IT in the D Goes To Motor City Comic Con 2014

If you’ve listened to the show recently, then you already know we had a blast hanging out, meeting people, chatting with local artists and some of our favorite celebrities from tv and film.

Whether it was Martin Kove and Billy William Zabka from The Karate Kid or some great local artists like Kelly O’Hara from BeBop Art or even the cool folks at TechShop Detroit that we for some reason didn’t even know existed but definitely plan to get to know better…just a really cool series of chats.

You can check out some photos and hear our chats with people…

Photos are down below.  You can listen to each chat individually, or you can catch the entire chain of conversations as one file clocking in at just over an hour down below.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Phillips, makeup artist and special effects creator with credits including The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The Hobbit: There and Back Again, Oz The Great and Powerful, Real Steel, and even Low Winter Sun.

Great guy who does some outstanding work. Nice conversation with him, and if you’re interested in getting into the makeup or special effects business, his studio in St Clair Shores can be found at, and they’ll have classes starting soon.


This is where we started going a bit fanboy-ish.

So, you know Martin Kove and William Zabka from The Karate Kid and other shows / movies throughout time…and we got a chance to chat with them for a few at Motor City Comic Con.

Good times.

You can find Martin Kove at and

You can find William Zabka at …and you should ABSOLUTELY go watch the No More Kings video for “Sweep the Leg” at


As per usual, we wander…something catches our eye…we have to go chat with the person behind it.

Enter Kelly O’Hara of Bebop Art, who did a piece we almost virtually guarantee you’ve seen, as well as a lot of other great stuff.

You can find her online at and


REALLY cool chat with something we didn’t even know existed – Techshop!

It’s basically a maker space with a TON of cool toys for adults. Lasers. Robotics. Welders. All kinds of awesome stuff.

Give it a listen, and then check them out at or go watch this video:


Another great chat, this time with Dominic Riggio of Mess Bucket Comics.  He’s got a pretty cool set of comics out in the market.

Give it a listen, and then go check Dominic and his work out at and


Great chat with Brandon Gallo, a licensed Star Wars artist who had some solid work that he’s done and is available for sale.

Brandon Gallo


Go figure…people sell Comic Books at Motor City Comic Con!

Nice chat with Roger Peterson from The Collector’s Zone in Jackson, MI.

You can find them online at


Pretty nifty chat with the guys from Sinister Undertone Comics, who have, among other things, a comic about a vampire living in Flint, Michigan.

They’ve got another set around seven assassins brought together and forced to work together.

Good guys, and you should definitely check them out at and on Facebook at


No really…we stopped and talked with the guy in the green power ranger suit.

Turns out he’s a really great dude. Does a LOT of stuff to help the community, has a line of clothing, is an MMA fighter, and just does all sorts of neat stuff.

Check him out at and


So…we saw someone walk by in a TMNT costume made entirely out of balloons…and so you know we had to track the person behind that down and have a chat.

Tim Thurmond
The Balloon Sculptor


We came for sound drops…and we found memes you can hold in your hands and put on your fridge or on your wall.

So, again, naturally we had to stop and chat with the person behind this way cool stuff.

You can find her work at …and we strongly recommend checking out her stuff. It’s amazing.


Proving that there really is something for everyone at Motor City Comic Con…we give you the creators of a comic book…and a soon to be released graphic novel…all about…poop.

The Adventures of Hot Carl and Dirty Sanchez…/283475185033929


We decided to go ahead and isolate the segment with Michael Goldman of Motor City Comic Con since we knew it might be of specific interest to people…

So…don’t forget to listen to listen to the entire episode…but if you just happen to be interested in this one topic, here you go.

Tickets and full details are out at


You can catch all of these chats at once through this file:

…and we’ll be working on getting that file syndicated out through our other distribution channels shortly.


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