We’ve Declared a Mulligan, Listen Live Tonight!

Well, a bit of whacky mayhem ensued last night as large swaths of neighborhoods lost power…including the building housing our studio.  We hung out for an hour, and then decided it was time to bail.  We’re sure the folks in their homes on the surrounding blocks were having a much nastier time of things than we were, so it’s always a good idea to keep some perspective.

However, as a result, we’ve declared a mulligan and will be broadcast live tonight (Tuesday), and we’ll be doing so a little earlier than normal just to help knock this one out…

dteappAnd so you can listen live tonight from 7pm to 9pm as we try this again.

Unfortunately one of our guests, Jamie from Right Brain Networks, won’t be able to rejoin us as he kicks off a heavy travel schedule today (be safe, man!) and so we’ll reschedule with him as soon as his schedule permits.

ITintheDnewspaper06152015c2Our other guests are able to meet up with us again as we take another run at episode 96, so we’re going to get together and roll a little earlier.

All of the usual ways to listen live apply, but we’ve added another one to make it even easier for you – we have our own app now. Our app can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yesstreaming.itinthed

Remember – the mics go live at 7pm tonight. Join us by listening live and then hit us up by firing up Twitter and hitting @ITintheD during the show.  We love audience participation, so come along and play with us!  Not sure how to listen live?  We’ve got instructions for you over here: http://www.itinthed.com/listen/how-to-listen/.  You can catch last week’s episode over at http://www.itinthed.com/17335/ep95-hack4detroit-city-of-detroit-data-automation-alley-detroit-beer-press-batch-brewing/

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