Episode 117: Savvy Digital, Staymobile Device Repair, an 80s Party, Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic from Comic Book Men Live from Fantasticon and More

Episode 117 is an interesting little mix of our in-studio guests from this week as well as some of our live recordings from this past weekend’s Fantasticon event.  We were joined in studio by Savvy Digital Solutions to talk about the upcoming event this weekend that they’re behind and is an 80s party to raise money for the Angels of Hope foundation.  Staymobile joined us to talk about their device repair offerings.  And then we spliced in our chat with Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic from AMC’s Comic Book Men

11224392_770108689766485_3435684896148978837_oOur first segment recapped this weekend’s Fantasticon adventures, including drinking with Ghostbusters, Bob’s lifetime karaoke achievement award, and all sorts of other mayhem that went down.  And, of course, some news, events and items that have caught our eyes over the past week.

12219544_165605337124295_2580534617316604117_nOur second segment, at least in this podcast version, is our live chat from Fantasticon with Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic from AMC’s Comic Book Men.  Couple of really great guys who are living the dream of getting to do something they really, truly enjoy as a job.  Ming’s from Michigan, so you may have seen him floating around Ann Arbor these last few days as well, and they both put a serious hurting on some coneys while in town…

The next segment dives in with Staymobile, a company that solves the eternal problem we suffer from of “it broke, now what?”  Rather than dealing with six week turnaround times via mail, or sketchy shops that may or may not even know what they’re doing, these folks have put together a series of locations with a lot of solutions to your technical woes in-stock and ready to go, with most fixes done in an hour, and a max turnaround time of two to three days.  Needless to say, we programmed them into our phones.

12233174_770900626353958_1804879971_nSavvy Digital Solutions stepped up next, chatting about A Night to Fight Cancer, an event that you’ll be able to find Bob, me, and a number of our friends at on Saturday night.  Sure, it’s going to be a great party with an awesome band playing a lot of our favorite 80s tunes, but it’s all for a great cause and that’s the primary reason to go.  Tickets are only $25, and it’s being held at a superb location, so we expect to see some familiar faces having a blast along with us there.

After that, a few more topics and items that bubbled up to our attention, and then it was time to wrap up for the night.  As always, thanks for listening, and we’ll see you again next week.

Information on Comic Book Men: http://www.amc.com/shows/comic-book-men

Staymobile can be found at: http://staymobile.com/michigan-cell-phone-repair-staymobile/

Tickets for Saturday night’s event can be bought at: http://allevents.in/commerce/a-night-to-fight-cancer/1697146733842373

Episode 117:

Bonus content: our chat with Theodus Crane, “Big Tiny” from AMC’s The Walking Dead:

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