Networking Detroit…One Beer At A Time

Thanks to the good folks at, we’ve got some cash to play with for the event this Thursday.

And what’s our tagline?  Networking Detroit…One Beer At A Time.

So what are we going to do with that cash?

We’re going to buy some beer.

Calm down, calm down…”some“, not “all“…

So here’s what we’ve decided to do. was nice enough to send us several boxes of fuzzy dice (seriously, I can’t stop laughing about them), a check, and a nifty QR code that’ll take you to a specialized URL – since, naturally, they’d like to know if it’s worth their while to keep playing with us.  The good folks at the IT Section of the Michigan Bar Association have also kicked in to help offset our costs, and we thank them for that as well…because, well, it does get to be wearing sometimes picking up all of this stuff ourselves.

Well, we hope it’s a success (so make with the clicking and decoding) for all involved parties, because we’d certainly like to keep doing things like we’re about to do…and that’s pick up a chunk of the tab Thursday night.  We thought about doing appetizers.  We thought about some hot buffet items.  We thought about platters of cold food sprinkled around.  We debated the merits of just ordering a bunch of pizzas.

Honestly, all of that thinking made our heads hurt, and so we said “To hell with it…let’s just buy drinks.”

Now, our tagline is “Networking Detroit…One Beer At A Time”, and so we’re not funding your martini or shot purchases.  We’re not even funding my love of scotch, so that’s just how it goes.  The good folks at the Post Bar have come up with some decent pricing for us on draft beer, and so just walk up to the bar, order one, and it’s on us (well, technically it’s on I guess…but we’ll take credit for arranging it) until the well runs dry.

Now, we’re good guys and all…but we’re also not dumb, and so there are a few caveats attached here.  Yes, I am about to turn into Disclaimer Guy.

  1. TIP. Just because the drinks are paid for doesn’t mean you don’t tip the staff.  The bartenders and waitresses are still working to get you drinks, and so…seriously…Don’t Be That Guy.  Don’t worry about what we’re paying them or tipping them – don’t be a schmuck.  Get a drink, leave a tip.  Make everyone happy.
  2. SODA, ETC. Yes, non-alcoholic drinks are included.  We’re not that die-hard about it.  Get a coke if you want to.
  3. IN/AROUND THE IT INDUSTRY ONLY.  If you’re not someone that fits our demographic, and you decide to try and show up and ride the wave of free drinks…I assure you it won’t be pleasant.  Trust me, we’ll find out…and trust me, you don’t want to annoy us.  You’re a project manager or an analyst?  Cool.  You’re in MLM or selling insurance?  I’d keep walking.
  4. YOU CAN’T SUE US OR ANYONE ELSE. If you are someone that fits our demographic, and you decide you want to partake (and you’re more than welcome to do so…after all, that’s the point), then you’re not allowed to get smashed and try to avoid responsibility for your own actions.  Getting bombed out of your skull at one of our events is stupid.  Making an ass of yourself is even dumber.  Getting behind the wheel is absolutely retarded.  If you choose to do any of those things…you’re on your own.  We’re putting the disclaimer out there far and wide – we’re not liable for any decisions or actions you choose to make or take.  Neither is or any of it’s parent or subsidiaries.  Neither is the Post Bar or any of it’s parent or subsidiaries.  Neither is the IT Section of the Michigan Bar Association.  Neither are any of the representatives or members of any of these organizations.  YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for the decisions and actions you take and make.  Don’t make us pull out the “This is why we can’t have nice things!” line.
  5. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. When the tab’s tapped…or if you want something alcoholic other than what we’ve setup…you’re on your own.  As with everything else we do, we’re just being up front and honest about what we know and don’t know.  We’re not going to tell you that the drinks are free for the first hour, or two hours, or whatever…because we don’t know what the attendance is going to be like or what the people that show up are going to want to drink.  So, it goes until it ends.  If that’s an hour, great.  If that’s two hours, great.  If that’s all night…well, when you pick us up off of the floor from the strokes we will have suffered, we’ll say “Great”.
  6. SAY CHEESE! Odds are good there will be cameras floating around.  If you don’t want your picture taken, we suggest getting yourself bitten by a vampire between now and then.

Now, because my attorney says I have to put this in here so as to fully cover our collective butt – your attendance and participation in our event constitutes agreement to all of the above.  Blecch.  That left a nasty taste in my mouth…but it’s out there, so you can’t say we never told you about it.

With that out of the way…look forward to seeing you there Thursday night!

Bob, Dave and Jeff
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