Great Guests Joining Us In-Studio Tonight, Studio Expansion and Updates, Upcoming Events and More for 1/25/2016

We’ve got some great guests joining us in-studio tonight for the weekly live broadcast of our podcast.  For episode 128, we’ve got the Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau, Penguicon, and Hatch Detroit lined up.  We also have some very exciting news about our studio and upcoming expansion plans, some blog entries for you to read, our recent episodes for you to listen to, our February casual networking event coming up and more…

EventNewspaper_Feb2016As always, we start with our next upcoming in-person event.  After a great kickoff to 2016 last week at Firebird Tavern, we’re heading over to Hamlin Corner in Royal Oak for our February Casual Networking Social on Thursday, February 18th.

As always…no cover charges, no agendas, no speakers, no anything other than good, solid networking possibilities with some of the best and brightest folks in and around the information technology community here in metro Detroit.

We have all of our events already scheduled and published out for the whole year of 2016, so you have no excuses about not knowing when or where our events are.  Mark your calendars now.

Details can be found here on the site –, on our Facebook page –, or in our Meetup group –

ITintheDnewspaper01252016bOf course we’ll be reminding you about that tonight during episode 128 of our weekly live podcast broadcast.

Tonight we’re joined by Dan from the Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau to talk about all of the great stuff going on downtown…some of which you’re probably not aware of but may want to check out, Scott from Penguicon to talk about their upcoming event in April that you are most definitely going to want to be at, and Vittoria Katanski from Hatch Detroit to talk about all sorts of good things going on.

11128707_10153325779277704_6606748885420357479_n (1)As a side note on the Penguicon front, we’re going to be a lot more heavily involved with it this year, and so you should absolutely plan on being there.  Last year was an eye-opening, amazing experience for both Bob and I (you can read Bob’s recap here, and my recap here), and this year we’ll be setting up a party suite, bringing out the Podcast Detroit remote gear for live broadcasts throughout the weekend, both from our own roster of shows that we’ll be bringing out as well as a number of other, unaffiliated podcasters who have expressed an interest in broadcasting from there as well.

Mics go live at 9pm like always, so join us by listening live from 9pm to 11pm, and then hit us up by firing up Twitter and hitting @ITintheD during the show…and our phone line is up and operational as well.  We love audience participation, so come along and play with us!

PD_mic_Twitter_500x500Listen live to hear it all happen…and as mentioned up above, you’d do well to grab the Podcast Detroit app for Android or iOS and listen that way.  You can find those apps here:  We also just announced some very exciting news regarding our plans for expanding our studio capacity to three studios, heightening our partnership with Activ8 Gaming Lounge to make things even better pre-show, during shows, and adding a whole new realm of capabilities for our shows to take advantage of for their broadcasts.  Catch the full announcement here:

20160118_222741You can catch last week’s episode with Ashley Gold, who most of you are probably aware of from Hardcore Pawn, but she’s branched off on her own…and learn some tech along the way while doing it…out at

On the blogs front

facebook-scam-graphicA rather interesting situation evolved last year with the MLB that showed just how fleeting privacy can be…and also hammered home why you need to be more suspect about who you’re friends with on Facebook:

The MBA candidate is a topic that drives recruiters absolutely insane, and it’s way more prevalent that you think…and no, it has nothing to do with advanced degrees, it’s all about being Married, But Available

suck_lessWhat we do isn’t rocket science, and to prove it, we keep publishing our roadmap on everything we’ve done over the years in response to questions, like How Not To Suck at Starting a Networking Group out at

You can catch any of the last episodes you’ve missed over at

All of our blog entries are in “Read”:

Information about our events are in “Meet”:

Info about our live broadcasts are in “Listen”:

Everything about the Career Academy program and more opportunities are in “Learn” at

You can post jobs and even share your resume with recruiters we approve of in “Work”:

Our media kit and information for sponsors can be found at

That’s all for this time.  See you in a couple weeks at Hamlin Corner, and don’t forget to listen live tonight for our talks with the Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau, Penguicon, and Hatch Detroit, and read all of the fun stuff coming for Podcast Detroit at


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