CloudDevDay, Red Wings, Geekfest 2011, BlackFinn Next Thursday!

Okay true believers – let’s start with the important stuff.  Get your Commander Chaos tinfoil costumes and retro Atari t-shirts out, because it’s that most wonderful time of the year – Motor City Comic Con is this weekend!  Pop culture icons, Playboy bunnies, actresses you lusted after in your youth (and the ones you lust after today) and actors from TV shows and movies of yesteryear, comic artists (including some great local talent!), people wandering around in costumes of all flavors (some great, some terrible…and ladies, please, unless you can get three people who aren’t friends to tell you that you look good in it…no Princess Leia gold bikini.  It’s a rule.  Just sayin’  I’m not going to be sporting any Aquaman spandex costumes either, promise.), and just a good time had by all.  It actually starts tomorrow, so get yourself over to and get there!

That, and let’s not forget that our beloved Red Wings have stormed back from a three games to none deficit and have forced Game 7 with the San Jose Sharks.  Personally, I’ve been saying that the Sharks are choking like Darth Vader just caught them coming out of lightspeed too close to the Hoth system (sorry…it’s ComicCon time…the hardcore geek in me really starts to show at this time of year) and that the Wings are going to win and advance to take on Vancouver in the Western Conference Finals…but make sure you tune in tonight to watch.  Game start time is 9:00pm Eastern.

Meanwhile, back in the virtual world…

If you’re even remotely interested or just curious about “The Cloud” (insert “dun-Dun-DUNNNNN!” music here), then you really ought to be taking advantage of the cool discount setup by the Detroit Java Users Group for members to take part in CloudDevDay.  Hop over here, get the code, and then get yourself registered.  As one of our own, Elizabeth Meyers, put it:  “Nice, at $20 with discount, a real deal! Registered!”

See you there!

Next up, don’t forget that we’ve got our event in the back room of the BlackFinn next Thursday (one week from today, on the 19th).  5:01pm start time.  Casual.  Networking.  Beer.  All great tastes that go great together. Details are available:

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I’ve had a few people shoot me emails basically saying “where are all of these jobs you keep posting about?  I can’t find them!”  Reminder: LinkedIn changed things.  When you first click the “Jobs” tab in our group, you get LinkedIn jobs that have been shared from elsewhere in the site.  You have to go into “Career Discussions” after you click “Jobs” to find the ones posted in our group by people in our group:

Click that for a bigger view, it’ll show you the navigation to follow if you need it.  Because, well, there are a lot of jobs in there currently, and you should be paying attention to them if you’re looking.

Me?  I’m looking forward to relaxing next week at the BlackFinn and having a beer or two.

So, to recap: ComicCon, Red Wings, CloudDevDay, BlackFinn next Thursday, jobs.

One last note (Go Wings!) – if you haven’t seen this yet…you should:

That’s all for this time.  GO WINGS! …and looking forward to either running into you at ComicCon, or seeing you next Thursday at BlackFinn.
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