Source Point Press and Jena Irene Asciutto from American Idol In-Studio Tonight and More for 6/6/2016

First time for everything, right?  Right.  So for tonight’s episode 147 of the IT in the D podcast broadcasting live tonight from 9pm to 11pm from the Podcast Detroit studio, we’ve got former American Idol contestant Jena Irene Asciutto joining us live in-studio, along with our friends from Source Point Press…and possibly another guest depending on how the rest of the day flows.  We had our podcast 3rd anniversary gathering last Friday over at Stray Cat Lounge, and thanks to everyone who made it out!  We’ve got our next casual networking event next week over at Hamlin Corner, and of course a few blog entries for you to read…

10154888_642040519271791_1530627738118442726_nOur next casual networking event will take place next Thursday, June 16 at Hamlin Corner in Royal Oak.

No agendas, no sales pitches, no cover charges to get in.  We just bring together some of the best and brightest folks in and around the metro Detroit information technology community for the purpose of networking and improving your professional connections around the area.

Details for that event…and all of the others we do…can be found here on the site –, on our Facebook page –, or in our Meetup group –

Jena-IreneThat’ll naturally be one of the topics for tonight’s episode, we’ve got something a little different than normal in store for you tonight.

Reality television isn’t one of our usual topics, but when we got the opportunity to have a runner up from American Idol come join us in studio, we said “absolutely”, and so Jena Irene Asciutto will be joining us tonight to talk about her experiences, the local and national music scene from her point of view, and all sorts of other fun topics.

SOURCE POINT PRESS SQUARE LOGOWe’re also being joined by our friends from Source Point Press tonight.

They’ve got a number of great comics, artists and titles in their roster, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our chats with them at places like Comic Con, or bars where we happen to run into them, and all points in between.

We’ll hear about their current and upcoming titles, the comics industry, and a deal they happen to have running with one of the other shows on our Podcast Detroit network.

Unfortunately, Vault of Midnight, originally scheduled to join us tonight had to reschedule until our June 27th episode due to illness.  Looking forward to chatting with them then.

PD_mic_Twitter_500x500…as always, you should listen live to hear it all…and as we keep telling you, you’d do well to grab the Podcast Detroit app for Android or iOS and listen that way.  You can find those apps here:  The app was just recently updated to make finding out information about new shows, as well as catching show archives, a lot easier.

The mics go live starting at 9pm, and we hope you join us.

You can also catch any of our episodes you may have missed over at, including last week’s over at

On the blogs front…

Not only do we not want you to suck at interviewing for a job, but we’d also like the people on the other side of the table to not suck either.  How Not To Suck at Interviewing People is out at

Video resumes were never really a good idea…

Don’t be Witty Title Guy

Why do we hate nearly every job fair?  Read Through the Looking Glass

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That’s all for this time.  See you in-person at our event in a couple weeks, and listen live tonight!


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