The Hatch Detroit Episode – The French Cow, Street Beet, Ilera Apothecary, 27th Letter Books, Brix Wine and Charcuterie

As we do every year, we had the finalists for the Hatch Detroit competition join us in-studio to talk through their hopes, their dreams, their business plans and more for this year’s event… that has been upgraded to a $100,000 prize.  So listen in as we talk with the director, Vittoria, as well as this year’s finalists that include a wine and charcuterie place, a book store, a vegan restaurant, a french crepe spot, and a makeup shop…

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The French Cow was created in 2015 because when I moved to Detroit, I could not find the type of food that I was used to eating while growing up in France. I recognized that Detroit had a need for a crepes shop when, after tasting a few different local restaurants, my children, then 3 and 5 years old, turned to me and said, “You should make crepes, Mom. Yours are better!” I thought for a second and I replied,” You know what?I really should.” Thus, The French Cow was born.

Street Beet is a 100% vegan food pop-up owned and operated by Nina Paletta and Meghan Shaw. Our mission is to continuously reimagine vegan food as we know it, pairing creativity and passion to offer a dining experience that is approachable and delicious for all. Our goal is to provide our fellow Detroiters with affordable, nostalgic vegan comfort food with a focus on allergen-friendly options.

ILERA Apothecary is an organic and vegan beauty tech company that caters to customers who want the highest quality  ingredients for their skin without compromising the environment or their budget. Utilizing digital technology, we have created a highly interactive customer experience that includes in-person wellness events, informative blog posts, engaging social media posts and in the near future, an augmented reality app. We are committed to making an impact on our customers, employees and local communities. This includes the women who handpick raw materials in West Africa, our employees who manufacture products in Detroit, and our customers who have found the solution to reviving their skin with ILERA Apothecary products.

27th Letter Books is an independent bookstore with the mission to connect and inspire
people through stories. We carry new, general interest books that are carefully curated to
highlight excellent writing and underrepresented voices. In our permanent retail space, we will
also offer rental of an audio recording room. By offering customers the opportunity to shop
locally for books and a place to record their own stories, we provide a physical and personalized
experience that cannot be replicated online or through chain or big box stores. Customers can
peruse the shelves, delight in learning something new, feel the comfort of nostalgia when they
recognize a favorite title, and walk away reaffirmed, knowing they belong to a community with
shared values.

Brix will be a gathering place built on the love of wine. We’ll be located in the 7/Liv
neighborhood and were really excited to join such an amazing community. We’ll offer a curated
wine list featuring varietals from some of the best regions in the world. Our food menu will
consist of amazing Charcuterie along with other (small plate) food options. We will also launch,
Brix Concierge, a wine curation service. This service will help customers with wine selections,
curated wine menus for events, food pairings, wine education classes and more.

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