Episode 329 – More Star Wars, Guinness World Record Online Gaming Guild

Welcome to our first episode of 2020, and we kick things off talking a little more Star Wars (because why wouldn’t we), as well as diving in with James Allison… who’s not only a geek and can talk sci-fi with the best of us, but has the distinction of being a Guinness World Record holder for the longest running online gaming guild, so we naturally have a lot of questions and it’s a pretty interesting chat about the entire process and what he had to go through…

Hey, welcome back. Thank you for clicking play. Happy new year. It’s 2020. This is the one only it in the D show episode. Bob. Yeah, I told you I’d see it next year. Um, this is episode three 29. We’ve got an awesome guest in the house. Uh, Uber nerd. Jim Alison is in the house. He has a Guinness record. I think it’s our only guest we’ve ever had it as a Guinness record and it is for something you wouldn’t think. A humble guy, pinball guy. And Jim has won four of the longest running uh, online gaming Guild. So the way you, we’re going to have a fun time talking about, uh, online gaming and memos. I know it’s just going to be amazing. And uh, Dave, you may fire when ready.

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Thank you for clicking play. It feels like we haven’t done this in like two weeks cause it’s been two weeks. Got it. Feels like it hasn’t been like a year. Speaking of which, I have seen the happy new year. Happy doing it. This is the one that only it and that each show broadcasting live here in studio one in podcast Detroit in beautiful Royal Oak, Michigan. This is Bob the sales guy. That is Dave the geek. Randy. I’m doing the Twitters is doing the Twitters. Find us online@itinthed.com and do us a favor. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold. All right, so even though like you’re not the point guy anymore and Arbor is still tomorrow. Yeah. Greg and Greg are tomorrow a haymaker so check them out for the first one. Thing two will be at haymaker.

Yeah, and we’ve got to talk. Dave and I got to talk, or Randy, you can talk to with us, figuring out our year schedule. There’s a few places around town that I wanted to have our offense. Chelsea’s not at embryo anymore. I haven’t talked to her in a while. Do you pay attention? Eh? Yeah. I’ve only been in the hospital since like November. You’ve had nothing. You had nothing to do with pay attention to people’s Facebook updates, movies to eighties movies to watch star Wars movies to see. So speaking of, I will say a dude. So I have binged the hell out of like Disney plus I am getting every Penny’s worth out of that. I ignored clone Wars and rebels when it came out. I did a kind of end sorta like Battlestar Galactica. I regret doing so now James almost one. Yes. Without a guy I want to do, we could do with these key and dude remember how like I was like, I was like, no, I’m not watching it.

It’s a remake. Screw you. I’m not. And then I watched it. I was like, when it came on BBC and I was like, Oh Oh that was really good. I’m mad I didn’t watch it. They are doing clone Wars is really good. I was taping all of them. I was watching them and then I was like kind of watching them half-assed. Then I didn’t get into it. And by like the pop culture constipation where like the backlog was just too much to push out. Yes, clear my watch Q but there’s just chosen considering giving up on like the termed reboot. Season two just really has a common interest. Riverdale season four is a hot mess. Like the whole show has been a hot mess. I’ll never forget I was doing work on my laptop and my daughter, my 12 year old daughter, she might’ve been 10 at the time and all I keep hearing is Archie and Veronica and Jughead.

Right. And I’m like, what? And I look over and it looks like like nine Oh two one on Twilight and I go, what in the blue hell are you watching? Oh my daughter’s obsessed. She goes [inaudible] and I go, those are Archie comics. And I like pull it up on my laptop. And then like, so like I met comma kind. I bought her an Archie comic. She goes, dad, these are stupid. I go, you watch raver? Like what? There is nothing in common between Taylor and that very quickly. I know, I’m like, you like her. I felt like I’ve never felt like more like the mom from better off dead. I’m like, but you like you migrate. But no. So, yeah, no. So I have a, I’ve been, I binged, I, I made it all the way through clone Wars. Uh, I am in season two of rebels.

Um, I don’t understand why Disney Plaza and I post about this the other day, I don’t understand why Disney plus didn’t just buy the rights for tartar, cop skis, clone Wars, um, which came out years before, uh, the series that is on Disney plus how you watch that? 2003. Yeah, dude. And like end-to-end, like all of them together. It’s two hours and 12 minutes and it’s good. Like I’m, I was between two and three. It’s clone Wars. Yeah, no, it’s, the clone Wars was like, two was clone Wars. It’s, yes, it’s between two and three. If that. It’s the bridge. It’s in fact. So here’s the thing. So clone Wars, the one that’s on Disney plus does not completely bridge between two and three yet. Yeah. Season seven’s comes, it comes out February 20th. Yeah. Um, but so that tarted Kowski version in two hours and 12 minutes completely bridges those two movies and was so good.

Like I, I w I was stunned. So this is, it kind of goes to like the dumbest headline I’ve read this week. There was a bunch of them, not the fart pill. We’ll talk about that in a little bit because that was the dumbest nobody now actually I need to talk about that class. Of course you do real science, but like the fake star Wars arises. Skywalker streaming state see a steel user’s credit card. What kind of a moron do you have to be? And I’m just gonna I’m, I am, I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna put it in that context. What kind of a moron do you have to be that you’re going to throw your credit card info into a website that says, Hey, I’m streaming this huge movie that’s still out in theaters right now. And yet you won’t just go to the theater to watch it.

Um, Oh yeah, that’s right. Well, they don’t want to leave the house. You don’t know who these people are. I am these people. Dude, you know me. If it’s not, dude, it takes a lot to get me into a movie theater people. I just don’t leave in general. Um, but it’s the same people that put their credit card info to verify their age, where they’re chatting with them. They’re hitting up porn sites in the UK. Real girl that wants to have sex with just that with just them. Yeah. Not today. ISIS not today. Probably got too big on mountain doing that. Can’t actually physically leave mom’s basement with Jim [inaudible] works once in a while. Yeah. I mean it hasn’t worked for me, but [inaudible] there was this guy in a forum that said it worked. Um, but no, so, but no. So I guess on the star Wars tip, dude, hold on, I gotta read this.

This is all stupid till, cause I, they got a quote from Kaspersky on recommends that movies and TVs fans to follow the following steps to be on the safer side. Pay attention to the official movies. Pop a dumb ass, pay attention to the official movie release dates. Don’t click on suspicious links. This is those promising an early view of the film. Look at a download file extension. Oh my God. People are downloading the entire movie, like an exe to like click here to launch the player app or something. Right. Well it was back in the day was you go on like you watched like the shaky Russian cam, you know, and check the websites authenticity, you know, make sure that it’s got an HTTPS come on. I mean that doesn’t really mean much these days. Yes. Is free not as thin mask anything. Yeah. Um, but yeah, people are getting hit by it so much they to write on, on the star Wars tip, I dude, I am, I am looking forward to this.

I I want, I need, I must have the hundred 92 minute directors. Oh my God, yes. Of the rise of Skywalker bring it become how did that even become a thing where that’s going to get released now if you haven’t heard about this yet GJ because cats cat. So number one there, there were two great stories of cats that we didn’t even talk that we didn’t even put it make, didn’t even make the list. Number one, nobody is going, actually there are three, number one, nobody’s going. Number two, 10 year old saw cats. Number two. So many people are not going that while it’s still in theaters. They released a new version to the theaters to hopefully make it suck less. Number three, the only people that are truly enjoying cats apparently are people that are high off their ass when they see the movie.

I told you my third Magdalena white and right. 13 year old. She’s like, I go, do you? Yeah. What’s a theater? I go, do you guys go see star Wars cause she hasn’t seen it yet. Then my older one has, she goes, she goes, no, we saw him. Cats. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You needed your group of friends. Your child has not seen star Wars yet. Dude, I been crack go nowhere dude. You’re lucky. I went that night too with you guys. I have no idea how hard that was for me to be in that theater. You could have told me I could have taken up with my kids. Eh? Gretchen went when she got a boyfriend, she went with him and 13 year olds. It’s like that whole world.

He likes talking a with me, so I don’t mind them so much. But that didn’t apply to me. No, because it reminded me of talking wrestling with the one girl Gina, that I dated when I was that age. And I’m like, Oh, I know what he’s doing. Slimy. No. So no, but this isn’t our end 12 minute version of the rise of scour cause it was unprecedented. Who this hasn’t is this been done? I’ve never heard of this. Especially talking about this early going, Oh by the way, we cut a bunch of shit, but we’re going to splice it all back together and give it to you like three minutes after the end game just did it. They gave him what? They released a version with like seven more minutes of content. Oh, that was, that’s the, you know, C and a and a post trailer.

Yeah. Yeah. Um, well, so here’s the, here’s the issue and I, and I think this is why they’re doing it. It’s, they’ve realized that, okay, they did the fan service version of the movie, which was she tour, which we talked about. No, we talked about it. They, they did the fan service. It was what had had to be version of the movie, but they apparently left so much on the cutting room floor in order to try to make the release date. And I mean we’re all geeks in this room. Um, we’ve all dealt, they had a minute. They’ve had a minute hard line, like they were talking about Disney said no, you can only make a blank, you know, like this long of a move. Oh no, no, no. It was, no, it was, it was all about the date. No, it was, it had nothing to do with the length that it had to do with release date.

And exactly. It’s that, it’s that with its length. Uh, and so it was a, you know, so like that was like what they relieved. Like he literally finished the cut like the week before it was in theaters. Um, and that’s, that’s a shit show. And so, you know, and so like, and you read, you know, your ambition, we’ve all read them. Like, Randy’s been shooting me links to Reddit forums and all that kind of crap. Um, you know, here, then crate, Oh dude, amazing. Uh, but you read some of this stuff and like, and all the stuff, hold on. Sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you. I’m sorry to the middle of my sentence interrupted. Yes, no, it was, it was totally Disney. They wanted it to be a certain length so they could only, they just like run it more times than a theater so they could make their money.

Like it really says, right. Like literally it says right here, like Abrams even admitted. Yeah, they wanted Disney brass wanted it to be, um, so the film could have screened, uh, reducing their potential boss box office if it was a longer film, which surprises me given the restrictions they put on theaters and the, the cut they got from theaters like, so like Disney put like a 60% box office cut or poles, a 60% box office cause it normally, uh, like 20 to 30, um, and demand that it be an X number of like X percentage of theaters and demanded to be in, you know, this, that, and the other thing. And if you didn’t guarantee that for like two months, you weren’t getting the movie. Jeez. So I mean like I a theater though, I’m taking a deal all day because that’s the reason why people, you know, Oh that’s, that’s the movie that gets people like yay to go into a movie theater.

So I do, I like, I’m, I, I’m, I’m intrigued. Like I, I hope that’s 52 more minute cause it’s 140 minute cut right now. So they’re adding 52 minutes. Uh, that’s what they said. They said the goal was 140. Um, maybe they, you know, maybe they thought it was a little shorter than that. I when it, when it came out would have been, cause I apparently like it’s, it’s like, it’s almost, yeah, it’s almost an entire extra hour of footage they’re adding back in and they get all the crap that we predicted and the pre, uh, the pre all. And so it’s, it’s a lot of the, uh, apparently it’s a lot of the last scenes that they weren’t, uh, entirely, they couldn’t quite get to the point where they were happy with how the cuts went and all that kind of stuff. And they’ve had since the thing, like, they’ve, they always said, Hey, we wish we would’ve had three more months to, to edit this movie, or at least another month or two to edit this movies released, one that were done in a, in arbitrary number one, software was released when it was done.

That’s, that’s my point. Like I like, I, I get it. Like I, I understand the challenge that they were faced with. Um, but yeah, I, dude, I, I’m all about it. I want to see it. I want it. Gimme it, I don’t know. I don’t know that I would go back into the theaters to watch it. No, I mean it would be a new experience, but okay. Experience hitting pause and going [inaudible] so like, that’s, I’m not a hypocrite. Like I’ve said, dude, once you break that dude, I’m pissed about two hour movies, let alone, you know, like end game was over three kiss my ass. Like there’s no, if you’re going to put a three hour movie out in theaters, you got damn well better. Have an intermission somewhere. Love intermissions spend more money at the theater to buy more snacks and watch it all go into the lobby. I was driving that, so I had to watch the Irishman in three parts. Three. I still haven’t watched it. I refused just to spite. It’s not bad. It’s am I the only one here that doesn’t go to the bathroom every 50 minutes.

Y’all get off dude, in the course of a three hour movie, dude, especially movie theaters today. What are you doing? Okay, well how corn salt, hold your pee. No, what is, what is, what is our star Wars experience? Let’s meet at the bar two hours before the movie. Let’s have a bunch of drinks. Let’s say, let’s hang out. Let’s do that. And then we get to the theater. Oh, I can get drinks here at the theater and the giant 40 Starbucks Coke 44 ounce freestyle. Exactly. Yeah, but then you get, dude, can we talk Randy, you have the little old machines, the little machine thing that you can like make your own sodas. Yeah. Randy has barcodes on his phone. He’s got QR codes saved on his phone, so all he has to do is walk up to the machine, wave his phone, and it creates his custom drink for him.

It’s the Coca Cola app. You make your custom blends in the app. You say exactly like I want [inaudible]. I can’t believe I didn’t bring this up in the recap show, if your Facebook updates aren’t shine enough, I’ve got to learn this about you. Or you can say, I want this. I buy, I bought spice today. I admire and I want the spice. I wanted Brady’s Facebook page two hours later. My dinner wasn’t as good as I tended to be. Like you can say I want [inaudible] 37% Coca-Cola zero and 22 and he’s got more than one saved. He has a roster. He’s got a roster, Randy push cherry Coke like normal people. Vanilla, cherry Coke if you want to be daring.

So yes, that’s that’s, that’s, that was my, that was my Randy discovery, uh, dirty during the, during the movie scenes. Talking about adding back in though are pretty interesting though. Like fixing the pacing issues during the first well in all of that and bringing like and so like one of the, one of the bitches about this movie is that Rose is, isn’t in the movie at all. Well most of the Rose scenes that they set up or with Leah that cause she was back at the base and Jim will be happy to know that they’re bringing the walks back to help out Poe and Finn cause I know [inaudible] will be in there and Jim’s got theories on UX. Like no, there isn’t a guitar. He can write it until your book. I believe on the [inaudible] go ahead. You don’t want you, am I putting you on the spot? Well what about the walks? I have a lot of theories. Go ahead. Give me one that you walk one, they’re just meat eating. Like even bastards. Yeah. No, they’re not cannibals murder bears. They’re the creepy bears that we see at comic cons all the time. Exactly. [inaudible]

at the end of the movie, they’re all banging on the Stormtrooper heads. It’s like drums. Like they got, yeah, they were happy. They were happy. They got meat. So I look at them as they’re the only group in star Wars that defeated Luke and the emperor. If they had space travel, they would only galaxy. They are the most vicious creatures. I gotcha. I mean just what they can do with a rock and a stick. If you gave them a gun. They had lasers were all bone. Although I did come up with one plot hole that I can’t get past cause I was, I was arguing with Dennis about the whole thing. Um, so how did, how did Ray or how did, how did uh, Kylo join Ray? How, Oh, I saw you type that as cause she, so they’re arguing and he destroys the second way finder.

She steals his ship that has the only other Wayfinder and yet he winds up on exit goal. Maybe he remembered that cause he went last time he left breadcrumbs. But tie fighters don’t have hyper drives. His cook is not new. No it did not because it was a DS too. It was a old era. Shitty fighter. Yeah. They don’t have hyper drives. So how, how do you get there? How [inaudible] space wizard. I’m just, he remembered I, Amanda, he left a crumbs force connection to feel the way still, but he wouldn’t have made it there in shot. That’ll be explained. [inaudible] made it there in time. Photographic memory. He just knows. But he wouldn’t have made it there in time. No. Hyperdrive if Ray’s came back from the future and then bang John Connor’s mom. And how did she give birth to John Connor? No, he’d be there to begin with.

That’s why time travel is a bitch. Thank you. Yes. Um, can we talk about work real quick? Sure. Um, all of my cybersecurity friends were like in an uproar today on how Cisco had a bad day. Oh yeah. Who is buying Cisco security. And you know my, I got some friends over there, Dave, sorry. Uh, he’s going to have a bad day. Um, but apparently, uh, if you are running Cisco data center manager, uh, basically there, there are 120 vulnera vulnerabilities they found and passwords were in essence hard-coded meaning, uh, you can basically bypass out basic authentication and just kind of get in. So, uh, if you’ve got Cisco [inaudible] stuff and especially data center network manager, uh, go patch your shit and do it. Now speaking of things being open, I want to talk about not all heroes wear capes. I want to talk about Katelyn ward. Oh, not all heroes wear anything apparently.

So Katelyn molar is a dude. She is a beautiful, beautiful woman. She really, she really, eh, as, as, as, as the country folk. I know. Say she cranks my tractor. Uh, and, and she’s a, so she was an Instagram thing. It’s all Snapchat filters and lighting, you know. No, no, they did. That’s not that, that’s not possible. Um, but no. So she’s got a ton of followers on Instagram and she was actually using her powers for good, not evil. And she said, Hey, look, uh, if you can prove to me that you’ve donated at least $10 to the Australian fire rescue and recovery efforts, um, I will DM you a nude pic. Uh, she raised $500,000 in about two and a half days before Instagram shut down her account for violating. Here’s the best part. She didn’t even post that she posted on Twitter that, Hey, if you do this, I will TM you a nude photo.

And Instagram apparently found out about it and shut down her Instagram account. She raised over a hundred thousand dollars in a day. When I talk about in, uh, this talk about black and white and a little bit of gray area, this is where time, where Instagram is, you know, fine, but let’s release the hounds. We’re helping out some people making some money. Who cares? We’re not hurting nobody, right? Right. Just like instead of being like, no. And you know who stopped it? I know what the picture looks like too. It’s that boardroom with all the, with the haircut like me girls with a flannel shirt. Like there’s a girl that says she’s gonna raise your buddy for us. I’ll show you in fires by posting. Like sending DMS over dude, knock it off. We know a part of it. Um, speaking of cut off, did you see about Sharon Stone? Hilarious.

Okay, so inside here I’ve got a conspiracy about it too. I have a question. No, no, I got it. I got a theory. Go ahead. Okay, so I have a question. Like I, dude, I’m, I’m not Bumble familiar. I thought I thought Bumble integrated with Facebook. And so you already had an authentication layer there like that, did it not? I think you could do it both ways if I’m not, most of them are like blogging. This is why Randy is familiar with it. Yeah, no. Most of those sites are login with [inaudible]. So I did, I, I, I thought it was like, Hey, if you have Facebook, you log in that way and it’s a thing. Uh, but yeah. Okay. So, so the, the story is Sharon Stone, basic instinct. We all know her, uh, sliver, pick your movie, whatever was on Bumble and got kicked off because apparently a large number of people went, Oh, that’s bullshit.

And reported the profile is fake. While my theory, this has been a paid advertisement from Bumble, they got more PR Nolan, if you’re not talking about Bumble, you sure as shit are now and especially if you live in like so cow and now you think you got a shot at like Sharon Stone and she just took topless pictures at 61 is still looked fricking insanely awesome. Um, yeah, I know you signed up, right? I totally did it straight to you. Straight to Google with my San Diego, with my, uh, whatever where it looked up, whatever new Hollywood Hills, a address that I faked. Um, but I think, no, to me it like how would it have gotten, like where did, what happened? Here’s the thing, if Sharon Stone was on Bumble and got kicked off, she would’ve been like whatever and use something else or whatever. Like how did it get out where, this is like a national news story where we have two assholes in Detroit on an it show talking about it. That’s what I’m talking about. But it’s hilarious cause we’ve talked about all of the stupid like fake dating profiles on all that shit. And so you know, I get it like it’s, I can, I can legitimately see this chain of events happening where like people at Bumble would be like, yeah, there’s no way in hell that Sharon Stone kill it.

Why won’t they instead of killing it? Why did they ask her? Because who in the tech support department of Bumble? It’s going to have Sharon Stone’s digits. Oh no. He got an email address going and we need verification. Right. And all the time, whatever you’ve got to do a hold up a picture next to your boobies with, with your user name. It’s a faker vacation photos. So since she reported it actually a Marvel stars, he moved, Lou asked her out. He’s going to be in the new start in the new Shane sheet movie from Marvel. Oh, I’m sorry. So, so he’s not a Marvel star yet. He’s confirmed, but so he’s, but he’s not, he’s the actor playing a Marvel character in a new character. Yes. Like the frickin CGI, Rakuten. Great. Bradley Cooper. The raccoons going to get shares also third rate care here that skyrocketed.

So race iron man before the movie, stupid. And man, it was a third grade character. Lesbian man was way below. He was at the trash can, the 70s. He sucked. Nobody wanted to be iron man. When we were kids. You wanted to shoot shit out of your arm like Spiderman or be the incredible Hulk and get punch people. That’s all. Superman wasn’t even that big. Um, can you, can you, can we do an experiment? Buy me something. I mean, I don’t ask for much and I’m cropped up. I’m sitting on the stupid couch. I’m sleeping, but I’m sorry, we back to the fart pill.

I want to buy the far pill. So basically it’s an ingestible pill and it looks like a, it looks like a whatever, a Tylenol or whatever the shit that I’m taking for. Okay. If we could do live updates to the it and that he Facebook can, you know, you can track your track part development in real time on your phone. Only if they’re only, if there’s a way we can stream this, but I don’t know, like I don’t, so here’s the thing, I just, here’s the, but like you’re eating healthier now and you’re not like you’re not you, like I ate a big Mac last week, but like here’s the thing, like it’s, they’ve already see, I don’t get like intestinal wind patterns and gaseous Turpin turbulence from different foods. Like we all know at this point in our lives, what gives us gas and what doesn’t.

I’m just being honest. It sound like this is some grants tries. I don’t pay attention to walk. It makes me far. I did, I just a, I did introduce my, uh, my six year old daughter to the Kenny versus penny episode, which you could bowl the biggest fart and the one guy stuck surgical hose up his anus and then ripped off like a minute and half fired if you’ve never seen it. It was that MTV like eight years ago. And uh, it was probably, it’s one of the greatest, it still makes me laugh like right. Can’t breathe. Um, just cause they’ll look on his face and he um, Kenny versus spending and look at our loudest fart. Um, but this is like now, now that ours tenant cause as being funny cause it’s like two tracker for their pilot study. They beefed up a prototype. I think this is like a intern that’s writing this.

It’s of course, but it’s serious. It’s a small little pill and uh, and you could track it on your phone. So the, I’ll just eat a bunch of popcorn and some broccoli and drink a couple paps and I’ll figure into the pill stays in, I dunno. Before you try, it doesn’t come. You have no idea part. They said the human trial, they had researchers had one Gulf, the pill twice. The first time he ate a high fiber diet, two days prior to swallowing the pill. Two days later he gulped another pill after eating a low fiber diet and then they show like the chart. But it looks like it’s, I don’t know. Maybe this isn’t fun. It looks like it’d be fun. It’s kinda like what? I drank fleet when I had a day off and it wasn’t fun. Oh, you were not a happy person and it was a bad day. I just thought it was like, I thought it’d be like one nice. No, that escalated quickly. Yeah, I know. Absolutely. Yeah. This does. This doesn’t click a second. I wonder if you can, I want to sign up though. Oh, there is in Australia or in New Zealand right now. Maybe he can be a test a Jessica and she’s looks, sounds like she’s bored.

We’ll, we’ll see if we can get one over to an area in New Zealand. Okay, good. By the way, did you see he a replicated Detroit County chili? Like from scratch, you bought a beef heart from a butcher and like ground it and let it look legit as hell. I’m like, I could’ve just sent you a couple of bricks. He’s like, I’m feeding 200 people at a burn. It’s a couple of bricks. Yeah. Hi. Nary hope you’re doing well. Um, Oh by the way, since it’s, I’m the one weird thing that I uh, since it’s 2020 right now, basically they said don’t ever sign your checks. Like one, one 20. Right. Because people can add in, which I didn’t think about either. Honestly. No honesty. So it’s not about checks like so checks dude, if I sign a check one, one 20 and somebody puts a 19 at the end of it, it’s immediately stale dated because checks are not valid for like after 180 days done, but contracts and that kind of stuff.

Yeah, that matters. We’re sure all of it was an issue last year with people changing 19 to 1999 or 1998 or making contract 10 years old or yes. I don’t know. I don’t think it’s just something to talk about on the news. Randy’s going to say it’s something that somebody like shower thought and it took off traction. Buzzfeed got ahold of it. Asteroids. Bastards. There were three tweets about it. Oh, by the way, before we get out, I’m just kind of a big deal. The, another Cambridge analytical leak, a hit, I don’t know if you, um, you saw it, 100,000 documents lead from the Cambridge Analytica files, which basically proved they co-opted 87 million Facebook profiles. But it’s not just like, you know, interfering with us elections. This is a, this is kind of like a global thing. They got into like weird countries, dude. Whoa. I’m like, but we knew that the great hack, right?

Well, no, because if you ask anyone on the street, they’re gonna go, Roshan due to the Russians meddled in our election, no, Cambridge Analytica did Facebook and Google. But now this thing’s on such a wider scale then we could have ever, um, yeah, elections in Malaysia, Kenya, Brazil. Um, just like, yeah, the great, Hey, if you haven’t seen the greatest, basically just proves out what the great accent. I mean that we’ll watch. Have you seen a gym Avenue? Oh yeah. It’s basically, you know, yeah. They did it in 12 other countries before they came here. Yeah. And it’s going to happen again. Yeah. So stop looking at social media before you vote. You want to take your campaigning now is social media. Indeed. It’s a great way to market. I totally get why they’re doing it. I don’t know why they’re just spending it on TV there. Um, yeah, exactly. When you could do it in social media and actually manipulate stuff. So Hey, uh, we’re going to take a quick break. We’re going to be back. Jim Alison, we’re going to be talking about the Guinness book of world records on a gaming. This is the it in that he shouted. Cam. People are just waiting with bated breath. I’m just telling her forward. All right. See in a minute guys.

I see. And that the raids meets. Listen, networking Detroit one day at a time.

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Hey, welcome back segment two episode three 29 this is the one and only it and at each show broadcasting live here in studio one in podcast. He traded beautiful Royal Oak, Michigan. Bob the sales guy, Dave the geek. Randy. I do the Twitters. Find us online it in the DDA com you want to know why? Cause it’s 2020 and we still are it in the day and seven years later we’re still not, we still like talking about you. He’s still there. Are you? Are you still there? I used to listen to you see that we almost bought a billboard last year. We might do it this year. Just for, for you on your way into work? I still, I still love telling this story. Somebody asked me if, uh, we’re actually as petty as we pretend to be sometimes. And I’m like, well, we still spend about 20 to 25 seconds of every episode talking about people that pissed us off seven years ago.

Pretty much. But Hey, we are a, we’re very lucky to be joined by, uh, Jim Alison. I thought, uh, Jim and Dave would immediately strike, you know, you remind me of each other in your, uh, your nerdy and geeky ways. Um, but, but Jim [inaudible] hit him too. No, not, not nearly as much. John couldn’t eat anyone as much as I hate you. Um, no, but, uh, Jim brought up like, Hey, I have a Guinness world record and I’m like, wait, what? And you know, and I know we, we, you know, we have a lot of fun, uh, arguments or you know, theories and things like that nature, but like owning a Guinness record, it’s kind of a thing, I guess. And it’s for gaming. Yeah. For the longest running online gaming Guild. Salted mouthful. Right. But how did anyone not, did, did people quit? Or like, I guess, how did you be the first one and then be the last one standing? Like, I guess, talk to me through how that thing a, how it started and be, how it, how you didn’t, you know, so I didn’t even know it was a thing. Um, but, um, our Guild has been around since the early nineties and I, that some other Guild had

posted that they’re the longest running online gaming Guild and they still like any good geek. Yeah. Nah, like, wait a minute, we’ve been around for a while, so I’m expecting them to be from a, like a mud in the 80s. You know, something really, really old. Right. But they’re from Ultima online. I’m like, well, that’s, um, that’s not that old. Yeah, it is. You know, depending on how old you are. But for me, um, you know, we started in, in a couple of games before Ultima online even came out. Um, so I’m like, okay, let me challenge this. And that was an experience. Um, it took two years to challenge the record. It ain’t easy. Uh, especially when you’re talking about, um, going back before the internet existed. Right. So, um, Eunice came back and said, okay, you want to challenge the record? Cool. Um, I need to see proof that your guilt has been around longer than it was.

It need to have so many people in it or just it needed to be a Guild. It needed to be a guilt, um, the same name and that it was constantly, um, active. Okay. So for those keeping score at home, cause I always try to make sure we dumb this down. An online gaming Guild is, it’s a group of people that play a game together. Okay. So more or less it’s a gang. It’s a gang. Sometimes they’re called clans and other gangs or whatever it is. It’s, so it’s a group of, um, you know, internet friends that are nerds and play games. Uh, so Guinness is, requirements was show proof that you’ve been around every single year for your claim. Okay. And I’m like, okay, we go back to 1991. Okay. So the year though that, that’s one thing. Do they D do you need to check in once a month?

Is it need to be like Odie was yearly cause I wondered about that cause like how do you show constant activity? 365 days a year? Cause we all take vacations. We played one day. But my challenge was we go back to um, Neverwinter nights. That was a game on uh, AOL. God, yeah, you guys remember it. Um, Neverwinter nights was essentially one of the gold box games. Uh, you know, the pool of radians, Kearsley, Azure bonds, those type of games. That was multiplayer. So forgiveness, I needed to start pick a start date cause this group had it from 96 so you can spend multiple games though, as long as you’re okay. As long as we were consistent. Right? So I needed to find proof that we were around in AOL, never winter nights. How the heck do you do? Oh my God. God. Right. Like there’s no record of it. The internet doesn’t even go back that far. Um, so I lucked out. There is a fan site that’s still up, some guy that loved the game. And the game published newsletters every month. So, uh, this is really terrible. Mid nineties website dude hasn’t touched it in 20 years. Geo city has got the [inaudible] construction guy, right.

So I’m going through these newsletters and I’m like, there’s gotta be a reference to our Guild. That’s the only thing I can really use as proof. And sure enough there were three entries in the game’s newsletters of someone in our Guild winning a tournament or doing whatever. So I’m like, okay, I got my start point, which was 1995 is I think as far back as I could prove it. Okay. We went to 91 but I mean there’s nothing that far back you can actually prove then it was how do you prove every year up until the present. That was rough. A lot of these games that, you know, we were playing like Meridian closed down and then got released. Not like you’re taking screencaps and saving stuff cause you can fake that right. Takes this stuff really serious. I mean I’ve, I’ve got Iomega zip drives with stuff that dates you a little bit.

I’m just saying he has window a window. Me boot desks if you happen to have a good, I have windows 95 boot disks if you need them. No, I don’t need them. I have, I have comp. You serve three one installs. I have dos six Oh one. I think I still have my diskettes if you need them. I still have those too. If you have a computer that’ll read those floppies five and a quarter one. I have those. And uh, the three, four fours. Okay. I was just telling Jim my uh, my first official hack, um, when I was 10 years old, when you on a Commodore you could hit control, run, stop really hard like three times and open the code and I changed lemonade stand. I’d probably tell this story 8,000 times on the podcast, but yeah, change in lemonade, stand there like P P standard.

I made it all potty words. Then you saved it and then yeah, I’ve gotten a lot of screaming going on. I love it. I wish they’d go back and see. That’s the thing like time machine. Like, I would go back and like just do stupid like trolley shit like that. I wouldn’t be malicious or like I’d bet on a couple of Superbowls but like that stuff I would do all over it. Yeah. All day. Um, so you, how did you find all that stuff now? Like your back, your 97 games gone? Yeah, so that was, um, I got lucky. I had, um, one of our Guild members back in the 90s when you got internet, they gave you that stupid free website that your ISP would give you and that they’d give you like, you know, 10 megs. Um, I found that LinkedIn centric, I think mine’s still probably out there somewhere.

Yeah. Yeah. So his site’s dead. So I’m like darn it. But I have the link to his old ISP. Uh, and then I use the Wayback machine. Got, we’ve got archive.org archive.org. I did a ton of that going into the mid nineties, late nineties, all the way to present when we started having more, more, um, accessible content. Um, but that was a two year project and then [inaudible] comes back and it’s like, that’s really cool. I don’t know what to do with this data. So you give me all these links, all these screenshots, go find two industry experts to validate this and tell us that you’re telling us the truth. So wouldn’t that be their job? Right. Um, but I, I don’t think they ever expected anyone to challenge this. Like, this is probably the first time it was challenged and they don’t know what to do. Right. They’re like, we need an expert. Cause like we, we just want to do like the world’s largest frittata. Like we’re, yeah. I think it’s

burrito. Right? Those are things that are, you still won’t do a world’s largest BM or longest, no, I don’t have that 32 Kinex.


Oh yeah. Randy Marsh beat him. Yeah, that’s right. I went to one in the hospital, but I didn’t have a Metro dude after. Uh, I would, I, I pray for the souls of anyone who works in that hospital. After you were backed up on pain pills for a week. We do a whole podcast just talking about that story anyway. Did you weigh yourself before and after? Yes, because the bed has a scale. How much I lost 24 pounds. I lost, uh, from, from minute. Yep.


day one until the last day I left. But yeah, I didn’t do before and after. Yes. Opportunity man. I know, I know. It’s been a lifetime. No, hold on. Nurse. I want to check the weight on the back. I got to go ahead and go. No, but wait, so who was your who, what industry experts like who was that?

Richard Garriott who? I’m kind of the father of computer RPGs. Okay. Started with the ultimate series. Um, he made Ultima online. Um, he may tabula rasa, which didn’t really do as well. Uh, so he goes back to like the late nineties, our, I’m sorry, late seventies with his first game has been kind of renowned as like the father of computer RPGs. So him and then a developer who did Wildstar. They both looked at the stuff. Um, they came back with a couple of questions cause the name did change a little bit. Uh, we were originally the order of the Crimson cross and then some games have a limit on how long large name can be used. So we shortened it to Crimson cross or the Crimson cross. Right. You know, they were kind of questioning that. One guy was like, Hey, how do I know it’s not just a couple of guilds with the same name unrelated. You need to pull up the roster of who was a member. Like all right, let me go back to the way back machine. We’ll dig this up dude. See it only a geek.

We’ll go this deep just to prove they’re right. Yeah. That’s like two or like he is my people point. I’ve put so much time into it. I have to see it. No, no, no, no. Now, now it’s just screw you. No, we’re, we’re, we’re doing this. Yeah.

Yeah. You got a question? I’ve got time. I’m a geek, right? Yeah, that’s what I have plenty of. Uh, so yeah, they, they finally accepted it. Check the box. And now we have it. So I’m a Guinness world record holder, um, changed my life in many, many ways.

I was going to say at this point it got me on your show. Oh yeah. Big time. No, but I was like, wah, what do you like to do to break it? Now they’re like this. They’re going to, it’s going to be like, especially you’re running, what’s the latest one you’re running like the last, you’re doing star Wars heroes, star Wars, galaxy heroes, division two. And we have people in world of Warcraft. That’s the game you’re trying to talk me into. I just told you I was playing [inaudible] and pay the time. It’s a, it’s, it’s, here’s what I’ve learned. Like I’ve, I’ve decided you’re no longer even playing clash of clans. No, I’m done with class. And you’re not even playing clash Royale. I am every day. Really. I, I just assumed that it’s going to be another game where you’re going to suck me into it and I’m going to get obsessed and then you’re going to abandon me.

He’s still bitter cause mafia Wars. He probably spent enough money to buy new trends and not really know. Here’s, here’s Bob’s emo and this. This is literally why I’m on Facebook. So I like, I steadfastly avoid Facebook like nobody’s business. I was like, I don’t want it. I don’t want any part of it. And then a 4th of July weekend, many, many moons ago, Bob calls me up and he was like, dude, would you just stop being Amish and get on Facebook? And I’m like, no, it’s not going to happen. He’s like, well, it smells like Oh, six ish. Yeah. And he’s like, but there’s this stupid game called mafia Wars that I’m addicted to. And like, you’re that guy. I need your help. Just come help me. All right, flash forward three months. I’ve got spreadsheets and six accounts running and all this other crap going. You still have your second account, uh, alive.

Your fake account on Facebook. The one with the, you’re a David R. Phillips. No, that dude, that was my original account. That was your mafia Wars. No, that was, that was the account I created to come help your ass. He and then three months later he’s like, yo, don’t play that anymore. We’ll make clash of clans. I’ve been playing for like six years and my, my fences are like at like four. It sucks. It takes forever. I’m done. I show how to play every day. Um, but no, the heroes, um, galaxy heroes, this is one like I started it and it takes forever. And in the hospital I basically, that’s all I played all day. Cause what else am I going to do? And now I’m up to like level 70, so when I was kinda like starting to be fun a little bit. Yeah. Um, but yeah, that’s the one where you’ll hate it and you’ll, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll dive into it.

You know, I’m, I’m not falling into the other game. I, you got me in a clash Royale. I, dude, I have, I, I’ve, I have, but like you far exceeded. I go, I have a Sith rule when it comes to games only. There are two, hold on. This is, this is my conversation. Hey man, you might like clash Royale. It’s like a three minute, like a two minute game. It’s quick. You can do like you’d be done with a couple. Dave just doesn’t stop right there. No, he’s in party mode. He’s in like doing it cause I learned like nonstop cause once you get me into a game then I’m like Oh well if I play this mode in this game then I can get extra stuff to do that. And yeah, it’s like way I treat it though. It’s like okay I’m just playing out. Like once I just be like one or two games a day and then I’m done. And you know, you’re like seriously he doesn’t, if I’m gonna do shit I do shit do it right. You jump into it, you learn the mechanics, you figure out how to maximize your

time and effort. You don’t play a game for six years and have level four walls. [inaudible] Bob does. I do. So I mean I’m looking at this list of all these games you played with, you know, between Meridia and Ultima online. Never went. It was there. Like we were talking before the show and I’m like, mine was like age of empires too. Yeah, that’ll be my, that’s my forever game. Do you like, do you have the, your forever game or is this, this is like a whatever, like you’re playing now or I guess which one is it like you’re going to take to the grave with you? I think it’s going to be Meridian now. What was, I never heard of it. What was that? Um, so that was a, you remember doom in the nineties? Uh, that was the style of graphics. It was the very first 3d um, MMO, RPG released by company 3d O which, um, became a very profane word.

Is it gone? Uh, yes and no. Um, 3d [inaudible] ran it into the ground. Uh, they were the first to market, a great position to be in. Right. Ultima online has the IP, Richard Gary, it’s a well known figure back then. He’s releasing Ultima online. Meridian is, I don’t know what their marketing department thought they were 10 bucks a month. So Ultima online releases. And if I remember this right, and I’m pretty sure I have this right, they released their new billing model, $2 and 50 cents a day. If you play three times in a week, you get the rest of the week free. So we’re all like what we do the math, we’re like that’s 30 bucks a month every day. Yeah. So we’re all like screw you, we’re going to go play Ultima online. Cause it’s one third the price. The executives actually hailed this as a brilliant marketing move. They said when we changed pricing, we tripled the price.

We lost half our players, but we tripled our price. Sure. And made more money. They didn’t realize that without players and online game is not pointless. Right? Yeah. So it just went down the toilet. Um, three D O went under and then the original developers, a couple of them bought the rights and they’ve launched it like 2002 and it’s still running today. It’s open source, has a decently active community, um, making mods to it, adding onto it. But it was really, really fun as a game. It was very innovative even today. So now are you like me where I always sit and wax poetic about empire two and then I always, I tell stories about SOCOM too all the time on PlayStation two 88 versus eight you only got one gun per class and then we’d talk about, you know, there was the first game of you had a headset and you’re screaming and like to me that, I don’t know if it’s just a nostalgia thing, there was need for speed carbon for me.

Like that’s, we’ve talked about this but is this standard thing or is it like, cause that was like, cause I like honestly so like to me that was like need for speed. Carbon was the, I can’t do online gaming. Like that was like, that was what I was like, yeah, no that’s crack. And, and, and like timespace distortion for me. Like I, I would go downstairs and think I was playing for like 30 minutes and it would be six hours and I’m screaming at some ten-year-old that I’m going to by his house and bang his mom if he doesn’t stop messing with me.

Part about SOCOM too was it was all the post bar bar tenders and we would get home from the bar at three in the morning. We would play til like seven in the morning and it was like there was eight of us and it just became like this thing. Like there was two guys, snipers, two guys were runners too, you know. And we had plans and we had talked about a day at the bar before the shift and the afterwards when we going home. Yeah I know we go over to the house and we’d all let you that we, you know, we’d go to Al’s and we’d all have one of the big land party. No cause we just did like four different, it wasn’t that much of other 11 party


Yeah. She’d always be in his bedroom and close the door. I don’t know what he was doing in there, like we’d be in the kitchen or whatever. But that was like, to me that was like the pinnacle of all of it, like play and now I just, honestly it’s gotten so far gone. I just watch videos like of like trolling campers and laugh, like it’s gotten his, I mean, are you tired of anything yet or is it gotten to that point? Like to me, I couldn’t play, you couldn’t pay me enough to play a first person shooters instead of like Battlefront two. I’ll play anything else. You couldn’t pay me enough right now. I mean, Meridian, I still jump into it every now and then, but the graphics are so dated. But I think probably because it was my first MMO, the experiences are just kind of a know they stick with you.

Right. Um, and they did, um, a lot of unique things. Um, some of the cool stuff that I remember is based on the terrible technology of the 90s. We’re talking like 14, four and 28, eight modems. Sure. So, um, it’s 3d with doom graphics and there was lag all over the place. You just, that was normal. So when you see a guy running, it would look like when he cut a corner, he’d actually pop on top of the building and then dropped down from your perspective. So it looked like they were jumping, right. So in the game, every new player would say, Hey, how do you jump? And every server had the same answer. Hit Alta for Doug.

You can see the new player, you know, new player just logged off, new player logged in and he’s like, Hey, my game crashed. And we’re like, yeah, your computer sucks. You got to get a better computer. And he’s like, how do you jump all that forward? Crushed again. We did this with so many people. Like those are the little things that I just remember kind of trolling them. Um, yeah. Now as I’m older I’m like, I’m a jerk. Right? But it was the way Glen Miller play format. See that’s how you fix your computer RM. But his star might’ve, sorry. They had um, a lot of interesting systems in the game. Like when you play, wow. Um, you start and some lady lost her necklace, you find it, return it. When I start, same quest when you start, same thing. Sure. So the person haven’t really lost their necklace.

It’s like you’re all doing the same thing, but it didn’t really happen in the world, right. With Meridian, the world was ever changing. They just put a bunch of systems in and watched us like beat each other up. Um, so you had a Guild, which traditional group of friends and then they had political system where based on what role you were, you joined a different, uh, either the princess or the King or the rebel guy based on, yes. So what you would have is we all, all four of us here in a Guild, but we’re all following different political leaders and so we’ll kill each other to help our political party out. And I, I remember there was a game in assassin. I was like, let’s go into the bar.

What a priority. Play right over your ass. There was this mini game. They had assassins game. Y’all get a dagger, it has somebody random name on it and you gotta stab them with it to kill them. Or you have to stab the guy that has your name. You have no clue who it is. And I’m playing this game. It’s pretty new. And I’m like the top four or five, right. There’s hardly anybody left in the game. I’m trying to figure out who else is in there and my Gill leader calls an emergency meeting. I’m like, okay, this is weird. What’s going on? Are we like going to declare war on somebody, walk into our Guildhall and my buddy is waiting for me, stabs me and kills me to win the game. I’m like, dude, like we’re we’re friends. You just burdened me. Those are the types of things that, you know, it’s just, it was really cool at the time cause I never saw that before I was playing single player games for BBS games.

It was amazing to have that level of intricacy where even my friends I didn’t trust but you know we got along after that. I was like laughing about it, you know. But it’s like dude you killed me. I wasn’t thinking about that. Like today, like the guy I had been watching lately on YouTube happens to have like 1,000,002 subscribers just cause he like does funny things. Like, again, if we would have like had the technology to be able to like tape recorder, like stream or broadcast half the crap we did online. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like these guys are making just killings. Just, you know, Oh, I’m going to, you know, hit, hit him with a defibrillator while he’s sniping. Ah, I don’t want to laugh. You know what I mean? Like, but I watch it, I laugh. You know what I mean?

Yeah. Which, you know, going back to the stuff that we used to do, like I couldn’t imagine on SOCOM too, if we would’ve been able to stream that stuff. How hilarious that would’ve been, you know? Or maybe not banned from everything. I would have probably been bad. Like, uh, you know? Yeah. Like Facebook now is banding everyone for everything. We’ve gotta talk about that next week. All right, so are we talking about anything work related or we just like, this is where we’re going for the night. I’m just, I’m just curious. What do you want to talk about? I don’t know. I’m just, I like, like are we just, is this a nerd? Fast are we [inaudible] right. What do you think the show is? I don’t know. I found your Guild website. You haven’t actually mentioned the name of your Guild Crips and cross. Yeah, no, he had mentioned it several times. He was talking about like the length thing and the shortening and the, yeah, the grossing, the width versus length. Yeah. Yeah. He mentioned the part, I remember the name hanging out with Dave DLT. Just did you just pull the Dave? Well, day Jay, so like you know, day job, Jim’s a principal engineer. Basically he’s been, you know, running the entire walks around saying how do I reach these servers?

Totally. So you basically screws the vendors and he says yes and no and we’re going to use this and not that and you suck and you’re a horrible engineer and you’re a good one and hashtag equals yeah, exactly. Yeah. Building another data center for dr right now was kind of my, my day to day and then trying to keep out of trouble. Wow, that’s, that’s, so you’re working overtime. Yes, it is. What you’re saying. It happened. It was nice when he was gone for a couple of weeks. Ah, come on. All right. I can relate. I hate all of you feelings mutual Bob now, but Jim, Jim’s the one that’ll stop and he’ll start and have this collaborate and listen. Yeah. He’ll have these conversations on things that are completely things you’d never thought you’d ever think about, let alone have a deep dark discussion on like with the walks and then he gets into something else and then he’ll just walk away and like, you’ll be like, what in the hell did I just talk about for the last 10 minutes is that’s, you know, that’s Jim in a nutshell.

Shower thoughts those. Yeah, indeed. I mean, I hate saying this, but like the job was, I can’t tell them apart, but they all look the same. It’s not just me then. Right? Yeah, no, they do like, I felt terrible. But even in the Mandalorian exactly. Like I, I couldn’t, was that the same one he met earlier or not? Like, so now apparently, uh, Mandalorian they did the giggles and it made me angry. Huh. If you watch the Java episode and the Mandalorian, they did a couple minion giggles. Oh, with the, with the ag. Yeah. So, but apparently, uh, rumor has it made a look split open way too easily. [inaudible] to Neely. There was no like broken edges. Jay was sort, it was a it, eh,

Oh. So Mandalorian season two is apparently going to bridge the gap between, uh, or at least bridge the gap into a Palpatine showing up in rise of Skywalker leg. So that’s, that’s the latest thing that’s been swirling is, that’s why Gideon is looking for Yoda is he’s the one who finds Palpatine’s body. That’s why I was really angry. I didn’t watch the cartoons cause that’s where the dark Sabre came from, the cartoons. And I was like, ah dude. So like dude, clone Wars has did a good job setting that up. Um, rebels is getting better and better and like I do, I like, I, I, I, and I, I’m okay saintly. I’m pretty sure my next tattoo is going to be a soca. Like, dude, she’s there. Just wait, just wait. Oh no, I, I, I know cause I’ve read like that’s, I mean, so here’s the sad part.

I read the book and I haven’t watched, I haven’t gotten to that point, rebels yet. Um, but it’s like, that’s like there’s a whole underpinning there where you’re like, Holy shit. Like is, is that one of the reasons why? And it can goes to the dark side. Like that’s cause he doesn’t have that counterbalance. He doesn’t have his Palawan. He doesn’t have that. Like, Oh, it’s like for what? For what dude? Like clone Wars. Like when you like go watch, like it is ha, like it adds so many layers. I watch the OB mall stuff like, do you know, did I like, skipped around, but I didn’t follow the story. Watch it portrays the Jetta eyes as not the good guys. Ah, well one of the point as like the clueless idiots that we now know them to be. Yes. Like you, like how did you, okay. Yeah. Oh, he’s going to rebalance the forest. That means all the bad guys are going to be gone. No, a million of you. Then you have the, uh, Morgan Freeman. But that’s not what that meant.

That was the worst. Morgan has even a person as we all know, the whole trial of a soul Catano at the end of clone Wars or towards the end. And I was like, season five. Yeah. And then when she leaves like that, I was like, that’s amazing. Like she’s the dude that was like that again, which brings me back to, I’m pretty sure that’s going to be my next tattoo. Like dude, like that was such a greatly, I’ve, I’ve, I got my daughter in a Lake soil and just like I’ve always said, like my, my, my star Wars thing is now wrapped around how my kids see them and I forced my daughter to sit down and like watch cloners with me. She is so into that character and like, cause it’s, dude, it’s, it’s a 14 year old girl who’s a Jedi Palawan and, and, and it’s funny like reading the, uh, like reading the interviews with the voice actor and we did the interviews with, you know, the were, they didn’t know where that was going to go.

Season one and, and so then the evolution to cause like season one, it’s like, you know, tube top micro skirt. Yeah. And then season three they evolve the character a little bit different outfits different this, different that and it becomes a more mature character. And then that whole arc from season three to season five is just, it’s amazing. It’s so good. Like I yeah I I did not like that. They used her voice in a riser. Skywalker though. Why? She’s not a Jedi. But do you know that? Yeah, she was, she left the order and then you’re going to find out what happened to him. But Canon came back, Canaan came back, he was [inaudible] I wasn’t, he uh, he was paddle on, right. Yeah. And wasn’t like really, really, he wasn’t really a Jetta and just took on an apprentice. Yeah. But he didn’t leave the order cause you know, he didn’t say, Hey, the jet eyes are terrible. There is so from here and here’s what I understand. This is what I now

between the book, the cartoons and everything else, there is nothing in cannon that says she couldn’t have found her way back. You are listening to special bonus footage of the

cause. I like it. And for what it’s worth cause dude, like I, I tried to get, I tried to get him a star Wars episode by the way.

Red. I know, I know where the story goes. I know rebels that I do. I know where the story goes. Alright. And you’re, you’re stretching, which is, is, is viable. But when Yoda says there’s another, he may not have been talking about Leah. He could’ve been talking about a soca if she came back. But I think she’s too smart for that. I think she’s not going to come back to them. She’s like dreaded jetties are trash. I got my white lightsaber with good reason. Yeah. Like you kicked me out on. Yeah. Yeah.

That’s good. I want you to watch clone Wars cause there are so many, Oh well I’m in it. I’m done. I’m sitting at home doing nothing. Three hours a day, three hours a day in a knee machine. I need to do something. Um, but Hey, we’re going to cut a Jim loose. We seriously appreciate it. Congrats on the Guinness record. That’s kind of an awesome thing, man. I feel like he’s one of those, like we could just sit here and talk for hours about why I wanted to bring on was definitely have you back. But Hey, we’re going to wrap things up for episode three 29 of the it and the it and the D show. Like to thank Jim Alison for spending time with us. Definitely a welcome you back anytime you want to argue about anything. For sure. I’d be half of Bob, Dave and Randy. Do us all a favor. Drink up your drinks, get your phone numbers. You don’t get to go home. You just got to get the hell out of here. See you next week. Drive careful, beat it


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