Back In-Studio Tonight, Pink Slip Party Thursday, Event Updates and More for 3/13/2017

Today is the anniversary of when we rebranded from “Detroitnet.Org” to “IT in the D”.  A lot has changed and evolved over the past few years in and around metro Detroit, even with us.  We’d barely launched a podcast, and yet we’re in studio for episode 187 tonight…with an entire network of shows coming along for the ride these days.  We had been doing Pink Slip Party events for a few years already though, just like the one this Thursday at the Majestic.  Four years ago, we ran an event in Ann Arbor…and last week saw the rather phenomenal debut of the Ann Arbor chapter of IT in the D at the same spot we were at back then.  As the saying goes – the more things change, the more things stay the same…and so we’re going to keep doing what we do…

So let’s start with our events.

We’ve got our first Pink Slip Party of 2017 taking place downtown at the Majestic Theater on Thursday, March 16th.

We still have one more sponsor slot open if you want to get your company in front of a ton of people in the best possible manner.  These events have had more than a 1,000 people at them in the past – all metro Detroit, all in and around the information technology community here in the area, and all people you probably want to meet and get to know.  Check out the details here:

As always, details on this and all of our events can be found on our Facebook page, in our Meetup group, or here on our website

Along with the inevitable mini-trip down memory lane given the anniversary, we’ll be talking about Thursday night’s event and more tonight during episode 187 of our weekly live podcast.

Tonight we’re joined by repeat guest Michelle from Comcast / Xfinity to talk about their latest rounds of improvements and services, along with someone doing something we’ve mentioned pondering taking on in the past – Protect Seniors Online is designed to help senior citizens be aware of scams and phishing schemes online in order to help better protect their identities and stay safe in the digital world.

We’ll also be talking about this past weekend’s Fantasticon event that we were at, upcoming cons and events that we’ll be taking part in and more.

The mics go live at 9pm, so grab the Podcast Detroit app – – and tune in to studio 1 to hear all of the fun.

You can catch last week’s podcast with Daily Detroit, Tom Lawrence and Stefani Manard at

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That’s all for this time.  See you in-person at our event tomorrow night, and listen live tonight!


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