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Episode 119: Kelly O’Hara, Kasey Pierce, Hollie Ogden


For episode 119 of our weekly podcast live broadcast, we were lucky enough to be joined by model and artist Hollie Ogden, author and writer Kasey Pierce, and artist Kelly O’Hara – three ladies doing and involved with all sorts of great things around the area that you should know about.  We talked the local art scene, shows that are going on around the area, some of the pieces Kelly’s done that we have, where you can find Hollie in her cosplay outfits and Kasey’s ambitious projects in the genres of horror and sci-fi…

Kelly O’Hara and her awesome art can be found at (at least until we build her a new website, which apparently we’re doing…)

Kasey Pierce can be found at

Hollie Ogden can be found at or

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