Operation iTunes is a Go!


If you’ve known and/or followed us for a reasonable time, you know we don’t ask for anything. We don’t charge covers at events, we don’t sell your name, we don’t sick sales people on you. But there comes a time where we have a huge request from our community.

Now if you follow podcasting, Apple owns the entire space with roughly 60-70% marketshare. With that said, they also own the largest directory, in which many of the third party players use to showcase shows.

Well, guess what? The IT in the D Show is the #1 Technology podcast on Soundcloud, which is primarily a PC and Android favorite, but isn’t listed anywhere in any iTunes directory.

With that said, what we are asking shouldn’t take you more than 20 seconds of your day today. Our ask is to give us a review of our podcast. Even if you hate it, be honest.

You have no idea how much we appreciate this, seriously. So with that being said, here are the steps to submitting a review.

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Search for “IT in the D”
  3. Click the podcast
  4. Click Subscribe under the logo
  5. Click “Ratings and Reviews”
  6. Click “Write a review”

 That’s it. Again, thank you, and you may return to your normally scheduled program.


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