Helping Kids, Get Your Startup Funded and More for 7/7/2014

Well, that was quite a holiday weekend.

Don’t know about you, but I managed to dodge errant fireworks, explain the definition of “trajectory” to drunk people, help a charity for kids, watch some live professional wrestling, got in a few drinks and hung out with some friends.

And then reality sets back in because it’s Monday and that means it’s time to go back to work.

However, that also means we have a live broadcast tonight, and this one can help you get that business started you’ve always wanted to launch…

IMG_20140417_183507_131Let’s talk about our next upcoming event to kick things off.

Thursday, July 17th.

Back at our home base in the back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak.

All of the usual details apply.

5pm start time, and we’ll be there until at least 8pm or later.

10357176_419708291505016_7862072298333897437_nNo cover charge to get in, no speakers, no agenda…just solid networking with some of the best and brightest folks in and around the metro Detroit information technology community.

Hope to see you there.

Looking for updates on our events?  We’ve got a calendar here on the site at, and you can also keep up to speed on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

You, yes you, take two seconds and donate a few bucks to help a kid:

Tonight we’re live in-studio with some great guests that have been on before, that we enjoyed talking with, and probably most importantly to you, can help you get that business you’ve always wanted to start off the ground.  Naturally, we’re talking about Hatch Detroit.

hatchlogoFounded in 2011 by Ted Balowski and Nick Gorga-two passionate lovers of Detroit- Hatch Detroit was created to give others the opportunity to have a role in the redevelopment of Detroit. The Contest was built on an idea called “Crowd Entrepreneurship” where average citizens have a role in voting for the type of retail they want in their community, and determining the winner of the Hatch Contest. Since 2011, three winners have been announced, and several semi-finalists are in the process of opening.

Now in its fourth year, Hatch Detroit has expanded its retail role into six neighborhoods in Detroit as part of the Detroit Lion’s Living for the City Initiative. Hatch Detroit will be partnering with local Community Development Corporations (CDC’s) to determine an area of focus that works within the community’s masterplan for its retail strip. Examples include improvements in signage, interior lighting, window displays, and outdoor beautification projects all geared to improving retail.

You can read the recap of their trip through with us last year with their four finalists here:

We thought it would be a good idea to have them in before the deadline for their competition happens this time around, so that there’s still time for you to get your submissions in if you’re interested.  We’ll likely still have them and their finalists back in later this year as well.

Our episode from last week with Operation Kid Equip, wrestlers, and all sorts of chaos is live out at

Blogs?  Of course blogs.

I’d Like To Connect With You on LinkedIn Guy…we hate you.  Everyone hates you.  Stop it.

FlamethrowerThe Dating Corollary: Breakup Netiquette talks you through how to handle your online life in the midst of a breakup…with your job:

The Bad Recruiter is out at

Not Necessarily the News is at

The links for our LinkedIn group, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are all down below.  Click ’em and join, like or follow us as appropriate…and then join us live tonight for our broadcast starting at 9pm.

Don’t forget that you can call in at 313.462.0107 during the show to ask questions or chime in on topics we’re talking about, and you can also hit us on Twitter at @ITintheD.  And then we’ll see you next week over at the Blackfinn.


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