Metro Detroit Local Artists: We Want Your Art!

Okay local metro Detroit artists – we want your art.  After talking with a number of you at Motor City Comic Con this past weekend, we realized that we might have an opportunity to do something cool on a couple of different fronts that would be a win/win situation.

See, we have this brand new studio that we bring guests to every week, and you have art that you’d presumably like to sell, and so let’s talk about how we do something a little outside the box…

arthere1So, we’ve moved to our new studio, and we have some empty walls.

Now, we’re already bringing some stuff in to hang – art we already have, some movie posters…because we absolutely have to have movie posters…and just some decent stuff from our own personal collections.

arthere2However, Bob and I got to talking, and I raised the idea that perhaps we could work with some local artists to feature their work in our studio on a rotating basis.  Our guests tend to be pretty decent people, many of them like the same kinds of things we like, have some disposable income, and might be interested in picking up some work from local artists.  Because you do some outstanding work.

So here’s how we see this working out:


  • Your (hangable, ready to pop on a wall) art on the wall(s) of our (locked, keycard access and video surveillance covered) studio’s green room for three months
  • Exposure to our guests and those of the other shows running out of our studio
  • A featured article on our site about you, your art, and all about you in general
  • An appearance as a guest on one of our shows in the studio during the time your work is on our walls
  • Leave your cards / contact information with us, and if someone has an interest in purchasing your work, we’ll arrange the connection.


  • Cool art from local artists, keeping our green room with a fresh, changing look
  • Knowing that we’re helping get the word out about local artists
  • A filled guest slot for one of our shows during that time

That’s it.  We don’t want a cut or commission if anything sells.  We don’t want you to give us anything for free.  We don’t want anything more or less than what’s laid out above.  It’s really that simple.

Interested?  Fill out the form below and let’s talk!

Studio Art

We want to feature your artwork in our studio for a month. Interested?
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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