The Bat Signal

Dist. Atty. Harvey Dent: We’ve received a letter from Batman this morning. ‘Please inform the citizens of Gotham that Gotham City has earned a rest from crime. But if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, call me.’

Alexander Knox: Question. How do we call him?

Commissioner Jim Gordon: He gave us a signal.

Over the course my entire career, I have been in complete control for all but two times. Once because the company I was with was acquired and then dissolved, and this time for a massive restructuring…

I was with Cisco Systems three years to the day. I finally got to play for the Yankees. This was my Mt. Kilimanjaro. This was my Godfather. This was my proudest day as an IT “sales guy”.  I took my time there very seriously and performed above and beyond my call. I was “Sales Champion” three years in a row, I won two global “Be Bold” awards for exemplary service, and won the 2014 Cisco Community Service award for my work with IT in the D.

But all that didn’t matter when the earnings report came out…

So here I am a month later, much humbler than before. For the past ten years with IT in the D, I have been the one writing about How Not to Suck at Finding a Job and 26 other blogs Dave and I have collectively written on finding work, but here I sit on the other end of the table.

oldbatsigOver the past month in my job search, I thought I used every trick in the book. I made every call, I wrote and submitted 30-60-90 day plans with SWOT analysis on the positions I’ve interviewed for…but then I realized that I was neglecting to use the very thing we tell people in all of those blog entries is so critical – my network – and so that has me lighting the proverbial bat signal.  Because if my network doesn’t know that I’m looking, then I’m not doing everything I need to be doing.

I never thought I would need to. I sincerely didn’t. But here it is (I prefer the Adam West Batman to the others).

I’ve worked for start-ups, I’ve worked for no-name large companies as well as the biggest companies in technology and have succeeded everywhere I have gone. You can reach me at, let’s have a coffee and go from there.

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