you, I’ve got to check the mail and that kind of stuff. Um, but yeah, if you do it, I’ll grab one for you if you need one. There are a couple of apps too that you can use. Your uh, cell phone camera is a webcam. Yeah. Then I got to get the little green thing and I’m just like, I give the, the tripod. I know I would bring, I would bring you the camera on the tripod from the studio. All you would have to do is plug in the USB cord. That’s that. Would that, would that be okay? Could you, could you handle plugging in the USB cord? Make me do work. Yeah. We miss you guys.

Yeah. Likewise. Miss, you guys do, we’ll do a, if you guys are doing another Megan White,

but Bob and 4k. Whew. My favorite comment yet,

Patrick Mendez from the picture that he took the other day. Jesus Christ. I’m surprised there’s not a virtual rat nailed right up against your zoom picture. Virtual. What is virtual profile picture? I know a rat nailed right up there coming after you. Right. There’s a snap camera apparently. You can doubt that. Um, so I wanted to be the potato for a work, but I get attaches, it attaches to all your shit. So all of a sudden I’m going to a work meeting and I go look to log in and I got like a digital cat on my head and I can’t turn it off. And so I’m going to go to uninstalls snap camera and I can’t because it’s running during my Citrix session go to meeting. So I’m like, I can’t turn it off. I’m going back. It’s like literally I had to like shut down the computer, reboot uninstalling all that shit. And then like join the meeting like five minutes.

Oh, I think it would have been better if you would’ve just joined the meeting with it on, I think now the guys meeting, I didn’t want to be a dude. I had, my daughter was doing stuff. I, yeah, she had a, my daughter was playing around last night. I got nothing. Yeah. My work PC. Oh yeah, true. Nevermind.

Yeah. She ain’t yours in my house. It’s, it’s okay. It’s under control. Right, right, right. Anyway, Hey, uh, how about we cut you guys loose man, we appreciate spending time with us. Oh my God. Of course. You guys for sure. I definitely miss you guys man. All the best to you and your families, uh, being healthy

and uh, yeah, keep your ass safe. Wash your hands. You guys don’t touch your face, David. Come on. I get that dude in mind. I’m thinking about shaving this cause I keep doing this. Like I like that. All I do is play with my beard. Let’s see. Dave

acts like there’s actually something there like three here. Terminate your miserable [inaudible] status. Randy keeps playing with his freaking beard long with him right there. And that’s what I do. Alright gentlemen. Hey buddy. Yeah, keep us posted. If you’re out, I want to do all of it all. We’d love to do a, you know, or do you want to do this again? It’d be great to a guy. Send me your dresses. I got some pork roll to buy. All right. But Hey, this has been episode 343 of the one, only 18 that each show like the thank Maine Chen, Mike zaps, you can find them online. Megan, Mike, show subscribes them everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold on behalf of Bob, Dave and Randy. Do us all a favor. Drink drinks. Get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. Well actually your your home, so just stay there. You don’t have to leave your house, but yeah, next week go to your bedroom carefully beat it. I don’t know.

Go to your bedroom and beat it. Stagger upstairs carefully. Folks.


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