Thank You. All of You. Again.

Another December event has come and gone, and we’re sitting here shaking our heads in amazement at how it went.


We really don’t know why we’re still surprised at the outpouring of support this group exhibits every year at these events…but we still are.  Every year…

$2400 in cash and checks donated.

A ballpark guesstimate of over $1500 in toys donated.

An incredibly involved and animated crowd.

Another great experience with the venue.

Seriously, we couldn’t possibly be happier, more pleased, or more proud of what this group is, does and has become over the years.  You hammer the point home with us over and over and over again that everything we do, all of the time commitment, every event, all of the phone calls…they’re all worth it, because there’s such a great group of people that we have around us.

Special thanks to Falling Down Beer Company for hosting again this year.  The staff was awesome, and the feedback about the food from the first-timers was especially good to hear.

Neil from Activ8 and Trinet gets a special thank you for his normal-sized, yet fully functional $500 check donation. (long story…)

Another thank you shout out to Nuri and Expedia for their personal and matching donation totaling $520.

Have to send a little love over to Brad and Rochelle of The Undercard show for bringing the Ring Girls Liz, Sarah and Kyrsten to help with the 50/50 that pulled in over $500…and to the winner, Andrea Kress, who graciously donated it back to Operation Kid Equip.

Thanks to the crew from Podcast Detroit coming out to do their shows live from our event so that we didn’t have to worry about leaving someone behind at the studio.

And of course, thank you to Operation Kid Equip for letting us help local kids right here in the area, as well as proving what an outstanding group of people we have around us.

Because seriously, again…thank you.  All of you.  It means the world to us that things like this go so incredibly smoothly and well.

Check out Falling Down Beer Company at

Hit up Activ8 at

Give a “like” to The Undercard at, especially if you want to check out photos from last night.  We borrowed a few to post here, but there’s a ton more on their page.

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