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1075538_224435511088930_5866401663173497650_oOur next casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology community will be on Thursday, May 15th.  We’re going to be all hip and cool and trendy this time around (I know, I’m laughing even as I write that) and check out a new place that’s just opened up named The Stray Cat Lounge.

It’s an incredibly cool place that just opened up.  Lots of dark wood.  Extensive scotch selection.  Jazz music.  Craft beers on tap.  Beautiful bar with plenty of other options besides scotch.

And, yes, it also happens to be a cigar bar.  For those of you who might freak out…don’t.  Just…don’t.  I’ve been there a couple of times now, and no, you’re not walking into a fogbank.  Have some faith when it comes to our venue selection capabilities, would ya?

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We’ve got our June, July and August events published out and announced as well.  Some old haunts and some new places to check out…and an old face with a new name.  A little bit of everything in the coming months.

Main_440x185_1_ListenTonight we go live at 9pm with episode 41 of our IT in the D show.

We’re joined by a game developer who’s doing all sorts of cool things downtown, as well as one of the guys behind Startup Drinks to talk about the civic day of hacking on the 31st of this month.

For details about our show and to catch up on past episodes, check out our “Listen” page over at

If you’re not sure how to listen live, we’ve got really easy instructions for you right here:

And don’t forget that you can call in at 313.462.0107 during the show to ask questions or chime in on topics we’re talking about, and you can also hit us on Twitter at @ITintheD

We didn’t get one of these updates out, so there are two episodes you can catch up on, both of which seem to have been pretty popular:

mccc2014logo5Episode 39 had a chat with Michael Goldman, the man behind Motor City Comic Con.  This year’s event takes place May 16-18, and you should give it a listen to hear about all of the improvements that they’ve made for this year:

The rest of episode 39 featured the East Side Derby Girls talking about their Star Wars-themed event on Sunday, May 4th (because May the Fourth be with you, and all that) that you probably missed because you never join us for the whacky, weird, and awfully fun stuff that we get ourselves into.  Also in that episode, we had the Assemble Detroit guys in talking about their events, the X-Games, and all sorts of other stuff:

And then for episode 40, we were joined by Hajj Flemings and Delane Parnell talking about Starterfest, why a lot of other events have a bad habit of sucking, and a whole bunch of other topics:

8efmfBlog entries?  Oh, do we have some blog entries for you to read.

Let’s start off with one that’s going to have me hiding behind Bob if the subject of it ever shows up.  Don’t Be That Guy: Suh-Suh-Suhdio takes a look at what you can learn from Ndamukong Suh…specifically about learning from his mistakes and poor decisions.  You can read that one here:

The Recruiter Strikes Back was the first “guest blog” we ever had show up on the site, and it’s still got a lot of really good information in it.  It was written by a recruiter who was really heavily involved with our events, and pulled no punches when it came to being bluntly honest with job seekers.  You can read that one at

You Are Not a Social Media Expert was written…well, it’s probably pretty obvious why it got written.  There are so many so called “social media experts” out there, nearly all of whom are clueless, and the last straw that triggered this one getting written was when someone thought we were social media experts.  It was time for it to end.  That’s over at

RampageVideoGameYou know all of those abandoned buildings that are everywhere downtown?  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up with a way to get rid of them that would also make the city some money and even give people an incredible outlet to get rid of stress?

I sort of did.  At least I think I did, and I’m still waiting on someone to explain to me why this is a bad idea a couple years after writing it:

On another front, it still boggles my mind that people actually buy and sell LinkedIn connections.  It’s still out there, it’s still happening, and it still makes me laugh every time someone out there googles “detroit escort” (or something similar) and winds up reading The LinkedIn Prostitution Ring at

The IT in the D LinkedIn group is still steadily growing…we’re closing in on 5,000 members at a good rate of speed.

That’s where you’ll find discussions, jobs being posted by recruiters who come to our events, and all sorts of fun.

The group is at

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That’s all for this time folks.

Listen live tonight, and we’ll see you next week at Stray Cat Lounge!


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