Episode 86: When Visions Collide 2, Social Media Association of Michigan, Brightwing, Daily Detroit

Episode 86 is in the archives, and it was a really fun show.

Joined by our guests talking about an art show this weekend downtown (When Visions Collide 2), a social media conference / retreat this weekend in Frankenmuth (the Social Media Association of Michigan’s Social Media Retreat), IT recruiting here in the area (Brightwing), and all things Detroit (Daily Detroit) …we had one hell of a range of topics and a whole lot of fun this time around…to the point where we even had to break into one of our infamous fifth segments…

ITintheDnewspaper04062015dAfter our 1986-themed intro wrapped up, the mics went live and we were off and running.  From tunnels that ran from the Playboy mansion to the homes of several celebrities to ISIS encroaching on the real-life Tatooine, all of the fun and excitement around Opening Day downtown, Bob’s annoyance with the latest Android operating system update and more, as always, our first segment covered the news and events that have caught our eye.

We also gave a quick recap of our event last week at Firebird Tavern, along with our upcoming event next week at Blackfinn in Royal Oak, so listen in for some details on those.

10906078_1530835833849815_8181390028185999398_nFor our second segment, we dove in with Leanne Rumsey, who’s putting together When Visions Collide 2, an art show taking place downtown at the Tangent Art Gallery on Saturday night.

1982122_10204617675675781_7897292195354839099_nThere’s going to be a wide range of artists covering everything from paintings to charcoals to stained glass and more there, and every piece that’s there is going to be for sale.  So whether you’re looking for something for your home, your office, a cool gift, or just something cool to do on Saturday night, this definitely sounds like something you should be planning on checking out.

The event has more than doubled in size since last year, so there’s bound to be a little something for everyone and anyone…and odds are good we’ll see you there if you go.

For details and more information, check out their Facebook event listing over at https://www.facebook.com/events/877890205566523/

311803_276053519075738_5257280_nNext up, we chatted with Sola Obayan.  We’ve known Sola for a number of years, from when she organized a social media panel on using social media to find a job back in 2012 that we took part in, and it was great to have her in to chat about the Social Media Association of Michigan.

They’ve got a great event taking place this weekend (Friday through Sunday) in Frankenmuth that you social media types among our readers and listeners are going to want to be at.

smamieventWhile they’ll have tracks there for the beginners, the event is really geared towards people with some experience under their belts who are looking to deep-dive on case studies, best practices, and some heavier topics.

sola_discountWith some great speakers covering a whole range of topics, if you’re in this career track, then this is where you want to be this weekend…and good news, you can snag a 50% off discount for the next two days if you want to go.  Listen in, and then hit their event page at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/social-media-conference-retreat-in-frankenmuth-michigan-tickets-14708201627 (and view that image there to see what you’re looking for), or their website at http://www.smami.org/ for more information.

russstudioAnother 1986-soaked break later, and we were back with Russ Dotson from Brightwing for our fourth segment.

As those of you who have been around for a while know, Russ was a guest on our very first episode, called in while he was deployed overseas, popped in while he was back stateside, was a crucial part in getting our Support the Troops events setup and running, and has been around the group for quite some time.

brightwing_logo_252We chatted about settling back in to civilian life now that he’s back home for good and diving back into the all too fun world of information technology recruiting with Brightwing.  They’ve got a wide range of positions available from engineering to more typical IT roles familiar to our group.

Check them out, and the positions they have available at http://www.gobrightwing.com/

Daily-Detroit-Logo-news-detroit1Then we went into segment five to check in with Jeremiah from Daily Detroit.

As always, they’ve got a ton of great stories, news and information that you need to be checking out about not just downtown Detroit, but also the entire metro area.

From exploring the canals in Detroit, the topic of mass transit downtown, bars and restaurants in and around the area you ought to be checking out, we can’t possibly recommend highly enough that you add Daily Detroit into your regular reading rotation.  Check them out at http://www.dailydetroit.com/.

Again, to find our guests from tonight’s episode:

When Visions Collide is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whenvisionscollide, and their event this weekend can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/877890205566523/

The Social Media Association of Michigan can be found at http://www.smami.org/, and their event this weekend is over at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/social-media-conference-retreat-in-frankenmuth-michigan-tickets-14708201627

Brightwing can be found at http://www.gobrightwing.com/

Daily Detroit can be found at http://www.dailydetroit.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyDetroit

As always, we can be found:
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