IT In The D – Episode 63: Motor City Drone Co, RhinoCoders and Zabka Day!

IT in the D, Episode 63.

We’ve been looking forward to this episode for a while now.

We were joined in-studio by Mike from Motor City Drone Co…yes, a company right here in the area that makes drones, one of our favorite topics.  Also joining us were Matt and Jon from RhinoCoders, a great program focused on getting children more involved and engaged with technology in the best way possible – by diving in and getting hands-on with it…

ep63Just like always, our first segment was all about some of the news and events that caught our eye this past week.  Of course, we had to kick off by sending a happy birthday shout out to William Zabka, because, well, we still laugh and talk about the conversations we had with him at Motor City Comic Con. We talked about our event last week at Blackfinn, our upcoming event with Social Media Club Detroit, the November casual networking social at Stray Cat Lounge, the December event at Falling Down Beer Company, and the other events you can find out at  We got into the recent news that HBO and CBS are launching their own online streaming services, which seems like it’s leading to the dream of unbundled content…but there’s an inevitable downside.  The chaos going on in a local school with teens, sexting, and pending felony charges.  And so, so many more rantworthy topics…

B0d99nJCQAArdJyFor segment two, we dove in with Mike from Motor City Drone Co.  And you know how we love to talk about drones.  It was really cool having someone in-studio with us who’s very close to the topic and paying attention to things like pending legislation, what the market for drones is, practical applications of it for home and corporate buyers, and all sorts of other topics we’ve been dying to deep dive on.  They’re a great local company with drones ranging from a few hundred dollars all the way out to something that could, you know, hypothetically speaking, move a body if you wanted to.  Not that Motor City Drone Co condones that usage.  Or encourages it.  But, you know, you could.  Find out more about them and go shopping at

7104_470059256469919_807229584347103668_nSegment three was all about RhinoCoders.  They’re a group of people in the information technology industry that are trying to get kids more interested in careers in IT as they grow up.  They do that by getting them in a hands-on environment teaching them HTML, CSS and Javascript in a series of classes.  The computers are there.  A thumb drive helps the kids bring their work home.  If they miss a class, no big deal, there’s a whole online syllabus of the course and work to keep them caught up.  It’s a pretty damned cool initiative, and it was great talking with Matt and Jon last night.  Go learn more about RhinoCoders and get your kids rolling with classes starting after the holidays at

10155154_397505010392011_6459114863378563392_nAnd then, as always, segment four was all about doubling back on points we might have missed from our earlier conversations, a couple more news items that we didn’t get to in the first segment and the usual wrap up stuff.

And hey, one more time for good measure – hope you had a great birthday man!

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– People listing Google Glass, Xbox One, Go Pro as “skills” on LinkedIn profiles:

– Yep, Uber drivers are rating you. Are two-way reviews the wave of things to come?

– Guy meets girl online, girl tries to break into guys house, gets trapped in chimney:

– Facebook tells DEA “no, you can’t impersonate users”

– Google mobile ads: clicks up…but revenue down:

– Netflix cost hike coming?

– UK court convicts man over manga/hentai animated images of porn:

– No matter what you do, the Yosemite release is phoning home and sending data:

– Bob can never move to England, they want to send internet trolls to jail for two years:

– The BBC thinks right to be forgotten is stupid, will publish all content

– Our old guest Matt Oehrlien wants you to watch fighting robots everywhere:

– Like Snapchat doesn’t have enough problems, they’re rolling out ads:

– Facebook rolls out “safety check” to let people know you’re ok during disasters:

– Anonabox had so many problems and lies, Kickstarter shut their campaign down:

– Building an air traffic control system for drones:

– Heads up parents, you’re liable for your kids Facebook posts:

– Oh good. Voiceprints are being harvested and stored:

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