Episode 87: Quantum Storage, Motor City Geek, Weekend Recap and More


Another weekly live broadcast has come and gone, and another great time was had by all.

For our 87th episode, we were joined by one of our core sponsors, Quantum Storage, as well as our friends from Motor City Geek.  And of course the intro and breaks were all 1987 themed as the 80s episodes continue.  We talked a little tech, we talked a little geek, we talked a little cosplay, and we laughed a lot while having all of those conversations and more…

ITintheDnewspaper04132015cAs the mics went live at 9pm, our 1987 themed intro kicked things off with some clips from the movies and shows from the year as a good blast from the past.

After that, it was time for the news and stories that caught our eye over the past week.  It was a bad week to be a curious kid with a computer, as there were stories about a high school kid in Monroe who figured out how to run a DDOS against his school system’s cloud-based network and a middle school kid who “hacked” (and I use the term very, very loosely) into his teacher’s computer and swapped out the background image.  Comcast whining about DirectTV’s Rob Lowe ads…and also refusing to stop charging a 66 year old man who had his house burn down.  All kinds of fun stuff, including a reminder about our upcoming event on Thursday night over at Blackfinn.

Quantum_300x300_BannerIn segment two, we hopped into what Quantum Storage has going on with guests Andrew Mortemore and Lynn Wenzel.  From storage to disaster recovery to audit and compliance, Quantum has a lot of solutions to a lot of problems facing businesses today.  Really good chat about everything that they’ve got going on these days, with some good insight into how to handle some of those tougher issues staring a lot of us in the face in today’s world.

Check them out at http://www.quantum.com/

11110860_10102218748971374_5063823316972442560_nFor our third segment, Austin Benedict and Rob Lewis came up to the mics to talk about Motor City Geek among other things.  We first met these guys at Motor City Comic Con last year, and we ran into them again at Midwest Media Expo this past weekend and had an absolute blast…so it was perfect to get them into the studio right after the weekend came to a close for a recap of the weekend’s events.  From cosplay to Live Action Role Playing (LARP) and all the other facets of the geek world that we saw and experienced this weekend, it was a fun recap and we’re definitely going to have them back in soon to talk more.

Check them out at http://motorcitygeek.com/  They had a great video recap put together of the weekend you should check out:

11045840_533609326781578_2118220880901440986_nIn the fourth and final segment (no, no segment five this week), we doubled back on some earlier topics and wrapped things up for the night. See you Thursday night in the back room of Blackfinn, and we’ll be back Monday night with some more great guests and conversations.

Once again, this week’s guests:

Quantum can be found at http://www.quantum.com/

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