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Episode 128: Hatch Detroit, Paczki Run, Penguicon


One guest had to reschedule, but we still had a phenomenal set of conversations with our guests for episode 128 of our weekly live broadcast of our podcast.  We were joined by Vittoria Katanski from Hatch Detroit to talk about what they’ve got going on and the upcoming Paczki Run that you might want to check out whether you’re a runner or not, and also Scott Kennedy to talk about the next Penguicon convention in April that you’re most assuredly going to want to be at…

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Bob’s recap from last year’s Penguicon event is at

Dave’s recap from it is at

Podcast Detroit is at

The stories…

Amazon drone delivery: 30 minutes or less within a 10 mile radius –

The Goldman Sachs elevator gossip story:

A widow’s struggle with Apple to get her dead husband’s iPad unlocked:

xok80ATM overdraft fees:

Netflix and NBC debate ratings:

I’m in favor of this:

Colonoscopies are good for your health…except at this hospital:

You’re going to need an ad blocker for your next…television:

Internet of Things is awesome…unless you’re a sleeping baby:

Google quietly pretending Google Glass never happened:

Amazon Customer Service is a great way to go phishing, apparently:

Five top execs bail out of Twitter:

Stoned drug traffickers call 911 on themselves:

That igloo on AirBnb:

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