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Episode 138: Andre Arbelaez, Terrance Gerin (Rhino), Dan Fuoco of Visit Detroit


Have to say, this was one of our favorite episodes in a while.  Three great guests that we could’ve probably spent an entire episode with each, good conversations on a little current events, some local politics, a few fun events coming up in the area, actually thought provoking topics…really can’t ask for much more than that.  But then that’s what we should’ve expected with Andre from HITEC, Dan from Visit Detroit, and Terry, a pro wrestler who’s running for office in Dearborn



20160404_215720bThe Hispanic IT Executive Council can be found at

Visit Detroit can be found at

Terry’s “Vote for Rhino” campaign page is at

IT in the D
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Podcast Detroit is at:
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FBI cracked iOS without Apple’s help:

Current and former Detroit principals indicted:

Ransomware hitting hospitals:

The Diet Dr Pepper twitter handle story:

Windows adding BASH:

How 11 lines of open source code broke the internet:

Mattel lost $3 million to cyber thieves in China:

We have this:

We don’t understand this:

Microsoft will never learn, will they?

GMail’s April Fool’s prank:

Ron Paul wants to be the new Monty Brewster:

More Google Maps mayhem:

Batman vs Superman set records…including some not-so-good ones:

Batman nailed Superman’s mom:

Oculus Rift has some shady terms of use:

We already knew this:

Amazon’s payment partner program:

Wait….there’s an acceptable level of arsenic in baby food?!

That AWESOME app the TSA spent a bunch of our money on:

Internet of Things, and do you own what you own?

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