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Episode 148: Comcast and Qualigence


Another week, another great episode.  This time around we were joined by Youness and Michelle from Comcast talking about network improvements, customer service, and quite a few other solid topics.  We were also joined by long-time group member and recruiter Dave Dullack to talk about the job market in the area and how things have evolved over the last decade or so.  Plus we chatted about our event this Thursday night at Hamlin Corner and more…

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Topics and stories from tonight’s episode…

That cloud software company and automatic car updates:

The Axl Rose “Fat Axl” DMCA slapfight:

Ellen’s getting sued…

A most wanted hacker should probably have a better password:

Woman gets run over by carriage:

The monkey that caused a blackout in Kenya:

Chewbacca Mom’s haul:

Why were 13 year olds on Tindr anyway…

Tesla knows when a crash is your fault:

Gawker declares bankruptcy:

Rich kids of instagram documenting their parents corruption

Stroh’s returns to Detroit:

The Wendy’s credit card breach:

Facebook and autosync of photos:

Steph Curry’s shoes meet the internet:

What happens when Uber and Lyft leave town:

Microsoft buys LinkedIn:

Got any Disney VHS tapes laying around?

The NSA wants to spy on the internet of things:

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