I’m a recruiter. This is the first one of these I’m going to. What do I do?

The basics still all apply – show up, sign in, grab a beverage, and start chatting.  For recruiters in particular, we strongly recommend getting to know us quickly, since odds are good we’ll be playing traffic cop and directing people around all night…and if you want job seekers directed your way, then we have to know you’re there and what you’re looking for in particular.

Please – and we cannot stress this enough – please let us know in advance that you’re coming.  It’s not like there’s a registration fee for you to attend, either.  It’s not like there are any negatives at all to letting us know that you’re coming…in fact, there are only positives.  We really felt badly in May when we ran out of the name badges we’d set aside for recruiters…all because a number of them didn’t tell us ahead of time that they were coming.  Many of those recruiters without badges then had a really hard time being found by job seekers, and that defeats the whole purpose of the event.