December Charity Event, Podcaster Meetup and More: 2017 Edition

IT in the D December charity & networking event (aka “Elf on the Beer Shelf”) Help local kids have a great holiday season!

As you know, we’ve tried to do something good over the past several years with our December event. A fundraiser, a benefit, a cause…something that we could all get behind and feel good about helping.

This year will be no different…well, except that we’re inviting more people. 🙂

We’re teaming up with the same group we did last year in order to make sure that local kids get to have a great holiday.

See, those same kids that have challenges with school have challenges on the home front. We want to make sure that kids right here in the area have themselves a merry little Christmahkwanzikah season, and you can help us do that in one of two ways:

1. Bring a monetary donation. They’ll will be on-hand with us that night, and everything we get in that night will go straight to him so that he can run out and do some last-minute shopping to address the needs of those kids. CASH DONATIONS CAN BE MADE IN ADVANCE AT:

2. Bring an unwrapped gift. In order to keep things simple, and not cause any headaches, their organization would prefer that you keep it simple, and try and keep whatever toys / games / etc that you’re donating to a maximum of around $10. Since he goes to the schools directly to hand out everything, well, let’s not have a situation where one kid snags a $50 barbie doll while the next kid gets a cup with a handle, ball and string attached to it. Nobody wants those headaches.

The other big push for the charity this year is running a house that provides a temporary home for women and children in dire situations – victims of domestic abuse that are kicked out of their homes, or escape from the situation, and need someplace to go. Cash donations are going to be especially appreciated and put to good use by the group, though of course they’re still doing the toy drive as well – they’re just looking to do more for those in need, and we definitely want to support them. If you want to make a cash donation in advance, you can do so at

Here’s the kicker to make it more “real” for you – their average operational budget is $33 per day. You can sponsor a day at this home for people in dire situations…for $33. You can even pick a date, and do it in memory of someone, or for a particular reason, and have that noted as well. $33, folks. That’s all it takes to keep people off the streets for one night. Do it.

Falling Down Beer Company will be the location, and they’re already clearing the decks so that the huge lot next door at McDonald’s will be available for us to use without issue.

So…that’s the scoop with our December event this year. We sincerely hope you can join us, even if you don’t want to / can’t / whatever participate in our cause for this year…these end of year events are really just a way for us all to chill out together and have some fun at the end of the year more than anything else. Sure, there will still be recruiters, job seekers, and those just looking to build their networks their…and we’re completely good with that, too.

Come join us. We look forward to seeing you on December 7th.