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Episode 126: Comcast, Detroit is Different, Fan World Niagara Falls and More


Episode 126 of our weekly live podcast had Michelle from Comcast Michigan in-studio, along with Khari from Detroit is Different, and Corey and Jeremy from the Fan World event in Niagara Falls later this year.  We also chatted about a few of our blog entries, our upcoming casual networking event next week, and of course through some of the news, events and items that caught our eyes over the past week…

Comcast Michigan can be found at

Detroit is Different can be found at

The Fan World Niagara Falls event can be found at or

Stories we covered…as well as a few we didn’t get to:

LG’s roll-up screen:

Hilarious spiteful Amazon customer service moment:

Voltron coming to Netflix:

Twitter considering a 10,000 character limit:

Pharmo Bro went on Tindr. This is what happened:

Windows 10 is collecting a LOT of data:

People rent their house out on NYE to total strangers, are stunned something bad happened:

End of life for IE 8, 9 and 10:

How justified are Comcast’s cap limits?  Not very, says this:

A $55 burger?  Get outta here…

Secret Netflix codes:

The “Uberpreneur” making 252,000 a year:

That $5,000 fridge Bob wants:

Phantom Phone Syndrome:

You can buy the Playboy Mansion…but Hef stays put:

Lootcrate might need to dial it back a bit:

Forbes, adblockers, and malware:

T-Mobile lashes out in net neutrality fight:

Are local broadcast networks going away because of this:

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