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Episode 129: CBI and Great Lakes Comic Con


Not a bad night at all for episode 129 of our weekly live broadcast of our podcast.  We were joined by CBI to talk security and their CBI Academy program, as well as Great Lakes Comic Con to talk about their event at the end of the month…

CBI can be found at

The Great Lakes Comic Con can be found at

…and don’t forget to hit our event at Hamlin Corner on the 18th to score some free tickets to the GLCC:

Is South Park “old” now?

Lenovo and the worst password ever…or close to it:

Cosplay and the Supreme Court:


Deloreans back in production:

Wendy’s and fraudulent charges:

DC and parking tickets during a blizzard:

Ummm….”that” story:

New Barbies:

Circuit City’s comeback:

Investigating Ticketmaster and Stubhub:


Reaction videos:

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