Episode 93: Social Coop Media, Long Neck Strangler, Hacks Everywhere and More

Our third episode from the new studio is in the rear view mirror, and it marked the return of two very important things: beer from Falling Down Beer Company and the cheesy hotel front desk bell, both of which we’ve missed terribly.

Joined by our guests from Social Coop Media, Long Neck Strangler and Mess Bucket Comics, we covered a whole gamut of topics for your listening pleasure…

20150525_215224We originally had a couple of other guests scheduled for tonight’s broadcast, but whacky mayhem ensued and so we drafted some folks into hanging out with us to keep the conversation flowing.

A few hacks highlighted the early conversation – Starbucks has a problem with their gift cards, Adult Friend Finder got themselves breached and millions of rather sensitive and potentially embarrassing user details are out in the wild and already being used to blackmail people, some rather unpleasant items from the worlds of Twitter and Google Maps when it comes to overt racism, the return of Clearly Canadian, a few more items that make us feel all too old as Empire Strikes Back turns 35 and Real Genius turns 30, and a really miserable chain of events at a 16th birthday party.  All that and more got covered during our first segment.

ep93In segment two, we dove in with Billy Strawter of Social Coop Media.  In his first appearance at the new studio, we chatted through cringe-worthy social media fails, a new client that they’ve recently landed, some basics for a company or an individual looking to maximize their social media capabilities and more.  It’s always a great chat when we have Billy in, and this time was no exception.  Check them out at http://socialcoopmedia.com/

11009345_567115280097649_2974702513732102547_nFor our third segment, we dove in with Kevin from Long Neck Strangler and Dom from Mess Bucket Comics to talk about all sorts of topics – Kevin’s take on the local music scene, some great tours he’s been a part of, some cautionary tales he’s witnessed along the way, and some more catching up with Dom from Motor City Comic Con, running a comic business, and how social media plays and interacts with their various endeavors and operations.

As always, our final segment recapped some of our earlier topics, covered a few things that we missed in the opening segment, and wrapped things up with our guests for the night.

11096612_564135800395597_1338068454219752949_nTune in next week as we’re joined by repeat guest Major General Amy Courter, and newcomer Emily Alber of Mack Avenue Media.

Again, find our guests at:

Social Coop Media: http://socialcoopmedia.com/

Long Neck Strangler: https://www.facebook.com/longneck.strangler

Mess Bucket Comics: http://messbucketcomics.com/index2.html

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