Episode 80: W3R, Daily Detroit, Pink Slip Party, Sponsors and More

A fun episode, even if we were riddled with technical issues, which sort of explains why this episode is a little bit late getting out.  Sorry about that.

We were joined in-studio by one of our sponsors, W3R, as well as our friends over at Daily Detroit, for a whole bunch of conversations and chats about the state of things here in Detroit, the latest news and info floating around worth noting, the BIGGEST NEWS EVER IN DETROIT…and much more…

ITintheDnewspaper02232015bsmIn our first segment, we talked about the little problem Lenovo has with some pre-loaded software that isn’t necessarily what users were expecting, the fact that we’re finally in the 80s and some of the landmark moments from 1980 that were worth remembering, our article in the latest issue of Detroit Beer Press, our upcoming events and more.

Next up…well, next up we had some technical issues with the broadcast and so things got a little fluky, but eventually we dove in with W3R about an event of their own they had in the works, what they see in and around the area and the industry, the sort of jobs they’re hiring for and more.  Check out everything W3R has going on at http://www.w3r.com/

With Daily Detroit, we talked about some shenanigans going on with a couple local media outlets and a power player around town, whether or not the announcement about fiber coming to Detroit is actually going to matter for your typical resident and a whole bunch of fun topics…well, because it’s always a blast when we dive in with that crew.  Check them out at http://www.dailydetroit.com/

ep802In our final segment, we did as we usually do.  We doubled back on some earlier topics, caught a few things that we missed in the earlier segment, and then wrapped things up for the night.

Catch W3R at http://www.w3r.com/

Read Daily Detroit at http://www.dailydetroit.com/

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