You’re The Best…Around. No Seriously…

We really shouldn’t be amazed any more by what this group manages to pull off.

We shouldn’t.  There’s a long track record of not only our December events being successful and showing the giving spirit at the core of so many of our members, but even in the course of our normal events throughout the years, there’s story after story of members helping each other, lifting each other up, going above and beyond…

So we shouldn’t be amazed any more.  But we still are…

groupthanksAnd so, honestly, really just wanted to take a moment and say “thank you”.

If you weren’t at our event last night, you missed a lot of great things…but the most important part is that a lot of local kids will now have a much better Christmas this year as a result of the evening’s activities. To all of those who did make it out, “thank you” hardly begins to even touch the surface…but, still, “thank you”.

10351530_10152492347853199_2126118665214968263_nI’d be seriously remiss if I didn’t give a huge shout out to Falling Down Beer Company for shutting down to host us last night, and especially Dennis Barger from Wonderworld Comics for his amazingly generous donation of toys last night. You should go check his place out and say “thank you” while you’re there, especially since he’s having a Midnight Madness event – – where you can definitely find something for the geek in your life. Or, you know, yourself.

10849734_628091790634843_2774390072090255846_nSpeaking of geeks, thanks also to the guys from the Get Your Geek On – Radio Show for coming out and doing a live broadcast on from our event. Great times, and we appreciate the suppport.

10486137_10152912241501407_1658661166840500388_nIf you’d like to still donate, you can do so on the Operation Kid Equip website by clicking “donate” at the top right:

…and yes, “that” happened again.

Of course it did…

So, until we have our first in-person event next year, we hope you all have a great holiday season, and we’ll still be doing our live broadcasts every Monday night so you can continue getting your recommended weekly allowance of our ramblings.

…and again, “thank you”.  We’re stunned, amazed, humbled, and also extremely proud of what this group is and does for each other and the community.


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