Episode 102: Security Mentor, Comcast

Episode 102 of our weekly live podcast is in the rear view mirror now, and even though we lost TEKSystems due to an illness, we had some seriously great conversations with our guests from Comcast and SecurityMentor.  We also got some information out about our new podcast network that launched last week, our upcoming events, what’s going on with Comcast these days, how to best get people engaged about security in a way that matters, a whole variety of security related topics and stories illustrating the chaos going on nowadays and much, much more…

Like we always do, our first segment dove into the news, events and stories that caught our eye over the past week.  We chatted through the really nasty exploit that showed up on Chrysler vehicles in certain years, our theory about Hulk Hogan and why certain news broke recently, the ridiculousness of the response from AshleyMadison’s parent company, where LifeLock has also recently failed people, more about the OPM breach, some hilarity from Palm Beach Country where some local marijuana enthusiasts clearly don’t understand how Twitter works and more.

20150727_214617For our second segment, we dove in with Dan Lohrmann, formerly the Chief Security Officer for the State of Michigan, now with SecurityMentor.  He has some outstanding insights to share regarding the chaos with cars getting hacked, what really goes into a data breach, how people can protect themselves, what the company does in order to teach best practices in a fun and engaging manner and more.

IMG_20150727_211147In segment three, we chatted with Michelle Gilbert, VP of Public Relations for Comcast Cable Heartland Region.  From what Comcast is doing to improve customer relations out to what’s on the horizon with Comcast’s services, this was a pretty good discussion if you want to hear how the company some people love to hate actually has going on that might change your opinions.  Really great talk, and super grateful that she came on the air with us.

Segment four was our usual wrap up of topics from earlier in the night, a few news items we hadn’t touched on yet, and a little doubling back to make sure we hit all of the topics we wanted to hit.

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