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Episode 127: Ashley Gold of Hardcore Pawn, Pawn Chick Shopping and Pawn Chick Radio


Well, that went really well.  For episode 127 of our live broadcast of our weekly podcast, we were joined by Ashley Gold…who most of you probably know from the TruTV show “Hardcore Pawn”, but as we found out last night along with our live listeners, there’s a whole lot more to her than what took place on screen.  From her personal weight loss journey where she’s lost over 50 pounds, to breaking away from her family’s pawn brokering business and launching her own podcast, blog, and shopping site…and she didn’t shy away from diving into our usual mayhem and banter in the least, either…

Pawn Chick Radio can be found at

Pawn Chick Shopping can be found at

Ashley’s blog is at

Video game discounts for amazon prime members:


The app that wants to let you share hotel rooms with strangers:

Netflix bought a Youtuber:

The powerball reimbursement page:

Is Rick Santorum clueless:

PBJ Bourbon…not sure about this:

How memes can ruin a life:

Fired Taco Bell exec suing Uber driver:

How’s this supposed to work, exactly:

That weird alien megastructure got weirder:

The NHL sucks:  ( though, update: they realized how much they sucked today and caved to the backlash:

Metallica and a Canadian cover band’s legal drama:

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