Live Broadcast: Converge 2015 Security Conference, 7/17/2015

Wow.  Just…wow.

Ever had a conversation with a guy who compromised bank security…in Beirut?

How about someone who’s managed to compromise physical security all over the world…just because scanning and getting into servers is…too boringly easy?

Know anything about a group that’s out there dedicated to teaching kids about computer security in a way they’ll actually want to learn?

Read and listen on, friends…read and listen on…

20150717_161441We were asked to head down to Wayne State University to hang out at the Converge security conference taking place.

A security conference?  Hackers?  Talking with us?

Needless to say, we went.

So we packed up the remote gear and headed on down for an afternoon of fascinating conversations.

FB_IMG_1437157323409We kicked off by chatting with Wolfgang Goerlich, who was actually a guest on the very first episode of our podcast talking about this very conference two years ago.  He gave an overview of what Converge brought to attendees, as well as what BSides will have going on Saturday.

So if you’re wanting to play in a lockpick village, learn about hacking, security or a whole host of topics…there’s still time to get down there for Saturday’s sessions.

20150717_143632Next, we chatted with Jayson Street and J0hnny Xm4s about an incredible range of topics.  Their own work in security testing, penetration physical and server security, some truly outstanding stories about things they’ve done in the course of their jobs and more.  We also talked networking, as J0hnny’s putting efforts into trying to get more folks in the information security space to do some more in-person networking.  Getting out from behind the code and keyboards to do more interacting with others and building personal relationships as opposed to online.

Seriously, if you never listen to anything else we put out here…you’re going to want to listen to that 40 or so minutes of incredible stories and conversations.

After a quick break, we dove in with Dave Schwartzberg (and his son Sam) of Hak4Kidz, a 501c3 non-profit that does something really cool – they teach kids to care about security and privacy by putting it in the context of games and other ways that make it something kids will actually want to learn.  With all of the focus on teaching kids tech, science, code, etc., something like this is a valuable addition to those spaces, and definitely deserves some more attention.

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