IT in the D: The Kids Take Over

The IT in the D guys with the day off from work.

Their kids with the day off of school.

Naturally, this means they all went downtown for coney dogs at Lafayette and then took the kids into the studio to let the kids talk about things from their points of view – technology, games, and even their dads…

10730931_10152427443268199_3291090645644512342_n…and a good time was had by all.

Not really one of our “normal” shows…not by a long shot.

No beer, no slim jims, no whacky antics…well, at least not from us this time around.

The kids give a crash course on Minecraft, the cloud, and even us.

So…give it a listen if you want.  We think it’s pretty funny to listen to them roll…

…but we’re biased.

We’ll be back live with our normal show schedule this coming Monday night when we’re live with Billy Strawter from Social Coop Media Detroit and Kevin Krason from Biznet.  Should be a fun show, so be sure to listen live


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