December Charity Event, TV Appearance, Tonight’s Broadcast and More for 11/24/2014

Another week, another round of fun begins.

Our event last week at Stray Cat Lounge was just outstanding, someone you might recognize was on Flashpoint on WDIV yesterday morning, we have our December event shaping up nicely already and you really should plan on joining us there, our live broadcast tonight has some great guests, of course there are a couple blog entries out there for you to read, and a bunch more because we’re going to end this year just as busy as we started it apparently…

DecEventFlyerTestOur next in-person networking event is Thursday, December 11th.

Yep, it’s a week earlier than normal this month, just like our December events every year.  And there’s a charity component to it, just like every year.

We’re really looking forward to what’s going down for this event, and we’re still adding things to it!

Rather than cluttering up this note with it, check out all of the details by reading the announcement over at

Last week’s event went really well, and I’m sure we’ll chat about that a bit during tonight’s live broadcast.  As a side note, a few people asked that night about buying an IT in the D shirt.  You can do that by clicking here.

11242014Yep, it’s Monday, and that means it’s time once more for us to get inside your ears with some great guests, good beer, and fun conversations.  Tonight we’re joined by Gary Baker from Flagstar Bank, Baker’s Dozen networking, and the Internet Advisor Show on WJR.  We’re also joined by Mike Brennan from the site as well as also being a part of the Internet Advisor Show.

And yes, we’ll likely also be talking about the appearance on Flashpoint on WDIV / Click On Detroit Channel 4 yesterday.  In case you missed it, you can watch it over on their website at

Not sure how to listen live?  We’ve got instructions for you over here:  Missed any of our previous episodes?  We’ve got a page for that, too:

Want to know a little more about our weekly show, what it’s all about and why we do it?  Read

Blog entries?  Sure, got a few of those for you.

salmonstyleSalmon Style Networking bubbled up over at, and it’s a good read for those of you with too many business cards and not enough of a clue about networking.

Multi-Level-Marketing Guy is from way back in 2010, but covers one of the core principles of our group…by way of a ridiculous conversation on LinkedIn.  Give it a read at

We all know a Cousin Eddie, don’t we?  Not catching that reference?  Then you ought to go read to make sure it’s not you or anyone you know.

That’s all for this time.  So remember to check out our December event at, watch yesterday’s episode of Flashpoint at, and then listen live tonight –


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