Episode 83: Arrow Strategies, Social Coop Media Detroit, Pink Slip Party


Our flashback to 1983 with episode 83 of our live, weekly broadcast has come and gone, and it was definitely a lot of fun.

We were joined in-studio by a couple of recurring guests on our show, Steve Gaura from Arrow Strategies and Billy Strawter of Social Coop Media Detroit.  We talked about our Pink Slip Party this Thursday night, what Arrow’s seeing in the jobs market, why companies build all of these splintered apps and more…

10647071_533594460116398_4248805570440602408_n (1)Once our 1983 themed intro wrapped up, we dove into the news, events and stories that have caught our eyes over the past week.

From our impending Pink Slip Party to us doubling down on events in April and throughout the rest of the year, we handled a little business first and foremost.

Then we dove into the fun news that everything you say to Siri is recorded, packaged, sent back to the Apple mothership and sold off.  So that’s awesome.  The new Hello Barbie dolls doing the exact same thing to your kids.  Hertz putting spycams in their rental cars…even if they say they haven’t activated them.  Super PI day that happened this past Saturday.  And, of course, much more.

11008802_533584600117384_1392688407195429278_n (1)In segment two, we dropped in with Steve Gaura from Arrow Strategies to talk about why they’ve been a sponsor of our Pink Slip Party events ever since…well, ever since we first started accepting sponsors, actually.  We talked about what they’ll be looking for Thursday night, a recruiter’s take on what you should expect, how you should act, and what you should be looking for at the event.  How to best prepare yourself and handle the interactions with everyone, and a good bit more.  Arrow Strategies can be found at http://arrowstrategies.com/, or, of course, at our event Thursday night.

Our third segment dove in with Billy Strawter of Social Coop Media.  It’s always great having Billy in, because he’s one of the few people that can actually make us understand social media topics without wanting to kill people.  We had some great chats about why companies are building so many splintered apps these days…and the rather annoying trend of apps that aren’t happy doing one thing really well, and find themselves sucking when they try to be all things to all people.  They handle clients all over the country, but especially if you’re here in the metro Detroit area and trying to get a grip on your social media strategy and make sense of all the nonsense going on these days…we can’t possibly recommend Billy and Social Coop Media enough to you.  Go check them out at http://socialcoopmedia.com/

As we always do, our fourth segment doubled back on some earlier topics to amplify things a bit, we covered a few more news stories from the past week, and then wrapped things up for the night.

Come join us live and in person Thursday night at The Majestic Theater – looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Arrow Strategies can be found at http://arrowstrategies.com/

Social Coop Media can be found at http://socialcoopmedia.com/

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