IT In The D – Episode 54: Blame It On The Rain

IT in the D, Episode 54, and yes, we were complete idiots and drove downtown in the midst of flooded roads, crazy rain, dead and abandoned cars, and mass hysteria for this one.

Unfortunately, Jeff got trapped somewhere around I-75 and 12 mile and couldn’t get any further.  However, we picked up a spare guest at Third Street before heading over to the studio, so we had a great show with some fun conversations.  And since we checking our phones and news updates let us know we weren’t going anywhere any time soon, we hung out for a while and just kept recording.

Which went probably like you’re assuming it did…

08112014We were joined in studio by our guests, who were equally insane enough to brave the weather and come on out to play, returning guest Billy Strawter from Social Coop Media and newcomer Joanna Dueweke from, among other things, Awesome Mitten.

I’m starting to think that we don’t actually know anyone who only has one job.

First thing’s first, major hat tip out to our show sponsor, Logicalis.  They’ve been around our events for a while now, but they’ve stepped up huge to become a sponsor of our efforts, and so expect to hear us talk about them and give them a ton of love in the coming weeks.


Logicalis is an international IT solutions and managed services provider with expertise in communications and collaboration, data center and cloud services. Employing nearly 3,700 people worldwide with more than 20 offices in the US including two in Metro Detroit.

You can read all about them out at

b2r75– It rained.  You know, just in case you missed it.

– Seriously, shut up about Facebook Messenger already:
b3yaj– No, you can’t change your Facebook color…that’s a virus, stupid:
– Now that I’m adult, I’m more in favor of year-round schooling. So are lots of other people:
– FCC mandates texting to 911 capabilities:
– Despite NINE BILLION in profits, NFL fights to keep blackout rule in place:
– Yahoo’s adding PGP to email…ummm, is it 1998?,yahoo-to-provide-pgp-encryption-for-mail.aspx
– Remember that gmail / kiddie pr0n story?  Microsoft is doing that, too:
– There’s a Snowden 2.0 floating around:

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