Pink Slip Party Thursday, Can’t Miss Live Broadcast Tonight and More for 9/14/2015

This week’s going to be a fun one, folks. We’ve got our Pink Slip Party event this Thursday at the Majestic Theater.  Our weekly podcast broadcast tonight is one you’re going to want to listen to live, since it’s going to be filled with some old-school style ranting, some great information for you parents out there, and even some cool stuff happening downtown…


On Thursday, September 17th, we’re back at The Majestic Theater for yet another one of our (in)famous Pink Slip Parties.

If you’re not familiar with our Pink Slip Party events, then you should probably learn why they’re different from our casual networking events by reading the frequently asked questions over at, and you can check out some photos over at

Our sponsors for this year’s Pink Slip Party are, as always, extremely looking forward to meeting you and talking with you on Thursday night…and without them, these events simply couldn’t take place, let alone be as successful as they have been over the years and continue to be.  Arrow Strategies, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, New Horizons, STG, and W3R will all have tables and a larger presence at the event, so check out the sponsors page – – to learn a little bit more about them, and then plan on chatting with them Thursday night.

Naturally, they’re not the only companies looking to hire that will be there, either.  So whether you’re looking to hire, get hired, or just improve your professional connections, this is the place you want to be on Thursday night.  Recruiters, if you’re coming, please drop us a note at with your company’s name and the names of those coming so that we can have badges waiting for you.  Job seekers, send your resumes in and we’ll get them distributed out via that same email address.

Details can be found here on the site –, on our Facebook page –, or in our Meetup group –

ITintheDnewspaper09142015bObviously, that’ll be one of the topics during tonight’s weekly live podcast broadcast.

We’ve got Savvy Kids Consignment joining us to talk about their upcoming event for parents looking to either save some cash on stuff for their kids (and we all know how expensive kids are) or maybe make a little cash cleaning out the bedrooms and closets.  Also joining us are Bamboo Detroit and Momentum, talking about some cool stuff downtown that they’ve got going on.

But to kick things off, we’ve got a last-minute addition that’s the catalyst for what will surely be an opening segment that’s going to wind up with more beeps than R2-D2 getting struck by lightning by the time we’re done editing it and getting it out for syndication, so you’re going to want to listen live…

PD_mic_Twitter_500x500So…yeah.  It’s going to be a jam packed night.  Listen live to hear it all happen…and as mentioned up above, you’d do well to grab the Podcast Detroit app for Android or iOS and listen that way.  You can find those apps here:  As our network continues to grow, mature, and add new shows, we’ll be re-purposing the IT in the D stream and app space for a second Podcast Detroit broadcasting avenue, so you might as well start listening there now.

Mics go live at 9pm like always, so join us by listening live from 9pm to 11pm, and then hit us up by firing up Twitter and hitting @ITintheD during the show…and our phone line is up and operational as well.  We love audience participation, so come along and play with us!  Through the PD apps we just told you to get, you can interact with us via Facebook, Twitter, and even calling in.

You can catch last week’s episode over at

On the blogs front…

melWith the Pink Slip Party Thursday night, you’ll want to read The 10 Commandments of Networking at

And probably take a look at How Not to Suck at Networking

The Path lays things out for those of you just looking to get started in the IT industry over at

A long time favorite, Don’t Be That Guy: More Human Than Human is over at

chuck-woolery1Networking, job search, career life and dating have a lot in common…whether you realize it or not.  Check out The Dating Corollary: Desperation and Jealousy at

Don’t waste your time doing it wrong.  Read Salmon Style Networking at

All of our blog entries are in “Read”:

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You can post jobs and even share your resume with recruiters we approve of in “Work”:

Our media kit and information for sponsors can be found at

That’s all for this time.  Don’t forget to listen live tonight from 9pm until 11pm for episode 109, and we’ll see you in Thursday night for our Pink Slip Party!


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