Episode 79: Youngsoft, The Military, GEEPS, W3R and More

Another week, another really fun episode with some great guests.

Thanks to our guests Major General Amy Courter of Youngsoft, Hans Erickson of New Mind, and Katrina and Mark from our newest sponsor, W3R, for joining us in-studio tonight.

We talked about the state of the industry here in the metro Detroit area, a little about our upcoming events, some cool new software out on the market and more…

As per usual, we started off with the latest stories that have caught our eyes in the past week.  This time around, it seemed like everything’s making us feel old.  The 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live.  The 35th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice.  The 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club.

In our second segment, we talked with Major General Amy Courter about her work both in and out of the military, transitioning between the two worlds, what Youngsoft has going on and more.

Youngsoft encourages students of IT and those technologists looking for their next opportunity to download and use the Liferay Community Edition Data Visualization / Portal software, and begin learning the Liferay skill set. Youngsoft has a Center of Excellence in Liferay and is a Liferay Platinum Partner – and Youngsoft is one of only two US-based organizations authorized to perform Level I support for customers. Check out these links for Liferay at:

Download Link

Learning Center

And please take a look at Youngsoft – we are hiring! If you don’t see an open position there, please email info@youngsoft.com – and here is our URL: www.Youngsoft.com

ad_Geeps_300x300Segment three had us chatting with Hans Erickson, who’s had quite a career and is now off doing his own thing, including a pretty cool piece of software for anyone who happens to be a privacy and security freak like we tend to be.

For our final segment, we dove in with Katrina and Mark from W3R and talked about some of the things W3R is looking for these days, a little preview of our longer conversation with them that’ll be taking place during next week’s episode about an upcoming event, and their view on the market and how things are going for them.

Youngsoft can be found at http://youngsoft.com/

New Mind can be found at http://newmindgroup.com

W3R can be found at http://www.w3r.com/

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