IT In The D – Episode 40: Hajj Flemings, Delane Parnell, StarterFest and More


Tonight was one of those nights in-studio where we got to basically next to none of the topics we had queued up for the night.

Which isn’t a bad thing.  It means that the flow with the guests was outstanding, and that we had an incredible series of conversations going on.

Which is exactly what happened tonight as we were joined by Hajj Flemings and Delane Parnell to talk about Starterfest, other events in the area, and we even dove into the debacle with the Clippers’ owner…

ep40To be honest, there’s really no way to recap everything properly here.

We had a great series of conversations with Delane and Hajj over the course of the night.

From where so many other events in the area go wrong, to our own events and the Starterfest event they’re putting on in September, how we’ll be partnering up to make something really cool happen…

Seriously, just a great flow over the course of the night.

To recap the various discussion points from throughout the night…both the ones we hit and the ones we didn’t manage to get to…like, well, pretty much all of them…

Starterfest can be found at

You can find us at, on Facebook at, on Meetup at, and on Twitter at

Google+ is the walking dead

New Flash Gordon:

Microchips and medicine:

All versions of IE vulnerable to exploit.  All of them.

Nissan develops a self-cleaning car:

DOJ doesn’t think it’s fair that they have to get warrants to search phones:

We’ve mentioned this before – the “sharing economy” (lyft, uberx, rideshare, etc.) is more about desperation than it is about trust:

Sure, Netflix signed a deal with Comcast…but they’re looking into P2P file sharing as a streaming method to perhaps circumvent that necessity:

Star Wars says “screw you, hahahahahaha thanks for all the money on those books…they don’t count”

World’s oldest woman dies, leaves body to science, lots of cool stuff discovered about life limits, aging, and why we age and die:

Ubisoft demonstrates exactly how easy it is to get your data…and then assigns a dollar value to it:

Apple and Google (among others) settle the salary-fixing class action suit:

Why NOT finding smart ETs is a good thing:

You can earn a medal for playing Call of Duty now:


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